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P.O.V.: Krystye Mitchell

Time: July 2011

We had gotten home last week from our tour. We were exhausted. Well, all but one boy. James was excited for his seventeenth birthday tomorrow, being the youngest of the group. Carlos had turned 17 while we were in Minnesota for our tour stop in Minneapolis.

Flashback: Carlos' P.O.V.

We ran onstage and sang Famous. After the song, I looked out to the crowd to see signs that had birthday wishes for me.

"Hey, guys, It's Carlos' birthday, so why don't we all wish him a happy birthday?" Krystye said. There was a chant of 'Happy Birthday, Carlos!' coming from the crowd.

"Thank you guys. I'M SEVENTEEN!" I said. The band and I worked on a stunt to do after the first song each show. James, Kendall, and I got ready to do the stunt while Krystye and Logan got on opposite ends of the stage. We were wearing headset microphones, which freed us up even more. James, Kendall, and I were a base for Logan and Krystye's stunt. The crew guys put wires on the twins for safety reasons. The twins ran, then each did a different flip at the same time towards us, and James and Kendall caught them on their way down. They launched the two into the air, and James and Kendall hoisted me up. One of the background dancers came up to spot. The wires held Krystye up out of sight as Logan came down next to me standing on Kendall's raised hand. Krystye was then lowered to us, her doing a handstand on mine and Logan's hands. The audience cheered as Krystye did a flip to get off, the wires bringing her down safely. Logan did a flip to get down, the wires bringing him down safely as well. James and Kendall threw me into the air and caught me so I'd land safely. Let's just say that it was one hell of a Big Time Rush!

End flashback: Krystye's P.O.V.

We were all catching some extra sleep. Mama Knight had rearranged the bedding arrangements during the Big Time Rush Unemployment Scare. That's what we call Griffin canceling BTR. Kendall and Carlos shared a room, James and Katie shared a room, and Logan and I shared a room now, Mama Knight getting her own room. Gotta love Mama Knight.

"I can't wait until tomorrow! I'll finally be seventeen!" James said.

"It's great," I said.

"Yeah, dude, tomorrow's gonna be great for you, man," Logan said.

"Well, time to get dressed. We're going back to Rocque Records today," I said, going to mine and Logan's room. We didn't have to go back to Palm Woods school until late August, so we were good. I grabbed some clothes and walked to the bathroom to change. Changing in front of Logan was not comfortable, especially after we both hit puberty at the same time, which I found weird since girls were supposed to mature faster than boys. I heard Logan enter the bedroom, and I quickly changed into my bad girl clothes that the costume department let me keep. I sometimes adopted the bad girl look to get Kendall to pay a little more attention to me. We were about to top my longest relationship ever. My longest relationship ever lasted seven months, and I was with Kendall at that point.

We were each given the responsibility of writing one new song for the second album. I was struggling on writing one. Carlos wrote one, James wrote one, Kendall wrote one, Logan wrote one, but I couldn't! I was so pissed. That's when it came to me. After making sure that Logan was decent, I sat down at the desk in my room, grabbed my notebook, and started writing.

"Finally got inspiration, Krystye?" Logan asked.

"Yeah, I did," I said.

"Well, I hate to break it to you, but you forgot your skirt," Logan said. I looked down, and yep, I forgot my skirt. I ran to the bathroom as Logan burst out laughing. I put on my black poufy skirt with the glitter. I grabbed a small box of loose multi-colored glitter and opened it. I got an evil idea. I sneakily stepped out of the bathroom. I grabbed a handful of the tiny particles of art supplies and held it over Logan's head, letting the glitter slowly sprinkle over his head. I then dropped the whole handful.

"Krystye! Now I look like a fairy!" Logan said.

"Haha, Fairy Logan!" I said. Logan walked out of the room, and I threw more glitter at him.

"Gather the pixie dust, fairy boy!" I said. Logan spun around and grabbed the box, grabbing a handful and doing the same thing I had done to him. James smiled and grabbed my set of clip-on fairy wings and clipped them onto Logan, then burst out laughing.

"What?" Logan said, turning around. I soon found out that James had done the same thing to me.

"Oh, look, it's Fairy Logan and Fairy Krystye!" James said. Carlos and Kendall peeked out of their rooms, fully dressed, then burst out laughing.

"You're dead, Diamond!" Logan and I shouted.

"You wouldn't kill me the day before my birthday, would you?" James asked. We stepped closer.

"Okay, running!" James said, running out of the apartment. We chased him, until we realized the wings. Kendall took the wings off of our backs, and then we chased James through the lobby. We caught him and dumped the remaining glitter on his head, some of it falling on his shirt.

"AH! My hair! It'll take weeks to get this out!" James complained.

"That's what you get for putting fairy wings on us," Logan said. Kendall and Carlos grabbed our hands and practically drug us to the car.

"You guys are insane," Kendall said as James drove to Rocque Records.

"And covered in glitter," Carlos said, letting one finger travel down my arm to collect some of the glitter.

"Wanna keep that finger?" I asked, causing Carlos to jerk his hand back.

"You'd let me do that, right?" Kendall asked, letting one finger travel down my arm.

"Yeah," I said, leaning into Kendall. I only had a lap belt on, so Kendall wrapped his arms around me without difficulty.

"Hey! No sex in the backseat!" Logan said.

"Shut it, Logie," I said. Kendall laughed. We arrived at Rocque Records, and James just barely missed a tree.

"James! You could have killed us!" I said.

"Ah, but I didn't!" James said.

"You're an idiot," I said. James pouted as he walked into the building. Kendall and I held hands as we went inside.

"Congratulations on finishing your tour, guys!" Kelly said.

"It was great. I wrote the song you asked me to write," Kendall said.

"Oh, really? Let's see it," Kelly said. Kendall held out a few sheets of paper. Kelly took them and looked over them.

"I'm gonna show this to Gustavo. Let's see if he likes this as much as I do," Kelly said, turning to the room Gustavo was in. A few minutes later, Kelly came out with a huge smile on her face.

"He loves it! He just needs to hear you guys sing it, and it'll be used in the album if he likes that," Kelly said, moving to the copier to make copies of the manuscript.

"I wrote that song because of you," Kendall said.

"Can't wait to sing it," I said

"Neither can I," Kendall said. We kissed for a minute before Logan pointed at me in a warning glance.

"No sex in the hallway," Logan said.

"Are you gonna say that everywhere, like 'No sex in Wal-Mart' or 'No sex on stage?'" I asked, annoyed.

"Yep," Logan said.

"Um, why are three of you covered in glitter?" Gustavo asked.

"I played a prank on him, then he got revenge, then he did something mean, and we played a prank on him, all involving glitter," I said.

"Okay," Gustavo said.

"You're weird and random… Which is why I love you," Kendall said. That's when he noticed my outfit.

"Have I not been paying enough attention to you?" Kendall asked. He knew that the only times I wear that outfit is when I feel like he's not paying enough attention to me.

"Not really," I said.

"Krystye, I'm sorry. I've been busy with that song. I was thinking of you while writing those words," Kendall said. I smiled, knowing that he was thinking of me. He kissed me.

"I promise, we can spend some time together after practice," Kendall said.

"That'd be nice," I said.

"But that outfit does look great on you," Kendall said.

"You're just saying that," I said. I then noticed that I was against a wall with Kendall pressing me against it.

"I'm not just saying that. I mean it," he said. I blushed.

"You're cute when you blush," he said. I grabbed his shirt and kissed him.

"Compliments drive me crazy," I said when I broke the kiss.

"That's good to know."