Lost Girl was created by Michelle Lovretta and is Copyright © Canwest Global and Prodigy Pictures.

This story is rated M (adults only) – contains sex scenes, violence and other adult themes.

Over the last couple of days, I've watch all of season 1 - I LOVE this show.

This story will be my take on the show as a whole. I'm not sure how long it will be, so please be patient with my updates!

I'm meeting Dyson at the Dal to go over some information for my latest case. It's quiet tonight, with only a few of the regulars mingling.

As I make my way to the bar, I'm surprised to see Lauren sitting at one end engrossed in conversation with Trick.

Getting closer I can see a row of empty shot glasses sitting on the bar between them. I catch what Trick is saying as he pours another drink, "this is the last one Lauren, you need to go home".

Picking up the shot glass, Lauren raises it into the air as if proposing a toast, "home sweet home."

I catch Tricks eye as I sit on the bar stool next to the beautiful doctor, he gives me a pleading look as he moves away to serve another patron.

Since Nadia woke up, I haven't seen much of Lauren and I'm a bit taken back by what I see. Especially when she finally registers that someone is sitting next to her and she turns to face me, I almost don't recognise her. Her skin is pale, she has large bags under her eyes and her eyes, which are always so expressive, are empty.

At least she knows who I am, "well if it isn't my favourite succubus, hello Bo."

"Hi Lauren."

I indicate the collection of glasses in front of her, "so, you celebrating something?"

She looks down at the shot glasses and then back at me, "you could say that."

Saluting me with the shot in her hand Lauren throws it back and then slams the glass down on the bar. The loud noise makes me jump.

Swivelling her chair around to face me, she grips the bar to hold herself up. "I thought I was just living my life, you know. Going along minding me own business."

Leaning towards me she lowers her voice, "what a fucking joke that was huh."

I've seen many sides to Lauren, but this is new and it's a little unsettling.

"What are you talking about?"

She continues on as though she didn't hear me, "I really am stupid, thinking it was all a big coincidence."

Picking up one of the empty shot glasses, Lauren stares at it, "I should have known, should have figured it out. But I was too damn busy thinking I had something to save that I missed the big picture."

She looks back at me, her eyes intense, "and then you came along and took my breath away."

I reach out and take her hand, "Lauren, what's going on? I can help you, but you need to talk to me."

She glances behind me and rolls her eyes. I turn around and see two of the Ash-holes goons heading our way.

Lauren suddenly stands up and I grab her waist to steady her as she sways. Pressing herself against me, she talks low enough so only I can hear.

"I love you Bo, I always will."

Her words make my heart swell and I can't help but smile.

"But you were right to choose Dyson. He can protect you, be everything that you need."

Wait, what?

"Be careful though Bo, he knows more than he's telling you. And Trick, well he knows everything."

She leans forward and brushes her lips against mine.

"Goodbye Bo."

Lauren gets halfway to the two goons before turning around. Reaching up, she takes hold of her necklace and tugs at it, breaking the chain.

She walks back and hands it to me, "something to remember me by. You were right Bo, nobody owns me."

As I look down to see the Ash's pendant in the palm of my hand, my confusion grows.

When I look up to say something to her, Lauren and the goons are gone.

So what do you think, a good start?