No matter how much I wish I did I do not own the Hunger Games!

I have an idea of where Thresh might be since I saw him running towards a field at the Cornucopia. But the probelm is to get there we have to run past the career camp. Sure Katniss blew up their supplies but, they are near the water so they decided to stay there. Katniss and I spy on them and then without warning they run in the opposite direction! Today feels like a very lucky day..Let's hope our luck continues. We don'tknow how long they will be gone so we run as fast as we can towards what i think is the field i saw him running to. By the time we get to the field we are breathing really heavily. When I regain my breath I'm amazed by thr beauty of the scene before me. The flowers are dancing in a soft breeze and there he is. He is so handsome. Waiy, wait, wait, where did THAT come form? There is no way I like Thresh... But he has always seemed nice... NO! Snap out of it Rue, I think to myself. Okay I admit it. I am in love with Thresh ? (A.N. I'm sorry but I don't know his last name But, I will probaly think of one Later) Hey Rue he mumbles and I feel my heart skip a beat, He konws my name! Then we hear the cannon and will all tense. A few minutes laterall the Mockingjays stopsinging. Then one gives the warning signal and a hovercraft appears. We see long red hair and know instanity it's Foxface. We also know the careers will be back any minute.