-Dream Sequence-

Willow lowered her lips to his once more, taking his bottom lip between her teeth and sucking on it, thoroughly pleased with the sounds that left him as she did so. Neither knew how long they made out for, but when they finally pulled away, their faces were flushed and their lips were swollen red. Both were breathing heavily as they stared hard at one another, eyes clouded over with newfound lust while hormones raged inside of them, coursing through their very veins. Soon their lips met again, but with more ferocity than ever before. Tongues duelled and curious hands began to roam over and across unfamiliar territory, gripping and groping and occasionally clawing hard enough to draw out loud hisses and groans. Suddenly, Willow tore her lips from his and started planting feathery light kisses along his jaw line, all the while unconsciously rocking against him and making it increasingly difficult for him to keep his thoughts coherent. He didn't object, though - mostly because the combination of her soft lips touching his skin and her body moving against his own felt too good - and instead, he placed his hands on her hips and lifted his own to meet hers, making her gasp loudly in response. He smirked, quite pleased with the reaction, and did it a few more times, eliciting more gasps from her and causing her to grip his shoulders tightly for balance.

" Ham," she whimpered, lifting her head to look at him, "something's wrong. I feel…" she trailed off, squeezing her eyes shut and picking up her pace, unable to describe the foreign feeling radiating inside her. She could feel heat pooling between her thighs as she continued to grind against him. It was an unusual sensation, but not a bad one. Still, it made her feel strange nonetheless." What's… ah… what's happening?" She choked out.

" I…" Hamilton began, but paused to bite back a moan. "I don't… know. Just… just keep going. I'm sure it'll be over… soon - oh God… keep going. Please, Willow." That was a lie. He'd jacked off enough times to know exactly what was going on, but at the moment, his brain was far too consumed with pleasure to think of a logical explanation. As Willow complied to his request, moving faster and faster against him, a familiar feeling began to build up inside of him until finally, he couldn't suppress it any longer and threw his head back, smacking it against the headboard, and jerked his hips upward as he came. Willow's eyes went wide for a split second as something inside her exploded. Then she bit down on his shoulder in a vain attempt to stifle the scream threatening to escape her lips. When it was over, she collapsed against him panting hard, and for the next few minutes, they laid there in silence, bathing in the afterglow of their climax. Eventually, however, Willow regained enough strength to sit up, although her body was still quivering with the aftermath of her first orgasm.

" That was… amazing." She breathed out, staring down at him in an almost deliriously dreamy way. "Let's do it again."

"Uh… maybe tomorrow." He said, gazing up at her tiredly. He was spent. He couldn't even bring himself to move a muscle. "you should really get going… The 'rents are bound to catch us in here." Willow nodded, disappointed but understanding. She knew he was right, and after giving him a quick peck on the lips, she bid him goodnight and slid off his lankly body and off his bed before hobbling over to the door. Hamilton watched her, highly amused, until she exited his room. Once she was gone, however, he proceeded to lift his sheets and groaned loudly about having to change his boxers. Willow, meanwhile, was exceptionally giddy as she lest his bedroom - a lot happier than she'd been when she'd entered , and as she changed into her panamas and crawled into bed, all she could think about was how much she was in love with Hamilton Holt.

-End of Dream Sequence-

I shot up in bed. What a dream! I pulled the sheets back and noticed the wet stains. Was it a dream? I sat up and stretched. My cell phone rang. It was Hammer.

"Good morning Hammer."

"Good morning my weeping Willow"

"No longer weeping Willow" I replied.

"Willow?" He inquired.

"Yes, Hammy?" Beside Hammer, I sometimes called him Hammy, but never in public.

"What does it feel like when someone breaks your heart?" Hamilton asked. I thought a minute.

"It's like being stabbed in the heart, then pulling the knife out slowly" I replied.

"Yeow. I promise. I'll never break your heart. I mean it. Now, Smelly Nelly's at 9?"

"Sure Hammy." I said. I knew he was smiling on the other end.

- Smelly Nelly's-

"Willow, I have a question. "

" You're not gonna propose to me are you?" I was weirded out.

"No. I just wanted to ask you if you would like to come with me to New York in a couple weeks?" He asked. I nodded. I kissed him. A smile lit his face. His eyes even seemed to smile. His face glowed in the sunlight. The grilled cheeses arrived and the waitress dropped it. Ham yelled at her and made her cry. I just smiled stupidly. He sat back down and smiled at me again, sweetly.