Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter nor Danny Phantom, but I wish I did cause then it'd be all yaoi all the time!

Warning: If you do not like slash or yaoi then this story is not for you. This is a Harry/Danny pairing.

Summary: Harry has learned that his real father is a billionaire named Vlad Masters who is also half ghost. Then he meets Danny and it's love at first sight.



Chapter 4

Harry woke with a start when his seat gave a sudden jolt. His mind still cloudy with sleep. He tried his best to register exactly what was going on around him. Vaguely he heard the planes captain announcing that the plane had touched down and that they would be able to exit the plane shortly. Twenty minutes later after he had managed to find and collect his luggage.

He tried his best to ignore it is the people in close proximity to him began to stare and whisper. He knew instinctively that it was himself that they were talking about because let's face it, it's not day that one got to see a long white-haired figure in an airport.

Looking around slowly and carefully he came across something that may freeze momentarily. A tall and sturdy looking man in a crisp black suit was holding a sign above his head. To be honest it wasn't the man from self that caught his attention but the sign that bore the name Lily Evans in a beautiful and neatly flowing script.

He paused briefly to collect himself as he swallowed the lump in his through and blinked back the sudden oncoming tears began filling his eyes as he imagined a similar looking sign years ago held up in preparation for a women that would never arrive.

Gathering himself as quickly as he could he made his way over.