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Dedicated completely to my wonderful twin Ella-Beth (matt-smiths) for Christmas, even though it's late and this isn't her actual present. But it was entirely her idea for me to write a Victoire/Eleven, and I'm writing her an actual one, promise, but this freeverse is the best I could do in a timely manner. This isn't exactly what's happening in the real fic, but it's a pretty good gist ;)

Oh, and I should probably mention, if you haven't gathered already, this is a Doctor Who crossover, set in the era of the Eleventh Doctor.

looking at the stars,
it's a little like…
dreaming of the impossible
don't you think?


you still do it, of course
everyone does
the stars represent so much
possibility & hope & magic

by the sea, you can sit and stare
watching the stars for hours
nothing compares to the beauty
not even you,
pretty little veela that you are

because you may have those
silken blonde curls & bright blue eyes
long legs, ivory skin, a body to die for

but the stars hold the universe

human beauty can't even
hope to measure up


they make you wonder, stars do
of worlds out there, of life
are we alone on earth?
is there something more?

and one night, you find out

it's a week after teddy's
broken your heart
and sitting by the sea
keeps you from crying

the waves crash,
gently, gently
on the sea shore
high above, stars shimmer

it's a magical kind of night

you sit on the sand,
eyes closed, heart closed
hoping for a miracle
wishing on stars you can't see

and then, like a prayer,
it crash-lands in the sea
a big blue box
what's it doing here?

you investigate


there's a man inside
he's called the doctor
he's charming, but odd
you're not quite sure what to think

he tells you this is the TARDIS
(all capitalized, for some reason)
and that it can take you anywhere
a n y w h e r e

temptation runs thick & heavy
in the chill of the evening
it would be ohsoeasy
to just – run a w a y

his smile is kind,
his eyes are bright,
you take his hand –
and there's a shout

it's teddy, blue hair and wide eyes
you've never been less happy to see him
he asks you to come home,
no, he doesn't trust the doctor

and so that seals it
you turn away and take two steps
and you're in the TARDIS

it's more than you've ever dreamed


out here, so far away from home
it's like a dream come true
the TARDIS soars through the skies
and the doctor laughs, and you are happy

planets line the heavens,
glittering and spinning,
glowing amongst stars
just so glorious

it's beyond the wildest imagination,
the places you can go –
the people you can see –
the person you could be

the doctor takes you to visit
all manners of different planets
so many nations, so many worlds
so many l i v e s, all touched by him

he's really something special
he'll sit with you on the edge of the TARDIS
legs dangling into space,
stars swirling by

and he'll take your hand and promise you
"next time we visit a planet,
we won't bother saving it."
and you laugh, because it's a lie
and such a familiar one, by now

the doctor, he'll save anyone
even those who don't deserve it
even you – and you deserved it least of all

you were just a girl
lonely and broken-hearted
searching for an escape
but you didn't deserve one as magnificent as this

(and you didn't deserve a friend
quite as amazing as him)

and yet, he's lonely, too
so you teach him how to tango
and you dance around the TARDIS
and you save exotic planets

and it's perfect, perfect

until one day you kiss him


it's an accident, mostly
the two of you, in the library
laughing and joking, and –
he's suddenly very close

the book you'd been holding
pressed between your chests
drops slowly – s l o w l y
almost as slowly as he leans

and then his lips are on yours
and you can taste the galaxies

it's everything you've seen yet
all the stars and moons and magic
rolled into a kiss that leaves you
b r e a t h l e s s

you pull back; he smiles,
a little hesitant,
and suddenly, too suddenly –
"i want to go home."


it's not that you don't love him
because you do
it's just there's something in you aching
(maybe it's for closure)

he kisses you again,
then turns the TARDIS around
it hurtles through space and time
through magic and mayhem, wars and peace

you take a deep breath
try to relax, victoire –
it'll all be fine

you're only seeing him
him…and the rest of the family
how long has it been?
are they worried?

…do they miss you?

it's so easy to lose track of time
spiraling through galaxies
saving civilizations
and loving every moment

so easy to forget
that you have a family back home
parents, a brother, a sister, cousins –
would they miss you at all?

did they even notice you were gone?

well, you'll find out.


they noticed.

they definitely noticed.
as soon as you walk into the room
you're attacked; all the adults and all the kids
screaming over each other, trying to guilt you,
to make you tell them where you were

you stay silent, accepting their hugs
because what can you say?
oh yes terribly sorry
i was out saving the universe


but then the doctor walks in
and all goes silent

and immediately teddy demands
"who the hell is that?"
it's the most ironic thing you've heard yet
teddy, getting jealous of the doctor
when he'd dumped you for lily

the doctor explains,
and everyone is still more quiet

because oh, you're just pretty little victoire
you're not supposed to go around
saving the universe

you're supposed to sit at home
mope over teddy, maybe cook
you're not supposed to live your life,
are you?

but it's not like the doctor cares
he likes you for you
and that's more important
than the way lily's hand rests on teddy's leg

they beg you to come home
to leave the strange man
to reunite with teddy, forgive lily
like hell

you take the doctor's hand
and walk out


out there, between all the planets
between stars and space and time
between magic and miracles
this is where you belong

who's to say impossible dreams can't come true?

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