1. Inuyasha the anime is not and will not be mine but I will make a plea to Rumiko

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2. Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21 - Andante "Elvira Madigan" is also not mine but this is a

favorite and I have imagined Kagome dancing to this.

Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21 - Andante "Elvira Madigan"


(not mine)


It was another day in the castle. Rin came over to join her for breakfast and to inquire about her general health and update her about what's happening around the castle after which Kagome had been left to her own devices. Shippo had returned to his training but promised his mother to secure a pass from his sensei through Sesshoumaru so he could visit her from time to time. After a tearful goodbye Kagome felt a little sad but happy as well.

She would have wanted to go with Rin's patrol but the girl had not been given word to allow Kagome out of the shiro since her father had been busy. The girl assured the miko that she could explore the grounds and go wherever she wants in the shiro especially the library or the dojo or the steam baths.

"Steam baths?" the miko squealed in delight, her eyes alight and a big smile halving her face. "Rin, let's go there after your patrol…please?" the older woman joined her hands in supplication.

Rin giggled at the infectious happiness of the miko. Really, Kagome-neechan is like a small child on occasion. "Of course, neechan, I will be back after nightfall and a trip to the baths is a great idea!"

She bade goodbye to Rin at the castle gate as the captain left with the soldiers for their routine patrol. When the gate had closed Kagome suddenly felt so alone as she made her way back to the main residential buildings.

As she was passing by some of the stone buildings she espied her Hummer parked under the awning outside the armory. She smiled with joy as she rushed over to the big beast of a machine, now her only link to the future. The guards bowed but didn't say anything when she approached the metal monstrosity but their curious eyes followed her as she removed the protective covering of the jeep to give it a once over then sat in the driver's seat with her feet dangling outside.

I wonder if I could ever go back to my time...Oh! The miko was startled out of her reverie. The professor and the others must be so worried about me! I just disappeared in the middle of the desert, jeep and all; they must have thought I've been abducted by aliens or something! Oh, and mom and Sota and grandfather! I miss them all and they too must be worried sick. Kagome bit her lip as tears clouded her eyes as she leaned her head on the leather seat

But now the well's closed and still presumably closed therefore Kagome had no choice but to stay here under Sesshoumaru's good graces.

Where could he be? She sighed, thinking of the daiyoukai. He must be so busy… It has been two days since she'd seen Sesshoumaru; two days since they had a fight, two days since she had almost beaten him black and blue, two days since they had made up and…the miko looked at the horizon and smiled with a wistful look in her eyes…


I think there was a question I was supposed to answer…what was that? "Tell me, truly, miko, why you want my trust?" Ah, yes…silly of me to forget, Kagome thought.

"I…I want you…" she breathlessly began as for some strange phenomenon her body began to lean towards the daiyoukai…oh, gosh his lips….! Sesshoumaru's hand also began its way up to cup Kagome's cheek.


The two beings who were about to be lost in the Newtonian theory regarding impulse; a concept frequently used in the analysis of collisions and impacts of two closely gravitating bodies, with the voices in their heads gleefully cheering at the inevitable meeting of their lips…. abruptly came to a grinding screeching halt at the rude interruption.

Had Sesshoumaru not recognized the voice bearing it would have been reduced to small smoldering pieces by his whip; but the Kami had bestowed grace upon the intruder and fortunately his association with the Western lord saved his life.

Takuma, lord of the Northern lands, Second Cardinal and godfather to Rin, would blessedly never knew how such salient facts had saved his life alone for the Western lord had a murderous look in his eyes when the daiyoukai turned his head in his direction.

"By heavens! You are a hard youkai to find Sesshoumaru! So this is where I'll find you…" Takuma felt his voice trail away as the Northern lord's eyes fell on the second occupant in the room when the Western lord straightened up. "Oh! A thousand apologies!" The Northern lord quickly understood and he began to back away from the room.

"Wait, my lord!" The feminine voice called out and halted his hasty exit in the corridor.

The woman came out of the room holding a blanket around her shoulders like the cape of a queen. "My lord, welcome. Please come in. My name is Kagome." The woman bowed to him in proper deference.

"Thank you, my lady. I am Takuma." Takuma beheld before him the reason for Sesshoumaru's absence in the Judgment Hall. He took the time to feast his eyes on the beauty in front of him until the woman blushed at his scrutiny and a low growl from the daiyoukai made him look back at Sesshoumaru. Oh-hoo! My goodness, the old boy's really possessive!

"Kagome, meet the Lord of the Northern land, Takuma. He is also the godfather of Rin."

"Oh! It is a pleasure to meet you, Takuma-sama."

"And I am honored to make your acquaintance, Kagome-sama."

"Oh, just Kagome please, my lord." The miko and the Northern lord smiled at each other in agreement.

"What brings you here, Takuma?" The wintry voice of the First Cardinal helped Takuma refocus. The Western lord stood behind the youkai/miko and planted his arm around the woman's waist. What do we have here? Hm, this bears investigating

"Well, the other cardinals and I have been waiting for your return for days now. They wanted to know what happened to Doki's boys. We need to stand them on trial for their past atrocities…."

"The matter had been solved. The three son's of Doki are no more."

"No more?" Takuma's brows rose. "They have already been executed?"

The First Cardinal sniffed; affronted at Takuma's use of words. "They were not. They tried to escape from the dungeons and take over the castle."

"Was everyone all right?"

"Hn." Sesshoumaru nodded. "There was a fight. I took down Kyoubouna. Rin took down Hoyo and Kyouhou and Kagome banished Muchitsujo in the Shikon."

"What?" The Northern lord was shaken and he looked at Kagome with a mixture of fear and awe when the woman nodded in confirmation.

"Takuma, I will explain the events in detail. Wait for me at my study. I will be along soon."

"All right. That's a good idea." The Northern lord agreed. "It has been a pleasure meeting you, my lady Kagome. I hope this will not be the first and the last."

"I share your sentiment as well, my lord. Good night." The miko blushed when Takuma kissed the back of her hand and promptly left.

Kagome smiled and turned. "He's nice and…"

The miko didn't get to finish her words as Sesshoumaru's lips descended upon her startled lips. Her eyes widened and she instinctively clutched at his haori, which made the descent of his lips on hers more forceful than expected, which wasn't Sesshoumaru's intent.

Sesshoumaru released her lips. "Miko, let us not have a repeat of what happened a while ago, shall we?" the daiyoukai touched his forehead upon hers and murmured against her lips. She could feel his hands burning on the bare skin of her waist and the small of her back. The touch sent shivers of electricity dance up and down her body. Damn, how in hell did his hands get inside under my clothes?

"Uh…okay." and their lips met again…tenderly…tentatively…teasingly. Both wanting to prolong the sweet joining of their mouths for such wonderful moment is best remembered in slow motion…every touch, every dip and dart of questing lips forging a link in their souls.

They paused in the space of a heartbeat to look into each others eyes before their lips brushed…touched…and at long last stayed as if it fused and melted in the heat of their communion…each had met the halve of the other and didn't want to part again. In the silence of the empty corridor two beings became one and thus sealed an understanding that has waited and bided for the perfect time.


"What? It's evening already?" Kagome threw down the pencil as she stretched her arms over her head. She winced as her backbones popped but since it felt good the miko decided to scoot away from the table to give herself a much needed stretching.

She had been making notes and reading Professor Phillips' synopses and books that she found inside the Hummer. Kagome was forced to choose between twiddling her thumbs for the entire day or immersing herself in work and research, so she chose the latter. She had time in her hands and no matter what happened, she is still an archeologist by profession, or would be if she could come back to her time!

The attendants found the miko that morning along with two soldiers trailing behind her each one loaded with books and carrying some strange baggage in their arms.

Her ruggedized laptop surprisingly survived her transit and the batteries are still working. But since all that's inside it were research work she decided to use pen and paper to jot down her ideas to save on batteries. Kami knows how long I'll be stuck here OR if I will ever get out of this place. She inspected her toiletries. They should last as long as I'm careful. I should just bathe often so I won't smell. She smirked. She knows that youkai don't like the smell of human sweat.

Then it hit her. She's now much like a youkai. So does it mean that I won't smell like human anymore? Probably. Well, a mutant or something…hybrid? Kagome sighed. The only answer is that the mirror has imbued her with youkai power. They don't even know what species I am now. Whatever, taiyoukai, ningen (human) or miko then I still definitely need to have a bath.

"Good thing I had at least five changes of clothing, six pairs of undies, my boots and my trenchcoat! Yay!" She set them aside in a neat pile. "My iPod!" Her hand held aloft the item she found at the bottom of her bag. "I wonder if my iPod still has batteries?" She placed the earphones and thumbed the ON switch. "It's still working!" She quickly dialed her dance mix selection and soon the familiar beat got her going. She smiled as she got an idea. I need a bigger place to do this. Not the dojo…yes, I know! She skipped out of her room to find the reception hall.

"Perfect!" Kagome spun to the music inside the spacious hall and soon the woman was lost in the familiar beats.


The night was balmy, the wind was soughing softy through the trees and wafting at the open shoji screens. The full moon shone with ethereal light on the koi garden. The servants were softy going through their duties; lighting the lamps in and out of the castle, from the kitchen the tinkle of flatware and cutlery could be heard, the rest were preparing the castle for the morrow. All was clockwork. Everyone doing their own tasks with practiced precision.

The disturbance began with clamoring beats, much like drums but more rhythmic and faster in tempo. Tinny voices singing in a different kind of song came with the beat. A strange padding of the feet seemed to accompany the eerie music and voices.

Sesshoumaru was on his way to his study to meet the Northern lord when his sensitive ears caught the strange sounds. He moved his head from left to right trying to catch the direction of the sound. His brows lifted when he surmised it coming from the reception hall. The sound doesn't sound dangerous but it piqued his curiosity. He followed the sound.

Three turns away and the Western Lord were in visual range of the reception hall. The door was open sufficiently wide enough to see the activity of the single occupant inside.

At first Sesshoumaru thought that the miko was having some seizure or was being possessed but he stopped his approach when he heard the same sounds or beats coming from this room. Where exactly is it coming from? What in seven hells is she doing?

Sesshoumaru realized that the miko was in fact dancing. But in his entire life Sesshoumaru has never seen anyone dance this way. His previous association with the miko didn't give him an idea that she was capable of this or let alone dance considering she seemed to have two left feet, he smirked at the image it conjoured.

I wonder if my half-bother had seen her dance this way? The thought of her dancing like this in front of his brother made him uncomfortable and jealous.

He cannot even take a step to disturb the miko's activity because his eyes were fixated on her movements. His youkai ears can now hear the distinct beat of the music coming from a small metal green box with white cables leading to the miko's ears. Her movements were sometimes sensual and exotic and wonderfully graceful. Long pale hair whipped around her as she turned and dipped her head. When the tempo changed for another song her movements looked masculine with sharp movements of her head, shoulders and arms.

It was astonishing to see the change; very different from her sometimes bumbling 'accidents'. Her feet were sure and agile and never missed a beat. Her movements were practiced. Her breasts bounced when her shoulders popped with the beat and her flat well toned stomach and midrib would peek out from her short sleeveless shirt.

Sesshoumaru felt beads of sweat breaking out from his forehead and his heart almost skipped a beat when the tempo changed once more and the miko began moving her hips side by side suggestively while her hands traced sinuous patterns above her head. By this time the young woman's tight pants were dipping dangerously low and the shirt bottom midway up her torso.

Sesshoumaru knows that he was intruding upon the miko's privacy and his honor decries at participating in voyeurism but he felt pinned at where he's standing mesmerized by the beautiful dancer. Thankfully her eyes were closed in concentration or she would have seen a very disturbed daiyoukai peeking behind the shoji screen.

He was startled out of his intense scrutiny when the miko gave out a loud "Wooh!" and launched into another hip-gyrating dance. Judging from her enthusiasm she liked this music more than the others.

"Hey! What the…?" The music and the miko stopped abruptly. The young woman started tapping the green box but no sound came forth. "Hell and damnation!"

The daiyoukai was astonished at her expletive. But they were both astonished further as blue eyes connected with gold ones.

"Sesshoumaru!" Oh darn, I hope he's not angry I used his hall!

Sesshoumaru walked towards the blushing woman, his face impassive.

"Hi! My battery died on me." The miko was wiping the beads of sweat from her forehead and neck for in her excitement she forgot to even bring a towel with her.

"Ba-te-ry?" He tilted his head a bit at the unusual word.

"Yeah, it makes this thing go." She held out the green thing aloft.

"Hn." He willed his eyes not to drop lower than her neck where trickles of sweat were making rivulets of trail down between her breasts….it was impossible "Miko, that was scandalous."

"Eep! Why?" What did she do now?

"What were you doing?" Golden eyes stared at blue ones.

"Eh…dancing. Why?" Kagome saw his eyes drop at her outfit and the path where those amber eyes fell on her body gave her goose bumps.

"It is unseemly for a woman to dance without restraint." Sesshoumaru tried to focus on what he's saying; the combined scent of her skin and sweat was making his pulse quicken, it doesn't help that the damn woman's chest was clad only in a sleeveless low-neck shirt that was still slightly heaving from her dancing.

"Oh, really? I don't think so. It's okay in my time and it's good exercise." Kagome snagged her left thumb at her pants hitching it down some more adding to the doubled increase pace of Sesshoumaru's heartbeat as well as an…aherm, uncomfortable stirring down south.

"Exercise?" The daiyoukai gripped his arms inside his sleeves in order to control himself, his claws digging in his skin. Forcefully taking a female wasn't his style but he might make an exception. Isn't this woman aware of how tempting she is? I will not be held responsible….!

"Yeah. I was a ledge dancer when I was in college. It pays well." The miko shrugged her bare shoulders understatedly.

"Hn." The daiyoukai crunched his brows together. He sounded like he disapproved of her time period. "Ledge dancer?"

"Well, it's a bunch of women dancing on a…uh, ledge." She finished lamely. Jeesh, how do I explain this? "Uh, there's what we call a dance club. People go there to dance and ledge dancers make the dancing more interesting."

"And I suppose men are also present at this… 'club'?" His voice was cold as ice as the stressed word escaped his lips.

"Yeah." Another shrug.

"And they look at you while you dance?" Now the voice dropped to sub-zero.


"Why have you reduced yourself to working as a harlot?"

"What?" The miko jumped back at the word. "Hey, who are you calling harlot?" A forefinger jabbed at his chest next. "It's honest work!"

"Indeed." He huffed and grabbed the miko's hand.

"Indeed, yeah!" The miko looked like she wants to scratch his eyes out as they got into a hand- tugging contest. "Give me back my hand!"

"Hn. I will only do that, miko if you will give this Sesshoumaru another example of your dancing talent." The daiyoukai tugged her closer to him, her chest now pressed on his.

"Huh?" The miko was still stubbornly squirming against his grasp and the movement has her chest brushing against the front of his haori sansarmor. Ah, the torment this woman could inflict!

"You heard what I said." Sesshoumaru was gravitating between hoping the miko would comply thus turning his attention away from the comely miko while on the other hand hoping she would protest and continue this assault on his senses. Kami, I must have developed a taste for self-torture because of this woman!

"Uh…what kind of dance would you like?"

"I will leave the choice up to you, Kagome."

The drawling of her name rumbled on his chest and she felt the sensation through their clothes. Oh dear lord, it's making me…eeep! Oh no! I'm pointy! I'm pointy! Noooo! Don't do this to me! I will die of embarrassment! Eeeep!

"Is there a problem, miko?" Sesshoumaru saw her reddening and breathing fast; her scent changed every time he said something. Fascinating. Could it be she becomes aroused every time she hears my voice? Fascinating, he thought once more and decided to test his theory. "Kagome?" he purposely lowered his voice to make it rumble down to his chest.

"Uh…ye-yes?" It worked! The bloom of femininely stimulated blood wafted up to him. The daiyoukai would love to bottle it and bring it with him everywhere or if in large quantities bathe in it.

"Dance for me." Sesshoumaru couldn't help himself from further teasing the miko to make the flow of deliciously intoxicating pheromones to continue. "Please." He began to lower his head to her and her eyes took on a color that reminded him of the deep pools in the spring.

The word 'dance' shook Kagome out of her stupor. "Uh…I can't." Was that my voice? I sound throaty. I am not throaty! Oh! Damn this guy! Why…!

"Why?" The inu lord had some idea why she seemed to be pasted upon his person where before she was trying to get some distance between them; possibly something to do with flimsy clothes, her desire swollen chest and a stimulated miko. He fought to control his smirk from betraying him.

"Uh…because…uh…" Think, Kagome! "Uh…there's no music!" her smile looked false.

"Hn." Sesshoumaru made to move away from her but the miko looked panicked at the action. It amused Sesshoumaru to no end when she suddenly grabbed his haori.

"Wait!" Do something! Say something, Kagome! "Uh…if you'd wait I'll check if I still have power to my music player…is that…is that okay?" Yeah, that's it! Stall him!

The daiyoukai felt a little bit of pity at the miko's discomfort. But it was so refreshing to meet a woman or female with her kind of innocence, other than Rin of course, but Rin was an entirely different matter.

She's such a conundrum: the virgin seductress.

The miko is now verging on panic. Sesshoumaru decided to give the miko some slack.

"I will not be made to wait, miko." He turned down his nose at her knowing how she hated that.

"Well I'd look stupid if I dance without music, you know?" Kagome's eyes sparked fire. "I'd look like an idiot." The daiyoukai regretted the loss of the fragrant scent from the miko now that the sharp tang of ire became dominant.

"Very well, this Sesshoumaru will wait." And before she could react he turned his back on her and walked near the door. When he turned around he smirked openly because the miko's back was turned around as well and was 'supposedly' checking her music player. He felt relief in her aura and Sesshoumaru smirked again confirming his suspicions.

"Okay!" The miko turned to face him. "It seemed the jack was a little loose. It's still playing." Whatever what she said true enough music came back from the small box but this time the miko removed the cables and so the music now fills the hall. The miko put her finger on the box and the music changed; it was slower and the instruments used were clearly quite different from the daiyoukai's discerning ears. He liked this music more.

"What kind of music is this called?"

Kagome hit the return and pause button so she could start from the beginning. "Its called classical music. May I begin?"


Kagome wanted to make this perfect for Sesshoumaru so she began to breathe deeply and do some stretching to find her center. She nodded at him that she's ready. The music of Mozart's 21st piano concerto filled the hall; she began with an Arabesque, a beautiful move that is difficult but one she loved so much. The miko modified the dance so that the daiyoukai could see and appreciate the variety of basic ballet moves suitable for the slow piano piece. She closed her eyes to let the music take over her.

The woman before him was not the sensuous enchantress a few minutes ago. She was like a nymph…a goddess came down from heaven.

I believe this Sesshoumaru has forgotten to breathe.