A/N: Hey there, gorgeous people.

Do you know how amazing it is to have written a story nigh on two years ago, and still be getting Alerts and Favourites? That's nuts and I love you all! I'm afraid to say, though, the story is over. The "fin" was final, even if I couldn't resist chucking on a Johncroft epilogue. Story alerting will get you nothing except warm fuzzies from my vague direction.

But - BUT! I now have a new story taking place, over on Archive Of Our Own. A little different style, in an Avengers fandom but I like to think with the same humour as this fic. If you want to check it out, (/works/941274 - paste after the AO3 url to get there!) here is the link to the first chapter. I'll be using Archive Of Our Own as my fictional platform now, so if you want to subscribe to me over there, I would be most honoured :) I also may or may not be working on a little audiovisual something to illustrate the spider in this story better, so keep a lookout for that!

It's been a pleasure writing for you. Stay safe, stay well and stay lovely!

Forever yours,

-The Plot Ninja