I'm back! Recently, I've really wanted to write a fic with Taylor Swift music, and this was born. Each chapter will focus on a different song from her album Speak Now. They will be in order as they are on the CD (I will also include the exclusive songs Ours, If This Was a Movie, and Superman).

This first chapter focuses on Mine.

I did change some of the lyrics, and I also realize that Kurt is not a daughter. 'Son' doesn't rhyme with 'water', though, so I had to keep it there.



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You were in college working part-time waiting tables

Left a small town, never looked back

I was a flight risk with a fear of fallin'

Wonderin' why we bother with love if it never lasts

Finn and Rachel were getting a divorce.

The first person Rachel told was Kurt. She'd come over to his dorm, crying and blubbering about how she'd been so naïve and that it never would've worked out.

Kurt and Blaine had decided that it would be best to not move in with each other right away, because they were in college, and living with someone while dealing with the work load would end badly. They would say cruel things, things they didn't mean, so it was better that they say it to a roommate instead of each other. Kurt hadn't seen his boyfriend all day—Blaine had found a diner that he could work at near NYU—so he had to deal with Rachel alone.

"You think you know someone," she said darkly, her voice breaking a couple times. "But no, nothing lasts. Even if it's perfect, nothing lasts. Every single relationship out there is doomed."

And then she had an epiphany.

"Why the hell did we get married right out of high school? That's it. That's it right there," Rachel moaned. "You're stupid in high school, you think you know what you want, but you don't. People change and no one is the same afterwards, none of the friendships or relationships stay."

And Kurt just let her vent. He didn't give Rachel's whines too much thought; he knew how dramatic she could be. That was something that definitely hadn't changed since high school.

But later that night, when Rachel had left—she couldn't stay at his dorm, so she was going to stay at the house of one of the friends she'd met in New York—her words started to sink in.

Would that happen to him and Blaine? No, there was no way, was there? They were nothing like Rachel and Finn. They hadn't broken up and gotten together half a million times during high school. They'd been fairly stable. A few fights here and there, but that's healthy in a relationship.

They'd survive…wouldn't they?

You say 'can you believe it?'

As we're lying on the couch

The moment, I can see it

Yes, yes, I can see it now

Kurt was happy.

He was never any happier than he was during moments like these. Moments when he was over at Blaine's dorm, lying in his couch, being held. Just feeling the warmth of Blaine's arms around his stomach, it made him feel safe.

"I want to lie here forever," Kurt mumbled, closing his eyes.

"Well, we can't stay here forever; I'd have to pee eventually."

Kurt cracked open an eye. "Way to ruin the moment."

Blaine smiled that smile—the smile that could make Kurt melt—and kissed him on the temple.

"Yeah, I know we couldn't," Kurt said, relaxing again. "But I want to be able to do this forever. In our own house."

Blaine, unseen by his boyfriend, stared at him with tears in his eyes. "I want that, too," he whispered. "Can you believe it?"

"What?" Kurt replied just as softly.

"That we've made it this far. It'll be four years in a couple of months."

"It doesn't surprise me at all, really. I think I knew, in the back of my mind, that first day on the staircase. If you'd seen your face…I didn't recognize it back then, because I didn't know that something like this was plausible…but you fell in love with me the second you met me."

"My, my," Blaine teased, his arms tightening around Kurt's waist contradicting his tone of voice. "Aren't we full of ourselves?"

"You know it's true," the taller boy replied. "It was the same for me."

And suddenly, Kurt could see their life laid out in front of them. He could see them moving in together, getting older, getting married, adopting a child…he could see them living, loving, and lasting.

Do you remember, we were sitting there by the water?

You put your arm around me for the first time

You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter

You are the best thing that's ever been mine

"Oh my god, Blaine!" Kurt hissed quietly. "We're going to die! It's five in the morning and it's dark; a drugged up homeless man is going to kill us! This isn't Ohio! We can't run around like this!"

Blaine turned around and found Kurt's lips in the dark. He gave him a short kiss and then pulled back, winking. "Live a little."

"I can't 'live a little' if I'm about to be killed!"

"Kurt, I have pepper spray."

"That won't be of any use if they sneak up behind us! Oh my god, I can't die, Blaine, I can't die yet! I haven't even graduated college, I haven't gotten an apprenticeship to a well-known designer, I haven't started—"



"Shut up. We won't die."

Kurt gave a quiet laugh, but let Blaine pull him along without much more complaints.

"There," Blaine whispered.

They sat on a bench in front of one of the lakes in Central Park. There were still a few stars that lit up the sky.

"Why are we here, endangering our lives?" Kurt asked.

"Hush," Blaine said.

After ten minutes of silence, Kurt relaxed and leaned against Blaine's shoulder. "'m tired," he muttered.

"Go to sleep," Blaine replied.

"Bu' 'll die," he said, eyes drooping.

"I'll protect you," Blaine said with a smile, wrapping an arm over Kurt's shoulders.

A little while later, Kurt was shaken awake.

"Kurt," Blaine whispered.

"'meless man 'ttackin' us?" Kurt mumbled incoherently, jerking his head up.

"No, look," Blaine said, pointing to the skyline.

Kurt rubbed his hands against his eyes, and then focused across the lake. He was met with an explosion of color and light as ever so slowly, the sun rose. Beams of light shot across the lake, lighting up the trees and waking the birds.

Occasionally, a jogger would pass by, but they were fairly alone.

Kurt snuggled closer to Blaine's side. "I forgive you," he finally said.

"For what?" Blaine asked worriedly.

"For waking me up so early and making me think I would die," Kurt said with a coy smile.

Blaine laughed, and then kissed Kurt as the sun rose in the sky.

Flash forward and we're taking on the world together

And there's a drawer of my things at your place

I learn your secrets and I figure out why you're guarded

I say we'll never make your parents mistakes

Sophomore year of college, Kurt and Blaine got an apartment together. They moved their things out of their dorm and into the tiny apartment. It was nothing like Kurt had imagined, but it was theirs.

They unpacked in the light from the morning that came in from one of the two windows in the apartment. For a moment, Kurt looks up and watches Blaine picking things out of boxes, looking them over, and deciding where to put them. Kurt padded over and wrapped an arm around Blaine's waist, effectively stopping the other man from working.

"I can't believe we're finally doing this," he whispered into Blaine's neck.

A corner of Blaine's mouth tilted up into a smile. He reached into the box in front of him and brought out a picture. Kurt observed it, and realized it was an old picture from Blaine's family. He already knew the backstory to his family, how his father had hated having a gay son, and after learning that Blaine wanted to be a musician instead of taking over the family business, left the family, and still hasn't been heard from since then.

"Sometimes I wonder if he regrets walking out on us," Blaine whispered.

"It doesn't matter," Kurt said, taking the picture and sitting it down. He turned Blaine around and stared into his eyes. "It doesn't matter what he thinks, all that matters is us, now."

"What if I turn out to be just like him, though? What if we get married and we get a child, but I'm a bad father? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," he said sardonically.

"You are nothing like him, Blaine. You're loving and kind and accepting. If we do have a son or daughter, you're definitely going to be the better parent, don't even fight me on it."

Blaine smiled. "I'd give you a good argument as to why you'll be an amazing parent, but then I wouldn't be able to do this."

He leaned up onto the balls of his feet and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's neck, kissing him deeply.

But we got bills to pay

We got nothing figured out

When it was hard to take

Yes, yes, this is what I thought about

"Hey!" Kurt called as he opened the door to the apartment he shared. "Blaine, why are all the lights out?"

He kicked the door shut and walked to the bedroom. Blaine sat on the edge of the bed, staring at Kurt as he sat down the bags he'd carried in.

"What's that?" Blaine asked monotonously.

"I did a little bit of shopping."

"Kurt, look at this."

The taller man slowly made his way to the bed. Blaine handed him a letter.

Kurt looked down and realized it was the electricity bill.

"We don't have enough money right now to pay it," Blaine said stonily.


"Kurt, you can't just go on a shopping spree whenever you feel like it. We're not in high school, your dad isn't paying for all of it, we are, and we're also paying for food, water, electricity, and the fucking roof over our heads. Not my mom, not your dad, us," he said accusingly. "If you keep doing this, living like you used to, we'll get evicted, and where will we go then? We can't live permanently at our friend's houses. You need to start being aware of what you're doing, because it doesn't just affect you, Kurt, it hurts both of us."

"I had been planning a date for us," he whispered. "I was buying something special for that."

Blaine shook his head, resuming his position of staring at the floor.

"I'm sorry," Kurt said, putting the bill on the bedside table. He sat down next to Blaine and wrapped an arm around him. "I'll return the clothes, and tomorrow, instead of us going out somewhere, I'll see if I can take an extra shift at work. I'll work until we have enough money to pay the electric company, you don't have to do anything extra. This is my fault, I'll fix it."

"I don't want to be mad at you," Blaine whispered. "I hate feeling like you can't do what you're used to."

"It's okay, I needed a reality check," Kurt said, rubbing Blaine's back. "C'mon, let's go eat the ice cream before it melts, and we can watch a movie on my laptop."

Blaine smiled, and leaned into his shoulder.

"That sounds perfect."

Do you remember, we were sitting there by the water?

You put your arm around me for the first time

You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter

You are the best thing that's ever been mine

It was summer and it was hot. Kurt and Blaine sat shirtless, wearing shorts, and a foot away from each other so that they couldn't feel the other's body heat. Kurt's phone rang, and he quickly reached over to the coffee table to pick it up.


"Hey, Kurt!"

"Oh, hey, Marci."

"So, the A/C at my apartment is about to go out, so Lisa and I were going to go down to the water park near my house. You and Blaine wanna join?"

"Yeah, that sounds much more inviting than our place. We'll meet you there, I guess."

"Awesome! Bye, Kurt!"

"See ya."

He hung up and turned to Blaine.

"Want to go to—"


"I didn't even finish, Blaine."

"Anywhere else is better than here."

Kurt was silent for a moment before he smiled and stood. "It's a good thing I love you. Put on your swim trunks, we're going to the water park near Marci and Lisa's house."

"Yay!" Blaine shouted before scampering into the bedroom they shared.

"Blaine, you are a junior in college, act your age!"

"Oh my god, Kurt, the water is so nice, you should get in!"

Kurt shielded his eyes and watched his boyfriend tread water, before sitting down in one of the dozens of pool chairs set up. "I refuse to let myself burn, I need sun screen, and so do you."

"No I don't! I never burn!" Blaine denied, pouting.

"That's what you said last month when we went to Coney Island, from which you returned red as a lobster. And if I remember correctly, you were in pain for a week and a half. Get up here, Blaine," Marci said, pulling out some sunscreen.

"Thanks for the support," I said wryly.

She smiled and then looked out to Blaine. "Lisa Anne Carter, you get back here this instant, stop encouraging Blaine!"

Lisa, who lived with Marci, who was her older sister, grinned and got out of the water, and Blaine trailed behind her, looking like a kicked puppy.

"Aw, come here, baby, you can get back in the water right after I make sure that you won't burn," Kurt said, holding back his laughter.

Blaine sat down in front of him, and minutes later, he was running back and jumping into one of the pools.

"He acts like he's six again whenever we go somewhere fun," Kurt said, laughing as Lisa ran screaming into the pool, jumping on top of Blaine.

"Hey, my friends ditched me, mind helping me with my sunscreen, too?"

Kurt looked up to a tall, blonde man, holding out a bottle of sunscreen to him. Kurt looked at Marci and then accepted the bottle.

"Um, okay, I guess."

The unnamed man sat down in front of Kurt, who squeezed some of the cream into his hand and then awkwardly rubbed it onto the person's back.

"My name's Alex, by the way, you?"

"Kurt," he replied, glancing at Marci who just shrugged.

After he finished rubbing the sunscreen in, he handed the sunscreen back and waited for the man to walk away.

"Babysitting?" Alex asked, motioning to where Blaine was having a splash war with Lisa.

"Sometimes it feels like it," Kurt laughed, and Marci snorted from her seat next to him.

"Seems like you need someone else to hang out with, want to join me?"

Kurt's eyebrows shot up, but he was saved by Blaine walking up and kissing him deeply. When he released Kurt, he turned and saw Alex standing next to him, smirking.

"Oh, hi, totally didn't see you there. Who's your new friend, babe?"

"Um, Alex, Blaine, Blaine, Alex. I just helped him with his sunscreen."

"Well, I'm guessing that he doesn't need anything else, so we'll probably be seeing a lot less of Alex soon," Blaine said pointedly.

Alex just laughed and shook his head. "Yeah, you're the jealous type, I see. Alright, I'll back off."

He walked away, laughing again.

"There was no reason for that," Kurt reprimanded.

"I saw him flirting with you when I was in the pool," Blaine pouted. "I'm the only one allowed to do that."

"You're the only one allowed to do a lot of things with me, such as this," and Kurt leaned in and kissed him.

"Mm, good," Blaine murmured, pulling me back in.

"I say we go play in the water, what about you?"

Blaine, now fully distracted, jumped up. "Yes!" He yelled, running back to the pool.

Do you remember all the city lights on the water?

I saw you start to believe for the first time

You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter

You are the best thing that's ever been mine

"We should be tourists today," Kurt announced when they woke up that morning.

Confused, Blaine sat up. "What?"

"We've never been to the Statue of Liberty, we should go!"

"Kurt, you abhor any type of tourism, you didn't even let me buy one of those 'I love New York' shirts."

"They were tacky. But, we've been living here for almost five years and we're off work today…how about we do something we've never done before?"

Blaine was suspicious, but relented.

He became even more suspicious when Kurt kissed him and said "you won't regret this."

The Staten Island Ferry was beautiful when night had fallen, they both observed. It lit up, and when you were far enough away from shore, you could look back and see the lights of New York shining bright.

They stood on the edge of the boat, leaning on the metal that wrapped around the boat to keep tourists from falling off. Even though they wouldn't be able to go to the monument, they could still admire it from a distance, and Blaine had never seen something so beautiful.

Kurt, while watching Blaine, thought the same thing.

"Thank you for finally letting us do this," Blaine said, staring at the green statue.

"Well, there was an ulterior motive, I must admit," Kurt replied, taking steadying breaths.

Blaine turned his head and looked at Kurt curiously. "What might that have been?"

Kurt released his hands from the railing and put a hand in his pocket. He was silent for a second, staring at his shoes, until he made a decision. When he turned, Blaine noticed he had tears in his eyes.

"Oh god," Blaine started. "Are you breaking up with me?"

Kurt's eyes widened. "Why would you think that? No, never, Blaine!"

"Then what are you acting so secretive about?" He questioned, still thinking the worst.

Kurt took a deep breath, and then started to go down on one knee, pulling a ring box out of his pocket.

"Oh," Blaine breathed.

"You're the most important person in my life, Blaine. You always have been, ever since the day I met you. Every morning I wake up next to you is better than the last, because it's one more day that I'm spending with you. We've had fights, but that made us stronger. I love you so much, so, please," he stopped and looked down, readying himself. "Will you marry me?"

Blaine brought his hands up to his mouth, looking at the ring, then at Kurt, then at the ring, and then back to Kurt. He was at a loss for words, and couldn't make his throat work.

Kurt looked back down, seeming to lose the confidence he'd had just seconds before. "I mean, if you think this is going too fast, I totally understand, or if you wanted to be the one to propose, then I'm sorry, I just thought that this was the right time and—"

He was cut off by Blaine kneeling to the ground, wrapping his arms around his neck, and kissing him. "Yes," he breathed, when he pulled back. "Oh god, yes, I'll marry you."

A few people who had noticed the display applauded when Kurt pulled the ring from the box.

"Read the inscription," he said quietly.

Blaine handled the small ring and squinted to read the writing.

'the best thing that's ever been mine'

"I tried, but they couldn't fit 'you are' on the ring," Kurt said, embarrassed.

"It's beautiful," Blaine whispered, putting it on his ring finger.

Tears welled in both of their eyes.

"I love you," Kurt murmured.

"I love you, too," Blaine whispered back.

Their lips met each other half way.

And I remember that fight, two thirty am

As everything was slipping right out of our hands

You ran out crying and I followed you out into the street

Braced yourself for the goodbye, 'cause that's all you've ever known

"What the hell is your problem?" Kurt yelled, following Blaine into the living room.

"Oh, I don't know," Blaine shouted back, throwing his hands in the air. "Maybe it's the fact that I've worked so hard to help you, and you don't do anything in return. I put everything I wanted second to your wants, and I can't take it anymore! Look at where I am, Kurt. I'm a music teacher at a shitty music store. And look at where you are, working at Marc Jacobs, with all of this opportunity, and I've helped you that whole way, and I'm fed up with it!"

"You're angry at me because I've been successful?" Kurt screamed. "How stupid are you? It's not my fault that you haven't tried hard enough!"

"No, don't you dare try to make it my fault! Do you have any idea how much time I've just sat here, helping you with god knows what, just so you'd be happy, so you'd be lucky?"

"I don't know where any of this is coming from, everything's been fine!" Kurt cried.

"Please, Kurt, we've been pretending. Nothing has been okay for a long time," he retorted. "We've been acting like we're happy with where we are. I've been acting like I'm fine with what I've given up, you've been acting like you don't notice that I hate everything that we've turned in to."

And a horrible thought ran through Kurt's mind, maybe, all those years ago, Rachel was right. People change. Relationships end.

"Maybe…we need to take a break," Blaine muttered, looking anywhere but Kurt.

He took one step, another, and then broke out into a run towards the door. He unlocked it, and then he was gone.

And Kurt was frozen.

What had just happened? What had gone wrong?

And then he was in motion, running out the door. He saw that the elevator was gone, so he ran to the stairs. There were four flights of stairs that he had to run down, and he ran faster than he'd ever run in his life. When he reached the ground level, Blaine wasn't anywhere. So he ran outside, onto the sidewalk, and he looked over the heads of the few people still out at this late hour, looking for those recognizable curls. There.

"Blaine!" He yelled, chasing after him.

Then I took you by surprise

I said I'll never leave you alone

Blaine stopped and then slowly turned, tears in his eyes as he looked at Kurt.

"I won't let you leave, I won't. I don't care, I'll quit if that'll make you happy, I'll quit my job and I'll stay with you and help you get everything you've ever dreamed of," he was out of breath, but he kept going. "I literally cannot live without you, I need you. I'll do anything to make you happy, if you still want to be with me."

"Kurt," Blaine began, his voice cracking on that one syllable. "I—you can't quit. You worked hard to get where you are, and…"

I said I remember how we felt sitting by the water

And every time I look at you, it's like the first time

I fell in love with a careless man's careful daughter

She is the best thing that's ever been mine

"I'll never leave you alone," Kurt whispered, framing Blaine's face with his hands. "I'm sorry, I need to be more considerate of your life, I know you hate your job, but I'll be right here and I will help you with everything you need, please, just don't leave. I love you so much, don't leave me."

More tears welled in Blaine's eyes, and Kurt quickly wiped them away.

"Okay," Blaine whispered. "Let's go home."

Hold on, make it last

Blaine quit his job a few weeks later.

Kurt made it higher in his work and started designing.

Hold on, never look back

They got married.

Blaine recorded an EP.

You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter

You are the best thing that's ever been mine

"Hi, sweetie, my name's Blaine, and this is Kurt. What's your name?"

"Jennie. I like your hair."

"Thank you! How old are you?"

"I'm four years old."

"Jennie, would you like if we came back to play with you again?"

"Yeah, I'd like that a lot."

Yes, yes, do you believe it?

Yes, yes, we're gonna make it now

Yes, yes, I can see it

I can see it now

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