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Chapter 7

4:29 pm December 7, 2012

Mr Wang's second Mansion, Xiangzu Province

40 Seconds left

Blaine POV

Every door seemed be empty. That was the thought that ran continuously through Blaine's head as his feet carried him among numerous brown wooden doors. At the same time Mercedes' and Kurt's conversation flowed clearly through his earpiece.

"Mercedes!" Kurt's voice flowed beautifully on Blaine's earpiece even if it was laced with a frantic tone.

"I hear ya"

"I have forty seconds left to disengage this bomb and no matter what I do, nothing's working"

"Okay Boo, give yourself three seconds to breathe then connect me to the computer."

Blaine assumed that meant the connecting device that lets Mercedes hack any device known to man. If there was anyone who can work under time pressure, it's her and Blaine was quite sure the black diva was more than capable of cracking the timer. From Blaine's personal experience he'd learned to never underestimate the talent of a computer science genius…he'd learned that from Wes. He frowned, thoughts of his old partner flooding his thoughts and surrounding his heart with a smooth flow of nostalgia.

He shook his head in dismissal, determined to focus on the problem at hand before running to the corner of the hallway and knocking a few men who blocked his way. Dodging a knife, Blaine blocked a punch that was intended to land directly on his face and assessed the current situation

There were at least 10 guards in front of him and he still had yet to fully search the floor. He wasn't going to make it alone.

With half a second time, he reached for his earpiece and pressed the talk button. "If you guys are done there, I could use some help" He suggested

He heard a sigh at the other end of the line before Mercedes spoke "Okay, Boo you go help Blainey there while I take care of this. It'll be easier for you to find Sam that way and don't worry, you know I can get this thing done within seconds"

"Blaine, where exactly are you" the shorter man heard and as much as he didn't want to, his mind replayed the images of when that same voice moaned and whispered seductively at him. How that pale beautiful lithe body presented itself for Blaine to take, to make love to.

"Blaine!" Kurt's voice rang louder and Blaine had barely enough time to block kick headed his way. He grasped the outstretched leg and turned the man with a highly mastered move, effectively resulted to the man lying face first to the ground.

"Where the hell are you?" Kurt's voice sounded angry yet it sounded so attractive to Blaine's ears

"uhh…somewhere in the basement" He answered, sending a man flying towards the wall

Another second later, several shots were fired from behind him and Blaine's face lit up when he saw Kurt make his way to where Blaine is.

Blaine let himself be pulled from the group of men trying to tackle him and to several hallways and different corners by Kurt. When they finally lost the group of men trailing behind them, both men were breathless and panting.

Regaining mouthfuls of air, they nodded at each other before sprinting to the nearest door and continuing their search for the blonde team member.

It was until their fourth door that they were finally able to spot a chair-bounded Sam who had a tape secured to his mouth

Kurt rushed to rip of the tape and Sam yelled in pain. Kurt sheepishly smiled in apology before Blaine spoke

"I cant get these chains off" Blaine tried pulling the rows of chain in hopes that the chair would break

Kurt momentarily checked his watch and his eyes widened "Mercedes we have 15 seconds left, how about that bomb?" He instantly whipped out his Glock 23 gun before firing two shots that passed through the metal chains.

Then both Kurt and Blaine began pulling rapidly at the constraints that held Sam before finally he was out of them completely.

Blaine was panicking. There should be about less than ten seconds left on the clock and he could still hear Mercedes typing frantically on the other end. There was not enough time and they were still in the midst of finding their way out of the huge mansion

5 seconds remaining on the clock.

"Got it!" Mercedes cheered proudly at the other end of their earpiece.

Kurt and Blaine both stopped on their tracks before their eyes met each other. Blaine grinned in relief and Kurt followed with his own coy smile. Something warm and welcoming flowed through blaine's chest and he couldn't do anything else but pull Kurt in a tackling hug.

He sensed how Kurt momentarily tensed in his arms, probably out of surprise before he heard him laugh. And oh how Blaine wanted to hear that same melodious laugh for the rest of his life. Blaine's hold around the taller male tightened significantly when he felt Kurt giving him soft pats on his back.

Blaine leaned his slightly towards Kurt's neck and greedily inhaled the scent of Kurt. It was refreshing and it made the whole mission worth it, aside from rescuing Sam of course.

"Uhh...Did I miss anything?" Sam looked between the two, eyebrows raised in amusement.

Speaking of Sam…

The two immediately broke off and awkwardly fixed their clothes, tugging at sleeves and brushing off imaginary dusts.

"Well um… Mercedes was able to disengage the bomb that was supposed to kill us just now" Blaine responded, hoping that the smile he provided was good enough to pass as an excuse

Kurt immediately looked at Sam before smiling and all too willingly nodding in agreement.




Blinding lights welcomed the three once they got outside the huge mansion. Slick black cars were coming from different angles and Kurt and Blaine's first reaction was to draw out their guns and raise it towards the people in black suits approaching them

Three barely visible figures approached them and the three had to raise their forearms in order to block the light that accompanied said figures.

"well, well, if it isn't porcelain, trouty mouth, and the new guy"

Blaine's head shifted form the womanly voice to Kurt who seemingly recognized the voice. Kurt's shoulders slouched back from its previously tensed posture before said brunette lowered his gun and placed it back behind his belt strap.

Kurt rolled his eyes and placed a hand on his hip before standing on one foot. Before he could even open his mouth an excited giggle shout out suddenly Kurt was wrapped up by an excited ball of energy.

"Oh my god, Kurt. It's been so long" A woman with soft gold locks tied together in a single ponytail engulfed Kurt and Blaine watched as said woman started tickling Kurt.

"Bri…Brit-brit, what are you doing?" Kurt gasped within laughs and Blaine inwardly vowed he would see that carefree laugh on Kurt's face, even if he had to collaborate with this blonde woman.

"Don't worry Kurt, I've talked to the King caterpillar and he told me that tickling helps cure Frowncancer" She smiled confidently at Kurt, her eyes full of assurance as she pulled her hands back from Kurt's waist.

Blaine frowned, eyes narrowing as he try to understand what the blonde woman called 'brit-brit' said. When he looked at his partner in hopes of finding an answer, the latter seemed to be staring at the woman – seemingly deep in thought. So Blaine turned his attention to Kurt who just smiled at him, mouthing the words 'later' before pulling the blonde woman towards their group.

"Brittany, this is Blaine. Blaine these are Santana…" he said pointing to the latina woman who openly glared at Sam for whatever reason Blaine still was unsure of. "And that's Chandler and this here is the beautiful Brittany" Kurt gestured to a shy nerd with the glasses who smiled brightly at Kurt before nodding at him.

"It's one of Santa's elf!" Blaine's focus shifted to the blonde woman named Brittany who he suddenly found – was standing in front of him. "Kurt you didn't tell me you were bailing out one of Santa's elf, we could have done it together" She suddenly placed both of her hands on either side of Blaine's face and suddenly her lips were on Blaine's.

She smiled eagerly at Blaine when she pulled away. "Greetings, elfling! I know how Santa sometimes overwork you beautiful creatures but don't worry, I've already sent him a letter and I told him that the Easter Bunny is already winning the poll for best guardian and if he continues to abuse the elves, he'll most likely be hated by everyone."

And since nobody else seem to know what to say after that, a very familiar figure came into their view.

"Great job guys!" Mr Schue came from one of the black cars all smiles.

Blaine saw Kurt step out from the group next to Santana. "Yeah, no thanks to you!" he glared, blue eyes piercing but the head of New Direction paid no mind.

Schuester takes out his phone, seemingly reading some text message before looking up at Kurt. "Kurt you know I cant counter orders from Sue"

Kurt crossed his arms and suddenly Mercedes was next to him, also unhappy with the arrival of their highly ineffective boss.

"Well, it doesn't matter now seeing as how you managed to take care of everything." Mr Schue grinned, dismissing the topic and returning to one of the slick black car. "I expect your group in my office for briefing tomorrow, Kurt"

Everyone else was left gaping after that and soon the smaller division members starting infiltrating the Wang mansion, gathering details about the event that took place in the distinguished mansion as well as removing evidences and traces of the four ND agents.

"Glad that's over" Santana spoke up and everyone nodded in agreement and some in relief. "You know what the best thing is after every mission?"

Blaine stared confusingly at the latina woman and yet when he gazed at the rest of the people around him, they seem to catch pretty quickly to what the woman was talking about.

"What?" Blaine asked, because nobody seemed to want to answer

"PARTY TIME!" a combination of hollers from Brittany, Mercedes, and Sam rang out through Blaine's ears




The next few minutes felt like a blur for Blaine. He very vaguely remembers being pushed into a hot red Porsche and someone – most likely Kurt – complaining that he just wanted to stay in his hotel for the night but a strong voice from another someone – definitely Santana – insisting that alcohol is the best cure for anything even 'sorry-assed-bruises'. During the ride, Blaine allowed his injuries to be treated by Mercedes who continuously encouraged him that the parties started by Santana usually ended up in a sort of good way.

Of course in the corner of his eye, he noticed how Chandler constantly smiled shyly up at Kurt as he slowly applied hydrocortisone cream to one of Kurt's bruises high above is ribs. Blaine also noted how Chandler's hand stayed rooted to Kurt's skin for a while longer than necessary. Blaine tried to keep his eyes off of Kurt the whole ride as he changed his tracksuit and took out a shirt from one of the bags that contained change of clothes that Santana's group keep at the back of their car.

If there was any difference to bars in China as compared to bars in Manhattan, Blaine never expected it to be much. And yet here he sits onto one of the glowing stools, catering his glass which was placed to a coordinated glowing bar table. That wasn't all, the colors seemed to be blinking ferociously to Blaine's eyes and on top of that, the music blared in some sort of techno genre.

Kurt had been pulled by Brittany to the dance floor where Blaine had the perfect view of the way Kurt shimmied and rolled his hips to the beat. When Brittany started doing the robot dance in tune of the techno music, Kurt started laughing doing his own style of robot moves.

"You're pathetic, Blaise"

Blaine turned towards the voice and found Santana sitting on the stool next to him. "It's Blaine", he corrected.

The latina rolled her eyes before taking a sip off her drink and replying, "Whatever"

Silence seemed to go on for a few seconds before Blaine spoke up again. "I'm not" Blaine chewed his lower lip before drinking his beer.

"Oh please, gell-boy, I can see the way you look at him"

Blaine looked at Santana who had shifted his stool so it faced the dance floor where her eyes obviously followed the graceful bodies of Brittany and Kurt. Brittany seemed to notice their eyes on her so when she looked in their direction, grinned happily while waving a hand in their direction. In response, Santana raised her half-filled glass and winked at Brittany.

Almost spilling his drink, Blaine placed his own glass back on top of the table. He watched gapingly at the interaction that had taken place between Santana and Brittany. "Y-You guys are?"

"Two years this coming week" Santana responds, eyes glinting as she takes another sip of her Mango Margarita.

Blaine smiles brightly at him when he heard this. "That's great. Happy two years!"

"You seem surprised"

"I just never saw it coming" Blaine shrugged

"But I do see the possibility between you and Porcelain" she off-handedly comments after a few more minutes of silence between them. "Especially with how he keeps looking at your directions every freakin second" she added.

That catches Blaine's attention and he swallows his beer down his throat. "I hope so" Unless he only wants me for the sex goes unsaid.

"Well you better move fast because otherwise I'd let Four eyes MacApple get his mack on" Santana nods at the direction of a dancing Kurt and the approaching figure of Chandler. Chandler seems to have said something funny because Kurt started giggling and Blaine instinctively clenches his knuckles.

"We'll see about that" Blaine takes one last gulp of his beer before dropping it loudly on the table with a thud. With that he stalks off to the direction of the small group of Kurt, Brittany, Mercedes, Sam and most recently, Chandler.




Kurt POV

The music was loud but it was perfect. Santana was right, clubbing was a fun way to get the stress out right after a mission, especially a really difficult one. Chandler comes from out of nowhere and suddenly he's smiling at him and Kurt knows that Chandler has been after him for quite a while now.

It's different now, Kurt thinks. Now he's grown into someone stronger, and not just the skinny guy with the sais who Chandler met at the beginning of camp. Now he's more confident, more experienced. Now he had Blaine.

Speaking of Blaine…

He turns to the bar where he'd last seen Blaine only to find the chair empty with only Santana to spot. His slows down his dancing and he thinks back to the topic of Blaine. He thinks about the way Blain's hands leave the hairs of Kurt's arms stand to no ends when he touches him. Thinks about the way Blaine's hazel glowing eyes pierce through his core whenever their eyes meet even for just a second. He thinks about Blaine's lips and how they felt against his.

As much as he tries to ignore it, he's fallen hard for Blaine.

It seems silly now that he once hated the man to his every bone, but there really something is about Blaine that just makes Kurt want to be with him.

Suddenly strong arms wrapped around his waist and his first instinct was to throw the man to the floor for even laying finger on him but that scent. He's grown accustomed to that that mixed smell of sandalwood and gel getting addicted to it.

Strong hands move from his waist down to his hips and grips them tight where Kurt for sure knows will leave angry marks. He feels that all too familiar lips on the side of his throat and tilts his head to give better access to the man currently leaving fresh hickeys the size of Texas.

Smirking, Kurt confidently grinds his ass back to Blaine knowing full well his jeans did to the other man and…Ohh. That was definitely a very huge, very erect clothed cock grinding back against his ass.

The music turns up to some fast-beat tune and Kurt cant help it, he turns around and faces those same Hazel eyes that hunt him in his sleep, now deep-filled with lust much like Kurt's.

He wraps his arms around Blaine's neck right above his shoulders and brings their body impossibly closer together. When Kurt grinds his own erection towards Blaine, the dark-haired close combat specialist groans in response before Kurt felt two hands slip down the back pockets of his jeans and squeezes his ass cheeks.

"Why don't we take this somewhere else" he breathes into Blaine's ear and inwardly cheers when he feels Blaine shiver in delight.

"With pleasure" Blaine responds grinning from ear to ear to someone behind Kurt. Before Kurt manages to turn and face said unknown person, Blaine grips on of his hands and pulls him to the direction out of the bar. He faintly hears Santana's 'get some' through the speakers and his lust to get laid.

They managed to find a decent inn near the bar and were lucky enough for the Chinese receptionist to accommodate them without a reservation and during that late of the night.

Kurt found himself being tossed to a double bed with a very predator-looking Blaine hovering on top of him. A moan escaped Kurt's parted lips as Blaine's teeth started running down his neck and his hands almost tearing Kurt's vest and shirt apart.

"You're mine" Blaine growled as he began to suck one nipple between his teeth, the other he caressed with two of his fingers.

That's right, Kurt thinks. He belongs to Blaine. But then… not officially!

"Wait!" Kurt's eyes snaps open and he pushes Blaine so hard he practically falls off the bed. "What's gotten into you?"

Blaine looks momentarily confused for a second before he blinks and shrugs his shoulders. "Well… A while ago you and Chandler were flirting and I thought that was unfair because we were together and now I have this strong urge to mark what's mine and - "

"HOLD UP!" Kurt brings up one finger to stop Blaine's babble because as much as he enjoys this side of a cute bubbling mess that is the Blaine who is in front of him, there were still a lot of confusing things that need to be cleared. "First of all, we are not together"

Blaine looks up when he hears this, eyes impossibly portraying his heart break and sadness and Kurt instantly regrets saying those words so he adds a "…YET!"

At here that, Blaine instantly beams like he'd just received the best present ever.

"But" Blaine's face immediately tenses like some cartoon. "I'm willing to talk this out" Kurt adds and looks down to Blaine's serious face directed at him.

"Oh! Well where do we start then?" Blaine's now grinning and Kurt is not sure how a human can possibly change moods that easily.

And just like that Kurt's just fallen for this man again – he's fallen hard of how Blaine's smile instantly lightens up his day and makes it seem like he can carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. "Well for starters, I need to know if you're serious about this"

Blaine scrambles to move closer and raises his palm to gently hold Kurt's face. "I am, Kurt. I'm so in love with you I think I'll go nuts if you reject me at this point" He laughs a little when he confesses this.

Kurt feels his heart tightens in his chest because he's just fallen for the man who is declaring his love for him. "You know I've never dated anyone on the job" He smiles as he says this hoping that Blaine wouldn't take this as a rejection

And Blaine doesn't. "Then I'll be glad to be your first. I promise I'll take care of you and love you like no one has ever been"

Kurt lets go at hearing that. Smashing his lips to Blaine's and holding his curls firmly within his hands.

"You idiot. Don't make promises you cant keep" Kurt whispers against Blaine's lips once they've parted for breath

"Don't worry. I always keep my promises." Blaine grins and Kurt pulls him back for another kiss.

They made love for the first time, that night.

"Are you okay? Am I going too fast?"

"Blaine I swear to god if you don't get inside me this instant I will kill y- AHH"

"Kurt, I can't hold back. Can I move?"

"Go..Go on ahead"

"How are you feeling Kurt?"

"I'm good. Go faster Blaine…"

"I love you Kurt"

"I… ah-ah- ah… oh god Blaine!"

"Are you close, Kurt?"



A few more minutes pass


"yea, Kurt?"

"I love you too"

"I know"