Title: Reversing Codes

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Chapter 1

8:15 pm November 24, 2011

Dieselton Street, New York

The dark alleyway of the street was known to many as one of the most dangerous places in New York. One would not even like to consider of stepping a foot in such a place as Dieselton street. Afterall, it is known as the home to many notorious shark loans that your average New Yorker would not like to mix with.

The soft clicking of heels echoed throughout the dark quiet windy alleyway. They belonged to a beautiful woman with brown locks that fell naturally across her shoulders. Her blue eyes glittered – it looked like they were orbs of a dangerous feline in the dark. She pulled her long gloves-covered hands from her pockets and wrapped it around herself, tugging her coat so it could further cover her thin frame from the cold wind that blew past her and threatened to seep inside her clothes.

The slender brunette stopped in front of a deserted door, the walls connected to it filled with overlapping graffiti writings that it was almost impossible to read them. The only light to the dark alleyway was the single bulb that hung above the door, flickering every once in a while.

She paid no mind to her surroundings and instead lifted her hand to knock at the door. The plank connected to the door slid sideways and she was greeted with a pair of dark eyes and busy eyebrows.

"Who're you" A gruff butch man's voice grunted

"Springfield Massage!" the woman smiled brightly, holding out a relatively medium-sized hand carry plastic box that the butch man could see had various bottles of liquids inside.

Grunting again, the buff man slid the plank back in place before opening the door so the woman could come inside.

The masseuse smiled politely at the man. She took off her coat and gloves before placing it inside her hand-bag that she was carrying with her other hand. She also took out her ID and showed it to the man when he asked for it.

Bill took the ID the pretty woman presented. His eyes going back and forth from the ID to the woman's face then to the clothes she was wearing. The white uniform had a 'Spring Massage' written at the right breast pocket.

"You're late. The boss has been waiting for years" He returns the ID to her, pleased with his 'inspection'.

The woman bowed, taking her ID and putting it back in her bag "I'm terribly sorry. I am new and I lost my way going here. 5th floor, right?" She asked with a slight French accent

"Yeah. First door" Bill said but then snorted, "it's the only door. Hurry up, the boss doesn't like to be waiting" He added, shutting the door that had at least five locks before sitting down on the wooden chair that was situated next to the door against the wall.

Without another word the young masseuse made her way towards the elevator and stepped in when it opened. She pressed the 5th floor button and smiled to the man as the door to the elevator snapped closed

The elevator swung open when it reached the fifth floor and the young masseuse glanced ahead to –indeed – the only door amidst the white wall of the fifth floor.

With one perfectly manicured finger, she rang the doorbell.

"Are you French massage I ordered?" a voice came from the speaker below the doorbell button

"Oui, monsieur!" she replied, smiling at the peephole

There was a faint click on the other end of the doorknob and the young masseuse hesitated before reaching for the posh doorknob and turning it before pushing the door open. She made her way past the other rooms, tiptoeing around to look for her customer. Stopping at what she assumed was the master bedroom, she straightened her uniform before knocking twice.

"Come in" The massage therapist heard from the other side of the door before opening it.

"Monsieur Ericksun?" She asked, stepping inside. The room was as posh as the other rooms. Expensive Paintings hung the wall and her eyes landed on the king sized bed. Next to it, lay a nightstand with a lampshade that was the only light in the room. On the other side of the bed was a working table that had a laptop on top and nothing else.

She walked towards the bed, her white boots making contact with the carpeted floor giving off a barely audible sound. Her fingers reaching for the silky smooth bedsheet, loving the feel of it against her skin.

"Lovely, isn't it?"

The brunette masseuse almost jumped at the voice of her employer. Her head snapping towards the voice that came out of nowhere. She smiled sweetly before placing one hand to her heart and the other tightening around the handle of her massage kit.

"Why, monsieur…You startle me!" she lets out a sigh, blinking at her customer who only grinned at her.

"I am deeply sorry" Monsieur Ericksun – a man that looked to be in his forties dressed in only a black bathrobe – was a large man. He was tall, and wide, and had a thick accent to accompany his built.


*Monsieur Ericksun's POV*

He approached the beautiful brunette before extending his hand to the woman's right hand and removing it from her chest. He looked at the woman as he lifted her hand to press a wet, sloppy kiss on the backside of the woman's soft palm.

"I did not mean to surprise such a beautiful woman as yourself" Ericksun's lips twitched upwards, his eyes raking over the young woman's body presented in front of him.

The woman, again, smiled sweetly before extracting her hand from the tight grip of her employer and walking wards the working table. She put down her working kit, opening it and rummaging through its contents.

Monsieur Ericksun sat down on the king sized bed, eyes glued to the slender figure's back and legs. Her ass looked delicious in those mid-thigh length uniform dress she was wearing and the man couldn't wait to get his hands all over them. Besides, he was paying a lot for her services. Why not get the most out of it.

He palmed the hardening member between his hairy legs before positioning himself on the bed. This masseuse was not his usual, she seemed new, but he had nothing against that especially with such an exquisite replacement.

The woman had been talking about oil products and how it was good for the skin and health of the person using it it. But Ericksun had only the thought of having the woman begging underneath him as he shamelessly continued to rub his erection against his bathrobe.

He only let out a smirk when the woman gasped at the sight of him sprawled on the bed with an obvious bulge between his legs.

"I'll buy your products. Just as soon as you're done with the service" He couldn't help but lick his lips when the woman shifted uncomfortably.

Poor thing, probably her first time 'servicing' someone like him. Well, she would just have to learn the ways of life. Ericksun saw the woman turn again but this time when she faced the middle aged man, she's holding out a cup of something in her hands.

"T-tea… to calm the nerves, Monsieur Ericksun" the woman stuttered

He grinned, hands darting past the offered cup and latching towards pretty woman's face enjoying the way the woman flinches to his touch. He raised his other hand and closed it around the woman's hand that was holding the cup. Eyes never leaving the brunette woman's while he drank the contents of the cup in one gulp. The masseuse let go of the cup and now monsieur Ericksun was the only one holding it. He sets it down on the nightstand all the way over to the other end of the bed. He then turned so that his front lay on the bed and his back was exposed. He was after all, a man who took pleasure in prolonging the wait just to feel the greatest thrill afterwards.

"Well then, lets get started!" He said, folding his arms and resting his head on them.

Ericksun felt the bed shift and there was silence until finally, he felt the woman's hands on his back. He groaned when the woman particularly kneaded that spot near his right shoulder. She was good, he would have to request her again assuming she doesn't quit her job ater tonight when he's done with her.


Ericksun heard something behind his back snap. This girl was really good, unlike most of the many she's actually unknotting that back problem he's been having for years now. Needless to say, Monsieur Ericksun was in heaven, it didn't take long for him to relax and soon his eyelids were getting heavy and he could'nt keep his eyes open anymore.

He was unconscious the next minute.

*End of Monsieur Ericksun's POV*


The young masseuse stopped once she felt the man's breathing pattern slow down evenly. Looks like it finally worked. With cat-like movements she's off the bed and onto the laptop, flipping it open and then connecting a device to it. She pulls back her hair behind her ears and presses a finger on the communicator inside her ear.

"Device connected"

She sees the laptop sprung to life and it logs inside Monsieur Ericksun's profile without her having to press anything. She watches how the mouse moves on its own accord. Clicking files after files, before finally, it stops on the last one and she sees the file transfer.

The last file is relatively large. Of course, the problem with drug dealers is that they make multiple transactions with a lot of private business men and tycoons and usually these transactions are endless. There was a minute remaining for the whole file to download completely when the door busted open.

She immediately ducked down under the bed.

The footsteps approached closer to the bed before she saw it walk towards the laptop that still had the device connected to it and yes, still transferring the file.

With one quick move, she swung her long leg and knocked the man's legs causing the gun to drop from his hand and for the man to fall flat on his back. Rolling out from under the bed, she regained her footing and was immediately on her feet before kicking the gun far away from the man's hand.

She regarded the man below her. He had dark gelled back hair, at least five foot nine inches in height, tan, and had hazel eyes. He was also wearing a button down shirt and pants and had a coat on top.

Lifting her skirt, she pulled out her gun that was attached to a strap on her upper thigh before pointing it at the unknown man. She spared a glance at the laptop and sighed, eyes returning to the man under her.

Forty more seconds

"Who're you and why are you interfering?"

"That's none of your business pretty eyes" the man grunted, eyes narrowed towards the woman. "though I wouldn't mind sharing if you'd just let me have a taste of that " He gestured to the long pale and muscled stockings-clad legs of the woman.

The woman snorted before flinging said leg and kicking the man's face only to be knocked down when the man grabbed her ankles and pulled her down. The gun she was holding slipping from her hand in surprise.

"Just kidding. Sorry, not on your team" the man said, reaching for the laptop.

The brunette quickly recovered and used her leg to send a kick to the man's groin, stopping him from removing the device connected to the laptop. She noticed that files had completed their download and she immediately grabbed the device, her gun and placed them both inside her hand bag.

Upon reaching the door, she stopped. Turning to face the man whom she saw was quickly recovering and to the Monsieur Ericksun that still lay unconscious. She blew a kiss to the unknown man, then waved goodbye and winked before running to the destination of the stairs she remembered on the blueprints of the building.

Kicking the door open, she pressed the communicator in her ear again, "Cedes, I got it. Coming down now"

She made her way at the edge of the building and saw a metal line coming at her. Securing it to the railing next to her, she connected the stopper in the line and knotted the line with one of her leg.


She stopped and looked at the voice

"Oh, its you-"

"Give me that file!"

She raised an eyebrow, then smirked "Hmm… let me think" she tapped a finger to her chin "Yeah, no."

In the next second she's sliding down the metal line and running towards the van. She didn't hear the gun shot that silently echoed though, and she winced when she felt a jolt of pain course through her arm. She cursed, casting a glance to the man still on top of the building before hoping inside and sliding the doors closed

"Let's go, boo!" She hears Cedes say before the van moves away from the site.

Great, and he wanted to finish this mission without ruining the fabulous white heeled-boots he had newly-acquired. Now that's impossible because there's blood dripping down all the way to his new Doc Martins Boots

"So, did it go just as smoothly – Holy hell you're bleeding bad!" Cedes – a black, beautiful and smart woman who's also currently driving – said, her eyes still fixed on the road though.

"I'm fine Cedes, it's just an arm. Let's just get to headquarters. I'm sure Mr. Schue would love to hear my report"

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