I'm testing this . tell me what you think . Do you like it ?


1 . You have a facebook?

WiseGirl seriously bored . I am alone in my cabin . Sis and bros out sparring . Using Daedalus's laptop XD

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Luke Castellan hello Annabeth .

WiseGirl what the -? How did you get a facebook ? (5 likes)

Luke Castellan this place has excellent WiFi . Anyway , would ya be my girlfriend ?

WiseGirl no thanks . I have a boyfriend . And that guy is SeaweedBrain

Luke Castellan you know you love me . I know you care . You shout whenever and I'll be there .

WiseGirl Shut up ! I do not support Beliebers . Dude , get a grip . Find someone not me . Someone DEAD.

BiancaDA That's a bit offensive .

WiseGirl sorry …..

SeaweedBrain Luke get your hands off my girl !

Luke Castellan I am no where near her . Chill man .

WiseGirl Blocking Luke . He keeps sending me pictures of him in the Underworld . Ugh *shudders*

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SeaweedBrain Finally ! What were the pics like ?

WiseGirl U wouldn't wanna know …

AthenaGreekGoddess Now that's a man you should date . Not some seaweed spawn .

PoseidonSeaDude Woah ….. That was a bit too far … If he's a seaweed spawn then so am I !

AthenaGreekGoddess Fine . Like father like son . Both are seaweed spawns .

WiseGirl Mom , enough . Luke is dead . I can't date a soul … (1 like)

SeaweedBrain Ya hear that Luke . You're dead . To the world and to Annabeth's heart ! (15 likes)

Luke Castellan Real offensive ! ):K

WiseGirl WTF ? I thought I put Luke on block !

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AresWarGod Athena child cursed ! OOOO…

WiseGirl It stands for What the Fish .

SeaweedBrain Really Annabeth ? What the fish ? Is that the best you could come up with ?

WiseGirl It really does ! I'm serious !

ThaliaHunter Yeah right . I agree with Seaweed Brain .

WiseGirl Ugh !

AresWarGod Annabeth just cursed ! WAKAKAKA !

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WiseGirl You had to tell everyone huh ?

AthenaGreekGoddess What did you do ?

WiseGirl Mom , it stands for something else .

ClarisseRue Fight ! Fight ! Fight ! (17 likes)

ClarisseRue something just pecked my head !

WiseGirl Probably an owl …..

ClarisseRue did u do something ?

WiseGirl *whistles and walks away*

ClarisseRue Chase , get back here !

NicoDA I am so bored . Watching people at the court isn't really fun …

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SeaweedBrain dude , get outta there . U don't have to do anyting right ? Me , Annabeth , Thalia , Jason and A few others are picnicking . Join us ?

NicoDA do u have Annabeth's famous brownies ?

SeaweedBrain yeah ….. Why ?

NicoDA *poof* Perce , I'm right beside you .

SeaweedBrain What ? * looks right* Dude ! Don't scare me like that !

NicoDA Where are the brownies ?

SeaweedBrain I'm right here ! Anyway , Annabeth is holding them . *Watches Nico run off*

WiseGirl Nico , what exactly are you doing ?

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NicoDA checking the brownies if they have poison in them …

WiseGirl by eating them ? And Why would I put poison in them ?

NicoDA who knows … You might be an assassin . Now if you excuse me , I will take those .

WiseGirl Get back here !

OllyKing Yay , I have a Facebook !

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Seaweed Brain who are you ? (18 likes)

OllyKing I'm Zeus !

ThaliaHunter Really dad ? OllyKing was the best you could come up with ?

Ollyking Hera made it .

OllyQueen Yes I did . Now we're perfect .

ThaliaHunter Right….. I need to go assist Artemis with a deer .

ArtemisMoonLady What a deer . Get it ? Deer and dear ?

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OllyQueen Since when were you Apollo ?

ArtemisMoonLady I am his half sister after all …

SunGuy Ah , I can do better . What do you call a Grim Reaper when He's crying ?

ArtemisMoonLady The Grim Weeper? (17 likes)

SunGuy Wrong ! Hades !

HadesAndSouls You are so gonna get it Apollo . What do you call Apollo when he's beaten up ? The answer is Sundown !

SunGuy That wasn't even funny .

HadesAndSouls It will be after I beat you up with Ares

AresWarGod Yeah man !

SunGuy Whose side are you on ?

AresWarGod Any side with violence !

SunGuy Is nursing himself after getting beaten up .

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AthenaGreekGoddess How ironic . You always heal people now you heal yourself .

HadesAndSouls It wasn't that bad .

SunGuy I had a lot of broken bones ! You even made the sun set !

ArtemisMoonLady Enough with the jokes !

Do you like it ? If you do , please review . Hey that rhymed .

Apollo : It was bad ...