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Chapter 6

How do I explain to the person I love that I'll never see her again? The stress is killing me! When she came by my apartment to walk together, my tongue was all tied.

"How come you weren't online last night?" She asked me.

I sighed before admitting "I'm not allowed to get on the computer until I learn self discipline." I told her. "I'm sorry."

"What happened?" She held my hand.

"Let's just say that I like you so much that I put you before school." I rubbed the back of my neck. "My dad is so mad that my grades dropped. I don't even think he wants me to see you. I mean, he won't let us in the Digital World, we can't chat online... Maybe we should just tell them the truth."

Eriko sighed. "We can't."

"Why not? What other choice do we have?"

"My dad found a love note I wrote for you. He got mad at me because I'm too young. This stinks." She balled her fists and tried so hard to fight back the tears. This is terrible. What's left for us?

"Well, I guess we're forced to break up." I told her.

"No!" She stood her ground and stomped her foot. "I'm not giving you up without a fight and neither are you."

"What do you suggest we do?" I asked. "Eriko, I know you can fight to get what you want, but there are some things you're going to have to let go."

"Not you…"

"Even me." I placed my hands on her shoulders. In response, she calmed down and lowered them. "Even…me. For the sake of our parents, we're going to have to let go. And one day, we'll get back together."

"No, Mel." She shook me off. "We have to do something about this. We can't just let it go."

"What is with you and always fighting to get your way?"

"And what is with you and always giving up?" She stormed off and headed inside the school building.

"Eriko!" At times like this, I wished Bukamon was here by my side and not in the Digital World. He'd brighten things up.

She turned around and snapped back at me "Mel, I'm confident we can make it, but we're not going anywhere unless you grow a spine!"

I followed her inside. "I have a spine." I told her. "I'm just not going to disobey my father or yours. They put their foot down. That should be it." Eriko shook her head and walked into the computer lab. "Why do you keep ignoring the fact that there's nothing you can do?"

"Why don't you want to be with me?" She turned around with tears in her eyes. Great. I made her cry. That's not very gentleman like.

"I do want to be with you. I really want to be with you, but we can't. It's against the rules.

"The best thing about being a lawyer is finding loopholes for justice. I'm going to be one one day so I might as well start now."

"Eriko, you're just a kid!" I raised my voice. "You can't always get what you want. You're acting like a spoiled brat!"

She gasped and went completely wide-eyed as the last remaining tears fell. The whole computer lab was completely silent. One girl, Hitomi Izumi, left what now became an awkward scene that will lead to my demise. "You think I'm spoiled?" I dare not say a word! "You're the last person I would expect to hear that from." She took out her digivice.

"No, Eriko. I'm sorry, I…" She didn't listen. Instead, she went over to one of the computers and turned it on. "No, don't!"

"Digi-port open!"

Before I could grab her, she was gone. Without Upamon, without me, she was gone. "What am I going to do?" I asked myself. "Cody's going to kill me if something happens to her! Dad trusted me to be reliable and help those in need. Now, Eriko needs me. So I have to go. I have no choice. And why am I talking to myself? Even worse, why am I listening and talking back?" I took out my digivice. "Digi-port open!"


"Eriko!" I shouted. I've been wandering the Digital World for five minutes and I only found Bukamon.

"Eriko, where are you?" Bukamon called.

"Over here!" Someone called. I think it was Upamon.

I looked over to Bukamon who nodded. I nodded in response and we ran to the spot. There, Eriko was sitting on a rock with her head bowed. She was crying. "Eriko…"

"Haven't you done enough damage?" She asked.

Yes, I've done a lot of damage. Now, it was my turn to fix it. I sat next to her and kissed her cheek. "I'm sorry."

"For what? Pointing out the truth? You're right. I'm spoiled." She shifted away from me.

"But I don't care about that." I told her. "I care that you're confident, you're smart, you're determined. You're so much better than me."

"Don't say that." She shifted back to me. "You're mellow, Mel."

"Mellow Mel?" I smiled. "I like the sound of that."

She wrapped her arms around me and hung on tight. "I don't want to get rid of my first boyfriend. We're two nerds in love. How can we get rid of that?"

"Yeah, two nerds in love… There's no way this can happen again so soon." I said. "I'm going to miss it." As we sat there in silence, something else came lurking our way. Just our luck! Bukamon and Upamon were looking at us with tears in their eyes.

"What is it?" Eriko asked. I guess it was because we were humans, but we couldn't see what was coming.

"It's Centarumon." Bukamon sobbed. "He's big and he sounds angry."

"We have to get out of here." I said as I got up. "Let's move!"

And there it was. Centarumon stood before us. Suddenly, he rushed right for us! I held onto Eriko as the Digimon made a stance. That's when I saw it: a black hex nut around his leg. That must be his weak spot.

"Mel, what are you sitting there gawking for?" Bukamon shouted. "Get out of here!"

"Yeah, we'll distract him while you run!" Upamon said.

"Be careful!" Eriko shouted as we ran away.

I held her hand tightly as the ground rumbled. The Digimon were screaming attacks while Upamon was just screaming. This had to be the scariest day of my life! We hid behind a rock so we could catch our breath, but we didn't stay there long. We heard the Digimon coming closer, so we continued running. What did he want with us? We're just kids! Eventually, Eriko and I were backed into a corner. Centarumon was coming closer. We were doomed.

"Well, Eriko…" I said. "I think this is it." I wrapped my arms around her and she did the same.

"I never thought I'd die this way." She responded. "I always imagined myself getting shot in a back alley after winning an important case."

I raised a look of confusion but put it away. Now's not the time to wonder why she imagined her own death. We buried our faces into each other as Centarumon got closer and closer.

Until I heard…

"Marching Fishes!"

It was Gomamon! "It's Gomamon!" I cheered as I popped my head up.

"Scratch Beat!"

"And it's Armadillomon!" Eriko said.

"Dad!" We both shouted.

"I never thought I'd use this again." Cody said as he and Dad stepped into the scene. He pulled out his digivice. "Digi-armor Energize!"

"Go, Gomamon!" Dad commanded.

"Gomamon digivolve to...Ikkakumon!" For the first time ever, I've seen Gomamon change before my eyes to the huge and powerful Ikkakumon! It was beautiful!

"Armadillomon armor digivolve to...Digmon!" Eriko was full of awe. Our childhood friends have changed into bigger creatures. "Gold Rush!"

"Harpoon Torpedo!"

The Digimon attacked while our Digimon returned to us. It was so epic! "Let's get out of here." Bukamon told me.

Before I could reply to that, Eriko shouted "Come on, Digmon! Show him who's boss!" She pumped her fists. "Go! Get him!"

"Go Ikkakumon!" I followed pursuit. "Get him!"

Both Digimon crashed into Centarumon, causing the black hex nut explode into particles. Or were they...yes...bits of data. Centarumon struggled to stand up. But once he did, he shook his head around. "What happened?" He asked.

"You mean you really don't know?" The now changed back Gomamon asked.

"No." He answered. "I was just guarding the temple like I was supposed to and all of a sudden something latched onto my leg."

Cody rubbed his chin in a thinking manner. "It was a black hex nut. I wonder if it has some kind of relation to the dark rings."

"Or the black gears." Dad added. A couple of seconds passed as they thought before Dad interrupted. "And what were you two doing in the Digital World again? You could've gotten killed." Cody agreed by crossing his arms and frowning.

I looked at Eriko who looked back at me. Then she balled her fists and looked her father dead in the eyes. "I ran away."

Cody's expression softened. "Why would you do that? Your mother and I give you everything you ask for."

"Yes, but there's something else I want."

"What is it? I give you the world as it is."

"That's just it." She looked back at me. "I don't need the world in my hands. Mel said that if I was destined to have something, it'll come to me. I need to trust that."

He smiled. "I'm glad you see that…"

"But there is something else I want from you." He nodded. "I want to date." Before Cody could object, she held my hand. "I want to date Mel."

"I don't know…" Cody said.

"Dad, you've known him since we were in diapers. You know he wouldn't hurt me. He saved my life three times. That's why he came here." She looked into my eyes. "He came to protect me. You can really rely on him." I smiled and blushed as I looked down at my feet in embarrassment. She likes me. She really likes me! "And I think we were destined to be with each other. So please!"

I looked at Dad. "Please?" I begged.

The two DigiDestined looked at each other. The anticipation is killing me and so was Eriko's grip on my hand! Finally, Dad looked back at the two of us. "If you promise us you'll stay out of the Digital World, then it's okay with us."

It's official! Eriko's my girlfriend! Here comes the story book ending. The anticipation. The joy! Well, it could've been a story book ending. That is…

…until I fainted.

"Oh, Mel…" Dad said.

"That's your son, Joe!" Cody laughed.

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