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Chapter 1

I'm Eriko Hida, future lawyer like my daddy. Yes, he's the best there is. He won so many cases, because like he said "Everyone deserves a second chance. Anyone can see the wrong of their actions and change."

I'm only twelve, but I know a lot for a girl my age. Or at least I bother to learn more. I know my daddy, Cody Hida, is a DigiDestined which is so cool (even if he is the youngest)! He met my mom, Terri Le at the age of eighteen at a lecture in a community college. They didn't go to school there, but it was a lecture "too good to pass up." They got married at the age of twenty-three on May eighth. Their wedding was small because they couldn't afford much. My mother then became a lecturer of mathematics at the university while my father became a defense attorney.

Thirteen years ago, there was a huge tsunami that hit Tokyo. Lots of things were destroyed and it looked like there was absolutely no hope for our home. But that's when Mom got the fabulous news: she was pregnant with me. My parents believed it was a blessing and it gave them hope that everything will be okay. And it was. That's why they named me Eriko, the blessing. Daddy even said to me the day I was born "My sweet little blessing is destined for great things." Of course I hung onto every word for dear life.

And that's my family history in a nutshell. I don't have any brothers or sisters because my parents always wanted a small family. It was the serenity they enjoyed most. I didn't (and don't) mind. I like it this way. I don't have any older kids to watch over me so I can go to court with Dad! The best part was the ice cream we got after we win a case. Just fabulous!

"Gosh, Daddy, that was an excellent case." I said while taking a huge scoop of cookie dough ice cream. It's my favorite!

"You really think so?" He asked.

"I'll say! The other guys never saw it coming when you laid down that evidence."

"Well, thank you." He smiled. "I was just lucky to have you there, my good luck charm. Did you do your homework already?"

I nodded. "I did it during recess." By that, I meant Daddy's recess.

"Great. Are you ready for your math test tomorrow?"

"Yes, I am! I have an 'A' waiting for me."

But that next day, I got my test back.

"A 'B minus'?" I nearly shouted. Before the students could react, the bell rang. Instead of leaving, I charged right for the teacher's desk. "Excuse me, but how did I get a B-minus? I don't see what's wrong with it." I told her.

She looked at the paper again, studying every line and chicken scratch I made. "You see here," she pointed as I leaned in closer, "the answer is supposed to be four not nine."

"But that is a four." I said. "I apologize for the sloppy writing but that, indeed, is a four." I went up to the chalk board. "I write my fours like this and my nines like this."

"I see." She looked at the problem again. "Okay, I see it now."

"I'm sorry about the mix up. I'll try to improve my handwriting for the next test."

"That would be great." She marked my paper and handed it back to me. It was finally an 'A'. "Keep up the good work, Eriko."

"Thank you." I gave a little curtsy before leaving. As soon as I headed out, I bumped into Mel, Joe's son. His dad and my dad are DigiDestined and they are really good friends. Ironically, I don't see Mel as often as Daddy sees Joe. "Hi." I greeted.

"Hi, Eriko." He greeted back, picking up his glasses. "How are you?"

"I'm fine. And you?"

"Just fine." He smiled.

It kind of went on like that. We were just sitting there smiling at each other until Mel said "Well, see you later."

"Okay. Bye." I waved and left the awkward scene.

Later on, I saw him at lunch. Mel was being awkward and trying to find a table. Once he finally found one, he began eating. I didn't know whether or not to sit with him or another group of girls I kind of know. Decisions, decisions.

As I was making my way to the girls, I heard some guy saying "Move it, nerd! You're at our table." I turned around to see these huge guys surrounding poor Mel. "I said move it."

Infuriated, I stormed over there and smacked my tray down. "Back off, please." I said. "My friend was here first."

"But this is our table." The front guy said, stepping closer to me. I refused to back down.

"Do you have any proof that this is your table? Is there a contract that states clearly and legibly that this particular table is yours?"

The guys looked at each other and back at me. "No." They said collectively.

"In defense, I would like to bring up that the table policy of the cafeteria is based off the rule 'First Comes First Serve'. It is also stated in the imaginary rules of the school yard 'Finders keepers losers weepers'."

"What?" The guy asked.

"I will have to ask you to leave." I said, waving a hand away. "Or you can chose to stay and I can take this case to a higher authority."

The guys looked at each other and left laughing. I sat down next to Mel. "Thanks." He said. "That was cool."

"I was just making up a lot of stuff. I learn a lot from my father."

He nodded, taking a sip from his milk. "It pays to know a lot."

We sat in silence for a while. "Do those guys pick on you a lot?" I decided to ask. Call me curious.

"Well, it's not just them." He said. "A lot of people do. I guess I'm just an easy target."

I just blinked. He said this like it was no big deal. Like this was supposed to happen. "And you're okay with that?"

He shrugged. "I don't really know any other way. I mean, people get picked on all of the time. You just have to shake it off and go with the flow."

"You don't say." I thought. "But you have to fight for what you want, right?"

"I guess, but fighting isn't my strong suit."

"So if the guys asked for this table..."

"I would have given it to them. It's just a table."

"But you were here first."

"But it's one of those things in life that don't really matter. I would avoid any confrontation that comes my way if I could. But what you did was amazing."

I took a bite of my sandwich. He had a point. A stupid one, but it was a point.


"Eriko, is that you?" Mom called as soon as I got home.

"Yes." I answered.

"Can you come here for a second? I'm in the kitchen." At the moment, she was opening a can of apple pie filling. "Can you run to the Inoue's convenient store for me and get me some cinnamon?"

"Sure." I grabbed the money and left.

Honestly, I hated that store. Nothing really happens there. And since Mrs. Ichijouji's parents run the place, it's like a place for old people. They played music from when my parents listened to when they were growing up. It was so quiet. Just grabbing cinnamon was more boring than it sounded. A lot more. It made me feel embarrassed to be at an old peoples' store.

But it wasn't that boring today.

While I was dilly-dallying down the candy aisle, I spotted Mel just a few feet away looking at gum. "Hi." I greeted.

"Hi." He said with an awkward smile. "W...What brings you here?"

"Buying cinnamon for my mom. What about you?"

He sighed. "My dad is off buying medicine. I hate medicine."


"Dad's a Digi-doctor so he needs to buy lots of it. The smell makes me queasy." He picked up a pack of gum and looked at it. "Jumbo Bubble." He read. "That's a new one!"

"Uh, yeah." I nodded. "It's my favorite."

"That's cool." He smiled.

I smiled back.

"So are you going to the Digital World on Saturday?"

I blinked. "What's going on Saturday?"

"We're all going to be there. It's just to have fun."

"Oh." I said with a crooked smile. I was kind of hurt. Why wouldn't anyone tell me? I'll sue! "Sounds fun."

He nodded.

"Well," I said, "I'll see you at school."

"Okay. Bye, Eriko."

I turned away but I had to turn back around. There was something about Mel that fascinated me. He was just so happy being himself. Even if something like a big gang of bullies came for his table. He didn't really care if people thought one way while did whatever to him. He was still Mel.

"Eriko!" I turned around at Mel who called me. It was the loudest I've heard him. "I just... I just wanted...to tell you that..." I raised an eyebrow. "I wanted to tell you something but I'll tell you at school, okay?" He smiled and waved at me.

"Okay." I waved. "Bye."


I am a very productive person. I have to get things done now. If something doesn't go according to plan, I start to panic. Then I get enraged. But I always deliver on time. That's why my history project deserves an 'A plus plus'!

"An 'A minus'?" I sighed. There was a slight lack of creativity. As soon as the bell rang, guess where I went. Straight to the teacher's desk.

"Eriko, all grades are final." He said before I could say anything. "I gave you the grade you deserve."

"But I worked really hard!" I said. "I gave you all of the fabulous information and it's beautifully colored."

"I know. It's beautiful work. That's why it got an 'A'."

"But I didn't get an 'A'. I got an 'A minus'."

He looked at the poster board. "No. It's an 'A'. That must be a chicken scratch. Don't worry so much about being perfect, Eriko."

"But I want to have really good grades for when I go to college." I told him. "I'm going to be a defense lawyer like my father."

"That's a nice dream, Eriko. And I hope you have a fabulous future."

"Thank you, sir." I said before leaving. Another mission accomplished.

Mel met me at the same table in the cafeteria. He waved as I sat down. "Hi, Eriko." He greeted.

"Hi, Mel." I said back.

"I saved you a seat." He said. "Those bullies didn't even want it."

"That's nice." I smiled. A few cheerleaders passed by with their Digimon. "Wouldn't it be cool to have one of those?"

"Pom-poms?" He asked after swallowing a bit of sandwich.

"No. A Digimon."

He looked at the kids around us. It was like more and more people were traveling around with Digimon which was against school rules. The budget doesn't allow for so many mouths to feed. "I guess it would be cool." He said. "But I don't know if I'd get one."

"Why not?"

He sighed and took a sip of his milk. "I probably wouldn't bond well with one. They'd probably bite me or give me hives. And my dad probably won't let me."

"How do you know? You didn't ask yet."

"It's just that he's so busy and I don't want to disturb him. And I might not be the type to take care of one."

"You'll never know unless you try."

He nodded. He knew I was right. "But I rather it come to me. I mean, if we're destined to be together, we will somehow be together. It's destiny."


It was something Dad doesn't talk about much. He uses evidence. Planted evidence. He uses it against people to help others. He never mentions anything about destiny helping them out or someone destined to be innocent and free of charge. But if what Mel says is true, then maybe those people were destined to be innocent.

But what if I'm messing with destiny? Every time I fought to get what I wanted, I'm messing with what I was destined to get, what I deserved. Maybe I did deserve what I've already gotten on that test or on that project. Maybe not everything is worth fighting for. But if I don't, I'd probably can't stand up for myself.

Decisions, decisions…

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