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I scream as loud as I can as the boy, District 1?, walks toward me. I'm to tangled in that dumb net to do any thing. As he raises the spear this time I scream Katniss! Katniss! I hear her reply Rue! Rue! I'm coming! I think she shouted that since she's more of a threat, she's hoping he will spare me to get her. There she is! I can she her! Running as fast as she can between the trees. I see him lift the spear out of the corner of my eyes and just have time to reach my hand through the net when he throws. He missed! He really missed and now he is dead and I am alive! I still can't believe he missed! Katniss runs over and cuts me out of the net. We hear his cannon and know he is dead. I still have a chance of winning this thing and returning to my family. Katniss grabs my hand helps me up and to gether we run. We know the others will be here soon. But we are alive and right now that is enough.