"Why must this happen," Amelia said

"You don't deserve this, no one deserves this" she said sobbing, head in hands.

"Croco, my brother, why must you leave us so soon"

"You know that we all must go home eventually" Croco said.

He lay there on the bed, dying, dying from a long, hard fall from his skybox. He had been part of a rescue mission to save many. He had sacrificed himself to save his fellow skybax riders.. A T-Rex had come out of nowhere and surprised the skybax riders who had thought the attack was over. Croco had been the only one in the sky when it came, he managed to distract it for a while but the rex knocked him out of the sky. It wasn't his skybax that had been hit, but one lucky shot, Croco was hit. They fell from the sky, their domain.

"It wasn't planned for you to go this way" Amelia said.

Everyone had gathered around that ever knew him. They managed to get him to Canyon City and sent messages to those close to him.

"You, my sister, must carry on , carry on my legacy." He said.

"Please, Croco, please don't leave me again"

"I will see you soon my sister." He said. Those would be his last words.

Amelia kneeled by his bed and cried for what seemed years. Romana put her hand on Amelia's shoulder. Amelia heard somewhere in the distance, a woman telling the others to leave them for a moment.

"Amelia, come, we must let them bury him."

She led them to Amelia's room. They stayed there, Romana watching Amelia cry. When they had taken the body, Oonu came in to talk to Amelia.

"Amelia, I've been informed that you have finished your studies and are ready to be assigned a habitat; everyone has agreed that this is where you belong. You begin training tomorrow and will be assigned you brother's skybax. I hope you fulfill his final wish to carry on his legacy. You Amelia are his only relative; someone must carry his memory on." With that he left with Romana. They left her to be alone a while with her thoughts and memories.

At dawn, Amelia was in her uniform ready for training with her classmates. Oono treated her the same has the others. They were all assigned a skybax, Amelia assigned her brother's. A crowd had gathered to watch the great skybax rider's little sister, to see if she'd carry him on.

Oonu gave the command for everyone to take their first flight. Everyone watched eagerly for Amelia to take her first flight.

"Don't be afraid. This is the first step to many others. You mustn't be afraid." Croco said in her mind.

"Amelia," Oonu said.

"Here is a saddle, a very special one. You have the honor of not only riding your brother's skybax, but you use his saddle." He handed her the saddle and had her step up to Speedwing, for she must take that first step.

She took a deep breathe, threw on the saddle, and jumped onto Speedwing. In just seconds, she was flying with him next to the cliffs, people watching in awe as she soared through the sky. You could almost see Croco flying next to her. You couldn't help but smile, a step she was afraid to take, she had conquered.