Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter nor Danny Phantom, but I wish I did cause then it'd be all yaoi all the time!

Warning: If you do not like slash or yaoi then this story is not for you. This is a Harry/Danny pairing.

Summary: Harry has learned that his real father is a billionaire named Vlad Masters who is also half ghost. Then he meets Danny and it's love at first sight.

Chapter 5

Harry's POV:

He could feel his heart attempting to beat its way out of his chest in his nervousness. Even though he knew he would pass whatever test was given in order to determine the paternity he was still afraid, Afraid of what kind of impression he would make afraid, that his father would hate him for living with his mother and had died, afraid that his father wouldn't want him. Despite his fear however a greater part of him hoped that it would all turn out well. Hope that in the end he would find love and acceptance.

And so he gathered up his remaining courage, took a deep breath, and straightened his spine. As soon as the limo driver opened the door he stepped out of the vehicle just a little bit more confident then he had a couple seconds before.

A sudden but gentle breeze had his long flowing hair dancing in front of his face. As he reached up to push it away his hand was suddenly caught by another, Startled he froze and his gaze was caught in that of the very man he had come all this way to meet.

Vlad's POV:

He very gently tucked the lock of hair behind his son's ear, And the young man was beyond a shadow of a doubt his son. He had known the moment he set eyes on him. He was beautiful. A perfect combination of his sweet Lily and himself.

He couldn't help but run his eyes over every inch of his son. Imprinting the moment into his memory forever.

Oh he would still have the blood tests run but only for formality sake. After all he couldn't have any outsiders questioning the authenticity of their kinship. He wouldn't put his son through that. Not for anything in the world.