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Chapter 4: Gifted

Mid- July had come around quicker then Jake would have liked. Walking home, after a long day of training, he was greeted by his son's yell of greeting as the boy ran out to greet him.

"Hey, little man." Jake laughed as he scooped his son into his arms.

"Hi daddy." Neyake smiled. Jake smiled back at him as he walked into the lamp-lit tree.

"Daddy!" Jake frowned and looked up to Graycee hanging from a rafter. Jake was quick to put Neyake down and caught his daughter in his arms. She giggled knowing that her father wasn't angry.

"Hi baby." Jake smiled. Graycee giggled before she kissed her father's cheek. Jake smiled again and returned the gesture. On the floor, Neyake scowled up at his sister. He was overly jealous of all the attention she was getting.

"Me too! Me too!" the little prince pouted as he plopped down at his father's feet with his little arms crossed.

"Neyake, your father cannot spend all of his time with you. There is enough of him to share." Neytiri said as she emerged from her and Jake's room and went over to scoop her son up off the floor.

"Hi." Jake said with a smile that was aimed at solely Neytiri. She beamed back before kissing him on the cheek.

"How was your day?" she asked as she led the way over to the fire she had lit about half an hour before sitting down.

"Fine. If you count get your ass whopped by Norm." The twins squealed at the mention of their uncle whom Jake often teased by saying that the twins spent more time with him then with their own father.

"No way," Neytiri said in surprise as Neyake settled into her lap. "Norm beat you? That is a first."

"Yeah. It took me by surprise too. He was the last person I expected to beat me."

"He is learning to be a warrior, my Jake. He was bound to beat you one day. Even if it did take a few years to do." Neytiri told him gently. She knew that he was more surprised by his best friend's newfound gift.

"Yeah, I know. It was just unexpected. You have to give the guy credit. He's juggling training and being second-in-command of the Avatar program. He deserves this. Hu'tu wants to promote him so that he has the same status as me." Jake caught the look on Neytiri's face before explaining. "He won't be a Toruk Makto like me. He'll just be a war leader. My second-in-command so to speak."

Neytiri smiled before she looked away.

"Hey," Jake said gently reaching across to take her chin between his fingers. "What's wrong?" Neytiri pursed her lips. "Honey, I know you too well." Neytiri could see the gentleness in Jake's eyes. Looking down at their daughter who was peering up at her. She decided to voice her concern.

"I have a feeling that something is going to happen. I do not like it."

"Honey, are your maternal instincts kicking in again?" Neytiri's bottom lip trembled as she nodded. "Sweetheart, the twins are going to be fine. You know I won't let anything happen to them." A small smile slid across Neytiri's face. As the pair exchanged loving looks, they missed Graycee crawling out of her father's lap.

Neyake watched his sister's every movement. He watched as Graycee focused on her favourite toy that they had been fighting over only moments beforehand as it floated into her hands. She grinned at her brother. The little prince tapped his mother on the knee hence breaking her trance.

Neytiri looked down at her son to see him looking up at her. She turned to see her daughter with a huge smile on her face. Her hair was floating in mid air, leaving her mother greatly confused.

"Jake." Jake turned his head in the direction of their daughter to see what Neytiri was seeing.

"Oh my god. Graycee." Graycee dropped her toy. Her lip trembled. Jake hurried over to her. "Do you wanna tell daddy and mama what you were doing?" he asked the little princess.

"I make things fly." Graycee whimpered.

"Honey, we're not angry. We just want to know how you did that." Jake told her gently.

"I no know." Graycee shook her head.

Jake looked at Neytiri who was now crouched at his side. "I'll go see your mother. Maybe she knows something." Neytiri frowned not knowing whether to let him go. Mo'at still hated him for 'stealing' Neytiri away from Tsu'tey.

"I will go. I don't want you to get on mother's bad side." Neytiri got to her feet.

"You sure?" Neytiri nodded. "Okay, well take Graycee with you. You'll need proof otherwise your mother will think we made the whole thing up." Neytiri sighed as she scooped Graycee into her arms.

"Be back soon." Neytiri kissed Jake on the cheek as she headed out the door.

Once Neytiri and Graycee had disappeared out the door, Jake looked at his son. "It's just you and me for now, kiddo." Neyake looked up at his father.

Neytiri carried Graycee down to her mother. As much as she still loved her mother, Neytiri loved Jake more and her family was more important then her mother's hate towards the man she had given her entire life as a princess up for. Sighing, she edged ever closer to her mother's quarters.

Stopping at the doorway to the alcove, Neytiri shifted her daughter in her arms before knocking on the outer wall. It only took a second for Mo'at to appear at the doorway.

"Daughter, I see you." Mo'at said in greeted.

Neytiri didn't reply. Mo'at understood and stepped aside to allow her wayward daughter and her beloved granddaughter to enter her home. Once the trio was settled, only then did Neytiri speak a word to her mother.

"Jake and I need your help, mother. It has to do our daughter." Mo'at could hear the worry in her daughter's voice. She looked down at her granddaughter who was sitting comfortably in her mother's lap.

"What can I help you with my daughter?" Mo'at asked with a nod.

Neytiri looked down at her daughter. "Graycee," she said gently. "Show your grandmother what you showed your father and I." Graycee gazed up at her mother before she turned her eyes to her grandmother. A cheeky smile crossed her face. She waved a little hand at one of the logs in front of the fire and it started to levitate. Mo'at gasped as the log fell back into place.

"I never thought this would happen." Mo'at muttered under her breath.

"What? Answer me mother!" Neytiri ordered.

"Before the birth of the twins, there was prophecy made." Mo'at answered.

"What prophecy?" Neytiri demanded of her mother. She hated how her mother had known about this all this time and had not told her about it.

Mo'at sighed before continuing. "The prophecy states that a set of twins born to a princess and a Toruk Makto would come into," she paused and considered her next words carefully. "Special gifts. I do not know the rest of the prophecy."

Neytiri was utterly speechless. This was going to change her children's lives. She knew only too well how Jake was going to react. Without another word, Neytiri got up and carried her daughter home.

"They have what?" Jake said loudly.

"Not so loud. You will wake them," Neytiri hissed. "Mother said they have special gifts."

"When she said special does she mean what Graycee showed us?"

Neytiri couldn't be sure. "I am not sure but I think so."

Jake sighed not sure what to say next. He looked up to see that Neytiri was struggling not to cry.

"I am afraid, Jake. What will become of them?" she wept as Jake gathered her in his arms.

"Don't worry. We'll get through this. Together." He told her.

Walking into the twins' room, Neytiri pulled the blankets back over Neyake that he had kicked away in his sleep. She kissed his forehead before stepped over to say goodnight to Graycee while Jake watched from the doorway. Kissing their daughter's forehead, Neytiri silently stepped out of the room and back to Jake.

"How are they?" he whispered.

"Fine and you say that I worry too much." She smiled before hugging him more tightly then she had before.

"Come on, we'd better some sleep." Jake gently pulled her towards their room. Neytiri couldn't contain her giggles.

Over the next few months, Jake became use to the idea of the twins having supernatural gifts. In fact, he enjoyed it. He enjoyed teasing Neytiri about it, which greatly annoyed her.

"Jake, will you give it a rest?" Grace hissed. Jake jumped. He had been spending the afternoon with his friends while Neytiri had her time with the twins.

"What? I was only saying that it would be great if Graycee could fly."

Norm rolled his eyes. "Jake, she's not a Ikran. She won't have the ability to fly. Ever seen Star Wars?"

"Ah, who hasn't?"

"Jedi couldn't fly and neither will Graycee so stop imagining it."

"What? A father can dream can't he?" Jake asked clearly not amused by his friend's comments.

There was an awkward silence before Bec spoke up.

"Okay, gentlemen, ladies if you don't mind, I would like to talk about my niece and nephew with comfort. Not awkwardness thanks." She said curtly.

"She's my daughter so I don't think you should be complaining." Jake narrowed his eyes at his sister. "Besides, I think she is rather gifted and from what Neytiri managed to get out of her mother, the gift is rare and part of a prophecy."

More silence fell over the friends.

"A prophecy?" asked Grace. "What did it say?"

"Neytiri said Mo'at only knew some of it. I think that's a load of crap to be honest." Jake told her. He had never bothered to show his dislike for his mother-in-law and her meddling ways.

Grace pondered over this for a moment. "Maybe she does know only some of it. From my knowledge and research, I found that the Na'vi are quite secretive when it comes to their spiritual following. Eywa can be very secretive when she wants to be." Jake nodded. Grace had had a lot more experience with the Na'vi then he did and was forever grateful for her wisdom and knowledge. He did however take this into consideration.

"Maybe you're right, Grace. Why would she lie about something as big as that? Especially if it concerns her only granddaughter?"

Grace shrugged which was followed by even more silence, which meant brains working overtime to figure out the answer. When there was no answer after a silence of five minutes, Jake took that as an indication that he should go.

"I gotta go. Neytiri's expecting me home and if I'm not there soon she'll skin me alive." He got up and patted his sister on the head.

"Give her my love, okay?" Bec called.

"Will do!" Jake called back over this shoulder. With that he was gone.

Jake entered his seaside tree home with only seconds to spare. Neytiri sat at the fire with a restrained Graycee in her lap. With a frown, Jake walked over to them with extreme caution. Crouching down at Neytiri's side, he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Just in time." She said as she turned her head to face him.

"Just in time for what?" he asked as he pecked her on the cheek.

"For controlling our daughter. She is out of control." Neytiri handed Graycee over to him and sprung to her feet before heading to their room.

"Wait, what did she…do?" Jake said in confusion but Neytiri had disappeared into their room before she could answer him. Looking down at his little girl, he scooped her in his arms and got to his feet. He walked her to the room she shared with her brother and was shocked with what he saw.

Rafters were positioned at virtually impossible angles and the room was a mess. Under all the carnage, Neyake had managed to sleep through it. Jake looked at his daughter.

"Honey," he whispered. "What did you do to make mama upset and why is the room a mess?"

"I no mean to, daddy," Graycee sniffed. "I cannot control gift. Curse." Her little eyes watered with tears.

"Oh honey," Jake sighed as he carried her over to the bed. "I know you can't control your gift but it is not a curse. It is a blessing."

"No!" Graycee pouted. "Curse." Jake sniggered softly.

"Sweetheart," he said as he gently pulled Graycee into his lap. "This is a gift. Use it for good."

"How?" Graycee sniffed. "I only hurt people."

"I will help you to use it. So will your mother and your brother." Jake told her. She looked up. She smiled a watery smile before hugging her father.

"I love you daddy." She mumbled into her father's chest.

Jake's arms tightened around her. "I love you too, Gray," Graycee looked up and pulled out of her father's embrace. "Now get some sleep, okay?" Graycee nodded and crawled over to where her pillow sat. She pulled the blankets back and climbed into bed. Neytiri entered the room a moment later.

"Night night, mama." Graycee said sweetly.

"Goodnight, baby." Neytiri smiled as she stepped over to kiss her daughter goodnight. Kissing Graycee on the forehead, Neytiri then walked over to where Neyake still lay asleep. Graycee climbed under the covers and laid down.

Jake watched as Neytiri said her goodnights to their son and watched as the boy slept on. Graycee on the other hand, lay there watching her brother sleep. From the corner of his eye, Jake could see Graycee's toothy grin brighten. He grinned and turned to her. Graycee pulled the blankets over her head as soon she saw her father turn toward her. Her giggles were muffled under the covers.

"I wonder if our little girl is really asleep," Jake said to Neytiri. She knew that he was trying to lure their daughter out of hiding. "If she's not I'm going to have to get the tickle monster onto her." He lunged forward and began his tickle assault. Graycee squealed under the covers. Neytiri leaned forward and pulled the blankets back to reveal her giggling little daughter.

"No more daddy!" the little princess squealed louder.

"Say goodnight, daddy first," Jake said as he continued to tickle her. His fingers were starting to get sore but he didn't stop.

Graycee was so out of the breath from laughing that she struggled to get the words out. "Goodnight daddy!" Jake stopped tickling her.

"That's better, isn't it?" Jake said as Graycee regained steady breathing. Graycee nodded. Jake smiled and leaned down to kiss her forehead. "Goodnight, little one." He whispered. Neytiri reached forward and kissed her daughter on the forehead again.

"Goodnight again, my little one. Sleep otherwise your father is going to have to tickle you again." Neytiri said with a smile.

"No tickle!" Graycee cried softly, pulling the blankets over her head again. Her father chuckled softly to avoid waking up his now snoring son. Graycee pulled the blankets down from over her head and snuggled into them. Her eyelids became heavy and her eyes slowly shut.

Jake gently tucked her in and allowed Neytiri to lead him from the room. Once they were lying in bed, listening their son's distant snores, Neytiri lifted her head from Jake's chest and beamed up at him.

"What?" he asked as he beamed in return.

"I cannot believe that our little girl has a gift." She sighed. She seemed almost frightened as reality finally hit her.

Jake stroked her cheek. "She believes that this gift is a curse." He told her in a low, gentle voice.

"Why does she think that?" Neytiri asked as Jake continued to caress her cheek.

"She thinks that she hurts people with it."

"What did you tell her?"

"I told her that it was not a curse and that we would help her control it."

"Wise words." Neytiri said; a smile crept across her perfect moonlit face.

"It was good wasn't it? It's not everyday that I can use whatever wisdom I have." Neytiri sniggered before she leaned in to kiss him.

"What was that for?" He asked after she had broken the kiss.

She shrugged. "My way of thanking you for making our daughter feel better about herself."

"Mmm. I'm glad I can I help her. I am her father after all and I know that we can do it. As a family, I know we can."

"Indeed, my love but I think we can achieve this by getting some sleep. We have been up longer then most nights tonight." She said gently.

"You're right," Jake said a yawn escaped him. "We will think of something." Neytiri returned her head to the comfort of his chest. "See you in the morning."

"Good night." Neytiri said as her eyes drifted shut.

To be Continued…