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Seduction in Seattle

Stupid Cupid

-Bella POV-

As John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens while you're busy making plans."

Well, I tend to agree with Mr. Lennon. In fact, he could be a God damned philosopher in the course study of my life.

Take my first serious relationship for example; we were young and in love, high school sweethearts, as a matter of fact. We moved in together after high school, and even though he wasn't exactly rocking my sheets in the sack, I still thought we'd always be together.

His name was Jake, by the way. Yes, until a little over a year ago, I thought Jake was my forever, but then I caught him cheating.

Admittedly, I wasn't as devastated as I thought I'd be upon my discovery. At the time, it was probably my subconscious telling me that we weren't meant to be. My soul recognizing how completely invalid our entire relationship was.

My pride, however, took a beating, and my anger flared. Which caused me to run home to our shared Seattle apartment, pack up all of my belongings, and flee to my childhood home in Forks, Washington.

Unfortunately, pride, anger, grief…life; it all has a way of catching up to you. I was more hurt about the fact that the woman I saw kissing Jacob in the restaurant that day wasn't a stranger. It was a girl we often played with growing up—Leah Clearwater.

Leah's dad, Harry; Jake's dad, Billy; and my dad, Charlie, used to be best friends and honorary fishing buddies. I barely have a single childhood memory that doesn't involve those three and one of their fishing excursions.

A couple of years ago, Harry had a fatal heart attack and died, leaving his wife, Sue, to care for Leah and her younger brother, Seth, by herself. Charlie and Billy helped where they could, but with Billy being disabled, and my dad married to his work, they didn't offer her much beyond a distant friendship—or so I thought.

Imagine my surprise, when I arrived back home in Forks, fleeing my failed relationship, only to find out that Charlie had started dating again. The surprises didn't stop there, actually, to add the cherry to the top of my fan-fucking-tastic luck, I also found out that Charlie wasn't just dating, he was dating Sue Clearwater.

When I found that out, I couldn't very well tell Charlie the full reason why Jacob and I broke up. I glossed over the story by telling him that I had proof that Jake had been unfaithful, and left it at that.

I had no idea if Sue knew, and I didn't want to cause problems in her family, or between her and Charlie. So, I did what I realized I was very good at doing, I ran.

I called my mother, Renee, and caught the first flight out of Washington, to Florida to see her and Phil—her husband.

Renee was ecstatic to have me come stay for a while. She knew I needed time to regroup and figure out what I wanted from life. I had graduated from Seattle earlier in the year, and really wanted to pursue my love of writing.

After sending off a couple of my manuscripts to different publishing houses, I received an offer from a company in Madison, Wisconsin. I decided to take the deal and run with it.

Renee was sad to see me go, but I instantly fell in love with the area when I went out to meet the people who were about to help make my dreams a reality. A couple of months after my move to Wisconsin, I bought a house and got settled in.

. . . . . . .

Love and Memories

A few months after settling in to my new place, fate—or life, decided to intervene again. This time, it brought me love.

Edward was completely unexpected, and a surprisingly welcome change in my life. I felt as though he was sent to me, like we were supposed to meet under those extremely horrendous and awkward circumstances to strengthen our resolve for any future dilemmas we might encounter along the way.

You see, Edward sort of fell into my bed one night. And I don't mean that we had a one night stand, or I seduced him, or any of that. He actually ended up being the person I bought my house from, and a cab driver accidently brought him to my place instead of his new apartment on Christmas Eve.

I had already fallen asleep, and in Edward's drunken stupor, he didn't even realize he was in the wrong house. I purchased the house from him—or, his assistant, rather. The house came fully furnished and I hadn't changed much in the time that I owned it, including the hide-a-key that I hadn't been aware of. He ended up just stumbling around upstairs until he fell into bed…with me.

Sometime, during the night, we both thought we were dreaming and ended up having sex. Hot. Dirty. Sex.

The next morning was difficult, when we both realized we each were in fact—actual people. Not just a culmination of—on his part, booze—on my part, an over active imagination.

We talked through it and ended up spending some time together afterwards. He told me that he had sold the house because it brought memories of his late wife, who died in a car accident a year prior; and I told him about my reasons for moving to Wisconsin.

On New Year's Eve, Edward took me out for our first date. I fell hard and fast for him, and our sexual chemistry was absolutely sizzling. I had a hard time believing that that feeling would ever fade, and prayed it wouldn't. I had never met anyone like Edward, and could honestly see myself spending the rest of my life with him.

A couple of weeks into the new year, I received a call from Charlie with some news about his Valentine's Day plans. I did not plan to return back to Forks in February, and unfortunately, his plans involved the entire family—leaving me without a choice.

Shortly after, I called Edward's cell to see what he thought of the situation. It only rang a few times before he picked up.

"Hey, Beautiful, how are you?" His husky voice drove me wild, and I was instantly ready for him. He made me insatiable.

"Mmmm," I purred softly. "I've been better. I miss you, though."

"Me too, Bella, me too," he murmured.

"When are you coming over?" I asked.

"I can be there in about an hour. I just need to finish up this acquisitions proposal, and then I'll be on my way."

"Great. I can't wait to see you. Oh, wait, Edward?"


"What are your plans for Valentine's day?"

"I haven't made any, but I would imagine I'd be spending it with you. You are going to be my Valentine, right?" I could hear the grin in his voice, and it made me smile, too.

"Of course, I will. What do you say we take a little trip that weekend?"

"Sure. I have some vacation coming up, I'm sure I could get away," he replied.

"Okay, great. Uhm, how do you feel about accompanying me to a wedding?" I asked hesitantly.

"Bella, I'd follow you anywhere you asked me to," he said reverently.

That, my friends, is why I was in love with Edward Cullen.

. . . . . . . .

Tangled up in You

Approximately four weeks later—February 13th.

"You and me goin' fishin' in the dark, lying on our backs and countin' the stars…"

The sound of Charlie's ringer momentarily startles me as Edward and I grab our carry-on bags and exit the plane that flew us from Madison airport into SeaTac.

"Hey, Dad, what's up? Our flight just landed, we're on our way out to meet you now."

"Uh, Bells, there's been a change of plans. We had a few minor difficulties with my tux, so I had to send someone else to get ya." His voice sounds grave, and I'm immediately wary.

"Someone else, who?" I ask thoughtfully.

"Jake and Leah. I'm so sorry, Bells. We had no one else who could drive up there today. Everyone's so busy, with the wedding tomorrow and all. Jake didn't wanna make the trip alone, so Leah went with him. I would have warned you, but I know they make you shut your phone off on the plane. And I figured it wouldn't be so bad now that you've found someone, too-" I cut him off with a menacing growl. I'm seriously pissed.

"Damn it, Charlie! How could you do this to me?" I hiss. He hates it when I call him by his first name. I think I'll do it more often.

"I'm so sorry, Bella. Really, you have no idea how bad I feel," he pleads.

"Really? I don't? Well, I'm feeling pretty homicidal right now, so if some of us don't make it back to Forks alive—you've been warned. And if, by some miracle, I make it back to Forks with my sanity intact, I'm going to ring your neck!" I shout and hang up on him.

"Everything okay?" Edward asks from beside me.

"Just peachy. Jacob and Leah are picking us up," I respond, irritated.

He winces slightly, knowing I am far from ready to see them.

"Everything will be okay, Bella. I'll be by your side the entire weekend," Edward soothes as he strokes my cheek softly.

I sigh and smile at him. "You're right. I'm sorry I snapped at you. It's not your fault. I'm just really mad at my dad. It's no big deal."

When we step out of the narrow hallway that leads us from the plane into the airport, I let go of my luggage handle and reach for the sleeve of Edward's jacket, pulling him back toward me.

"Thank you," I murmur before I press my lips against his.

"For what?" He smiles.

"For being you and absolutely perfect," I say softly and kiss him a little deeper.

His bags thump to the ground and he places one hand against my cheek and tangles the other in the hair at the base of my skull. He pulls me closer, tilting his head so we can deepen the kiss.

I moan as his velvety tongue brushes against my plump bottom lip and slips inside my mouth. I grip his shoulder and wrap my other arm around his torso as I hold him to me, giving into my desires and taking from him what I suddenly desperately crave.






Suddenly, we're breaking apart at the sound of someone clearing their throat. Like two kids caught kissing by our parents, we look at each other and smile. We're both beaming as we chuckle, and I immediately feel as though a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

"Thanks," I say shyly.

"Anytime." He winks at me as we reach down for our luggage.

When I turn to see who the throat clearer was, my body feels like it's broken out into a cold sweat and I'm sure my face goes pale.

Jacob and Leah are standing five feet in front of us. My eyes narrow slightly when I read the sign, "Bella and friend" in big squiggly letters. For some reason, the "and friend" part really pisses me off and my nostrils flare as I attempt to get myself under control.

Friend? If what Edward and I do is considered being "friends" then Jacob and I have never been friends.

I roll my eyes at them and decide it's time for introductions. Edward walks beside me as we approach Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb. Haven't quite decided who fits which bill yet; they're both kinda stupid.

"Jacob. Leah." I nod at them politely as we move toward them.

"Hello, Bella, it's good to see you again," Leah says.

I give her a forced smile and turn to Edward.

"Edward, this is Jacob Black and Leah Clearwater." I motion toward them.

"And this is Edward Cullen, my boyfriend." I motion toward Edward and place my hand on his shoulder softly.

Edward wraps his right arm around my shoulder comfortingly and kisses my temple softly as he extends his other hand forward to shake Jacob's hand.

"Pleasure to meet you both," Edward says.

"You too, man," Jake replies.

After Edward and Jacob shake hands, we make our way out to their SUV. After our luggage is loaded and just as we're getting in the car, Edward squeezes my hand and whispers, "How are you doing?"

"I'm good." I smile and kiss his cheek softly before scooting across the backseat to give him room to climb inside.

Jacob and Leah ask us if we mind making a pit-stop at the mall before we head back to Forks. My irritation spikes a bit. I find them terribly inconsiderate for not coming early and just going before they picked us up. They know we just flew half way across the country and they want us to go shopping with them.

Fucking assholes.

Did I mention I hate shopping?

I look over to Edward to see if he has any objections; he doesn't, but I can tell he's wary of how I'm going to respond because he gives my hand a comforting squeeze again.

"Whatever, I don't care. Can we please make it quick? I'm really tired from the trip, and it's a three and a half hour drive home." My voice is tired. I'm glad I don't sound bitchy, because so far Jacob and Leah have been perfectly fine.

"No problem. I just wanna get something to wear for Jake tomorrow night." She smirks in our direction and rubs her hand up and down Jacob's arm as she snuggles closer to him.

Ah, alas, the games begin.

"Cool," I reply lamely.

"Bella was actually hoping to find something, as well," Edward interjects as he wraps his arm around me.

"Really?" Jacob replies, surprised.

"Definitely." I smile at Edward wickedly.

"We would've stopped in La Perla before making our trip out here, but we've been swamped. Between Bella's finalizations in her trilogy and my busy hours at work, we haven't found the time," Edward states matter of factly.

"La Perla? What is that?" Jacob asks.

"A lingerie boutique in Chicago. Well, ours is in Chicago, but they have them in New York, Beverly Hills, those sorts of places. I'm pretty sure there isn't one in Washington."

My face is flaming hot and my panties are screaming for Edward to rip them off. The more he talks us up, the more I want to fuck him in front of Jacob, Leah, God, and everyone.

Consequences be damned.

"I guess Victoria's Secret will have to do for this weekend, My Love," Edward stage whispers in my ear.

"It'll do." I sigh and lean into the soft kisses he's placing at the side of my face.

Leah looks mildly put out that her little act didn't get a negative reaction out of me, and I smile inwardly knowing what a childish punk she really is.

I mean, who the hell steals one of their good friends long time boyfriends? Not that I care anymore because that led me to Edward, but still, a ho is a ho, no matter which way you say it.

We arrive at Northgate Mall and make our way inside. We bypass the food court and make our way through the crowd to Victoria's Secret. Edward and I walk around looking at everything. I'm more tempted to peruse the Pink fashion, with the expensive comfortable clothing.

Edward, however, has other ideas. He grabs my hand and drags me over to the Valentine's Day displays.

"What are we doing over here?" My cheeks blaze with blush.

"Picking you out a few things. You're going to need something to wear under your dress tomorrow, plus something for tomorrow night, and maybe even a cute little number for tonight," he says pensively.

"Uh, I did pack clothes, you know," I remind him.

"I know you did. Just let me do this for you, I feel like spoiling you."

When I start to protest, he places a finger against my lip and continues speaking.

"This is just as much for me as it is for you. I'm quite selfish, actually. I'll enjoy every single scrap of clothing I purchase for you. In fact, I'll probably enjoy it more than you will." He gives me a sexy smirk, and I'm putty in his hands.

"Well, what exactly do you have in mind?" I'm hesitant and excited. It's a weird combination.

"Maybe a couple of dresses, a few teddies, and some bra and panty sets." As we speak, Edward is grabbing items off of nearby racks and piling them into his arms.

"Jeeze, Edward, you buying the whole store?" Jake asks as he saunters up to us.

"Small price to pay to see someone as sexy as Bella in lingerie." Edward goes back to ignoring Jake as he pulls me toward the changing room.

"Time to try on your clothes, Lovely," Edward drawls as he opens the door to the changing room.

As we're about to walk in, Leah steps out of the one beside of us in a lace baby doll getup that accentuates her embarrassingly flat chest.

"Smokin' babe." Jake smiles appreciatively.

"For a dude," I whisper in Edward's ear, and he chuckles.

"I want to see you in some of these," he says before going and sitting on the couch just in front of the waiting room doors.

"O-okay," I stutter.

I try on a few different items to see if they fit. Most of them fit perfectly and I put them in a pile for Edward to sort out. I try on a deep red, form fitting, sweater dress and decide to get a second opinion from Edward.

I open the door and find Edward still sitting on the sofa, and Leah and Jake are looking over some of the items she's decided to buy. Edward's sharp intake of breath alerts the others and everyone's eyes are locked on me.

"Uh, what do ya think?" I keep my gaze focused on Edward.

"I think I need a few moments to talk it over with you…privately," Edward's voice is husky, and before I know it, he's in the dressing room with me. He closes and locks the door before pinning me against the wall.

"You're fucking stunning," he growls, sliding his hand from my neck down to my thigh as he licks and nips at my collarbone.

"We could get caught," I whisper against the side of his face.

"So fucking worth it." He thrusts his hips against me, and I moan softly.

My head tilts to the side of us and I take in our reflection in the full length mirror. Watching him touch and worship my body is the most erotic thing I've ever seen. My resolve quickly crumbles when his fingers caress the tender flesh of my inner thigh.

"No panties," he growls against my lips. "Such a naughty vixen, you are."

I whimper and grind my hips against his hand as he slides two fingers between my folds and flicks his thumb across my clit.

"Yess," I hiss.

His touch is relentless as he buries his fingers as deep as he can inside of me and strokes every inch of the inside of my pussy.

"Oh fuck," I whimper, my muscles are already tightening up. My body's preparing itself for the fast approaching orgasm.

Edward's mouth crashes down on mine as his thumb presses harder against my clit, circling it and causing my orgasm to tear through me with an unprecedented strength.

My legs tremble, and I hold onto Edward's shoulders as he moves his attention back to my neck and starts kissing down to my cleavage. He slips the edge of the dress up over my head, leaving me naked in front of him.

His eyes darken, and he licks his lips hungrily as his eyes roam up and down my body.

"Lose the pants. Now." My command is strong and sexy. Confident.

He complies, and I quickly shove him down onto the bench beside us as I saunter up to him and straddle him. The mirror is now in front of him—behind me, and I grin wickedly as I realize I can use this to my advantage.

"Watch me fuck you," I purr in his ear as I free him from his boxer briefs and sink down on him.

I slowly raise and lower myself, repeatedly impaling myself on his thick cock as he grunts against my shoulder and thrusts his hips up into mine.

"Edward," I breathe against his ear as I continue to drop myself forcefully against him.

Just as I feel myself about to free fall into another blissful climax, he grips my hips tightly, stilling their movements.

"What is it?" I ask as I pull back to look at him.

"Your turn to watch me fuck you," he responds and helps me spin around so I'm sitting on his lap, facing away from him and looking directly at the mirror.

His hand snakes around to squeeze my breasts and his other grips my hips as he starts to thrust back inside of me. He uses his knees to spread my legs further apart, and he slips the hand that was squeezing my breasts down between my legs.

"Fuck," I moan and throw my head back against his shoulder. The feeling of him touching me and the sight of him while he's doing it is too much for me, I feel myself on the brink of release.

Suddenly, I topple over the edge. He applies more pressure against my clit and softly bites me on my shoulder, making the orgasm even more intense.

"Edward! Yes! Oh God, yes!" I moan embarrassingly loud as his grip tightens on my hips and he slams me down on him harder and harder.

He grunts when he finally jerks inside of me with his release. The intensity of my orgasm has drained me, and I slump against him tiredly.

"How does it keep getting better and better?" I ask him in wonderment.

"I'd like to know the same thing…I can't get enough of you, Isabella." His voice is husky and gruff, it makes me want him again, but I know our rendezvous in the dressing room has come to its end.

He picks up the pair of panties I wore here, and wipes me off with them before I can stop him.

"Edward, those are my panties! What am I supposed to wear out of here?"

He moves closer to me as he stands and speaks quietly in my ear.

"None, and put the dress back on." He rips the tag off of it. After he's finished dressing, he steps out of the changing room with my clothes, and the ones he wants to buy me in his hand.

Unfortunately, I notice too late that he's taken my bra with him as well. Thankfully, I'm still pretty young, and the girls don't really sag. So, I slip into the dress and make sure to comb my fingers through my hair a few times before I make my way back out into the main part of the store.

Edward has already checked out, so we make our way back toward the food court in search of Jake and Leah. We find them coming out of Torrid, and when Leah see's us she looks flustered.

"You guys ready to go?" I ask as we approach them.

"Yeah, Leah just wanted to get some spanx for her dress," Jake replies.

Leah's face flames red.

"Cool," I reply and turn toward the exit.

"You sure you don't want to get a pair, Bella? Never know what you'll look like in the dress," Leah states bitingly.

"Wait, what are spanx?" Edward asks.

"They suck your fat rolls in and hide them when you wear form fitting clothing," I respond with a glare in Leah's direction.

"Well, no offence, but Bella obviously doesn't need any of those." Edward throws his arm over my shoulder and directs me toward the food court.

"What a bitch," I say under my breath and continue walking.

"Hey, Leah, you want something to eat before we get on the road?" I ask; I'm sure I have a devious glint in my eyes.

"Excuse me?" she snaps.

"I'm sorry, did I offend you?" I bite back.

"Play nice, girls," Jake scolds, and we make our way back to the car instead.

When we load up, I pull Edward into the very back seat with me, thankful that Jake has third row seating in his SUV.

"Why are we sitting back here?" Edward asks, confused.

"I'm feeling a little tired, thought I'd lay down, maybe take a nap," I reply.

When Jake gets back on the highway, I lay down with my head in Edward's lap, facing him. I bite my lip coyly as I look up at him, and I softly rub the bulge in his pants.

"Close your eyes," I mouth to him as I unzip his pants.

"Fuck," he whispers and tilts his head back, closing his eyes.

When I pull his cock out of his pants, I know I can't just slip it into my mouth. They'll be able to see my head bob from the front seat. So, for now, Edward will have to settle for a "side-job" instead of a blowjob.

My tongue traces the large vein running up the length of his shaft and I softly open-mouthed kiss up and down his entire length. I flick my tongue out at the tip and lick up the pre-cum that's drizzled there.

I'm sad that I can't get a hand up to play with his balls, but I delight in pleasure when Edward jerks his hips slightly as I apply more pressure with my tongue.

He moves a hand down and starts rubbing my chest over the dress, quickly pulling the hem down exposing my right breast as his fingers twist and tug on my nipple.

I moan softly against his cock, but only he can hear me over the music. My thighs rub together, trying to create friction as I feel myself getting wet again.

When I know Edward's close, I tilt my head up and slide my mouth down on his cock with tight lips. He comes instantly, shooting in bursts down my throat. I convulsively swallow, praying none of it is in the front of my mouth. Come does not taste good. I don't care how in love you are, and the texture is downright repulsive. But I really don't mind swallowing with Edward. It just took a little getting used to.

I tuck him away, safe in his pants, and look up to find him looking at me with an intense stare.

"What?" I whisper to him.

"I want to fuck you so hard the wheels will fall off of the car," he responds darkly.

"Uhm. We can't. Jake is not going to let you fuck me in his car," I stammer.

"No, he's not. But I don't have to fuck you with my cock, Bella."

He tucks my breast back inside the dress and smoothes his hand down my flat stomach.

"Edward, we can't, we could get-" Is all I can get out my mouth before his hand disappears up the hem of my dress.

"Unh," I moan softly when two of his fingers trace my slick folds.

My legs automatically spread for him, inviting him in as he slips his fingers inside of me and nestles his thumb against my clit.

"Oh fuck," I gasp and bite my lip harshly as he begins to forcefully pump his fingers inside of me. I rest my foot on the cup holder and my toes curl around the cool plastic as he moves his thumb in circles around my clit.

A strong tingling sensation spreads from my pussy all the way up my body as I arch my back and buck my hips against his hand. By now, I'm dripping for him and coiled tight, ready to spring.

"Don't stop, mmmh oh, please fuck me, Edward," I whimper.

When his fingers curl, grazing that largely-known, rarely-found spot inside of me, I throw my hand up over my mouth and bite down on my palm as a powerful orgasm wracks my entire body.

Edward groans softly as his fingers drown in the surge of wetness, and he gives me a few more soft strokes, letting me slowly ride out the last few trickles of my orgasm.

When he slips his fingers out of me, he quickly slides them into his mouth while staring down at me.

My cheeks flush, and I pull the hem of my dress back down, covering up my lady bits.

Shortly after, I fall asleep.

Edward wakes me up when we pull into Charlie's driveway. I sit up and rub the sleep out of my eyes as I yawn and stretch.

"Does it feel weird to be home?" Edward asks as we make our way, with our luggage in tow, up to the house. Leah and Jake went back home to get ready for tonight.

"This isn't really home for me anymore. Madison is home to me now." We smile at each other.

Home is where you are, Edward, I think.

Charlie isn't back yet from his tux fiasco, so I decide to give Edward a quick tour of the house, purposely saving my childhood bedroom for last.

"This is my room," I say as we step inside and close the door.

As soon as the latch clicks closed, Edward spins me around and pins me against the door. His lips crash down onto mine as I unfasten his jeans and push them down his legs quickly. When I reach for his boxer-briefs, he stills my hands and drops to his knees in front of me.

"I'm going to taste, touch, and fuck you on every surface of this room," he vows.

He buries his face between my legs and starts lapping roughly against my clit. My legs tremble and I throw my head back, bumping it against the door, but it doesn't faze me. All I can feel is the pleasure radiating through my body from the feel of Edward's mouth pleasing me.

When his tongue slips down into my entrance, my knees practically give out, so he throws both of them over his shoulders and continues to lick me eagerly.

"Fuck, Edward, I'm so close!" I pant as he spreads my lips and licks even deeper inside of me. Before long, I'm screaming and coming on his lips.

I can still feel the tremors pulsing through me as he gently places me back on the floor and stands up in front of me. He kicks out of his pants, still sheathed in his boxer-briefs as he guides me over to my bookshelf.

He presses me against it and hooks one of my legs around his hip as his hand trails down my body. He pulls the dress up off of me and tosses it on the floor as he grinds his erection against me forcefully. His rigid length presses against my clit as he thrusts back and forth, creating a delicious friction.

My other leg is giving out, so he quickly picks me up and sets me down on my dresser. A few of my old candles and notebooks fall to the floor as he slams his fingers deep inside of me.

"Fuck!" I moan loudly. I slip my hand inside of his boxers and begin stroking him as he fingers me.

"Fuck, baby, I want you so bad."

"Then take me," I respond demurely.

The height of my dresser isn't quite right for us to align ourselves, so he quickly lifts me back up and bypasses the bed, setting me down on my old computer desk.

"What's wrong with the bed?" I ask before he has a chance to slip inside of me.

"I said every surface. Patience, Love, we'll get there. I think I'll have you stand up for this round." He pulls me off of the desk and turns me around, bending me over it.

Without warning, Edward slams deep inside of me, filling me to the hilt. It causes me to fall forward, so I'm bracing myself on my arms.

He pulls back out, only to slam in the exact same way, thrusting relentlessly as he delivers blow after blow to my poor, overworked pussy.

It isn't really painful though, only slightly, more of a good pain. It feels delicious when he fills me, and I find myself thrusting myself backwards against him. Our hips make a loud thumping sound as they bump into each other, and the slick sounds from our sexes moving together is porn worthy.

I'm so keyed up from all of the sexing that it doesn't take me long to orgasm, yet again.

Surprisingly, Edward pulls out as my orgasm hits me. I don't understand what is happening until he's moving us over toward my bed, and he pulls back the covers so I can climb under them. When I'm situated on my back, he climbs in on top of me and covers us back up.

Gone are the rough touches, the love bites, and the forceful thrusts. They've been replaced with soft strokes, gentle kisses, and sweet words. His hands are like soft feathers as they lightly caress up and down the length of my body.

When he knows I'm ready for him again, he gently parts my legs and slowly slides back inside of me, sinking in deeply.

My eyes close and my head rests back against my pillow as he slowly slides in and out of me, loving me with his body. His hands stroke softly up my arms and he places his hands in mine. Our fingers lock together, and I look up into his eyes. My breath catches at what I see there. There's so much love and affection that it makes my eyes sting slightly, and I have to blink the tears away.

This isn't fucking.

This is making love.

He softly places a kiss to my forehead, and then the apple of each of my cheeks, before settling on my lips.

Our kiss is slow and deep, his tongue strokes mine in time with his thrusts, and I lose myself in him all over again.

It's never felt like this before him. It's never been so good, so real. When we're together like this, I feel like I've found the other part of me.

His lips move down to my throat as his thrusts become slightly erratic, and I know he's close. His angle shifts slightly, causing his hip bone to hit my clit, and it sends me off into another earth shattering orgasm. My orgasm triggers his own, and he grunts and moans out my name as he begins to jerk inside of me.

The emotions and sensations are so overwhelming, that I begin to drift off to sleep almost immediately after he slips out of me.

I faintly hear Edward whisper my name before sleep pulls me under.

. . . . . . .

My Valentine

Edward POV

Fuck, this woman is going to be the death of me.

Ever since we landed in Seattle and bumped into her idiot ex and his witch of a girlfriend, I've wanted nothing more than to show Bella how special she really is…and to be buried as deep inside of her as possible, as many times as I can.

I always want to be inside of her, that's really nothing new. But I never realized how much her past affected her until we got here.

I knew seeing Jacob again would be rough for her, especially under the circumstances. She's been under enough stress lately, worrying needlessly over Charlie's happiness along with other things she needn't worry about.

Jacob actually is better looking than I initially thought he would be. He is tall, with dark cropped hair, dark eyes, and a smile so white, I wanted to ask him what kind of toothpaste he used.

Overall, he seems like an okay guy. What he sees in Leah, I'll never know. Leah, on the other hand, is not a very pretty girl. Her hair is black and stringy, she's built more like a guy than a girl—has curves in all the wrong places, and has a manly quality to her voice. It's actually kind of funny when she pouts, because she sounds like a homosexual male. Not that I have anything against them; I have a lot of homosexual friends, I just find it funny that this is the first time I've ever had a female remind me of a male…and a homosexual all in one package.

That poor bastard, Jacob. His loss is definitely my gain. Bella is absolutely perfect. But you can't help who you love, and no one knows that better than me.

After everything I've been through with my ex, Claire, I'm blessed to find someone I can connect with who seems to care for me as much as I do her. I intend to cherish Bella, always.

That is why, after making love to her in her childhood bed, as she begins to drift off to sleep, I whisper the words I'm not sure she's ready to hear.

I tell her I love her.

When the words leave my mouth, I hold my breath just to make sure she is actually asleep.

When I'm sure she is, I slip out of her bed and tuck the blankets around her.

Then I slip back into my boxers and pants and make my way downstairs to grab my bag. I decide to take a quick shower, then wake her when I'm finished so she can do the same. I know she needs to rest.

. . . . . . .


Meeting Bella's father isn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. After a friendly smile and a firm handshake, I begin to feel comfortable around him. He's very welcoming, and he seems to be thrilled that Bella has found someone that she's happy with.

He teases her about the "sparkle" in her eyes and goes on to tell us his soon-to-be-bride, Sue's, do the exact same thing when she looks at him.

Bella introduces me to Sue and her son Seth before we load up our luggage into Bella's old truck and drive to The Lodge. It's the nicest hotel in the area and the best place to host a wedding. We also have a hotel room here for the weekend.

Charlie offers to let us stay with him, but Bella insists on staying here instead. I can't say I disagree with her. As nice as Chief Swan is, I don't want him freak out if he hears me having my wicked way with his daughter…or bust a cap in my ass, as Bella so eloquently puts it.

The rehearsal dinner is here, as well. So, after we drop off our stuff, we head down to the room hosting our dinner. We all grab a plate off of the buffet and sit down to eat.

Dinner passes without a hitch. Leah and Jake don't sit by us so we don't have to deal with any of their crap. No one notices as my hand makes its way up Bella's thigh, and beneath the skirt of another one of the dresses we picked up today. This one is wine colored, and a little tighter around the legs, with a very plunging scoop neck, and it's absolutely tantalizing.

Before we know it, we're falling into bed, christening our hotel room good and proper, sating ourselves and preparing for tomorrow.

. . . . . . .

No Rest For The Wicked

I'm pulled from sleep by the delicious feeling of Bella's mouth wrapped around my cock. My hand finds the back of her head, guiding her up and down my shaft in the rhythm I crave. I tangle my fingers in the silky tresses on the back of her head.

"Fuck, you're perfect," I groan.

She tightens her lip's grip on me and increases her suction minutely. When I feel her flatten her tongue against the underside of my shaft, I lose control and give into the tingling sensation in my groin. Shooting streams of my spunk spurt down her throat, and she swallows it greedily and kisses her way back up my body.

"Good morning to you, too, beautiful girl." I smile at her.

"Morning, handsome. I thought you deserved to be thanked properly for all you did for me yesterday." Her voice is laced with desire, and it makes me want to spin us around and plow into her.

Apparently, Bella has other plans and wants to be in control of the situation.

She quickly slips me inside of her and begins moving in slow, powerful thrusts.

I grunt. "What exactly are you thanking me for, baby?"

Her body trembles as she seeks the friction she desires.

My hands quickly find their way to her hips, and I use one to guide her movements, while my other moves to her inner thigh, swiping my thumb against her clit.

Reflexively, her hips buck harder against me, and I'm all too happy to return her movements, thrust for thrust.

"You don't feel you deserve to be thanked, Mr. Cullen?" she asks coyly.

"Oh please, feel free to thank me whenever you like. I'd just like to know what I did to deserve such gratitude so I can do it more often." I grin at her.

"For everything." She leans down and presses her sinfully exquisite nipples against my hard chest as her lips brush against mine.

I increase my motions with my thumb and remove my hand from her hip to cradle her head against me, deepening our kiss.

When I come up for air, I move my hands back to her hips and start slamming her down against me as I thrust up into her.

"Touch yourself, baby. I'm getting close, and I want you to come with me," I instruct her.

She does as she's told and begins rubbing her little clit in variable motions, without any sort of rhythm.

I use both hands to grip her hips and slam myself deep inside of her, and I continue to do so mercilessly. We're both so close, chasing our orgasms, and wanting to feel the release that we know is only seconds away.

I feel Bella's walls start to spasm around my cock just as I begin to twitch with my own release.

"Edward!" Bella screams out as I lean forward slightly and capture her bouncing nipple in my mouth, suckling and nipping on it.

She falls against me, and I thrust two more times into her before I rear back and groan her name loudly, the sound echoing throughout the room. "Bella!"

Our breathing is labored and our heartbeats stutter against one another as Bella covers her body with mine. We're slicked slightly with sweat from our previous activities, and the moment is absolutely perfect.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Bella," I whisper softly into her hair.

Her face is buried in the crook of my neck, and I feel when her smile spreads across it.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Edward," she murmurs back.

Of three things I am absolutely certain:

One man's loss is definitely another man's gain.

I will never take simple mistakes or gestures for granted ever again.

Lastly, I'm completely and irrevocably in love with Isabella Marie Swan, and tonight I have every intention of telling her.

Authors Note: Thank you, Breath-of-Twilight, for betaing this.

Thanks so much for reading!