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The Black Cat: Chapter 1


"Nnng…" Mai rubbed her eyes. Why did alarms clocks have to be so annoying? She glanced over at it. 8:00 A.M. Which meant that work started in an hour. Sighing loudly, Mai pulled off her blanket and swung her feet onto the floor. She stood up and walked to the bathroom, pulling her freshly-washed work uniform from its spot on her desk chair. After taking a cold shower in an attempt to wake herself up, Mai did her hair and got dressed.

Looking in the mirror, Mai grimaced. She hated the work uniform, which consisted of a green t-shirt that said "Tsubaki's Bakery" on it, a cap that matched the shirt, and a pair of dark blue pants. Sure, the uniform didn't look too bad, but it itched like crazy. One time, Mai asked her boss, Tsubaki, what it was made of, and she replied, "Oh, it's made of some fabric I got from a friend… Yes, a friend…" Mai, however, was a little suspicious of her so-called 'friend', since Tsubaki refused to look her in the eyes when she said this. Anyway, Tsubaki may be a little off sometimes, but she was always really nice and gave Mai as much overtime as she could so Mai could afford to live in her apartment.

Mai left the bathroom, grabbed her purse, and headed out the door. Tsubaki's Bakery wasn't too far from her house, which was a plus, but Mai always had to pass by the street where the SPR building used to be. Well, it was still there, but Mai could not decide if she still considered it the SPR building, as the SPR team no longer met up there. She wasn't even sure if she would still consider their little group the "SPR team". Sure, Bou-san, Ayako, John, Masako, and Yasuharu still kept in touch with her and each other, but they didn't fight ghosts together anymore. It just wasn't the same, and Mai knew that the others did not want to upset her by bringing up past memories.

As Mai passed by the street she stopped, glancing at the building as she realized something. It had been exactly one month ago today that Naru and Lin left for England because of the discovery of Gene's body. Naru… Mai's thoughts turned sad. Her eyes began to sting as she remembered Naru's last words to her.

"…How do you know it's me you love? Are you sure it's not Gene?"

Mai mentally slapped herself, angry that she had starting crying again. She tried not to think about that last goodbye, but she did it every time she saw the SPR building. When would the sadness finally stop...? Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, Mai! What's up?" Mai turned to see Akira walking towards her. Akira was her neighbor; well, one of her neighbors at least. He lived in the apartment across the hall from her. About ten days after Naru had left, he moved in, and they instantly became friends. It didn't take him long to notice that she was depressed a lot of the time, so he had asked her what was wrong. He intently listened to Mai as she told him about all that had happened with Naru and the SPR team – the good things and the bad. After that, he made it his duty to keep her mind off of the past and focus on the future. And he was always upset when he saw her cry… especially on her way to work.

Mai quickly tried to wipe her eyes, but Akira had noticed, "Mai… I told you that you need to stop this! Stop looking at it every time you pass and let the bad memories go!" He grabbed her hand and began pulling her towards the bakery. Mai knew that he was trying to help, but she couldn't help feeling slightly mad.

"Akira, I'm not a little girl. I can take care of myself!"

"Then why are you still hanging onto the past? It's only making you miserable." He half-glanced, half-glared at her. Mai refused to meet his eyes.

"It's been one month," she whispered, "I thought that something might change." The two had reached the bakery, and Akira turned to look Mai in the eyes, taking both of her hands in his.

"Mai, look, I'm sorry. Really, I am, but we've gone over this before. If he really wanted to come back, then he would have already." Mai looked down, trying to stop fresh tears from making their appearance. "I know that hearing this hurts, but… it's the truth." He rested his forehead against hers, causing a small smile to spread across Mai's face. "Maybe if you paid more attention to the present, you could see what's right there in front of you."

Mai pulled back and smiled brightly up at him, "You're right! I'm in front of the bakery, meaning that I need to focus on work! Gotta save up for college!" She fist pumped her hand into the air, but stopped as she saw the look on Akira's face. She put her hand down and gently took one of his hands into both of hers, "Thank you for cheering me up, Akira. I'll see you later, ne?"

Akira smiled slightly, trying not to be disappointed by Mai's inability to see the true meaning of his words, "Yeah, Mai, of course. See you at home." With that, he turned to walk in the direction of his workplace.

Mai blinked before shrugging and entering the bakery. Both were unaware of the pair of eyes that had watched their little 'meeting' outside of the shop.

"Oh, Mai-dear, your shift is over! It's time for you to head on home and get plenty of sleep for tomorrow!" Tsubaki sang from the back room of the shop. Mai put her broom back into the closet, wiping her brow with the back of her hand. She had almost forgotten! Tomorrow was the big special at the bakery. She had to get up two hours early so that she would be able to help prepare the shop for the swarm of people that would be coming. Mai walked into the back to turn in the cash box from the front register.

"Here you go, Tsubaki-san. Thank you for the extra hours today. See you bright and early tomorrow!" Mai smiled brightly at the woman before grabbing her purse and leaving for home. Tsubaki smiled to herself, wondering if she had ever known a girl as nice as Mai.

Mai rubbed her arms; the walk to the bakery in the morning was fine, but at night, it was horrible! Not only was it colder, but Mai tended to jump at every little noise she either heard or imagined hearing. She walked briskly, trying to think about anything except for the fact that she was walking alone at night. Mai slowed down unconsciously as she reached the SPR Street. She was about to once again stare at the building when a pair of arms wrapped around her stomach.

Mai did what her instinct told her to do. She screamed.

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