This is another repost. These little ficlets were pretty popular in their day so I figured I'd transfer them over. ^^


Kenny loves it when it rains.

Not because the sound of the rain was soothing. Not because it represented cleansing or anything poetic like that. In fact, Kenny despises the inevitable wet socks and damp hair. However, without fail, each time it rains, Kyle can be found outside, soaking wet and trembling violently from the cold, face turned towards the sky with a frozen smile stuck on blue lips.

He's so striking like that. His clothes, plain, long-sleeve black T-shirts and dark jeans, stick to him like a second skin and make him seem dark and almost forbidden. His wild red curls plaster themselves to his blissful face and his lips part to let rivulets of water slide down his throat.

It doesn't rain much in South Park. It snows. This rain was out of season; it's only a little above freezing.

He's shaking hard from the cold. Trembling convulsively. Kenny takes his hand and smiles as his eyes blink open and he tries to grin back. His hand is frighteningly cold as Kenny drags him away from the seemingly random spot on the street.

The McCormick house smells of coffee and beer and neglect, but it's warm. It's quiet for the moment as Kenny leads his trembling redhead up the stairs to the bathroom, where he gently peels off all the boy's clothes and leaves him trembling, vulnerable, and cold. However, the water is warm as it washes over both of their bare frames, making Kyle whimper as the mild temperature seems to burn his frozen skin. Disregarding their state of undress, Kenny holds him close under the water, swaying them and cooing sweet nothings into Kyle's numb ears.

Finally, when Kyle is no longer shaking and instead leans against his blond counterpart's chest in contentment, Kenny inquires, "Why do you stand in the rain?"

Kyle doesn't respond. He never does.



Kyle hates it when it snows.

Something about the snow-maybe how pure it is, how beautifully it sparkles-enthralls Kenny. Without fail, every time South Park gets a deep, fluffy snowfall, Kenny could be found facedown in a snowdrift.

He chooses a different place each time, so Kyle has to look for him. He's always pretty easy to find, however-his brightly colored hoodie, neatly folded on top of his pants, shoes, socks, and shirt, stands out brightly against the snow.

His lips are blue and he shakes continuously against his cocoon of snow. His hair is frozen into little locks and Kyle doubts he can feel much of anything as he takes hold of his hand and tugs him to his feet. The blond relies heavily on him to stand and walking home is difficult.

They pass Ike in the hallway, who merely reaches out to touch Kenny's frozen gold hair and shakes his head minutely. Kyle shoots him a weary smile and hustles the half frozen teen up the stairs.

Kenny is still shaking pretty bad -looking a little miserable- when Kyle turns on the tap, working on filling the bathtub with warm water to dethaw his immortal. Kenny steps out of his boxers numbly and shakily but unashamedly, taking Kyle's arm to support himself as he sinks into the bath.

The room fills with steam and Kyle lovingly cups water in his hands to pour over the blond's exposed shoulders and head, melting his hair. Kenny scratches at random parts of his body, muttering about how itchy the first stage of frost bite is. Kyle turns the water on a little hotter and rubs the blond's neck, causing him to sigh contentedly and lie his head against the redhead's shoulders.

"Why do you lie in the snow?"

"Why do you stand in the rain?"

Neither boy seems to have an answer, or, at the very least, the will to give one.

They're just fine with that, really.