The city was nearly destroyed by Filitran and his wolves. Hundreds of lives have been lost. The search for Lauren grows cold. Meanwhile since that day, people question their faith in the rangers as they couldn't save everyone from Filitran's invasion. Now that day is now dubbed Wolf Rain. Now the government has funded a special task force for the FBI to handle future threats like Filitran. Someone has been assigned to the head of the task force. Her name is Roxanne Parker. She now addresses the world live on the site on that day three months ago.

"People of Earth, I not only come to you as an agent but I'm also a citizen of this city. Many lives were lost on the day of Wolves Rain. The power rangers no longer can be our saviors. They operate outside the law and don't own up to the damage to the public property that this fair city taxes pay for. For example, their Astro megaship armed with a nuclear weapon had made a trench around our city. That's the reason why supplies, power, and other resources are limited. Not to mention the destruction of Mount Fuji. In Japan. That's why I'm introducing to you task force Doppler."

Five men in uniform come in front of the crowd with brand new weapons.

"People of San Francisco and Planet earth. I present to you the real planet heroes. No more relying on multicolored costumes heroes that won't reveal their identity to us. Don't worry my friends. Task force Doppler will serve and protect you.

"Excuse me agent, the silver guardians are power rangers. Their identities are public known. What about them?" Asks Cassidy Cornell.

"As of right now, the two silver guardians are missing in action." Says Roxanne Parker.

The crowd gasps in shock from the news about the silver guardians.

"Don't worry about them. I'm sure they will return safely. Wherever they are." Says Roxanne." But Task force Doppler is the future of the protection of Earth. To the power rangers I say this, it's time to step down and let the real heroes protect earth but in the ways of the law."

The crowd cheers and applauded agent Parker. But in the crowd, Devin stares intently at agent Parker and signals her to meet. She nods in agreement and excuses herself from the crowd. Minutes later they both meet in a back alley.

"Well isn't former agent Del Valle." Says Roxanne sarcastically.

"Oh nice to see you too Roxy." Says Devin.

"Don't call me that!" Snaps Roxanne. "We are not together anymore. And it was your choice. So I appreciate that you address me properly."

"Okay fine" says Devin." So looks like you took my job and the government went ahead with task force Doppler."

"Someone had to do it Devin." Says Roxanne." You went crazy and were fired before then which shut it down. But due to that horrific day of Wolf Rain. That's when the president signed on to proceed with task force Doppler. We are now going to do some good and the era of the power rangers will be over."

Devin laughs." You really think I don't know what task force Doppler real intentions are?"

"It doesn't matter." Replies Roxanne. "You utter one word, you'll regret it.

"Is that a threat?" Asks Devin.

"A promise." Says Roxanne.

Roxanne tries to walk away but Devin quickly grabs her by the arm."Look Roxanne, ever since I left the FBI, I had time to think about the choices I've made. Hurting Cassidy, you, almost betraying my friends but I'm different now. And you need to think about what you're doing before you get hurt seriously. This threat, the power rangers been dealing with. They are looking to destroy any and anyone that gets in their way. Please step down and let the rangers do what they do best save the world."

"Your right you have changed." Says Roxanne." Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Devin hesitates." I'm just worry about you that's all."

"Well you should have thought about that before you cheated on me." Says Roxanne." Have a nice life and stay out of our way."

Roxanne leaves from Devin and she gets into her 2011 ford explorer and speeds off. Cassidy then come from a well hidden place and heard the whole conversation.

"You've heard all that huh?" Asked Devin.

"Yeah...I know you feel sorry for what happened between all of us; however, you got go let it go." Says Cassidy.

"Not only that, I feel that we are going to have a real problem from task force Doppler." Devin says in fear.

On the other side of town, Antonio walks through the city plaza or what's left of it to get some food and supplies for the Astro megaship. He walks around and see signs of the new task force Doppler posted throughout the plaza. Monuments of the people who lost their lives of the day off wolf's rain. He gets around a Courtney away from the people so he will not be seen teleporting. But from out of nowhere, dart projectiles comes hurling towards him. Antonio drops his supplies and immediately gets out of the way just before the darts made an impact and exploded. Antonio recovers and looks over sees that it's Kiba Paradoxes former henchman.


"I told you all I'd be back when you least expect it." Says Kiba. "Now prepare yourself!"

Kiba draws up his usual dogs and charges at Antonio.


Antonio morphs and draws his barracuda blade and sends a blast at the dogs and they exploded on impact. Antonio jumps in the air and goes to attack. Kiba reacts and makes his projectiles and sends it at Antonio. The gold ranger uses his lightning speed to dodge the projectiles and destroys them. Antonio lands on his feet and changes at Kiba. But from out of nowhere, a blast grenade comes on the middle of them throwing them off balance. Five people in black jump from the top of a building. Antonio recognizes them as task force Doppler from the posters and TV.. One of them jumps in the air and blurs out of sight and reappears in front of Kiba. They start to jab at Kiba chest. Kiba goes down without defending himself he is rendered unanimous unconscious. The rest of task force Doppler goes and contains Kiba. Antonio puts his weapon away.

"Wow thanks for all your help. I guess you guys aren't so bad after all."

One OF task force Doppler draws their blaster and opens fire at Antonio making a hit on him.

"Hey! What's the big idea?"

"It be best for you to stay out of our way." Says one of task force Doppler." We ought to take you in ourselves but due to the deal, your safe for now."

"What deal?" Asks Antonio.

"Oh you don't know do you? Asks one of task force Doppler." All in good time."

Task force Doppler grabs Kiba and dispersed in blink of an eye. Antonio demorphs.

"What they mean by a deal?"

On the other side of town, it is time for a little celebration as today is the day that Alicia graduates from college. But only Jayden attends due to everyone is busy with the search for Lauren and among other more important matters. After the graduation ceremony, Alicia and Jayden take a walk.

"Wow I can't believe four years of this is all over. Not to mention this crazy stuff that's happening. This is the only thing normal in my life that's going on."

"Congratulations Alicia." Says Jayden. "Now you are going into the family business. Sorry I wished I was more excited with Lauren being missing and all."

"Jayden I really hope we find her because I hate seeing you like this." Says Alicia as she holds Jayden's hand.

"Conner is not taking it well either." Says Jayden." He really has feelings for her; this was the hardest battle that we have ever fought. Filitran was stronger than any other pagan god we have ever faced. If it wasn't for Conner, we would all been dead. Also we haven't seen Deker since the battle."

"Oh don't worry about Deker. I'm pretty sure he's off training somewhere preparing for the ultimate duel with you." Says Alicia sarcastically.

"Don't even joke about that." Laughs Jayden. "There's no doubt in my mind that he's doing just that."

"Okay enough about that. I got some good news and some bad news." Says Alicia.

"Okay." Says Jayden as he turns his attention to Alicia.

"Good news is there is a family dinner tonight. The bad news is I invited you." Says Alicia. "You're going to meet my father."

"Well that isn't so bad." Says Jayden.

"No no no. you don't understand." Says Alicia. "You are the very first boyfriend ever that gets to meet my father."

At the megaship, Antonio only told Mia, Kevin, and Ethan on his encounter with Kiba and Task Force Doppler.

"Damn one of them took on a hybrid with no problem?" asked Mia.

"Impossible." Says Kevin.

"And what did they mean about a deal?" asks Ethan.

"I don't have a clue." Replied Antonio. "It's not what they said that really irks me. It is how they said it. Like I already knew on what they meant before I asked about it."

"Lets hope that we don't have to fight them." Says Kevin.

"Judging on how they attack me, I highly doubt that." Says Antonio.

Back on earth, Conner walks through the streets. Every place that he has went to reminds him of Lauren. Later, Conner revisits the site to where he last saw her. He then forgot about his werewolf abilities that he now controls at will for a split second. He sees the dried up blood that's still on the ground after three months. Conner uses nose and picks up the scent and it is Lauren. The scent then is scattered in several directions. Conner decides not to let the rest of team know. He superspeeds away deciding to investigate on his own.

On the megaship, Emily is upset that Erica is missing and no one has no idea of their whereabouts. Mike consoles Emily and so does Kira. They decide to leave to investigate along with Ethan, Mike, and Trent to find out what happened to Erica. Meanwhile, Hayley and Tommy are almost done with the secret project. But had to put add a little more to it due to Devin joining the team. Now are now putting the finishing touches and it will be ready for the next pagan god that is to attack.

Over the pacific ocean, an air plane is flying from Japan back to the states but the flight is interrupted due to one of the plane's wings is destroyed. The plane had done a 360 before it came crashing down to the ground exploding on impact. Hours later more different type of planes came crashing down into the ocean. From on top of the stratosphere, it is Apophis.

"No one will rule the skies except me. I will build my kingdom in the skies so that I will rule the world from above as a god should."

In the Canadian mountains, Deker travels through the forest he has been meditating for the past three months to keep Baran at bay. Every time Deker thinks about fighting Jayden, Baran tries to takes over. Being in the mountains also is a reminder of his past that only Baran will allow him to see. After three months of walking and searching all that time, he comes upon a small cottage house. Deker walks upon the house and he starts to see images of a fire, a woman, and quick flashes of Serrator. Deker tries to walk inside the house to see if he can remember more on his past until dark figures jump out of the trees and drew their swords from the sides and attacks Deker.

"Oh you want to play?" asked Deker. "I haven't had a good fight in months."

Deker draws Uramasa to defend himself. Deker moves out of the way and quickly gains the upper hand and slashes the sword in two. Deker uses his speed to cut them through their chests killing them both. Deker puts his sword away with dissatisfaction. Then he hears sound of applauding coming from afar.

"Who are you? Show yourself or are you weaker than your lackeys that I just killed?

A man steps out of the forest and steps in front of Deker. The man is wearing a black samurai uniform. The man looks so much older than any other man on the planet.

"Wow you aged gracefully." Says the old samurai." And you just as sharp as ever.

"What the hell does that mean?" Asks Deker.

"Oh you don't remember do you?" asked the old samurai." This is your old house from which we burned to the ground 200 hundred years ago BECAUSE YOU BETRAYED US!"

What has Deker done to betray whomever this group of samurai may be? What are Task Force Doppler real motives? What will Emily's reaction will be once she finds out that Erica is a vampire? How will Apophis builed his kingdom in the sky? Conner goes off on a one man crusade to save Lauren. But can he do it alone? Find out as the story continues….