Reefside 2004 the Dinothunder rangers celebrate their latest victory against Zeltrax. Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Trent is getting ready for graduation as their highschool lives comes to a close. Even though everything is going so well for the rangers until the day makes a drastic turn where not just the fate of the world hangs in the balance but the whole universe that takes place five years after their time as rangers.



"Yo Ethan."said Conner."I was wondering if I can copy your notes?"

"Why would you need my notes?" asked Ethan."Your in the same class as me in the same period. Let me guess you were passing notes to Krista again?"

"I guess you caught me." said Conner." But can I please borrow them?"

"Whatever."said Ethan.

"Thanks man you're the best." said Conner.

"Hey looks there is Kira." said Ethan.

"Hey guys."said Kira

"Hey Kira."said Ethan and Conner.

"Have you guys seen Trent?" asked Kira.

"Not since lunch." said Conner

"Yeah maybe he went home early."said Ethan.

"Well he knows that we have to study for our final in our history class."said Kira.

"Im sure he'll turn up soon." said Conner.

Conner's morpher goes off. The rangers head out of sight so no one will see them.

"This is Conner go ahead Doctor Oliver."

"Guys you need to get to the lab at once its urgent." said Doctor Oliver.

"What about Trent?:" asked Kira.

"He is already here."said Doctor Oliver. "Just get here now! Out!"

"Sounds pretty urgent."said Ethan.

"We need to hurry guys."said Conner." Lets go!"

The three dino rangers drive to their teachers house to get an idea on what's going on but they will soon find out.



"Doctor Oliver what is going on?" asked Conner. "Is it Zeltrax?"

"Maybe Messogg?"said Ethan.

"Lothor escaped the abyss of evil?" asked Kira.

"I'm afraid it is far worse than that." said Doctor Oliver. "But he will tell you."

"Who's he?"said Kira.

The room turns dark and the five dino rangers are transported to an unknown place.

"What is this place?" said Ethan.

"Yea that was a freaky ride." said Conner.

"Doctor Oliver what is going on?" asked Kira.

"Just wait for it he will explain." said Trent.

"Okay once again who is he asked?" asked Kira.

A door appears out of nowhere and a tall black male walks into the room.

"Hello there dino rangers my name is Samael a time master."

"Time master?" said Conner. "Your not what I expected. I picture a master of time old and shriveled up, but you don't look a day over twenty five."

"Thanks for the compliment Conner."said Samael.

"How do you my name?" asked Conner.

"Come on man use your head Im a master of time and space I know everything about you and everyone here." said Samael. "I like to say you came a long way since you first became a power ranger."

"Okay Samael explain the three what is going on."said Doctor Oliver.

"Okay. Rangers I brought you here today because the universe and everything in creation is in terrible danger." said Samael.

"What kind of danger?" said Conner.

"Danger where the whole universe will be destroyed if we don't act quickly!" said Samael.

"Okay explain the situation further."said Ethan.

"Okay." said Samael." In San Francisco 2012...

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Conner cuts in. "Your talking about eight years from now aren't there other power rangers in the year 2012?"

"Yes said Samael' There has been several power ranger teams long after you guys. This team in 2012 is the Power Rangers Samurai."

"They sound sick." said Conner. "So why aren't they here right now?"

"That is a good question Conner." said Samael. "The Samurai Rangers did not survive the disaster to stop it because they were exhausted from defeating their mortal enemies the nighlok for good. The were not prepared for the new enemy that was waiting for the nighlok to be destroyed and for them to make their move. They didn't stand a chance. Also they can't be here because the rules of time says that your not allowed to be in a time period where you already existed.

"Well who were they up against?" asked Kira.

"They are the Pagan Gods."said Samael. "Im sure you heard about them before.

"I didn't think they ever existed." said Ethan.

"I thought it was a myth as well until today."said Doctor Oliver.

"So what we need to do?" asked Conner.

"We need to go and help them." said Doctor Oliver. "One ranger to another."

"Wait since the rules of time apply does that mean we can't go back to our time is that right." said Kira

"Well your right Kira."said Samael. "But even though you do exists in 2012 but your powers don't anymore. Which makes that bypass the rules."

"Wait what do you mean by that?" asked Conner.

"Okay I didn't want to say this but you guys win the final battle in your time but you sacrifice your powers to do it.

"Man I kinda thought it was going to be different in the end for us but as long as we saved the world."said Conner.

"But what about Reefside?"said Kira.

"Don't worry there won't be an attack on Reefside for a while." said Samael. "Which works out perfectly for you guys."

"Okay that settles it." said Conner " I'm ready."

"Lets do it" said Kira.

"I can't wait to see what 2012 is like." said Ethan. "Plus I am consider a time traveler now sweet."

"This isn't a game Ethan."said Doctor Oliver.

"This is the fate of the universe."said Trent.

"Okay Dino rangers get ready to help your fellow rangers and fill them in on what's going on." said Samael." I will send you back months before the arrival of the Pagan Gods. Help them anyway you can including their battle with the nighlok. But please don't tell them they will die in the battle. I don't want you freaking them out too much.

"Sure thing" said Doctor Oliver." Okay ready rangers.

"Ready!" said the other rangers.

"Okay I choose your team because I know you will especially rise to the challenge so do your best and saved out universe." said Samael. "Oh yeah Conner by the way I noticed you were confused about the Pagan Gods. So you better get the reading. I don't think in your special case that you can't make any mistakes I'm especially counting on you. You will know what I mean by that in due time.

To be Continued...