A/N: Wow, so I was bored and started editing this story- minor changes, mind you- and this first chapter isn't very well written. For any new readers, I promise my writing gets better- and if you're capable of choking down the first 3-ish chapters, this story gets way better, I think. I've just recently picked this story up- I started writing this in, uh, 8th grade? My writing and character development has gotten significantly better. Promise.

"Oi, Princess! Daydreaming on the job?" shouted someone from the crowd of people before me. Growling I shouted back-

"If ya ain't here for a reading', piss off!" I was currently in the center in the city square outside the castle with a fortune telling booth set up hoping for a customer of some sort. But, it seems that if you don't have the money to look oh- so- self- important you won't get any business at all! Not even if you were only selling for a measly copper pence!

It was nearing dusk and I decided it was time to pack up. I had only gotten in on reading today and it had happened to be a woman who was about to be brutally murdered by her jealous husband because he had found out about the affair she had been having. When I had tried to warn her about what I had seen, she had taken her money back and stormed off. 'Which was completely unfair' I thought 'one: it's not like she's gunna be needing it, and two: how does she think I feel? I was the one getting the full body experience when she was being killed!'

My caravan and I were camping on the outskirts of Goldenekrone as it was one of the most affluential and safe kingdoms in the country. Prince Siegfried, the crown prince, was widely loved and so nobody wants to attack Goldenekrone, or something. I don't know, I'm just a fortune teller, I can't explain foreign politics. Our camp was on the western boarder and it was going to be a bit of a trek to get back. As I walked, I kept my ears perked for any useful information.

"Can't believe the prince leaves day after next."

"Oh shut up Freida, he's not your husband, or anything! You're so moody."

"But it's prince Siegfried!"

"What? I dinna hear that he's leaving..."

"Not you too Dana."

"Yeah, he's visiting Paradis- I heard talk that he might be getting engaged to their crown princess.

"Princess Delphine?" There came a distressed cry from one of the girls.

"No! She's so pretty," cried Freida (I think).

"Uh, 'scuse me but I couldn't help but over hear your conversation," three pairs of eyes turned to look at me when I approached the group of girls.

"D'you love prince Siegfried too?" asked the teary-eyed dark-haired girl, Freida.

"Uh, yeah, sure- but, I dunno where Paradis is."

"It's west," pipped up the red-haired girl, Dana, "it's a coastal kingdom. My papa trades with them for their seal fat. Oh! D'you think he'll pass through west Engels? My house is near there, I might see his carriage."

"Probably." With all the information I felt I needed, I turned on my heels and left the gaggle of girl to continue with their idle chatter.

When I had finally reached our campsite, the sun had set a long time ago. You might think it strange but was the oldest in our caravan and I was 15 (even though Farren is the same age as me but I'm ignoring that)!

A large roaring fire was at the center with a few smaller fires here and there. A red head that goes by the name Farren was passing out bowls filled with boiled shredded root mush that was our dinner. When the younger ones noticed me they all jumped up and ran to me shouting

"Sara!" as they tackled me to the ground.

"Oi! Midgets! Get off me!" I yelled at them, but not harshly. Farren started laughing when he saw slowly being mauled by almost everyone in the camp.

"OK, come on now!" Farren said, finally intervening "Sara only just got back, give her a moment to kick her feet up!"

"As if I ever!" I scoffed as I brushed off my green skirt. My other taking my bowl- o- mush.

"Come on kiddos eat your mush up!" I snapped at them they all started complaining, wanting to know if I had brought anything back with me from the city. I told them I brought back my perpetually sour attitude. They didn't find this nearly as funny as Farren and I did.

"Did you make anything today?" Farren asked. Sighing I shook my head before saying

"But I did hear something great! Apparently the prince will be taking a trip to one of the neighboring kingdoms and will be taking the road right near our camp! So, I got to thinking… what if we cut down one of those big trees by the road and 'ambush' the party. We can get everyone to through arrows and rocks at them to make them think that they're being attacked. And then I'll come and 'save' the prince, and he'll be so grateful to me he'll give me a nice reward. And then- poof! Money problem gone!" I said this all in one breathe.

Farren's brow was furrowed "It… could work…" he began "but it would be quit the gamble… and incredibly dangerous. That's the royal guard we'd be messing with. And everyone loves the crowm prince. If we were caught it'd be certain death."

"Don't worry about it, everything will go fine!" I said reassuringly.

"I hope." Farren mumbled



I was in a pond, fog drifting lazily in thick walls around the swamp. I quacked as I felt a ripple course through the water from someone's foot. A tall slim figure danced across the surface of the water. The prince danced towards another figure, a girl- Sara! Sara's long flowing dark brown hair was loose with small flowers braided throughout it, her violet eyes so full of live. She wore a simple white dress twirling gracefully on top of the water's surface. 'I wish I could go join them…' Duck thought. ' The prince's eye's usually look so lonely, but when he dances with Sara, they become so full of love!' she thought. Suddenly something unseen tore Sara away from the prince, I could see the silent scream on her face as she was dragged backwards into the mist. The prince danced towards where she had disappeared but when he reached the barrier of mist he simply stood there, looking into the white nothing. 'Oh, prince. What happened to Sara? It made the prince so sad when she left…'

"Well, well, well. You care for him don't you?" said a mysterious voice.

"Qua-… Quack?"

"A little duck like you?" Suddenly the scenery dropped away, except for the pond. Then glowing red eyes appeared out of the darkness. Then the smiling face of an old man upside down…


"AHHHHH! GHOST!" I woke with a start as Duck fell out of her top bunk bed and onto mine below her.

"Oof!" I wheezed as Duck fell on my stomach and effectivly knocking the wind out of me.

"Duck!" I shouted at her, completely unhappy that she had woken me up in such a manner.

"Oops, sorry Sara!" Duck giggled hugging me around the middle as a way to say sorry. Rolling off me, Duck walked over and opened the window and was attacked by a flock of birds that had been waiting outside the window.

"Hey, guess what Sara? You were in my dream and REALLY pretty and you were dancing with this prince, and then you were gone, and then there was this old man that I think was a ghost and-Gahhhh!" She screamed as she was mauled. Sighing I walked over to the table and grabbed the bowl of bird feed to the window sill saving Duck from the birds.

"Oh, thanks Sara!" she said as she began talking to Canary Mama. I shrugged as way of reply and began getting dressed, if I was up I might as well make the best out of the extra time I now had.

Then the bell that was supposed to wake me rang, sending Duck into a frenzy. Thinking, probably, that it was the bell for class to start.

"Oh, no! We're going to be late!" Duck yelped and began running around our room while getting dressed.

"No, wait Duck that's-!" I started to say but Duck had grabbed me and was running full tilt out the door

"Come on!" She called at me running past Pike and Lilie who were still in their p.j's

"Hey," I said as I was dragged past them.

"Mornin'," they replied. Duck raced across the courtyard, past the fountain and towards the ballet studio.

"Ya know, Duck-." I tried to say again but we were already in the changing room and Duck was Stripping as fast as she could, getting into her leotard. Giving up I began to change too, but at a slower pace. 'Just let her find out on her own if she isn't going to listen to you…' I thought to myself, tying my long brown hair up into a loose braided bun. Grabbing my water bottle I walked down to the ballet studio to find Duck in the arms of Mytho, as she babbled away nonsense.

Rolling my eyes at her I dragged her away, saving her from herself. Duck ran behind me, her face beat red mumbling something about being sorry and rambling too much. Rolling my eyes for a second time, I glanced at Mytho still on the ground, noticing that his foot was at an awkward angle.

"You okay?" I asked, crouching down to his level. He shook his head, not saying anything. Just at that moment Fakir walked into the room with all his doom and gloom. "Well, if it isn't the sweetest peach of them all, morning Fakir!" He scowled in my direction and I pretended to swoon.

"Fakir," Mytho monotoned.

"Did I not tell you to inform me when you go out?" Fakir asked coldly.


"We're going. Stand up," rolling my eyes for what must be the third time that morning I began to mimic Fakir behind his back. This in turn made Duck begin to giggle into her hand, trying to smother her noises unsuccessfully. Fakir whirled around to face me but I quickly stopped and pretended to mind my own business. He turned back to Mytho who hadn't moved.

"What's wrong?" He asked, though he didn't sound a bit concerned.

"My foot…" Mytho mumbled.

"Foot? Did you twist it?"


"Idiot." Fakir said. At this point Duck piped up

"What! Um, um, it was my fault. He saved me when I tripped, and…"

"What were you thinking, doing such a pointless thing?" Fakir asked Mytho

"So like I said, he was protecting me-!" Duck began to say again when Fakir interrupted again.

"That's why I said pointless."

"Stand up, we're going back," Fakir said grabbing Mytho's arm and yanking him up. Deciding I'd had enough of this I stepped in pushing Fakir away with one hand, holding Mytho up with the other.

"Stop, he's delicate! You would make a terrible nurse, Fakir, where are your bedside manners? I'll take him to the nurse's office so that he can get an ice pack. Come on, Mytho."

"Wait a minute-!" he began to say but I held up one finger silencing him.

"Why don't you go get ready for ballet class," I said before picking Mytho up bridal style and carrying him out of the room.

"Boy, you're light," I said, trying to drum up some idle chatter. Mytho had his arms looped around my neck as I walked. Walking down the hallway I supported Mytho by having his arm wrapped around my neck. Mytho stayed silent and impassive as we walked, I started talking to him just to fill the silence. I can't even really recall what I said exactly, I was just rambling on about anything and everything just so that it wouldn't be so quiet.

When we finally reached to nurse's office I plopped him down on one of the beds and handed him an ice pack.

"I'm sure Fakir will pick you up after dance has ended." I said, walking back towards the door when I heard Mytho say something.

"Sorry, didn't catch that." I said looking back over my shoulder.

"Thank you." He said. Smiling, I walked back into the room leaning into his face until I bumped my nose against his in a eskimo kiss.

"Ahh, don't mention it! Besides you got me outta class, I should be thankin' you!" with that I turned and left.

There was barely any time left till the end of class so I opted on just heading back to the changing room to- well, change. Grabbing a book I sat down on one of the benches to wait for Duck, knowing that if I left without her I would never hear the end of it.

When everyone else came in I was vaguely aware of Duck talking, not really paying attention until she grabbed my arm and started pulling me off towards the boy's dorm.

"Uhhh, Duck? What are we doing?" I asked, girls weren't allowed in the boys dorm and though that wouldn't stop me, I'm pretty sure it would stop Duck.

"I've got to apologize to Senior Mytho!" she said

"Okay, I get that. But why are you dragging me along too?"

"Because I think Mytho likes you!" 'Now where did she pull that from…?' I wondered, thinking back to her dream she had told me about earlier that morning. 'Oh, yeah… something about me and a prince dancing…' Duck stopped in front of the boy's dorm, I could see she was having an internal war about being here. So, being me, I stepped in and pushed down on the handle and the door swung open.

"You're in my way," said Fakir.

"Oh, um, is Senior Mytho…-?" Duck asked.

"Go home," he said walking through the door I had just opened and about to close it when Duck prevented it with her body.

"I- um… How's his injury?"

"It's not too serious," he said

"I'd like to apologize!" Duck said.

"There's no need," Fakir said.

Tugging Duck out of the door, I leaned in and said "Come on Duck, we can come back tomorrow when Fakir isn't here to get in the way." But Duck had to get one last thing in.

"Are like this to everyone you talk to?" She demanded. As a reply, she got the door slammed in her face.

"Oh! That guy really ticks me off!" she said.

"He's an aquired taste, I'll give you that." I said with a shrug.

"Honestly Sara, I don't know how you're friends with him." Duck was visably pouting.

"Sheer obstinance, really," I supplied, "I'm kind of forced to always be around him because we're in dance company together and he and Mytho are friends and Rue and I are... but he grows on you. Kinda like mold." Glancing back at the dorm I spotted Mytho at one of the windows.

"Hey, Duck look there's Mytho!" I waved at him and in response he- blinked. Sighing I shrugged 'that boy is a weird one alright, can't say I see what Rue sees in him...' I thought as we walked away.


Sara had gone to bed early that evening, muttering something about catching up on the sleeping time I had taken away from her. I wasn't tired yet so I was at the window thinking about the day. 'Mytho's eyes always look so lonely…' I thought. I glanced back at Sara, her hair piled up into a messy bun, tendrils of her dark brown hair resting against her porcelain pale skin. Her thick dark lashes resting against her rosy cheeks. 'Sara would make a great princess for Mytho…' I mused 'And in my dream, they danced so lovingly together. His eyes were filled with happiness and love!'

"Tell us a story…!"


Somehow I find myself on, yet another one of the Misadventures of Duck and Sara. As soon as we walked outside Duck pulled me behind a hedge across from the boy's dorm, Lillie and Pike following us.

I was still half asleep so I wasn't very sure of what was going on around me yet, I just remember seeing Mytho in one of the windows. Him opening it and got onto the sill and—NOT WEARING ANY PANTS!

Then, as if in slow motion I watched him catch the falling baby bird and fall. Duck hadn't noticed yet, I jumped over the hedge and started running towards Mytho.

"Oh! This is interesting…" mused a voice "will princess snow be the one to save our prince?"

Then, Duck was right behind me. How hadn't anyone noticed Mytho falling?

"I will save the prince! Because I'm Princess Tutu!" Duck called. In sync our bodies changed, Duck was now princess tutu and I was princess snow!

"Waterfall!" I called. Mytho's decent slowed as if he were now weightless, floating in invisible water.

"Flower Waltz!" Duck- err- Tutu called. A bed of flowers appeared where Mytho was about to land. I danced over to him and lifted

him up. The bird flying away. Tutu danced over to us a smile on her face.

"To think I was able to save you, prince. It was like a dream!" Tutu exclaimed.

"You know me, but… who are you?" Mytho asked. Tutu stuttered and then- quacked? Soon after she left, I turned back into myself again. Mytho stared at me.

"What? Never seen a magical ballerina princess primadonna and her companion quack before, then said companion run off and magical ballerina princess primadonna turn back into herself?"

"No." Mytho said shaking his head

"Yeah, well me neither until today…" I said "Come on, let's get your pants- less butt back inside before people start noticing. Plus, we don't want any word of this getting back to Fakir." I ushered him inside the boy's dorm.

"Okay, so don't go running around saving birds from flying anymore, you hear me? At least not when Duck or I aren't around to save you." I said, I was kind of rambling… Not sure what to do, I tucked him into his bed and kissed his forehead.

"Stay." I ordered him before scurrying out of the room, not hearing the "goodbye, Sara!" that came from Mytho.