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"Do dead people tell tales?" Someone's speaking.

'Holy crap, her breasts are huge!' Someone's thinking.

"Ah... to be young again... wait, I'm not that old yet..." Hollow Ichigo's speaking.

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He's approaching the end of his journey.

How did he get into this spiraling journey of seemingly never-ending battles you may ask?

Well, it all began when a stranger named Rukia Kuchiki came into his room unannounced and caught Ichigo by surprise.

Or more like, she was the one who's surprised, since she thought he wasn't supposed to be able to see him.

She said that she is a Shinigami from Soul Society that was sent by her captain to the human world to purify souls that were stranded in the human world because they are literally chained with their earthly bonds, and to prevent them from becoming Hollows, a creature that devour souls because of the emptiness that is represented by a hole in their body by using their swords, or Zanpakutou, as they call it.

He didn't believe it at first, just like what a sane man would.

But an attack from the very creature she sought to destroy forced him to become a Shinigami to save his family who were nearly killed.

And from there his life went from being a regular –if somewhat strange- high school student who's always suspected as a delinquent thanks to his hair color which is bright orange, to a Substitute Shinigami for Rukia whose powers were diminished when she gave it to him.

At first his task was to eradicate the souls that had already become Hollows and purify those that haven't reached that state yet.

One hollow that he remembered in particular was Grand Fisher, he was the one who indirectly caused the death of his mother. And as if insulting her, he also took her form that caused him to see red for a moment before he got out of it.

Grand Fisher escaped, but he was more grateful of the fact that he didn't go berserk and losing himself in the process.

Then he met Ishida Uryuu, the Last Quincy who challenged him and in the process nearly destroyed the whole town in the form of a hundred feet tall hollow called Menos Grande whom Ichigo had banished using his power.

But his world turned once again when Rukia was taken by the two Shinigami named Kuchiki Byakuya and Abarai Renji, the former of which had stabbed him, losing his Shinigami powers and it nearly killed him had Urahara didn't interfere.

Urahara Kisuke is the pale blonde haired man who owned a seemingly mundane candy shop, but despite it's more than common appearance, there's more to it than meets the eye.

Ichigo would later find out that he was once a Shinigami who was cast out for some reason, but that reason was unknown to him.

He helped Ichigo gain his powers back and infiltrate the Soul Society in the 'Rescue Rukia' mission along with his friends; Orihime and Chad who also happened to manifest their powers. Ishida came along for the ride as well, even though he stated his reason was to show Soul Society that there's still one Quincy left in the world instead of helping Rukia.

Along the way he fought with many Shinigami that he learned to respect and befriend in his own way, people such as; Ikkaku Madarame, the 3rd seat officer of the 11th Squad, Renji Abarai the Vice-captain of the 6th Squad, the perpetually blood thirsty Kenpachi Zaraki, Captain of the 11th Squad, and the stoic Byakuya Kuchiki, Abarai's Captain, who is also Rukia's adopted brother.

He also learned Bankai, the full release of a Zanpakutou thanks to Yoruichi Shihouin, the former leader of the Onmitsukido, which is essentially, the Secret Assassin group of the Soul Society.

And he also learned the name of the enemy he must defeat; Sousuke Aizen, the former Captain from the Fifth Squad who betrayed Soul Society and the one who orchestrated Rukia's execution to retrieve a device called the Hougyoku(Crumbling Orb) from her body.

It turns out that the reason why her Shinigami powers didn't regenerate was that the Gigai(Faux Body) that Urahara lent to her was specifically designed to gradually lowers the Reiatsu of the Shinigami who would use it, it also masks the user's Reiatsu, thus the reason why it took so long for her to be detected.

But he also had a motive for doing that; he had intended to use her as Hougyoku's vessel so that the orb could gradually be destroyed in the process.

Because it was a creation so dangerous even he decided it must be destroyed.

However, Aizen's plan was to use it so that he could secure himself an army of Shinigamified Hollows for the goal of obtaining the Ouken (Royal Key) which is essentially a passport for transcendence.

But in doing so he also threatened The Human World, because the Reiou (Spirit King) was the lynchpin that holds the Human World, and the Spirit World in check.

Since that day he was hell-bent to defeat Aizen, if not for the sake of the world, then for the sake of his Nakama and his family.

But he also has inner problems of his own, it turns out the method of re-powering him created a Hollow version of himself whom he has nicknamed 'Shiro' much to his counterpart's scorn.

It turns out that his hollow self is also a dark mirror of some sort to Zangetsu, the soul of his Zanpakutou that resembles an old man wearing shades and tattered black robe.

And the fact that he has a hollow side within him earned him the attention of the Vizards, a group of former Shinigami who was cast out from Soul Society because of their condition.

After a few persuasion from their leader; Hirako Shinji, Ichigo agreed to train with them for the purpose of keeping his hollow side in check, which he succeeded by suppressing him into the darkest corner of his own heart so that he couldn't interfere with his battles but enabling him to use his mask as a power-up.

And boy, did he need one, when he managed to control his mask for several seconds, he could overpower Grimmjow, the 6th of the Espada, or as he liked to call them; Aizen's elite lackeys.

When the mask goes off however, he couldn't even hold his ground for several minutes against him, and that's when he only got one arm.

Even though he realized he needs further endurance training, the situation didn't let him to. Orihime was captured by Aizen because he was interested with her reality-bending power.

The Soul Society believed that she went to Aizen's side willingly because of the evidences placed by Ulquiorra, The 4th Espada who was her captor.

Ichigo didn't believe that of course, when Urahara happened to mention that he could send him to Hueco Mundo to save Orihime, he didn't hesitate and instantly took the chance.

Initially, he went with Chad, who had gotten stronger since the last time, and Uryuu who had been re-powered from his power loss since he used the Quincy's Final Form on Mayuri Kurotsuchi back when they were rescuing Rukia.

But along the way he met with Rukia and Renji, it turns out that Renji and Rukia slipped out of Soul Society and went to Urahara to request a Garganta for them to go to Hueco Mundo to rescue Orihime.

And they also met with the… peculiar residents of Hueco Mundo, namely, the child Arrancar named Nelliel Tu Odelschwank and her… 'brothers', Pesche and Dondochakka along with their pet, a big Hollow worm named; Bawabawa who can only speak 'Bawabawa' hence, his name .

So the five of them, and the 'Sand Siblings' goes together to Las Noches, but they stopped when the path was diverged, despite Ichigo's insistence that they go one way together, the others agree that separating is best and they will meet again inside the Las Noches.

However, Ichigo and his friends fought a lot of enemies to even gain access to Las Noches, and despite their oath to meet together in Las Noches, their enemies separated them even further.

Despite his power-up that enabled him to defeat Gantenbainne Mosqueda, one of the Privaron Espada, Chad was quickly incapacitated by Nnoitra Jiruga, the 5th Espada, Rukia defeated Aaroniero Aarruruerie, the 9th Espada, but she was unable to fight anymore as she had fought to her last breath.

Renji fought the 8th Espada, Syazel Apporo Granz, a scientist whose madness mirrored a certain fellow mad scientist Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Uryuu came to his aid later on, after he defeated Cirucci Thunderwitch, the number 105th of the Privaron Espada, but it didn't help much.

And Ichigo didn't have it easy as well, he was first confronted by the rank 103rd of the Privaron Espada, Dordonni Alessandro, he managed to overpower him for a second before Ichigo donned his mask and defeated him with a single blow.

But on the entrance to the interior of Las Noches, he met with Ulquiorra who was more than willing to stop him.

However, Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez intervened and trapped him into an alternate dimension so that he could fight Ichigo after Orihime recreated his arm by Aizen's order.

After a lengthy battle, Grimmjow was lost to Ichigo due to his extended control of the mask, however, Ichigo refused to kill him, angering the blue haired Arrancar in the process.

Before he could retaliate, however, Grimmjow was incapacitated thanks to Nnoitra's oversized crescent shaped scythe. Left severely weakened after the fight with Grimmjow, Ichigo wasn't able to hold his ground against him, let alone defeat him.

However, when she saw the green-haired Arrancar pleading him to not kill Ichigo, Nnoitra revealed Nel's true identity; she was once the 3rd Espada and Dondochakka and Pesche were her Fraccion before they were betrayed and depowered by Nnoitra by cracking their masks.

And just in the nick of time, Nel managed to return to her true form; an adult woman with a very well-endowed figure rivaling Orihime in 'that' department.

For a moment she managed to hold her ground with Nnoitra, however, after she was weakened, she returned to her child form and Nnoitra proceeds to beat her to brink of death while she was in her child form.

But then, the cavalry came as Kenpachi arrived to fight Nnoitra, along with Byakuya who started a fight with Zommari Leroux, the 7th Espada who was about to kill Rukia in her weakened state, and Mayuri Kurotsuchi who battled with Syazel.

Unohana, the Captain of the 4th Squad of Gotei 13 also came, along with her Vice-Captain

All three of them defeated their respective enemies after quite a long battle, however, despite their efforts; Orihime was captured again, by the man that would later be known as Coyote Starrk, the 1st Espada.

After she was captured, Aizen announced that he will begin the assault on Karakura Town.

Ichigo panicked at the thought of his city being desecrated, but Kenpachi said that the Soul Society had predicted this event, and that they already prepared the countermeasure.

Aizen would be lead to the copy of Karakura Town where The Captains and theVice-Captains from the Gotei 13 would be waiting for them, while the real one would be placed in the Rukongai along with its inhabitants so that they would be safe while the copy acted as a battlefield.

Kenpachi said that the Soul Society will take care of the problem in Karakura so he ordered Ichigo to rescue Orihime.

He went without hesitation, the Exequias, the executioners of the Arrancars who lost their battle, tried to stop him, but Rukia, Renji and Chad hold them off so that he could rescue Orihime.

He managed to get to the upper level of Las Noches where he was confronted with Ulquiorra who broke free from the other dimension, and prevented Ichigo from rescuing Orihime.

And to make things worse, the two Hollow girls, Loly and Menoly who were jealous of Orihime's 'special' treatment by Aizen came and proceed to harass her.

But then, Yammy broke through the wall into the room in which they were fighting, Loly provoked him and proceeds to throw her outside the wall and he would have hurt Orihime had Uryuu didn't interfere.

Then he utilized his traps to blow the floor he was standing on and send Yammy to the grounds of Las Noches.

With Yammy gone and Loly and Menoly's interference were disabled and Uryuu was tasked to protect Orihime, Ichigo resumed his fight with Ulquiorra.

Ichigo was able to fight him on equal ground for a moment, and when he donned his mask, he was able to at least land an attack that managed to rip off his clothes.

But it turns out that Ulquiorra wasn't even serious and he was just letting Ichigo use his powers so that he could show him that even with his hollow powers, Ichigo wasn't a match for him.

Then he used his Resurreccion, Murciélago, that made his power goes multiple-fold, and proceeded to show Ichigo that his powers didn't even match him.

Ichigo persevered, however, an action that aggravated Ulquiorra and made him show his true power; Resurrecion: Segunda Etapa, the second phase of an Arrancar's Resurrecion achieved only by Ulquiorra.

And it was at that moment where Ichigo felt that he was truly helpless.

In front of Orihime who came to the roof of Las Noches because she was worried about Ichigo's well-being, Ulquiorra strangled Ichigo with his tail before he blasted a hole in his chest using his Cero.

Ulquiorra had believed him to be dead, but in a moment where even he couldn't explain, Ichigo's body rose.

However, he looked nothing like him, his face was adorned by a Hollow Mask with four spike-shaped marks, two of them stopped at his forehead, and the rest went past his chin to the hollow hole on his chest, it covers his entire head and it has two horns pointing forward with black stripes extending from their centre towards the tips, his skin was bone-like white, there were red furs encircling his neck, wrists, and ankles and his hair had elongated to the point where it reached his lower back.

And he was far more powerful than Ulquiorra's second stage, he attacked with a ferocity and the brutality of a wild animal that seeks to destroy it's target, in fact, he would've brutally mutilate Ulquiorra if Uryuu didn't interfere.

However, because of his interference, Uryuu was also deemed a target, and Ichigo impaled him with his Tensa Zangetsu.

But despite Ichigo's brutal attacks, Ulquiorra managed to cut off one of his horns when he was off-guard and undo his transformation.

Even though Ichigo insists that they resume the fight, Ulquiorra succumbed to his injuries and was reduced to ashes.

With Orihime rescued, Ichigo went to the Fake Karakura Town to participate in the battle.

In the ground of Las Noches, he fought Yammy whose physical form has gotten bigger than before Kenpachi and Byakuya interfered.

He had intended to help Byakuya and Kenpachi in battling Yammy who turned out to be Espada number zero, but Byakuya reminded him that he is a Shinigami tasked to protect Karakura, therefore it is his job to go to the Human World and defeat Aizen.

Using the Garganta made by Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Ichigo and Unohana, who wants to heal the wounded in the battlefield of the Fake Karakura Town, goes to the Human World.

He literally broke through and tried to assassinate Aizen when he wasn't looking, but it turns out he had predicted it and placed a barrier to protect his back.

The others who remained knows that he is the only one who hasn't seen Aizen's Shikai, therefore, he could be said as their ace in the hole, and decides to band together to defeat Aizen and to give Ichigo a moment to kill him.

But Ichigo could only watch as they were defeated, one by one all of them fell, and despite Soi Fon, Hitsugaya, Shinji and Kyouraku's efforts, all of them were deceived to Stab Hinamori, Aizen's former vice-captain.

Hitsugaya, angered by Aizen's action, attacked him in his rage, leaving them undefended, and enabled Aizen to defeat them all without even breaking a sweat.

At that time, Yamamoto Genryuusai, the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 and the last Shinigami able for combat, decided to defeat Aizen using his Ryujin Jakka, the most powerful Zanpakuto in existence to obliterate Aizen to nothingness.

However, Aizen had also predicted that and created Wonderweiss Margera, an Arrancar created for the sole purpose of sealing Ryujin Jakka's flames.

Despite his disability, Yamamoto managed to defeat Wonderweiss and sealed the explosion caused by his flame's violent release upon Wonderweiss' death and weakening him in the process.

At that moment, Ichigo was the only one left that was able to fight, so he went toe to toe with Aizen.

However, despite the opening provided by Yamamoto sacrificing his arm to make it explode with a sacrificial Kido, Aizen was able to heal thanks to the Hougyoku that he had planted within himself.

But then, Isshin, Ichigo's dad who turned out to be a Shinigami came and fought Aizen along with Urahara Kisuke and Yoruichi Shihouin who came after him.

While they were fighting against Aizen who was had began his cocoon form made by the Hougyoku to change him, Ichigo fought with Gin, who seemed angered and/or disappointed by his choice of words that made him think that he had given up after seeing Aizen's new power.

Despite their efforts, Urahara, Yoruichi and Isshin were defeated effortlessly, and Aizen proceeds to open the Senkaimon to Soul Society to use the souls from the real Karakura town to create the Ouken.

Isshin managed to recover and ordered Ichigo to open the Senkaimon so that they could protect Karakura and the people who lived there.

But when they traversing through the Dangai (Precipice World) they found that the 'Janitor' that served the purpose of preventing something to be there for too long was destroyed by Aizen, Isshin revealed that the flow of time in there is different, allowing Isshin to teach Ichigo the Final Getsuga Tenshou.

Using a technique called Kaikyou Kotei (Realm Boundary Fixation) Isshin stops the Kouryuu(Wresting Flow) so that Ichigo would be able to converse with Zangetsu to teach him the Final Getsuga Tenshou to protect Karakura.

And this is what happened inside his inner world…

After a few moments of meditating, Ichigo finally entered his physical world.

However, he suddenly realized that he was underwater.

He immediately struggle to breath and swam frantically to reach the surface.

However, just when he couldn't hold his breath any longer, a hand pulled him back down.

"Calm down." A voice said to him.

Looking up, Ichigo saw a figure clad in black getup with a hood that hides his face.

"It pains me to even look at you struggling like that while you should be able to breathe"

Ichigo wanted to retort, but he realized that the figure was right, he was able to breathe under the vast body of water.

Looking at Ichigo's surprised face, the figure smirked "How's that?"

A bit embarrassed at his over-reaction, he mumbled "Thanks… But, who are you? I thought that Zangetsu-ossan would be here."

The hooded figure no longer smirked "I'm not surprised you didn't recognize me." He said before he summoned Tensa Zangetsu on his right hand.

"Tensa… Zangetsu?" Ichigo muttered in shock.

The hooded figure then pull back his hood and revealed himself as a young man with short black hair and a stare that reminded Ichigo of Byakuya.

Seeing his still confused expression, the young man said "Still haven't figure it out?" he said before he prepared himself for a combat "Not surprising, after all… this is the first time you came here with your Bankai."

Ichigo's face shows his realization as the black-haired man attack him with his sword.

"Zangetsu! Are you Zangetsu?"

"Wrong, what is the name of your Bankai?"

Ichigo's eyes widened as he realized the young man's name.

"I am… Tensa Zangetsu!" he said as he overpowered him with a single slash of his sword.

After recuperating from his attack Ichigo yelled "Wait a minute Zangetsu-o…!" 'Wait, he's not an old man anymore…'

"Wait a minute Tensa Zangetsu! I didn't come here to fight! I came here to ask you something!"

Tensa Zangetsu looked at him with that cold stare of his "Ask me what? How to unlock the Final Getsuga Tenshou?"

"…You…You know…?" Ichigo said before he narrowly avoided the slash of his sword.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Ichigo yelled.

"I cannot teach you that technique."

Ichigo became confused at that "What? Why? I need it to protect Karakura! My friends and my sisters are there!"

"So?" Zangetsu nonchalantly answered "I do not care what becomes of the things you wish to protect."

"Wha…? What are you talking about?"

Suddenly, the young looking Zangetsu lands in front of him "Because the things that you wish to protect are not what I want to protect."

"…What do you mean by that? I thought you lend me your power so that I would be able to protect those that I care about? Then why did you lend me your powers before?"

Tensa Zangetsu closed his eyes and sighed "Do you not get it yet?"

"Get what?"

He opened his eyes "The reason I lend you my powers isn't for you to be powerful to protect your loved ones, it never was, I lend you my power for you to be able to defeat those who stands in your way, and to be able to defend yourself whenever you find yourself in a situation that could endanger you."

It hit him as he now realized what he meant "So… it was to… protect me?"

He nodded "Yes."

"Then… the reason you refuse to teach me that technique is because of that?"

Tensa Zangetsu smiled faintly at Ichigo's insight "Yes."

"Why? What's the danger in learning that?"

Seeing his confused expression, he elaborates "The Final Getsuga Tenshou is my last resort, it allows you to be the essence of the technique itself, meaning you will be the embodiment of the destructive force of what made me."

Without leaving Ichigo a time for question, he continued "But that great power doesn't come without a cost, because of the great amount of Reiatsu that flows through your body, it will destroy your ability to emit Reiatsu, meaning; if you use that technique, you will lose your Shinigami powers. Permanently."


Tensa Zangetsu nodded "Exactly, it is a great sacrifice to make, a sacrifice I do not wish for you to do, because if you lose your Shinigami powers, I will be trapped within your inner world with no means to communicate with you."

Seeing the repercussion he could bring to Zangetsu, the idea of using the technique isn't so fine and dandy anymore "But… then, how could I defeat Aizen? If he's not stopped then every battle that I have fought for will be for nothing." Ichigo said despondently

Both of them went silent before Tensa Zangetsu spoke first "Maybe there is a way…"

Ichigo perked up "Really?"

Without warning, Tensa Zangetsu pierced his chest with his bare hand.

"Wha…" Ichigo said breathlessly.

Then as Ichigo screamed in pain, he pulled his hand, but he also took something from Ichigo's chest.

Ichigo clutched his chest, but he was surprised to saw his unblemished skin at the spot where he was pierced, it was as if nothing happened.

But when he lifted his head, he saw someone else in his vision, someone, or something that he had never seen before in his life but somewhat familiar.

The new figure was wearing a similar outfit to his Bankai with the color inverted, he also wore a mask that bears a similarity to what Ichigo's hollow form wore, albeit with the colors inverted along with long hair that reached to his waist.

"What's the matter?" The figure asked.

'That warped voice… no, it can't be!'

"Jeez… you just couldn't get a hint could ya?" The masked figure asked as he pulled his mask back "It's been quite a while… King." He said as he showed his face that is adorned with the maniacal grin that Ichigo could identify with his hollow self.

"You… how did you…? I thought I had defeated you!"

His hollow self frowned in disappointment "I said it before didn't I? If you want to control my power, you'd better stay alive… until the next time I appear."

Remembering his exact words, Ichigo frowned "Then… why do you appear now?"

The hollow chuckled "Don't ask me, ask the pretty boy over there, he's the one who brought me here again."

Ichigo looked at Zangetsu who seemed to be contemplating whether to beat the hollow mercilessly or to obliterate him completely.

But he controlled himself before he answered "It is an idea that I have, an inspiration, if you will, for you to properly control our powers."

Ichigo was surprised and pleased to hear that there is another way to become more powerful, but somehow his hollow side got a bit giddy.

Well, as twistedly giddy a Hollow could get anyway.

Ignoring the giddy looks from Ichigo's Hollow, Zangetsu continued "It is a theory, but it is possible that we could slowly let your body get used to the pressure of the amount of Reiatsu that the technique would give… the solution is for us to…"

"Hey, can I say it?" 'Shiro' said giddily.

Zangetsu sighed exasperatedly, it's as if he knew this was coming "Yes, you may…"

Despite Ichigo's confused look, the hollow cleared his throat before… "We combine!" Ichigo's hollow side yelled enthusiastically as he pumped his fist up in the air.

Awkward silence.

Ichigo looked at his hollow self incredulously "That anime left an everlasting impression didn't it?" he asked Zangetsu

Tensa Zangetsu sighed "You have no idea… you might not get any feedback from him after you pushed him to the deepest corner of your mind, but I can still hear his voice… the first few times it's kind of endearing, but now it gets annoying."

Hollow Ichigo scowled "What? You have no idea how long I wanted the right moment to say the quote from that man, that man is a god, I tell ya! It's a pity that he died so early on, I mean, his brother did continue his legacy and all, but without him, the show is nothing I tell you, Nothing! "

Ichigo could only sigh as he gestured Zangetsu to continue.

"As he said before, the solution is for us to merge completely with you, increasing your power multiple fold than before, and enables you to defeat Aizen without losing it in the process."

Sensing that there's something else that he hid, he asked "But…?"

"But in return, you'll lose us, our powers would stay with you, but we won't exist in your inner world anymore."

"…Wait, so in return for me to properly control this power without losing it, I'll have to lose you guys?"


"Wha… then how is this different than before?"

"It is different because even though we maybe gone, we would entrust ourselves within you, for us to merge means that we would live on as you, instead of being trapped forever without the ability to even speak with you or know the outside world through your eyes."

Ichigo realized that this might be his only way of getting more powerful without sacrificing his powers in the process, despite losing Zangetsu, whom he sees as a mentor of some sort, when they combine, it's as if he will take him along for the ride.

And despite his initial hatred towards his hollow side, when he thought about his actions, it was all for him to always be prepared to fight, and to let himself revel in it rather than looking for a reason to fight while sometimes there might not be one.

All in all, they have been a great teacher to him, despite their rather… less than pleasant treatment.

Ichigo sighed like a man who had resigned his fate "…Alright… let's do this."

The hollow smirked as he finished saying that "I'll go first then." He said as he pulled out his sword.

Ichigo took a step back in surprise "Whoa, whoa, what do you think you're doing?"

"Che, what else? You said that you want us to merge right? Well this…" he said as he disappeared with a slight booming noise.

Suddenly the white sword was pierced through Ichigo's back, Ichigo looked behind his shoulder and saw his hollow self grinning maniacally as he stabbed him "…Is the way it would work."

"He's right Ichigo, let me ask you this; do you feel any pain?" Tensa Zangetsu asked as he calmly walked closer to Ichigo.

"N-no…" He answered, surprised that he wasn't in pain as he should be.

"Our sword is a representation of your power, therefore it can't truly hurt you." He said as he stabbed Ichigo from the front with his black sword. "However, I suspect that the act of our merging is going to hurt you a little bit." He said as he and the hollow starts to fade away

The hollow then started laughing "Haahahaha! That's right, so prepare yourself for a world of pain King!"

Ichigo closed his eyes and screamed as the most painful of feelings surged through his body and the remnants of the Hollow and Zangetsu starts to swirl around and covered his body with it.


Isshin had halted the flow of the Dangai for nearly a half an hour, it looks like Ichigo had entered his Inner World, but somehow, the violent reaction that Isshin was expecting didn't occur so Isshin was terribly worried.

'What the hell is going on? Why doesn't Zangetsu retaliate yet? If he's in his inner world right now then why isn't he reacting at all?'

However, after a few moments, Ichigo's head suddenly jolted up and he started screaming, his eyes are opened but there were no pupils as it glows with blue light along with his mouth.

Suddenly, the Dangai itself reacted to Ichigo's energy as the Kouryuu suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree.

From Ichigo's body, the light in his eyes and mouth then started to glow brighter and brighter before exploding in a brilliant show of light, prompting Isshin to close his eyes to shield himself from the light.

When the light died down, Isshin opened his eyes only to see an empty spot where Ichigo once sat.

Someplace else in the current of time…


The terrified scream of one Ichigo Kurosaki could be heard from the bottom of the hole in which he was bounded by Tessai, Urahara's assistant.

He screamed as the chain of fate had started to gnaw itself in the state that's called the corrosion, and if the chain went out, he would become a Hollow.

"Damn it, damn it! Take it off, take this disgusting thing off!" he said as he frantically tried to scrape the chain off of him…

"That won't do Kurosaki-san… If I were to try and stop it…"

…Only for it to gnaw at Ichigo's stomach.

"…Even I would be eaten."

As Ichigo writhe in pain, Urahara explained the purpose of the hole "The process started from where the chain was cut, and it usually takes months or years. However, the bottom of this hole is filled with a gas that will make the process faster… when you're in there, the time limit 'till your transformation to full Hollow… would be 72 hours, or 3 days at most."

"So please turn into a Shinigami before that time, because if you don't… we will be forced to kill you."

Ichigo was angry and afraid at what Urahara said "You… bastard… you would kill me?"

"If you give up and didn't succeed, then it is what I must do." Urahara replied simply as he starts to walk away.

'Forgive me Kurosaki-san… this is the only way… but knowing you, I know you can get through this.' He thought solemnly "Jinta, Ururu, please bring Ichigo and Tessai meals three times per day would you?"

Both of them nodded as Urahara starts to walk back to his shop.

However, as he was two steps shy from the ladder that leads to his shop, the Reiatsu around the room thickened to the point where Urahara widened his eyes at the massively dominating feeling.

Turning back to the hole where he had put Ichigo into, he could almost see the smoke of Reiatsu that flows from beneath it.

'Impossible, it shouldn't be this fast…!' Urahara thought before a pillar made of light shoots up into the ceiling.

Seeing Ururu and Jinta who is suffocating from the thickness of the Reiatsu, Urahara used Shunpo (Flash Step) to shield them from the violent Reiatsu.

Unheard through the deafening sound that was made by the pillar of energy was a blood-curling scream unlike something that a human nor Hollow could make.

When the pillar slowly fades away, Urahara looked upon the shaft that is now smoking as if a fire had burned through it.

As it slowly dispersed, a silhouette could be seen amidst the billowing smoke screen that fogged Urahara's vision.

It was a silhouette of a man, that is for sure, but from his physique, it was clear that the figure was not Tessai, he is almost as tall as Tessai, but his musculature doesn't qualify as he's a lot thinner.

The smoke cleared, and Urahara was shocked at what he saw.

The man had long black hair that reached to his waist. His eyes are brown with a stare that shows his elegance and power, his body was lean-built, and he wore an ankle-length black coat with ragged ends, the clothing he wore has a long sleeve on his left arm while his right was left sleeveless, however, instead of a sleeve, his right arm was wrapped with gray bandages that covered the whole arm, and the bandages could also be seen beneath the low V-cut collar of his Shihakusho.

Urahara was extremely shocked to feel the intimidating aura that the man gives off with his presence, the ones he could remember being capable of such a thing was the old man Yamamoto, and Yoruichi or Unohana on a bad day.

The man looked confused as he scanned his surroundings, but then his sight landed on Urahara.

"Geta-boshi? Why are you here?"

Now Urahara becomes confused, the man spoke to him in a familiar manner but Urahara never remembered meeting him before.

"…I'm sorry… Have we been acquainted before?"

Urahara saw him frown in what appears to be an expression of even more confusion "What the hell are you on about? Yeah we have met before, it's me, Ichigo."

The pale blonde man's eyes widened in surprise "K-Kurosaki-san…?"

"Yeah it's me, who else do you think I am?"

"Um…" Urahara unsurely started "Forgive me if I'm mistaken Kurosaki-san… but… you look nothing like… well, you."

"What are you…?" He said before he noticed the fringes of his hair.

His black hair.

"What the hell…? How did I…" He stopped as the realization hit him, 'It must be the side effect of the merging… but… where am I? This is clearly not the Dangai where I was just meditating…'

He scanned his surroundings again and realized where he is "Geta-Boshi… what am I doing in your training room?"

"…You don't… remember?"

"Remember what?"

"You are here to regain your Shinigami powers to rescue your friend, Rukia Kuchiki who is being imprisoned by Soul Society as of now." Urahara reminded him.

Ichigo threw him an incredulous look "Wait, what? I thought I had already rescued her. What are you on about you mad scientist?"

"Er… Well, as I recall, she is still imprisoned, in fact I just threw you down that shaft for you to overcome the Hollowfication and become a Shinigami in the process."

Ichigo looked back at the hole where he jumped from and realized that this is the same situation that he found himself in when he was trying to regain his powers, the first time he learned his Zanpakuto's name and it's Shikai.

'Did I… did I just travel back in time…?' He thought frantically.

As he stood speechless, Urahara took the chance to ask him "Ano… Kurosaki-san?"


"Are you alright? You're spacing out for a second there…"

"Um… I… Well…" He babbled before he sighed 'No, I'm not alright, I should be fighting Aizen right now, what would happen to my friends back there?'

But then, he realize that now he has traveled into the past, what happened there doesn't really matter anymore, and there's no possible way for him to 'return' to the future, but now that he is in the past, there is more time than ever for him to get stronger.

'And besides, I might be able to change some things in the process…'

He looked upon Urahara with a confident expression "No need to worry about me Geta-boshi, I'm alright."

Urahara was a bit unsure for a second but he shrugged it off as he let go of the two children that he protected "Well, if you're sure…" he said as he calmed the kids down and gestured them to move aside "Now then, it seems that you survive the Hollowfication! Now, it's time for the final test!" Urahara said cheerfully while his mind is still trying to figure out the sudden inflation in Ichigo's Reiatsu level.

"Um…no, Actually…" He said before he stopped to think 'Hm… might as well humor him…' he thought mischievously.

Ichigo then smashed his right fist to his left palm as he was pumped up for the test "Yeah I'm ready, bring on the test!"

"Um… You kind of need your Zanpakuto here… where's yours?"

"Huh… you know, I didn't notice that. Hold on, let me try something…" Ichigo said as he closed his eyes, extending his right hand as if there was something there, and imagining Zangetsu to materialize.

Unnoticed by him, the gray bandages on his right arm emitted black smoky substance that slowly formed into a Daito on Ichigo's hand.

When he felt the sword in his right hand, Ichigo opened his eyes and saw that it was similar to its Bankai form, however, it is much longer length-wise, almost as long as a Nodachi, the Manji-shaped hilt is elongated and a lot thinner, and the grip is now covered with gray bandages that are connected to his arm.

However, when he holds his sword, the feeling was different, he didn't feel Zangetsu's soul radiating through it anymore, it feels as if the sword is just an extension of his soul that is designed for combat.

It didn't feel empty, it felt…


And he somewhat liked the feeling.

"How… how did you do that?" Asked Jinta who was the only one capable of speech when they saw him materialize his sword.

Ichigo, noticing the befuddled looks from the spectators consisting Urahara, Jinta, Ururu, and Tessai who had climbed out of the hole, answered sheepishly "Um… out of instinct?"

Shaking his head to re-focus himself, Urahara continued "Regardless of your… unique ability to summon your Zanpakuto… the final test is for you to use your Zanpakuto to cut down my hat, if you can do that, then I can say that you are ready to infiltrate Soul Society!" He said happily.

However, Ichigo grinned and said "Forget cutting it down, how about I take your hat without my Zanpakuto?"

"Be my guest Kurosaki-san! There is no time limit though, so take your time!" Urahara cheerfully said.

Suddenly, Ichigo literally vanished from his line of sight.

"Ne, Geta-boshi!"

Hearing the sound of Ichigo calling him, Urahara turned towards his voice to see that Ichigo is now more than fifty feet away from him, and on his right hand, he holds his hat and twirling it with his index finger.

"Looks like I win, eh?"


And… Cut! That's a wrap.

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