Chapter 5

Of course, Oz stayed home during the whole weekends. He's so devastated and brokenhearted about the breakup with Eliot. He only ate and slept all day. When Monday came, he's thinking of not going to school, but that might end up hurting Eliot more. He's decided to go.

When he came inside the room, Eliot greeted him like always, though with a bit of sadness.

"Good morning." Oz answered. His eyes are still slightly red.

After that, they all readied for the result of the exam. Oz is not excited because Gilbert already told him he failed. The teacher who gave back their report cards is a substitute because Gilbert didn't go to class. This person always substitutes for teachers who can't go to their class or who were not able to make it in time for their class.

Oz looked a little depressed when his name was called. However, he saw that the teacher is smiling at him.

"Congratulations on making it to the class's top 2, Bezarius-san." He said.

"Eh?" Oz blinked. "T-Top 2? But I just took a remedial class last week."

"What do you mean?" The teacher asked. "Last week, the exams were still unchecked. No one can know if they passed or not."

"But Nightray-sensei…" Oz muttered. The students all whispered to each other about Oz being bullied by Gilbert.

During their lunch on the school grounds, they talked about Gilbert and his possible reasons for making Oz attend a week of remedial class with him. Of course, they were not able to come up with an answer. Sharon and Alice also learned about the breakup when they forced Oz and Eliot to talk about their swollen eyes.

"So, what are you two going to do now?" Sharon asked.

"We'll still be friends… I guess." Eliot said before he smiled at Oz. Oz smiled as well. He feels lighter now, much lighter now.

They then saw Leo running towards them. "Hey, everyone! Have you heard?"

"What?" Alice scowled because her piece of chicken meat just fell on the ground because of surprise.

Leo stopped in front of them, panting. "S-Sensei… He…"

"Who?" Eliot and Oz asked in unison.

"Sensei, Oz! Nightray-sensei left!" Leo exclaimed. "He resigned last Friday! That's the reason he didn't come to class earlier. It seems it's his request not to tell his students. I only heard it in the faculty room earlier. They said that he left the country last Friday without any apparent reason. I tried to tell you immediately… Oz?"

Oz looked like everything went dark. It feels as if he just lost everything. His heart is shattering and the agony is beyond what words can describe. He feels so suffocated. He wants to see him. He wants to ask Gilbert directly why he resigned. He feels like he'' die with just the thought of not seeing him ever again. It's different from the breakup he had with Eliot. It's much, much agonizing… It's so heart-piercing that he can't even feel himself breathing anymore…

"Is that the reason why you confidently told me that that time will be the last time you would teach me?" Oz couldn't even think straight. He thinks that everything is now swirling into a very dark and deep abyss. He's slowly being dragged along… He's drowning in a void of sadness and agony…

"You want to see Nightray-sensei, right? I think you should go to Break-sensei and ask him directly…" He heard Eliot's voice. He looked at Eliot. That's the only time he learned that his tears have been falling endlessly for the last three minutes and had been staring into nothingness without any consciousness. His friends are all worried of his situation and are trying to do everything just to get him back to the present. What Eliot just said did the trick.

"Eliot…" Oz started but Eliot immediately hugged him. "I…"

"You should go." Eliot said. "I'll go with you to Break-sensei's office, or even to his house… Jut don't… don't be like this…"

Oz looked like he'll cry again. He nodded and both of them stood up. Eliot murmured a thank you to Leo before leaving.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Oz?" Break looks surprised at his visit. They went to the faculty room earlier but they said that Break resigned together with Gilbert.

"Sensei…" Oz started but can't continue anymore. Break noticed this and also the marks of tears on his red cheeks.

"I know we might sound a bit too nosy, but… Can we know where Nightray-sensei went last Friday and why he resigned?" Eliot finished the sentence for Oz.

"Well, Gil told me not to tell anyone…" Break started but trailed off when he saw the effect of his words to Oz. "Alright. Come inside."

They did so and saw boxes of Break's belongings. It seems like he's also readying to leave. They sat on the sofa and Break served them hot tea. It made Oz's pain a little bit lesser.

"Gil is…" He started. "He's been thinking of going back to Pandora country for a while now. But there's a reason why he did so in utter rashness. You see, there's this person that he really likes…"

Oz felt his heart getting more drained of its last ounce of life. Gilbert likes someone else. But that doesn't matter for him anymore. All he wants is to see Gilbert again. Then Break continued. "But then that person is already seeing someone and kind of rejected him indirectly so…"

"In short, he left because of heartbreak." Eliot finished. "So, where in Pandora can we find him?"

"In the city of Baskerville. It's where he was born." Break said. "Actually, I'm about to go there right now. Do you want to say something to him? I can pass any message, you know."

Eliot and Oz looked at each other. "Actually," Eliot said. "We would like to come with you. You see, Oz here–"

"Okay, get ready." Break interrupted before Eliot can finish. Eliot and Oz blinked at the sudden agreement. They thought they had to beg and kneel just so they can come together with Break. "We'll be leaving three hours from now. Make sure to come back here prepared. And, don't be late." He smiled after he closed the door.

"He has feelings for you after all, you idiotic Gil."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The air remains clean despite the vast change in the surroundings. He walked some more and some more. He has nothing to do here. He just wants to escape Clidoren, to escape the pain. Even when he's young, he's never good at dealing with his feelings. He's even often mistaken as a heartless person by many people. He really wants to hold that person again. He wants to hug and kiss him like what he did that night. He already remembered what happened then…

He went into the park and even looked at the kids playing soccer on the field.

"How am I supposed to forget when all I see here is memory of him..?" He asked. Then, he went to cross a small bridge. However, he wasn't able to cross. He can only continue up to the middle. He's stuck…

He saw the full-bloomed sakura trees. "So they are also blooming even in this country…" Gil muttered. He brought out a cigarette, lit it, and smoked.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"The guys said he's been here." Break told them.

"I bet these cigarettes were his." Eliot said. Oz is silently watching the kids play in the field.

Break saw some kids and called them. "Hey, little kids… have you seen someone here? He's a tall guy smoking non-stop."

"You mean the seaweed-man?" One of the kids asked. Oz's expression lightened up.

"Yes, that's him." He smiled at them.

"We saw him went to Rainsworth Bridge earlier." They all pointed to the direction where the bridge is.

Oz immediately ran towards the bridge, and stopped when he saw him. Break and Eliot also stopped behind him. Oz clenched his fist for courage. Gilbert is there, just three meters ahead of them. He's arms are crossed, leaning on the bridge's handle while looking at his own reflection on the water and lost in deep thought. There are many smashed cigarettes on where he's standing. It means that he's been there for some time now.

"Gil!" Break called as he pushed Oz forward gently. "Go ahead, Oz." Gil turned to where the voice came from and his eyes widened with so much surprise. His cigarette literally fell from his mouth. This made both Eliot and Break stifle their laughter.

"Am I hallucinating?" Gilbert muttered. "If so, I don't want to hallucinate with Break in sight."

"Hey, I heard that." Break scowled. "Well, Knightrey and I will just walk some miles away to explore things. You two can just explore the bridge. Bye!" He then put his arms around Eliot's neck and led him away from them.

"Bye, Oz." Eliot said.

"Ah…" Oz answered. He then turned to Gilbert who's still frozen from his sudden appearance.

"Why are you here..? I thought you chose that guy…" He couldn't help but ask. He went closer to Oz. He really wants to at least touch him just so he knows he's not hallucinating. He was about to touch Oz's cheeks when Oz talked.

"Of course," Oz answered. "Any normal guy would choose Eliot over you."

Gilbert's hand froze midair. He felt the pain he feels multiplied at least a hundred times, if it still can at its current state. "You're that stupid kid alright." He then retracted his hand. "Then why are you here?" He feels like he's inside as being smashed into nothingness. He wants to hold Oz, but what he just said broke everything of Gilbert. "Why are you here?" He repeated.

"Because…" Oz trailed off. "I think I'm not normal after all." He then smiled at Gilbert. The latter was so shocked that he's gaping while wide-eyed. Oz closed his mouth. Because of this, Gilbert became self-conscious and cleared his throat. His insides suddenly found light and went back together again.

"You…" He started. "You mean… you chose me..?" He asked, both nervous and hopeful. He can't believe there will come a day when he will look like an idiotic high school student in love despite his age. The thought is starting to humiliate him.

"That's why I'm here, right?" Oz chuckled at his former teacher's cute reactions. He really loves Gilbert… The one hundred percent of his heart is not even enough to express it. He's also thankful of Eliot for making him realize that… even though that will make the latter in so much pain.

"Despite everything I've said and done to you?" He asked again.

"Yeah, I guess." Oz answered honestly.

"Then why is that guy here as well?" His eyes turned into slits. Oz thinks he's really cute.

"He's a very precious friend who helped me to get here after all…" Oz said. "I can't just leave him."

"I think that act is called two-timing, Oz." He smiled at Oz. Now, it's time for Oz to gape. Gilbert just called him by his name – and he's not drunk. This time, it was Gilbert who closed Oz's mouth. Oz felt embarrassed and immediately turned around.

"W-Well, I already told you my feelings." Oz said. "I know you might be disgusted at me… Just decide and tell me how you feel. I'll stay here with you if you want, but if you don't, then I'll go back to Clidoren. I'll leave you to decide for now…" Oz was about to walk away when Gilbert grabbed his arms. Oz's eyes widened when he saw that Gilbert is smirking.

"I'll let you stay if you'll tell me directly how you feel, not just some beat around the bush thing." He said.

"Wha–, hey! That's..!" Oz wasn't able to finish his sentence anymore when Gilbert hugged him very tight. He kissed Oz's hair. It smells so nice. Gilbert really dreamed of doing that. He thought holding Oz in his arms like that is only a dream inside another dream… And yet, the warmth that he feels on his arms is real.

"Hey, sensei… I can't breathe anymore…" Oz voiced out.

"There's no need to leave." Gilbert said. He wants to be honest with his feelings, even for once in his life. "You can stay here with me… I love you after all…"

"S-Sensei… I thought…" Oz immediately reddened at the words. It made even his ears red. Gilbert saw this and felt really proud of himself. He's so happy he hugged Gilbert as well. After a while, however, Gilbert pushed him gently.

"You thought I'll be disgusted. Then you're wrong. Now, your turn." He looks cold and indifferent as always. But what he said made Oz even redder, if that thing is possible. "Say it."

"W-Well," Oz said. "I… I really want to stay here… with you. I want to be with you… because I… I really, really love you…" Oz then suddenly felt embarrassed and looked down immediately.

Gilbert patted Oz's head again before he looked on the water's surface. He saw how his expression changed. His color that was lifeless earlier looks reddish. He can even see how his eyes shine with so much life and happiness. He's still not used to the feeling, but he might not be able to live on without it… without Oz.

"Sensei..?" Oz asked innocently. Gilbert looked at him directly in the eyes.

"Gil." Gilbert said. "Call me Gil. I'm not your sensei anymore remember?" He then smiled and Oz chuckled because of t his.

"Well then, G-Gil…" He blushed at the name but still looked back directly. "I think I should go home…"

Gil looked surprised for a while. "Go home? What do you mean?"

"I can't stay here. Even though I said I will, I still have to study and also… my parents might come back one day and if they found out I'm gone… they might worry." Oz smiled. Gilbert understood. He hugged Oz very tight, and kissed him on the lips. Oz's eyes are shut and he's become the epitome of color red.

"I understand." Gilbert said after a while. "I guess we should go back home after all."

"Eh?" Oz blinked. "I thought you have something to do here… I thought you will not come back home anymore… Break-sensei, I mean, Break-san said so…"

"That idiot..!" Gilbert gritted his teeth in annoyance. "What kind of things did he say to this kid?"

"Alright, kid." He said. "Just forget everything Break said to you. That guy is nothing but a moron."

"Who's a moron?" They jumped from surprise when a voice spoke. Gilbert immediately ceased from hugging Oz and cleared his throat when he saw Break and Eliot looking at them. He lit another cigarette and smoked.

"You know, you two look very beautiful earlier." Break grinned. Oz and Gilbert looked at him. Eliot also smiled.

"I'll be honest." Eliot said, still smiling. "I'm jealous. To see Oz and Gilbert-san kissing under the bright ray of sunshine, in the middle of the bridge and the cherry blossoms whose petals are slowly falling on you… You two look so unworldly to even behold by the human eye… And Oz looks so dazzling from here. His expression while you're kissing him, Gilbert-san, is very captivating…"

Gilbert's eyes widened at this. What Eliot feels right now is just like what he felt when he saw those two kissing in the middle of the fireflies. Now he knows what that feeling is. He's jealous of Eliot at that time…

"You two look so young and so in love…" Break said while licking a lollipop.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And thus, they all went back to Gilbert and Break's previous apartment, in Clidoren.

"Are you sure you're okay here by yourself?" Gilbert, standing by the door, asked Oz. Oz, sitting on the bed, smiled and nodded. "Are you really sure?"

"Yeah." Oz chuckled at Gilbert's attitude.

"Mattaku, just say it if you really wants to sleep with him that much." Break said behind Gilbert that made the latter jumped.

"Don't go sneaking into other people's back!" Gilbert exclaimed.

"Oy, Gil." Break said. "You already forced Oz to live here with us while waiting for his parents to come back. His brother doesn't even know where our address is. We just went on Clidoren Bookstore yesterday and told him what we want without making him choose if he agrees as a brother. And now, you're even trying to brainwash Oz into sleeping in your room?"

"T-That's not it!" Gilbert shouted in embarrassment. "I only thought he might be lonely in his new room! And if he needs something, he can just go to mine!"

"Oh, I see." Break's eyes turned into slits. "You want to make it look like Oz is the one who goes to your room and you're the one who was forced, right?"

"I told you that's not it!" Gilbert's veins of annoyance are all showing out. They both turned to Oz when the latter chuckled at their behavior.

"I'm really okay." Oz said while smiling. "I'm really happy that you two are taking care of me and worrying for me in place of my parents."

"Hey," Gilbert's dark aura gathered immediately. His voice is cold and merciless. "Did you treat me as a parent figure just now?"

"N-No! Of course not!" Oz immediately answered. "I don't see you as a parent nor a teacher but a guy I'm in love with!" He closed his eyes and put his hand on his head, thinking Gilbert would hit him on the head. He waited but nothing came. He looked and saw Gilbert's back on him. "Gil?"

"Ahaha!" Break teased while licking his lollipop. "He's very red, Oz!"

"SHUT UP!" Gilbert shouted without facing Oz.

"Gil?" Oz called. "Are you really red?"

"Don't ask stupid questions, stupid kid!" He answered, still without turning around. Break then feel silent and he had no choice but to turn around in order to see Oz's reaction. Oz is teary and puppy-eyed while big drops of tears are falling on his cheeks.

"N-No, that's not what I mean!" Gilbert felt really guilty.

"Maa, it's your fault he's crying right now so you'll be the one to fix it." Break said and went out of Oz's room before closing the door behind him. Gilbert noticed that Break didn't forget to lock it.

Gilbert immediately hugged Oz tightly. "S-Sorry… y-you're not stupid…"

Oz chuckled because of this. Gilbert saw Oz's cuteness and think that he might not be able to control himself today. He then pushed Oz gently on the bed and kissed him. At first, his kisses are chastised. Then it became so… torrid. His tongue totally explored Oz's mouth without even making the latter breathe properly. When they parted their lips, Oz is breathing very raggedly. He's very red that it made Gilbert desire to kiss him all over.

"Gi…l…" Oz muttered when Gilbert kissed him once more. "Can I ask you something?"

"Hmm?" Gilbert asked coolly. "What is it?"

"I… Glenn-sensei said I was the top 2 of our class. He even said that you shouldn't have been able to know I failed because exams were still unchecked during those times…" Oz mumbled. Gilbert felt himself turn red. "Why did you say I failed and even asked for a remedial class? Is that to bully me?"

"T-That was… uh…" Gilbert is very red. He's trying to hide it but their faces are so close to each other that what he's doing is literally impossible. "I…" Oz noticed this and thought Gilbert is so cute when he blushes. He even chuckled. "D-Don't ask If you already know!"

"I don't know!" Oz exclaimed back. "Sorry for shouting…"

"T-That's because I thought that was the last time I'll be…" Gilbert trailed off and heaved a deep sigh. "…that I'll be able to be with you… I thought we won't see each other anymore. I did that to have some time alone with you. T-that's true…"

Oz looked surprised for a while. He didn't think Gilbert would want to be with him like that. He then chuckled and pulled Gilbert close, very close until his lips touched Gil's. Gilbert looked shocked for a while but then he recovered and started kissing Oz fervently while his hands are exploring different parts of Oz's body. Oz feels that his heart will explode from too much happiness and pleasure. His groans are music to Gilbert's ears and make him even more aggressive. In the end, Oz's supposed new room turned to be his and Gilbert's hang out place every night.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Oz nodded with his eyes shut. "D-Do it…" His body is so hot and wet. He feels as if everything is swirling around.

Gilbert kissed him and gently thrust his shaft inside Oz. "Cry more, Oz. I want to hear more of your voice…" He whispered seductively on Oz's ears which made the latter cry out in so much pleasure.

"I-I l…ove… you, Gil…" Oz muttered before he pulled Gilbert once more and kissed him. He felt Gilbert smirked.

"Same here." Gilbert mumbled incoherently between the lapses of their lips. "Don't ever leave me, Oz…"

Oz nodded. "Of course, I'll be with you for as long as I live. You, too. Don't go anywhere without me…"

"Not ever." Gil smiled and kissed Oz again.

And with each other, the two of them are… so captivated.


Ren-sama's Note:

Haha... sorry for being mean to Oz!... I like him, don't worry...

Whew… finished at last! Thanks, everyone, for reading up to the end! I really hope you enjoyed it so much. It's my happiness that the readers are having fun with the story. I love you all. I would probably tell a story telling this same thing but in a brand new way. I'll name it "So Captivated: Restart." Please read that one as well. I assure you that one has more details and story. ˆoˆ