"Okay then Doctor, where to now?"

Amy Pond stared at the Doctor, within the confines of the TARDIS. As per usual, the Eleventh Doctor was running around the console, pulling random switches and pushing the odd button. "Well, I was thinking that we go and see what's wrong."

"What?" Amy looked at the Doctor, puzzled.

"Well, remember the Daleks? And how I said they invaded Earth in 2009? Well, I thought that we could go check the records in, oh, I don't know, Torchwood, circa 2010?"

"Torchwood? What's that?"

"Top secret Organization, an old friend of mine is the current leader of it." The Doctor placed his hand over the activation lever for the Time Machine, and pulled it. The glass thing in the center tube began to move, throwing the machine into the time vortex.

"Right, I'm supposed to believe that a top secret organization will let you just walk in and look at their records."

The Doctor smiled at her. "Stranger things have happened." He ran over to the door, preparing to open it. "Coming?"

The TARDIS had materialized in Cardiff, not too far away from Torchwood Three's base of operations. "Okay, so…Welcome to Cardiff, home of Torchwood Three! Don't tell your friends." The two walked over to the massive pillar that marked the secret entrance to the Hub. "Okay…and the elevator should be somewhere around…" His sentence was cut short by the earth beginning to rumble.

"Doctor! What was that! How did it get so dark!"

"I'm not sure…I better go check the TARDIS." The two ran back to where the TARDIS had been parked.

Only to find it wasn't there anymore.

"Doctor…look at the sky."

"There's no time for stargazing now, someone's stolen my TARDIS!"

"No, there's something seriously wrong with the sky!"

"Oh, fine, what is…it…"

In the sky, against the starry backdrop of the Medusa Cascade, were 25 planets and one lost moon.

"No…that's not possible."

"What is it?"

"Remember how I told you about the Daleks invading Earth in 2009? Well…" The Doctor gestured upwards. "We're experiencing it First-hand."










The Doctors of Time

By Nitro Frost

The Doctor ran, panicking, towards the other entrance to the Hub. "No, no, no, no, no! This can't happen! Not now!" He then ran into a strangely handsome man wearing suspenders. They both fell onto the concrete.

"Sorry 'bout that. Captain Jack Harkness." The Captain looked up, about to extend his hand to the Doctor.

"No, no, it's my fault. Big rush, alien armies in the sky, you know."

Jack stared at the Doctor, as if the Time Lord had just said that he was purple and from Raxacoricofallapatorius. "Aliens? Well…" He looked up. "I only see a bunch of planets...well, that' s unusual."

"Yes, 26 planets, all in the sky…oh shut up, shut up, shut up!"

"Doctor! Who's this?" Amy had caught up with the Doctor. "It is very hard to keep up with you in heels."

Jack stood up. "Doctor?"

"No, no, no! Amy, why?"

"Well, I always call you Doctor, so…"

"You've changed. I mean, that's three regenerations I've seen you in?"

"I'm not supposed to be here. I'm sorry. I just need to-"

"Doctor!" Both Amy and Jack yelled at him simultaneously.

"Sorry…but I know what's going to happen here…and I can't change it." The Doctor rubbed his face with his hands.

"What? Doctor, you're not making any sense. Come on, let's go into the Hub. What incarnation is this, relative to the one I know?"

"Eleventh. Just after yours."

"Interesting. I'll try to find you later, after all this…whatever's going on with those planets in the sky is over with. Can you help a little?"

The Doctor shook his head. "Maybe a bit with calculations and such, but…other than that, no. Can't change the timeline. Come along Pond!"

"Jack! We're picking up some spaceships approaching…who's this?" Ianto Jones looked at the rotating gear entrance to the Hub, where Jack, Amy, and the Doctor had entered.

"That's not important right now. What is important…what about spaceships?"

"Erm…I'm reading a fleet of 200. Approaching rapidly. Also, Geneva has declared a Code Red Emergency. We're in a completely different sector of space now."

"To be exact, the Medusa Cascade." The Doctor jumped downwards, moving towards the computer that Ianto was looking at. "Oh my, that's a bit of trouble. Here, let me help you with the signal…" The Doctor turned his Sonic Screwdriver towards the console, clearing up the signal a bit.

"Whoa. What's…what's that little blip in the middle there? A…space station of sorts?"

"I like to call it the Crucible. It's where all those Saucers are coming from…speaking of which…"

Gwen Cooper looked away from her console. "Oi! Bowtie! Something's coming through from the ships!" Jack and Ianto, along with the Doctor and Amy, gathered around the console. "Hold on a second…"


Jack stared in disbelief at the console.

"Jack? Jack, what is it?"

"We're dead. We're all dead." He grabbed Ianto and Gwen, pulling them close, and kissed them both on the forehead.

"Okay, Amy, let me just brief you on what's going on. The TARDIS landed here, in 2009 instead of 2010, at the exact moment that the Daleks stole Earth."

"The Daleks? The Pepper shakers that were scared of you with a Jammy Dodger stole Earth? And I never heard of it?"

"Well, yes, that's why we came here. Torchwood would have records of it, they deal with alien things all the time. Anyway, in the original Timeline, the me from this time is looking for Earth, which is here, in the Medusa Cascade, one second out of sync with the universe. My only guess is that my TARDIS, being dimensionally transcendent, is still at the same coordinates as it was when we landed. Back where Earth was. And if I'm right…something has changed drastically in time because of it."

Meanwhile, back at Earth's coordinates, just prior to Torchwood's detection of the Dalek fleet, the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble were dealing with a catastrophe of their own. The Cloister Bell rang out, throughout the TARDIS as the Doctor ran around the TARDIS console. "Time Crash. No need to worry, I've dealt with this before. Well, twice before technically. It's a long story. Anyway, remember how the TARDIS locked on to you, and teleported you here? Well, same concept really. The TARDIS locked onto a different version of it, and they fused. Well, if I don't stop this, there will be a hole in the universe the exact size of Belgium."

"Okay, well, fix it!"

"Working on it!" The Doctor slammed a button down, a flash of bright light emitting from the central tube. "Okay. Now…let's see about that TARDIS." The Doctor opened the TARDIS doors, revealing the Blue Police Box of the Eleventh Doctor. "Hello? Anyone in there?" He reached out of his TARDIS, knocking on it's doors. He pulled them open, and looked inside.

"No one's in. That's…strange…we'll tow it with us. If I know me, and I do, I'm probably on Earth. So, it shouldn't be too hard to find me."