As always, a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my story. A thousand apologies for taking so long with this, real life has been kicking my ass. Enjoy...

Dinner has been a relatively relaxed affair. The conversation has flowed freely and while I've joined in occasionally, I've spent the majority of my time observing Bo and Lauren.

I couldn't help but smile when Bo moved her chair closer to Lauren's when they sat down. During the meal they have been in their own world. Constantly touching, talking between themselves, every now and then joining in with the conversation happening around them.

I wonder if they realise how connected they are already. Their breathing is in sync and their very essence ebbs and flows, swirling together. Carly catches my eye and smiles, I know she can see their bond via their sexual energy.

Seeing them together I know that I'm right, they are our warrior and healer. They are the ones that will change everything. Now that I've met Bo I am no longer worried. Lauren is like a daughter to me so seeing Bo's love and protectiveness of her is a relief.

I think it will soon be time to act. Lauren will declare herself and I will claim her as a member of my clan. It will ensure her protection and keep her safe until the prophecy is proven and they assume their roles as leaders of the Fae.

My main concern at the moment is that until it's time to make our move, we need to keep pretending we don't know where Lauren is. Convincing Bo that she has to leave just when she has found Lauren again may prove difficult. From what Lauren has told me, I know Bo is very stubborn. I just hope she doesn't do anything rash that will force our hand before we're ready.

Dinner was wonderful. Sharing this time with Bo, Trick and Kenzi has been like a breath of fresh air. Even though the time has been short, being with Bo has lifted the gloom and chased away the doubts that had filled me with worry.

I'm savouring every moment that I have, especially with Bo, because I know soon it will be time for them to leave. We're not ready yet, I'm not ready yet and until I am everyone needs to think I've disappeared off the face of the earth.

As we make our way into the living room Bo and I steal a kiss. I can't help laughing as Bo tells Kenzi off for making gagging noises, they really are like sisters.

Bo pulls me down into one of the large armchairs, we're squashed together but I really don't mind the close proximity. As she wraps her arms around me I'm the happiest I've been in a long time.

Trick glances our way before he turns his attention to Myka. "We really do appreciate your hospitality during our stay. We'll be heading back in the morning."

I try to hide my disappointment as Bo leans forward in the chair, "no, we're not leaving."

Myka tries to reason with her. "Bo, until we are ready to act, we have to continue on as we were."

Bo is up on her feet before Myka can finish. "Trick and Kenzi can go back but I'm staying here."

She kneels in front of me and takes my hands. "I won't leave you."

As I watch her emotions play across her face I can feel her distress. I cup her face in my hands and lean in for a brief kiss.

"Please Bo, I'm not ready yet."

Bo pulls away from me, "you want me to go?"

Before I can respond she's up and half way to the door.

I scramble to my feet and follow, catching up with her as she pulls open the front door.

"Bo stop!"

She pauses with her hand on the door knob.

"Please Bo the Ash has someone watching the house. I can't go outside."

She closes the door and walks to me. "Babe, I don't want you to leave but I'm not ready. What we're going to do is big and I want to be fully prepared before we start this."

As the silence stretches between us, I know Bo is thinking about all the available options. Finally she nods and pulls me in for a hug. "Fine, but I won't stay away for long."

I wrap my arms around her, enjoying the warmth of her body. Her hands soon begin to wonder as she whispers in my ear. "If we're leaving tomorrow, that means we still have a whole night to ourselves."

Stepping back she takes my hand and leads me towards my bedroom.

We made love for hours. Touching, tasting and exploring every inch of the other's body.

I'm now watching Lauren sleep as I try to figure out our next move. I've accepted the fact that we have to leave in the morning. There is no way I will be staying away though, so we're going to have to come up with a believable explanation for my return visits.

I'm not the least bit worried about what is ahead of us. For some reason I'm one hundred per cent sure that everything is going to work out just fine. I just know that Lauren and I can do anything as long as we're together.

Getting comfortable I move closer to Lauren and let sleep claim me.

When I woke up Lauren was already in the shower. I couldn't resist and decided to join her, spending plenty of time making sure she was squeaky clean.

We then dried each other off and got dressed. Making our way to breakfast we've been drawing everything out. Taking our time, enjoying what little time we have left together.

All too soon it's time for us to leave. As I watch Trick, Kenzi and Lauren say their goodbyes I'm surprised to see them get quite emotional, we certainly have developed into a strange mixture of a family.

Lauren and I spend several minutes holding one another, enjoying our closeness. Eventually Lauren lets me go, gently pushing me towards the door. "You better go before I change my mind and tie you to the bed."

I move to steal a kiss, "I love you." It feels so good to say the words and I can't help smiling like an idiot when she cups my face in her hands. "I love you too."

As I start the car and pull out of the drive I spot the car that Myka told us about over breakfast. Apparently the Ash has had someone watching the house at all times since shortly after Lauren went missing.

I pull over to the curb, coming to a stop opposite the car. I'm a little surprised to see Nadia sitting in the drivers' seat. I tell Kenzi and Trick to wait in the car as I cut the engine and get out. Leaning against the hood I cross my arms and wait. It doesn't take long for Nadia to get out of the car and join me. "How is she?"

"Myka? She's fine."

"Come on Bo, we both know I'm not talking about Myka."

I'm a little confused, how the hell does she know where Lauren is. "If he knows where she is, why hasn't he done something about it?"

Nadia glances back towards her car, "The Ash hasn't got a clue where she is, and that's the way I intend for it to stay for as long as possible."

Now I'm a lot confused. "Well seeing as the Ash is your boss shouldn't you run along and tell him you've found her?"

Stepping forward Nadia invades my personal space. "Look, I'm a little sick and tired of being fucked over. Lauren means a lot to me, so if I have to be selective on what I tell the Ash to keep her safe, well that's the way it is."

I realise that I've underestimated Nadia. If the Ash finds out what she's doing, she's a dead woman.

"Look Bo, I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but the Ash is going to find out where she is sooner or later."

I suddenly feel anxious. "I know."

"I'm going to keep on pretending I don't know where she is, but I suggest you get that brain of yours into gear and figure out what you're going to do."

Not waiting for an answer, she turns and walks back towards her car.

"Thank you Nadia."

She doesn't stop or acknowledge that she's heard me. I watch her get back in her car before I do the same.

I relay our conversation to Kenzi and Trick as I start the car. As we head for home we begin to formulate a plan. A plan to get Lauren back to us, and a plan to change the world.

The end.