It makes me sick. On the outside, I told myself and every one around me, that, I, Orihara Izaya, would become 'immortal'. That I would be invincible, indestructable. What I had always feared was death. But, now that I am dead, it doesn't bother me.

No. Actually, the afterlife wasn't too horrible. Instead of dissappearing completely like I thought would happen, I am instead introduced to a man. He had blonde hair, and a body similar to a certain monster, however this, person, wore a kimono, flourishing a blue and white floral pattern. He seemed calm, and at peace at the sight of me.

We stood in a white empty area. No walls, or furniture was around. There wasn't even a ground. I don't know how that was possible, considering I was able to upright.

"Orihara?" The man spoke, in a similar voice to Shizu-chan's. Though, he was still calm. No rages, or bouts of anger around him. How could this be?

"So what if it is? Who needs to know?" I wanted, no, needed answers. I had a basic idea of what was going on, but I needed to be sure.

"Surely you realize what happened to you?" The blonde stranger continued, ignoring my question. "You are smart, you must have some clue of what I am here to talk about."

"What, that I am dead? That I shall be sent to hell for all my misdeeds. Do we really need to discuss anything. I'll just be on my way." I turned around, waiting for him to magically zap me down to the eternal gardens of fire. But, it never came.

I glanced back towards him, curiously I furrowed my eyebrows. "Any day now."

The blonde sighed. "I shall never understand how humans got that idea about gods, and devils who reside in heaven or hell. I truly shall not. It's utter nonsence that a fortunate soul happened to make money off of." He grabbed the my shoulders, spinning around so we both faced each other. "I am here to get you settled in."

Before I could say anything, the space around us transformed. Walls and a floor began to take place. Color dripped down those walls to make a realistic, and most likely actual outdoor setting. A familiar appartment complex stood infront of us. It was my appartment from back when I was alive. The ground beneath our feet slowly began to take the texture and color of a concrete sidewalk.

"Was I slipped drugs? This isn't possible! There's no way-" I trailed off as I watched cars, toll booths, vending machines, and even people start to slowly fade into view. Almost as if they just had a transparency setting be turned off.

"Don't you get it. You are in the afterlife. Your own personal universe so to speak." I kept looking around in amazement. My own universe?

"You see, once you die, your soul is transferred to a computer like thing. There you are put into your own filing folder, where your own universe is created. It is made of your deepest desires. Here, you shall possess whatever it was that you wanted in life." It didn't make sence. Sure, I understood exactly what he was saying, though it sounded like it should have been written into 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'.

"Why do you look like Shizu-chan?" I questioned.

"This isn't my true form, if that is what you were wondering. It is my job to make you feel at peace with the concepts of death, and this afterlife. It is my duty to tell you the details of how things will be. So, it should be obvious to you of why it had to be his form." I nodded my head slowly. I did know why. To keep me calm during a stressfull situation.

"Why don't I show you around, I'll atleast tell you what things have changed about your new life. Unlike most, your world hadn't needed to be altered too much." I listened patiently, cautiously, curiously, awaiting the new details I would need to know.

"In this world, the one main change, which you will need to be aware of, is your living arrangement."

"Huh? Living arrangement? Does a hooker or something bunk at my place?"

The blond chuckled, taking slow steps into the front door of the appartment. Leaving behind the city, he becconed for me to follow him to the entrance. The door closed behind us as we took short but quick strides to the elevator. He pressed the number 8, as our bodies ascended to the 8th story. An awkward silence filled the elevator till he finally said something.

"Does the fact you're dead bother you any?" I let off a nervous chuckle.

"Not terribly, though I do have a question." I paused, waiting for him to give a sign for me to continue. When he did and said nothing, I still went.

" My moment of death is still somewhat foggy. Though, I do remember bits and pieces. The main thing however, is that it was an explosion. Someone was trying to and succeded to assassinate me. It was in the middle of one of my and Shizu-chan's chases. I remember he was caught up in the blast as well. He died too, didn't he?" I shamefully averted my eyes to the ground. "Who was the person who was 'chosen' to introduce him to the thought of death?" I truly wanted to know, maybe it was my inner informant, maybe it was part of my complex, or even some feelings I had kept hidden from the world.

"Yes, he did die the blast with you. The rest however, I may not tell you. You are going to have to deal with the fact that there are some things in the world that you may not know."

And with that, the elevator 'dinged', the doors opened, then we walked out. After walking past a few doors, we found mine.

He gestured for me to check my pockets, which I found a large skeleton key which surely didn't look like the key that I had used back in the world of the living. I glanced over to him curiously, only to find that he had disappeared. Shrugging, I turned back to the lock on the handle to insert the key into the hole. My hand gripped the now unlockerd knob, it turned, and opened the large wooden door.

Behind it, I saw something which I never thought I would see.

"Izaya-kun! Where have you been?" Strong arms reached themselves around my neck to give me a strong hug. A familiar face gave me an even more unexpected peck on the cheek.

"Shi-Shi- Shizu-Chan?" I stuttered. Unable to believe what had just happened.

A/N. Just an Idea I have been playing with in my head these past few months, though, I only just got around to typing it. I have the whole story planned out however! So, that will get rid of MOST writers block. Now it's going to depend on motivation, and a 'hopeful' lack of procrastination. Please tell me where the story may have gotten confusing/ bad grammar/ and perhaps vocabulary errors may have occurred and I will possibly get them fixed, or atleast keep them in mind for the next chapter. :D. Thank you for reading~!