The Tenth Doctor flicked a few switches, activating a tractor beam to tow the other TARDIS with it through the Vortex.

"Donna, planets don't just disappear like that. Especially with me on it. And really especially when there are two of me."

Donna looked as the Doctor punched in a new set of coordinates. "Hasn't this happened before? I mean, you have a time machine, you're Nine Hundred and Seven, I'm not really seeing how this could be the first tim-"

The Doctor put his index finger on Donna's mouth, to make her be quiet. "This isn't the first time. Second time without the Time Lords making sure everything didn't go…explodey. I barely prevented two TARDISs from exploding that time. But…something about this feels different. Well then Donna…"He punched another button, before setting his hand on the lever. "I'm taking you to the Shadow Proclamation."


"Hello? Is anyone out there?"

The Eleventh Doctor flashed a quick glance at the console, activating his screwdriver to turn off Amy's phone.

"Just another poor soul looking for help."

"Captain Jack Harkness, shame on you!" Jack ran up to the console.


"Harriet Jones, Former Prime Minister." She took out a wallet, showing her identity.

"I…I know who you are. What is this?"

"The Subwave network. I designed it myself. It's made to try and find anyone who has a relation to the Doctor in case he cannot be found."

Harkness smiled a big smile. "There anyone else who needs calling?"

"The network will find them out. For instance, you, Ms. Sarah Jane."

Sarah and Luke's faces appeared on the console, splitting the screen into two halves. "Oh! That's me!"

"Ms. Sarah Jane. I like your work with the slitheen."

"You must be from Torchwood. I don't really follow your work. Too many guns, impressionable child."


"The Doctor…last of the Time Lords…and with two of the last of the TARDISes. How good to meet you."

A thin, old woman smirked at the Doctor, who had just landed in the Proclamation's headquarters. Several Judoon flanked her, acting as her bodyguards.

"The Shadow Architect. It's an absolute pleasure, but I do have something to tell you. An entire planet has been stolen—"

"Old news, Time Lord. I would think one of your…stature would know of this by now. 24 planets, 'stolen' from their proper place in space and time. Please, come, let us…solve this together."


Time had been irrevocably changed. Two Doctors were not meant to interact at this point in time, especially without any Time Lords to work out the countless paradoxes that would result.

Somewhere, in the skies above the Lost Moon of Poosh, a bat-like thing appeared, and began to stalk it's skies.


"And this is everyone." Harriet Jones, Former Prime Minister, looked at the people gathered by the Subwave Network. "Ms. Sarah Jane Smith, The Companion. Captain Jack Harkness, The Immortal. Martha Jones, The Medician. I believe you all know who I am."

Amy and the Doctor were messing with some of the technology in the Hub. Suddenly, Amy's cell phone rang. She answered it. "Hello?"

Harkness jumped. The voice had no associated picture on the viewscreen, and it just started talking. "Hi, Captain Jack Harkness…who is this?"

"Amy Pond. Why did you call me?"

Sarah Jane spoke up. "I can only assume that the Subwave Network contacted you. It is designed to be able to contact anyone who can help find the Doctor."

Amy's eyes expanded in surprise. "The Doctor? Well, he's right here, in the…Hub, was it?"

The Doctor stood up, and straightened his Bow Tie. "Amy…what are you doing?"

"Just talking to Jack and his…lady friend, I presume."

Jack held his head in his hands. Martha crossed her arms. "Jack! You not only know where the Doctor is, but he's in your headquarters!"

"Well…erm…Martha…it's kind of complicated."

"Captain Jack Harkness!" Harriet yelled at the Captain.

"Urg…Doctor! Just…just get over here."

The Doctor walked over to the console, looking slightly exasperated as he went. He brought his face up to the webcam Jack was using to communicate. "Hello, everyone!"

The Mad Man with a Box was met with skepticism.

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