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Summary; Terra was in critical condition and it's Raven's fault. The team shunned her, Beast Boy more importantly refused to even look at her. With what seemed like no other choice Raven leaves the team. Years latter she's a cold-hearted killer. And she goes by the name of Shadow? Can love bloom again after years of her soul being torn apart?


Beginning 7yrs later

Ravens-15 21

Beast Boy-17 23

Cyborg-18 24

Robin-17 23

Starfire-16 22

Bumble Bee-16 22

Jinx-15 21

Terra-15 21

Kid Flash-17 23

Chapter 1: Memories of the Past.

Flash back;

Raven sat staring in the eyes of her fearless leader as he screamed about her careless ness. Over and over Raven tried to stop the tears that formed in her eyes but she couldn't. They fell weather she wanted them or not. The rest of the team sat behind him, all of them looking upset and betrayed. Raven looked past her leader to look at the rest of the team. Cyborg looked to the side and only glancing at her ever few minutes. Starfire sat sideways and shyly looked away. Then there was Beast Boy. He stared dangerous daggers into her very being. He had the look of disgust on his face. My heart felt a sharp strike of pain. She flinch and looked back to Robin, he wasn't talking anymore just staring daggers at her.

"Did you hear me Raven" he sternly. She looked at him while in a daze. He sighed and walked away from her.

"It's like you don't even care about her" he said while sitting down next to Starfire. Raven flinched. How could he say that. Of course she cared for the little earth bender.

"Why would she care she's a heartless bitch!" spat Beast Boy. Raven turned to face him and he had nothing but anger and disgust in his eyes. This hurt the dark one allot. Nobody moved to stop the changeling from his rant. So he continued.

"She wouldn't care for someone who was a threat to her spot on the it Raven Terra's some much better than you in every way. I bet you hurt her on purpose!" he screamed at her. She tried to open her mouth to fend him off but he bet her to her.

"She's nicer, prettier, and fits better with the team then you and you know it. Why would we want you here anyway , you bring nothing but pain to us and the city. Between the random loss of your powers to the whole Trigon thing. Your not worth anything only something valuable can be worth I swear to God if Terra doesn't make it , IM not gonna be the only one who lost someone." he finished while standing in front of her panting like a wild animal. Raven looked around the room for help but everyone turned. Starfire started to look at her but didn't. Raven once again felt alone. No one wanted to help her.

Do they all feel like this' she thought.

She sat sit still in front of him while the tears spilled their way out of her eyes. She heard a glass break and her eyes shut close as she tried to calm herself down. In the back round she heard another thing break and Beast Boy yelling to the others that she just proved his point. She then heard a small scream come from Starfire. Her eyes shot open to see Starfire on the ground holding her arm that had pieces of glass sticking out of it. Her heart sunk lower then she's ever felt. Everyone turned to her and stare. Robin had anger boiling in his eyes. She ran as fast as she could to her room. Her emotions where out of control, on her way she heard things break and fall. Slamming her door she tried to calm herself, but with everything that just happened she couldn't. Her breathing was shallow and quick, her vision blurring with fresh tears. She was visibly shaking and her heart rate jumped to it's peak. Things in her room started to break, books thrown every where. She closed her eyes tight.

MAKE IT STOP!' she scream in her mind. Then everything fell to floor and it was silent. Raven slid to the floor still up against the wall. She placed her hands over her face to try and stop herself from silently weeping but it was no good. Raven was just starting to cool down when she heard banging at her door and very unhappy Beast attached. Slowly she stood and placed her hood up. She opened the door a crack only to have it slung open, letting in the Beast. She backed up slightly as he slammed the door behind him. Raven was scared and it showed in her face. He walked closer and pushed her to the floor. She tried getting up but he just pushed her back down. She turned to look at him.

"Your nothing but filth" she spat angrily at her. Her eyes widen as she saw him pull a necklace looked at it fondly before turning back to her.

"She might not make it Rae, and you know what that means" he said while grabbing her arm pulling her to his chest. Raven didn't want to look at him. It hurt to know he hated her so much. And it hurt even more to know he loved couldn't Finnish her train of thought when she felt pain in the right side of her face then the cold sensation of blood falling. Raven roughly pulled away from him only to fall on her butt. Grabbing her right side and crawling to the mirror. Ravens eyes widen in horror as she looked at her face she had a huge cut right under her right eye leading over her nose. Her head swung in his direction, not trusting him with her back turned. He smiled sickly at her and grabbed her arm again forcing her to let go of her face to face him. He lead in closer to her ear.

"No who destroys my reason for living and deserves to live them self" he whispered. Her eyes got wider as he dropped her and started to walk away. Before going he turned to say.

"Weak ass half demons like your self deserve to die". With that he left. Raven felt the tears fall and she didn't try to them anymore or stop herself from destroying her room. She cried for hours before hearing another knock at her door. Her body froze, what if it was HIM back to Finnish her off. Then she heard the soft voice of Starfire.

"Friend Raven..." she started. Raven turned away from the door she can't face anyone right now.

"Friend Raven wont you come eat, I know everybody's be mean on you but I wish to know why you shelter yourself" she asked quietly. Raven stayed silent.

"Friend Raven I believe it was not your fault. We all lose control of ourselves some times and I...", She couldn't Finnish her sentence she jus didn't know what to say to make her friend feel better. She knew that it was Ravens power who put her friend Terra in this deathly state but she didn't blame the half demon. She listened but heard nothing. She gave up and walked away from the door. Raven sat up now. She knew it was her fault and she knew Beast Boy was right. She walked slowly to the window and opened it. Looking off into the distance , she jumped out and flew to the top of the Titans tower a looked once more.

They don't need me' and with that thought she flew away not leaving a note or even saying goodbye to Starfire. But at that same time Terra awoke from her coma with a very happy Beast Boy next to her holding her hand. That was the last night any one saw Raven.

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