Once upon a time, in the moderately sized town known as London, England, lived a king and his beautiful wife. The king who ruled over London was strict but fair. His town was prosperous, and the people who lived there were never ones to complain...much. Most people never knew the kings first name. They called him King Michaelis. The Michaelis family had ruled over London for as long as anyone could remember. And yet, another family lived in the palace as well. The Faustus' were relatives of Michaelis family. Though they held no power, they lived a life of luxury. There were times where members of the Faustus' family tried to overthrow the Michaelis', however none of them succeeded.

After some time, the queen gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The boy quickly became the talk of the town, not only because he was a prince, but because he was quite handsome, even being so young. He had midnight black tresses and his eyes were a crimson red. The king and queen decided to name the prince, Sebastian.

Soon after the boy's birth, the queen fell ill to a rare illness that was fatal. Within months the queen died. The death of the queen brought great sorrow throughout the kingdom. For weeks a crowd of people would line up at the castle to pay their respects. The king was devastated by the loss of his wife, but he refused to let that get to him, as he had a kingdom to run, and a son to raise.

King Michaelis ran the kingdom with the same heart as before, but he never let it get in the way of spending time with his son. He vowed that he would always be there for the boy, and never let his kingly duties get in way. As the years went by, the two became extremely close and Sebastian began to grow into a handsome and wise young man.

In another part of London, on December fourteenth, just over three years after the birth of Sebastian, a boy was born into the noble family of the Phantomhives. They decided that they would name him Ciel. The child had bluish-gray hair and pale white skin. But, the most interesting feature upon him was his bi-colored eyes. One of his eyes was a bright blue. The other was a glowing purple, with a symbol in the middle. The symbol was a bright purple circle with a five pointed start inside of it. Although Ciel's parents, Vincent and Rachael Phantomhive, were confused by his puzzling eyes, they treated him as though both his eyes were the same. Although, for their son's sake, they made him wear an eye patch to prevent rumors from spreading around the town. The boy grew up in a loving household and was as happy as can be.

I would love to say that Ciel's life remained joyous and his family whole, but I'm afraid that our story would be quite dull if that were to happen. No, our story begins on the night of Ciel's tenth birthday, which would be the start of a series of life altering events about to take place.

Well, first off I would like to say, thank you for taking the time to read my story! This is basically a twist on the fairytale Cinderella. If you don't like Yaoi then this is not the story for you ;). Hope you like it!