Shawn Spencer's date was a no-show. He waited at the restaurant for half an hour before giving up and walking down the street to Tom Blair's Pub. He had a smile on his face and a dance to his step regardless of being stood up by- what was her name again?- Angie, Amy, Martina? He shrugged it off quickly and walked swiftly to the bar, a cold bottle of beer the only thing on his mind. Well, it was the only thing, until Carlton Lassiter's slumped over form caught his eye. Lassiter had a half empty glass in his hand and a nearly empty bottle on the table in front of him. A pessimistic view of "glass half empty" seemed far too fitting in this instance. His left arm dangled limply at his side while his right elbow cradled his head, the hand clutching the glass in a death grip.

"Hiya, Lassiepants," Shawn greeted loudly, dropping his frame into the opposite chair. The table shook with the force and knocked over the bottle, its contents spilling across the surface and onto the floor. Lassiter's head popped up in surprise, his hand briefly reaching for his holster before seeing who it was that joined him. Surprisingly enough, instead of continuing to draw his gun like he would when sober, Lassiter's face relaxed into an admittedly creepy smile.

"Spencer," he greeted jovially. "Fancy meeting you here."

"You know, Lassie, I'm getting an odd sense of s'il vous plait."

"De ja vu."

"I've heard it both ways." Shawn shrugged, thankful that Lassiter wasn't so far out of it that he would start spilling his guts like last time. No matter how much Shawn cared about Lassie, and yes he did care about him, Shawn didn't want to hear any more about marital problems between him and Victoria. It was awkward enough the last time.

"Do you know what my problem is, Spencer?"

"A multitude of things, I'd say." Apparently, he spoke too soon.

"My problem is that I can't just shut up and let things go. I just push, push, push until they're gone. I did it to my mother, I did it to Victoria, and I did it to my daughter." At that, Shawn perked up suddenly and leaned forward, silently urging Lassiter to continue. There was no need to play up the psychic act since Lassiter would just forget their conversation by morning. "And you know what, Shawn, I did it again." Lassiter picked up his glass and downed its contents, his hand reaching across the table for the bottle that was now resting on its side on the floor with a large crack down the side. It was a wonder the thing didn't shatter when it fell. "I told her all the time, 'you're going to the police academy. You're gunna do well and be a fine upstanding individual.' I just wanted what any father would want for their child. I wanted her to follow my footsteps."

Shawn had never met this girl and already felt like they'd known each other their entire lives. He knew the feeling when a parent pushes their kid too far and too hard.

"I just wanted so bad for her to not be like her mother. I didn't want my daughter to come home one night and tell me she was pregnant at sixteen."

"If only 16 and Pregnant was on back then. It truly is the ultimate birth control for teenage girls."

"Shut up, Spencer," Lassie bit back gruffly. "She was a good kid, kept her grades up, better than mine were at her age. She stayed out of trouble and joined the academy after she graduated high school. After the six week course, she left the ceremony in her own car to meet us at the restaurant, but she never showed."

"Really? A good kid like that left her parents sitting in a restaurant awkwardly waiting for her? How rude."

"No, it was me and Mother. Ashlynn's mother died when she was born."

"Lassie," Shawn said exasperated, "I'm trying my hardest to lighten the mood, and you're killing it. You're taking it by the collar and shooting it in the foot repeatedly." It was then that the two young women checking him out at the table next to them got up quickly and relocated to the other side of the building. "Alright, Lassie, just tell me about what happened today. Tell me what happened to send you here to get drunk."

Lassiter sat silent for a moment, staring despondently into his empty glass. "She came back today. I saw her for the first time in years and all I did was ask her, 'what station are you working for?' She didn't stay long after that." He hung his head sullenly as his brow knitted together and his top lip curled. For a moment, Shawn was afraid Lassiter was going to cry. With a great shudder, he straightened his shoulders and lifted his head. "I just hope I didn't ruin it completely."

Carlton Lassiter was a wreck, and it didn't take long before he called it quits, making his way to his feet. As he found out quickly, his legs had become jell-o at an unknown point in his time sitting there. With an ogre like groan, he lurched forward, his balance deserting him completely. Hitting the floor, he promptly passed out.

"Yup," sighed Shawn. "Just like last time."

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