Chapter 1

"Sensei, can I talk to you?" A blonde student asked. The teacher, having a jet-black hair that slightly waved when the classroom door opened, stopped and turned around inside the room, finding his student. The sun is now setting and the teacher's cold and indifferent feature only became more prevalent. Almost every student has left the school. The student and the teacher stayed there for a remedial class.

"Why?" The teacher asked as an answer. "If it's about the remedial class, it will continue for a week and it's only Monday so don't ask me to spare you." His voice is so serious.

"N-No, it's not about that…" The student hesitated. He cannot look at the teacher's eyes and the teacher noticed this behavior. That student has not been able to look at him ever since. He always wants to ask but he's not the kind of person that would bother with such things.

"Then what is it?" He made his annoyance more prevalent in his voice. His eyes widened when the student suddenly bowed.

"Uhm… Nightray-sensei, I… I l-like you…" He muttered. "…not as a mere teacher, but as a guy…" Gilbert, the twenty-four year old teacher, only looked at him with a dumbfounded expression for a while. Oz, a healthy student of fifteen, waited in silence in his bowing stance. After a while, Gilbert suddenly let out a laugh – not in a delighted way, however, but in a mocking one.

"Are you serious?" He asked while continuing with his mocking laugh. "Are you really serious, Bezarius-san?"

"Y-Yes, sensei…" He can feel the tears forming beneath his eyes. Not only that; he can feel his heart being drained of all its light and getting crushed in an agonizing suffocation.

"Bezarius-san, let me give a small advice as your homeroom teacher." The teacher turned serious again. "Instead of saying idiotic things like this to me, aren't you supposed to be reading your books and improving yourself? This isn't why I'm here, you know. Instead of being able to have an early break, I'm stuck here with you trying to put in stuff in your seemingly empty head. And this, this non-sense, idiotic talk is what you'll tell me? And here I thought your silence earlier is a sign that you understood the lesson I gave you. It means you're the dumbest person here. I don't want to hear anything about this anymore, you understand?"

"S-Sensei–" He was not able to finish when his teacher talked again.

"Besides, I'm not interested in guys. Don't disgust me. I might have considered if you were a girl… but you're in the same sex as I am. Don't you know how disgusting that is?" He asked without any tact.

"I-I'm sorry…" Oz's tears fell incessantly on his cheeks. "Please forget everything I've said, sensei…" He can't take the words anymore. It would have been better if Gilbert had slapped him. At least then, the pain would have been understandable. He immediately passed the teacher without another word. He can't afford to talk anymore. His voice will destroy the painful restraint of his trembling body and the sound of his crying. He went down the stairs, thankful that he confessed during this hour when most of the students are already home.

The teacher stood there for a while. He then lit a cigarette to smoke. He went to the office like nothing happened. He even greeted his co-teachers with his usual cold demeanor.

He went back to his table and fixed his things. "This is what happens when there is so much freedom in a school." He thought. Clidoren School, unlike most schools, is very lax in its laws. Not only that, it even has laws that are very unordinary. First, teachers can have more than one relationship with the students. It means that they can be lovers and everything. Next, students and teachers should show more of their emotions to each other. The example is just what happened earlier. The student openly told the teacher his feelings but the teacher also did the same. He openly told the student his disgust. Then, same-sex relationships are allowed, though there are still people who don't like the idea – like Gilbert Nightray, a cold and serious teacher. Of course, there's the idea of students playing pranks on the teachers that they don't like and vice versa. The school, which is a haven of idiotic weirdos and elites, allowed this system. And finally, there's no guidance to rule over them, saying that it will be against the above rules. Of course, the students are very direct on their feelings and also their hatred. The only teacher that is not part of this is Gilbert. He doesn't like those rules and he's not afraid of being disliked or hated or cursed.

Oz is now walking on the school grounds, thinking he's alone, when someone suddenly called him.

"Oz," a voice called. Oz turned around to see who it is and found Eliot, a very handsome classmate who plays the piano for him always and someone who confessed to him just the other week. He was directly rejected by Oz saying that the latter already likes someone.

"Eliot…" He already ceased from crying but he can feel the tremble in his voice. He hoped that Eliot will not notice it, but in vain.

"Are you crying, Oz?" He asked immediately. He approached Oz and pulled him close. "It didn't go well, huh…"

"W-Wait..!" Oz tried to struggle but Eliot is holding him tightly. He can feel Eliot's warmth directly. He can now also feel how Eliot felt when Oz rejected him.

"I heard it earlier…" Eliot said, not ceasing from the tight hug. "Sharon and Alice were talking about it earlier… They were saying something about praying for your success in confessing to Nightray-sensei…"

"Eliot…" Oz muttered. "Sorry…"

"For what?" He asked, though he knew the reason for the apology. Eliot wants to cry right now as well. He feels as if he's rejected twice.

"Sorry I hurt your feelings just like that…" Oz felt the tears on his cheeks and onto Eliot's uniform. "I didn't know… how much it hurts… to be… r-rejected…"

Eliot, with those words and the tears he can feel on his uniform, hugged Oz even tighter. "If it was me… I definitely wouldn't do things that will make you unhappy… I love you so much that I'm willing to let you go just to see you happy, even if it's with someone else… But if it's like this, then I'd rather steal you from that person who doesn't even acknowledge your feelings…"

"H-How did you know..?" Oz asked despite the blurred voice and vision.

"Sorry, I heard everything… I didn't mean to listen. I went to our classroom thinking it was already time for you to go home. I want to go home with you so I went there. There's also the fact that I'm a bit jealous so I checked but… I really didn't mean to hear anything…" Oz chuckled at Eliot's honesty. "Why are you laughing?"

"Sorry… and thank you…" He said. Eliot ceased form hugging him.

"Let's go home?" He asked with a smile.

"Sure." Oz answered.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"How did it go?" Sharon asked while smiling elegantly. Oz can't believe that it's the first thing that she will ask so early in the morning, and he even cried almost all night because of that incident. The only thing that prevented him from doing so is the fact that Eliot comforted him.

"What do you think?" He asked absentmindedly while putting his bag on the desk.

"Well, basing on the eye bags that you have, I'd say you were utterly rejected." She said tactlessly. If she wasn't his friend, he would have answered. But he remained quiet. She even muttered something about her prayers not going true, and he appreciated her friendly efforts.

Eliot came and looked at Oz. "Good morning."

"Ah, good morning." Oz answered with a smile, a weak one.

"Morning, Oz!" Alice came in and immediately asked him what happened. Well, he had to tell the story again, cutting out the heart-crushing conversations.

"Oh…" Alice said. She looked down.

"It's alright." Oz laughed like nothing happened. "I'm a person who has an advanced adopting capability. I can adapt to situations like that. If he doesn't like me, I can live with it. There's no use in trying your hard after all…"

"Oz…" Sharon mumbled.

After that, the teacher came and the lesson started.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Days went and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Gilbert acted professionally and pretended that nothing happened that day, even when he is with Oz in the remedial class. Oz did the same. He focused in his study and on going home with Eliot. It's now Thursday; a remedial in one of the classrooms is currently on-going.

Gilbert went out of the room for a while. He can't take the tension. He knows that he's a professional when it comes to things like that, but for the other party to do the same… It's making him uncomfortable that his student is acting like he doesn't like Gilbert at all. He saw Eliot outside, waiting for Oz.

"Knightrey-san, why are you still here?" He asked.

"I'm obviously waiting for Oz." Eliot answered without any apparent respect. If it wasn't for the fact that Eliot talks like this to everyone except Oz, Gilbert would think that he actually hates his homeroom teacher.

"I see." The atmosphere here is even tenser than the one inside. He'd rather go inside than to be with this guy.

Oz doesn't look in pain even though he feels that he might faint any minute now because his heart is being incinerated without anesthesia. When Gilbert went out, he was able to breathe for a while. But then he went back inside and the feeling came back again.

"Are you finished?" Gilbert asked.

"Ah, yes." Oz answered, wanting to go home more than anything.

"Leave that then. You can leave." The teacher said.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Do you think he's pretending?" Eliot asked. The two of them are now walking home.

"I don't know. He might even have already forgotten what happened…" Oz answered.

"Ne, Oz." Eliot's tone turned serious. "Do you want to be my lover?"

"Eh?" Oz asked, slightly surprised.

"I will make you forget that guy…" He said. "I will not hurt you… I'll always love you, always…"

"Eh, but…" Oz tried to argue but can't find anything that would defend him except for the words that are very heart-piercing. He doesn't want to hurt Eliot because he knows how it feels.

"Don't worry. I won't force you." Eliot smiled kindly. "Don't be so reserved as to hide your true feelings from me. You can hurt me as much as you want."

"You're a masochist, aren't you?" Oz shook his head. "Wouldn't being your lover look like I'm only using you to forget my own pain? That will give us both more pain, you know…"

"It doesn't matter what it looks like. I told you I will make you forget him…" Eliot looked down. "But if it will hurt you…"

Oz chuckled. "I'll think about it." He saw Eliot's face lightened up and felt how heavy the statement he gave means to the guy.

"I'll wait for it." He said.

They separated on the crossroad which separates their homes. When Oz got inside his room, he immediately lay face down on the bed.

"If I… if I were to accept Eliot's feelings, it means that I will really have to forget Nightray-sensei… He means so much to me… But he's rejected me... I can't just live like this forever… I want, no, I need to be happy too… Eliot loves me… He will make me happy…" These thoughts continued to bug his mind until he fell asleep.

He remembered how he came to like Gilbert Nightray in the first place. It was summer then and the petals of the cherry blossoms are all in full bloom. Oz, only ten years old at the time, like them so much that he even wants to climb every one of them. He likes the sakura trees and is always engrossed in playing on them. One day, he played on the tallest cherry blossom in a children's park, on the outskirt of the city for a whole day. When night came, he had decided to climb down. That exact time, two college students went there and saw him. At first, they didn't mind.

"Be careful, kid." The one with the silver hair and scary crimson eyes said while smiling. "You might fall if you keep on climbing down rashly like that."

"Don't bother with other people's business, Break." The guy with the seaweed-like black hair said.

"Woah, Gil is cold–" Break was not able to finish his sentence when a branch of the tree snapped and the kid almost fell. Fortunately, he was able to hold on another branch. But unfortunately, he doesn't have any foothold and he's hanging in the air, waiting only to be rescued. He started to cry and ask for help. He thought that the one who will help him is the silver-haired guy but the one with the seaweed hair climbed the tree in an instant and held his hand to him.

Oz saw those beautiful emerald eyes and thought how beautiful they were. He felt that the sakura are singing and he even felt his heart blossomed with them. He then promised that he will be that person's wife someday, or at least husband because he's a guy.

"Are you alright?" The guy asked coldly. Oz felt the voice resonate in his very ears. He felt the shivers it sent on his spine and learned that he likes the guy. "Oy, don't daydream. Give me your hand." Oz did so and he was saved by that person.

The seaweed-head guy and Break was about to walk away when Oz called the former. "Hey, Seaweed-head-san, what's your name?"

Break immediately burst into a loud laughter upon hearing this and the guy immediately stormed away in annoyance.

"That seaweed-head guy's name is Gil. Gilbert Nightray." Break told him and winked. Oz's face turned into a look of innocence into a look of deep amazement.

"Gilbert… Nightray…" He repeated.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Oz woke up with a start. His alarm clock suddenly rang.

He went to school totally dazed because of the dream. He knew from that time that Gilbert is a person who is hard to approach and get close to. He's someone who doesn't like to bother with someone else's business especially if it doesn't concern him. And something that concerns him is… he'd pay anything to know what that is.

"Morning." He said. Only Eliot greeted him. Only he was there. "Hey, where're the others?"

"They went outside. It's P.E. now." He answered.

"Then why are you here?" Oz asked innocently.

"To wait for you in case you come. You might wonder where the class is if you come here and saw an empty classroom." He answered once more, this time smiling. "Let's go. We're already late."

"Wai–, you didn't have to do that, you know." Oz said as they were changing in the male locker room. Eliot is faced on the opposite direction to not see Oz changing. Oz is the same.

"I want to do it." He smiled again. "I want to go to that teacher's class together with you."

"It will not make any difference, you know." Oz answered.

"It might, no, it will." Eliot said. "We just have to show him that you've already gotten over him."

Oz laughed. "Are you finished?"

"Yeah. Lets go." Eliot said and the two of them walked out of the locker room and onto the field.

"Hey, tell me your answer later." Eliot whispered as the two of them lined up with other students.

"Ah, sure…" Oz answered. He saw Gilbert looking at them but he doesn't look like he's affected at all. He's talking to the class and it looked like he's just distracted at their arrival.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"This is the last remedial class that you'll be attending." Gilbert said that Friday afternoon. "Make sure to learn your lesson and don't fail any subject anymore. You're a disgrace to the whole class."

Oz acted like it's nothing to him. He even laughed and answered, "Yes, sensei. I'll do my best next time." He really won't mind if it's just any other teacher. But it's Gilbert who said those things so it really does hurt so badly…

After the lesson, Gilbert went out of the room and saw Eliot again. This time he did not ask the obvious. Oz also went out and greeted Eliot.

"How's it? Boring?" Eliot smirked. Gilbert can feel his veins of annoyance popping out. That student is really trying to irritate him on purpose.

"Well, a bit. But it's okay since it's the last time now anyway." Oz laughed with him. "Let's go." The two of them walked away without so much as a glance on Gilbert. That really made him mad. He went to the faculty room and sat on his chair.

"Why the scowl?" Break greeted. He's a co-teacher.

"It's nothing." He answered.

"I'll guess." He smiled teasingly. "A student confessed!"

"That always happens." Gilbert answered in an annoyed manner.

"So it's something that's even worse than that?" Break looks like he's enjoying it. "Let's see… there's someone who confessed… and ended up rejecting you!"

"Tha–!" Gilbert felt himself flinched at the accusation.

"Bingo!" Break burst into laughter. "You're so easy to read, Gil!"

"Shut up!" Gilbert exclaimed. He lost his poker face. He really hates this guy for always making him hang on the edge.

"You can just directly show your annoyance, you know…" Break said. "Remember the rule of bullying? You can only bully someone if you have a deep hatred for that person."

"You're annoying. Leave me be." Gilbert walked out of the faculty room and didn't forget to shut the door with a loud bang.

"That's odd." Break licked his spiral lollipop. "He usually doesn't bother himself with those things… Hunh…" He then broke the lollipop in the middle with his teeth.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Really? Really, really?" Eliot exclaimed in delight. They are now on their home. The sunset is really beautiful and Eliot feels as if it's the most beautiful sunset he had ever laid his eyes on, especially with what he just heard.

"Yeah." Oz chuckled.

"It means I'm your lover from now on?" He asked again.

"If you don't like it then–" Oz wasn't able to continue his sentence when Eliot suddenly hugged him tight.

"Thank you… I love you, Oz." He whispered in Oz's ears. Oz hugged him back as well.

"You're warm, Eliot…" He murmured.

"Of course I am. I'm alive after all…" He said seriously. Oz laughed again because of this. Eliot is so innocent. He likes it.

Ren-sama's Note:

Sorry for making their characters a bit, I mean a lot, different from the real. Also, I changed Eliot's surname a little because it would look odd if he has the same surname as Gilbert. And something similar might also happen in the future so please bear with it. ˆoˆ