Teen Titans is an American animated television series based on the DC Comics characters of the same name. The show was created by Glen Murakami, developed by David Slack, and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. I DO NOT OWN TEEN TITANS OR ANY OF THE MUSIC I USE. If I did then Raven and Beast Boy would be together already.

Summary: Terra was in critical condition and it's Raven's fault. The team shunned her, Beast Boy more importantly refused to even look at her. With what seemed like no other choice Raven leaves the team. Years latter she's a cold-hearted killer. And she goes by the name of Shadow? Can love bloom again after years of her soul being torn apart?

Name - Beginning of story / after 7 year timeskip
Raven - 15/22
Beast Boy - 17/24
Cyborg - 18/25
Robin - 17/24
Starfire - 16/23
Bumble Bee - 16/23
Jinx - 15/22
Terra - 15/22
Kid Flash - 17/24

Chapter 13; Unwanted Darkness.

"I'll deal with the consequences in the morning."

~~Across town~~

Terra was walking along the old path deep in the forest, she was on her way to a very important meeting. One she could not wait for considering it would help with a new little present she had for the Titans.

Finally she could see the mountain sides, she quickened her pace till she was face to face with what seemed to be a very natural looking rock. Slowly she lifted the top of the rock to access the button within, after she pushed the button, doors opened next to the rock.

Smiling she walked in to see two guards who only nodded at her. Terra walked passed them and continued down the dark hallway till she finally reached two large double doors done it the colors orange and black.

She lightly knocked, and heard a muffled 'Come in'. Upon opening the door she could see Slade sitting on his throne as he threw darts at pictures of the Titans. "Ah my young apprentice , what might I ask brings you by so late?" he asked.

She just shrugged. "What can't a girl come see her master for no reason." she replied while hopping on the couch and turning on the T.V.

Slade narrowed his eye in her direction, then let out a low chuckle.

Terra sighed but turned to him. "Ok you caught me, I came to ask your help on something. But let me assure you that you will love this little plan I have." she told him.

"Go on child." he said, indulging his apprentice.

Terra smiled and continued with her story. "As you know yesterday the team reinstated Raven back along with Jinx. Which meant that I was pushed out of the team, knock to the sidelines like trash. So I want revenge and I know just how to get it... if your willing to help out." she said, Slade gave a nod, the gesture telling her she had his intrest.

"Well here's my plan..."

~~Back at the tower~~

Starfie and Nightwing made it back to the tower before the rest of the team. They walked into the comman area and past the kitchen, Star flew over to the fridge. Nightwing tried to follow but almost tripped over the bar stool that was left unattended to.

"How did this get here." he asked himself while picking it back up and putting it in it's place.

"What is the matter boyfriend Nightwing?" Star questioned, He shook his head. "Nothing just a stool that fell is all. But I wonder where Beast and Raven are? I'm sure they didn't leave the tower." he wondered,more to himself than Starfire.

Starfire held a hopeful smile as floated to his side. "Is it the possible that they have done the making up?" she asked with a large smile, it was so cute Nightwing couldn't help but smile back at his girlfriend.

"There is a possibility that they did, Star." he simply replied as he took her hand and led her to their room.

~~On The Town~~

Jinx was walking around with KidFlash all night, the went out to dinner and now he was trying to take her dancing. She was having a good time with him, it was sweet of him to forgive her even after all she did. She was in such deep thought that she hadn't noticed Flash waving his hand in front of her.
"Jinx!." He said loudly, trying to get her attention again.

She jumped slightly as her train of thought was disturbed by him, but she looked at him, his eyes holding a look of concern.

"Huh? I-I'm sorry, I was thinking." she stammered to him, he gave a smile at the studder, knowing he had caught her off-guard, and took her hand.

"I was saying that we're here silly." he said as he led her into the night club, Jinx returned his smile and willingly followed.

Once in the club you could barely hear anything but the music blasting from the speakers. Flash brought her to the bar and sat her down, he was being such a gentleman tonight and it was making her remember the past when they would childishly fight then hang out later the same day.

She took a breath and closed her eyes slightly, when she opened them there was a red rose sitting in her glass that she had no idea she ordered. Looking around she saw Flash coming back from where ever he went, but his smile faultered when he took a saw the glass in front of her.

"Where'd you get that from?" Flash asked, she held a look of confusion.

"I thought it was from you." Jinx answered while looking back at the glass then to the bartender. "Umm excuse me but do you know who sent me this glass?" Jinx asked the black eye bartender, he gave her a small smile. "Yeah it was from those to gentleman over there." he stated while pointing to the far right of the club.

Jinx followed his hand but her body froze when her gaze landed on the two men.

They sat there in the corner, one was buff with long dark blue hair that stopped half way down his back. He had dark grey eyes and he held a smirk on his thin lips. The guy sitting next to him had short spiked red and orange hair and deep yellow eyes, he also held a smirk.

Jinx's blood ran cold, she jumped from her seat and started slowly backing up till she hit a hard surface and felt strong arms around her.

She spun around to find Flash holding her with a worried expression.

"Jinx what's wrong?" he kept asking her but her fear was so strong it felt like he was so far away from her, she turned her gaze back to the two men who where now making their way over to her. Jinx tightened her grip on Flashs arm. Then she said just above a whisper. "No, oh god please no."

~~Back at the tower~~

Cyborg and BumbleBee finally made it home from Titans East, their tower seemed to be working in top shape so they left a little earlier then planed to make it home. The car ride was silent most of the time but every now and then BumbleBee would strike up an odd conversation. Mostly about their relationship and how she was ready for them to go to the next level, but he wasn't up for it and all.

Cyborg couldn't understand it either, he knew he loved her but there's always a part of him that thinks she could do so much better. He would try to stop the thoughts from coming but being half a robot he didn't want her to miss out on having a normal relationship with someone who wasn't made mostly of metal.

He let out a sigh and BumbleBee looked over to him. "Ok what's up metal man, you haven't listen to a word I've been saying about our relationship. Is there something you want to tell me?" she stated sternly, Cyborg sighed again. "B, I... I'm Not so sure about our relationship anymore." He said.

As soon as BumbleBee processed what he had said, slammed her foot on the brake, "Ahhhh!" Cyborb wailed as her foot had almost crushed his foot under her black heeled boots.

"And what the hell is that suppose to mean?" she asked obviously pissed, Cyborg put the car into park to rub his foot but turned to her.

"Come on be lets stop pretending for a moment , I mean I half machine how can you have a successful relationship with me when I can't give you everything you deserve and more." he snapped back, her anger started to slowly deflate as she was starting to understand more. She rolled her eyes at him and then looked directly in his eyes.

"Because Cyborg, I love you" She said calmly.

Cyborg's just stared, trying to take in what she just said to him. It doesn't matter to me whether your half machine or full machine because either way I know I'll be with you. So what you can't give me all the things I want, I don't care about that because you give me what I need. No one else makes me feel the love that I feel for you" she said while holding his hand.

"But he would be able to give you the family you wanted, I can't give you that. It's the most important thing to you and I-" She cut him off. "Cy in that case we'll adopt, we can still have a family together." she stated while leaning in to a place a small kiss upon his lips.

Cyborg smiled back at her and returned the kiss, It was short but sweet.

"So what do you say tin man." BumbleBee purred to him. "I say I hope you can keep up." he whispered back, she smiled. They shared a very passionate kiss before heading home, it only took them 20 more minutes before parking in the underground.

They walked into the common area to see Starfire dressed in her pajamas, cuddling with a night time ready Nightwing.

Cy smirked at the scene before him. He wondered though where Raven and his little grass stain where?

Just when they were all about to get comfy Jinx burst through the front doors with a worried Kid Flash right behind her.

Everyone looked to her as she ran past them, her face held the look of pure terror.

After coming down from the short shock they followed after her as she ran straight to Raven's room.

She punched in the code and ran in, failing to noticed Beast laying next to her bestfriend, Jinx jumped on the other side of Raven and violently shook her awake.

"What the hell Jinx!" she yelled, which in turn woke Beast. Everyone finally made it into the room. "What is wro-" "Raven, THEY'RE BACK!" she yelled, not letting Raven finish her question.

Raven slowly took in the information, right before her face twisted to the look of pure fear.

The rest of the team looked at one another not understanding what could scare these two women, that had once been assassins for hire, so much.

Raven was now holding a whaling Jinx in her arms, she whispered just loud enough where everyone could hear her. "Dear god no."

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