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Italic= Thoughts

Bold= Italian

Underline= Japanese

In the Vongola Mansion

By the time they got home, it was already 6 o'clock. The kids were told to wash up quickly and proceed to the dining room. They adults were afraid that the kids would lose their stationaries so they decided that the kids would pack their bags before they could lose anything. Some of the kids fell asleep of their way back to the mansion, and thus they had (should have anyway) enough energy to last them till after dinner. Tsuna coincidentally took a 'power nap'- a 20minute nap that will give you lots of energy.

In the Dining Room 1/2h later

"Alright, since everyone is here, shall we start?" asked Elena gently.

"Haiiiii," replied Tsuna happily.

He was excited to start packing. Being homeschooled, he never had to pack a bag for school before. He just hoped that he would be able to catch up in school.

"Everyone find a place in the room to sit please," said Giotto clapping his hands.

Hibari went to the corner of the room, away from the rest while the rest of the kids decided to sit relatively close to each other. Giotto would help Spanner, Shoichi and of course Tsuna, pack. After another 15minutes, they were all done packing. The children were surprisingly quick. And neat. The adults didn't have to help much at all. Unbeknownst to the adults, there were quite a few times where the kids had to quickly pack their clothes to run from enemies. That was IF they had time to pack. There were times, of course, where they had to run from surprise attacks, leaving no time to pack at all. Lambo had the least amount of things to pack, and was the fastest. Although Lambo usually had someone to pack his things for him, due to his young age, he was observant and learned fast. He saw how neat his clothes were packed, although in a rush.

Once they had finished packing, dinner was served. While eating, the kids and adults talked. Except, of course, for Hibari and Alaude. When asked about their grades in school in the future, Dino sheepishly answered that he had not been doing so well. So did Yamamoto. When asked if they would like some help with their studies, Dino and Yamamoto said yes. They wanted to do their ancestors proud. They knew that their ancestors would be worried if they didn't get good grades, and didn't want to add to their worries. Alphonso had also brought up a good point: lessons would be taught in Italian. How would the kids understand if they were not too fluent in it? This point was directed more towards the adults whose kids couldn't speak fluent Italian.

"Nufufufufu… why don't we teach them Italian then?" suggested Daemon.

"That's a great idea! It could also serve as bonding time!" piped in Elena.

"Yare yare, I don't want to teach Lambo Italian…"

"You only have to teach him the basics, Lampo. I'm sure he'll learn quickly… Anyways, he already knows hoe to speak Italian, you just need to help him brush up," reasoned Giotto.

'No doubt he will…." Thought Lampo. 'He's a genius!"

"We should start speaking Italian to the kids then, shouldn't we? Speech need practice," said Cozart.

"Che, I suppose we should. But Yamamoto, Spanner and Shoichi will have difficulty understanding us."

"We could go slow and translate what we say to them in Japanese. Then, we could teach them how to respond in Italian. It would be a little troublesome, but it should work,"

"Hn, buy them a translator," said Alaude.

"…Well, we could buy that too…" said Giotto.

"We should get them assessment books!" (Let's say that there were such things then…)

The kids sweat- dropped. They are getting so excited…

"YOSH! I will send some maids to buy some assessment books!" cheered Giotto.

"YEAH!" cheered the rest of the adults, apart from Alaude.

Too excited…

A few months later…

First Day of School…

Needless to say, the children passed the tests with flying colors and all got in. After all, they were Vongola. The Vongola Guardians, along with Alphonso, Cozart, and Elena, were wonderful teachers. Alaude, however, didn't even need to teach Hibari anything. He was more of a self-study type. All of the children were fast learners, though Dino, Tsuna and Enma would get easily confused. However, with patience (and a little help), Giotto, Alphonso and Cozart managed to get Dino, Tsuna and Enma, to pull through. Alphonso Spanner and Shoichi had started living with Talbot a week ago, while Alphonso and Cozart returned to their own homes.

Today was the first day of school, and the Arcobaleno were awaiting their new students. The adults had brought the children to school, after double-checking that they were all ready. Of course, Giotto did not forget Spanner and Shoichi's lunches. Talbot had been taking good care of Spanner and Shoichi, and had already grew fond of them. They were obedient and bright kids.

"Welcome, everyone, to Arcotavego," welcomed Luce kindly.

"Thank you!" the children chorused.

"Now, let me re-introduce myself. I am Luce, the principal of Arcotavego. This young man to my left is Reborn, the head of discipline and also my husband. He is the form tutor of 3Reb, which is also your homeroom, Dino Chiavarone. After this, he will bring you to your class and introduce you to them. To my left is Aria, my only daughter, and she is the teacher of P1ARi (Preschool 1 Aria). Lambo-kun, she is your teacher," started Luce, using Japanese suffics.

"Nice to meet you, Lambo-kun. I am Aria, you can call me Aria-nee, Aria-sensei or Teacher Aria. Whichever suits you best," introduced Aria kindly.

"Nice to meet you, Aria-sensei!"

The teachers knew that the children had Japanese origins, and agreed to call them with Japanese suffics, also because they were quite fond of the Japanese culture.

"Next to Aria is Gamma, her husband, and also they teacher of the new class K1GAm (Kindergarden 1 Gamma). Tsunayoshi-kun, Hayato-kun, Takeshi-kun, Enma-kun, Spanner-kun, Chrome-kun, and Shoichi-kun, he is your new teacher. This is a new class, so don't worry about being out of place! Hibari and Mukuro-kun, you will be in K2FOn (Kindergarden 2 Fon), and you teacher will be Fon."

Upon hearing his name, a man who looked a lot like Hibari stepped forward.

"Let us have fun learning together," said he.


"Kufufufu… yes, let's," Mukuro said eerily.

Fon already knew that he had a lot installed for him, and he haven't even known them for more than 5minutes.

"The blonde guy is Colonello, he is K1Gam's Physical Education teacher. Next to him is Lal Mirch, she is 3REb's Physical Education teacher and also the head of P.E. The guy in the lab coat is Verde, form tutor of 4Ver. He is also the head of Science, and teaches mostly students from Grades 7-12 Science. The guy with purple hair is Skull, he teaches music and will be teaching all of you. That's it for now, class is about to start soon. Have fun everyone!" concluded Luce as the first bell rang.

"Bye-bye!" shouted the kids to all the adults as they followed their respective teachers to class.

"Behave yourself, Mukuro!" warned Elena.

"Yes Mother!" he shouted back in response.

"Enjoy yourself, Tsuna!"

"I will Uncle Giotto!"

"Be good, all of you!"


In class 3REb

"Good morning, Mr. Reborn!"

"Morning. Now, as you all know, we have a new student joining our class for this new semester. Everyone, welcome Dino Chivarone."

"Hello everyone! My name is Dino Chiavarone, pleased to meet you! Please take care of me!" Dino said cheerfully.


Unknown to him, he had managed to charm 2/3 of the girls in the class in his class. A few of them almost squealed, but was too afraid due to the strict Reborn.

'This kid is good,' thought Reborn.

"Alright Dino, you will be sitting next to the window," instructed Reborn, referring to the empty seat by the window.


As Dino made his way to his seat, he prayed that he wouldn't trip and make a full of himself on his very first day. However… lady luck wasn't on his side as he tripped on the carpet (yes, the floor is carpeted).

"Itee!" cried Dino as he rubbed his head.

Most of his new classmates were already laughing at him.

'Forget it, he's a klutz' thought Reborn as he sighed internally.

"Hey, what's 'ite'?" asked a boy as he helped Dino up.

"Ah, sorry, it's Japanese. Hahahahaha," said Dino sheepishly.

"Cool! He knows Japanese!" remarked another of his classmates.

"What other languages do you know?" asked the girl whom he was supposed to sit infront of.

"Ah, well, I know some English," answered Dino politely, once again walking to his new seat once he thanked the boy for helping him.

"Awesome!" remarked yet another of his classmates.

'At least now I know that the people in my class are nice…' thought Dino happily.

"Enough. Get to know him better later during break. Let's get class started," ordered Reborn as he started taking the attendance.

"Vidal, you will be Dino's partner for this week. Get him whatever he needs later."

"Yes, Sir," agreed Vidal, the boy who helped Dino up before.

'So that's his name…' thought Dino. 'It's nice, meaning full of life.'

"As you all know, at the start of every new semester, the whole school will have friendly matches to break ties and form relationships. We are allowed to form alliances. As always, we will be playing dodgeball. You will be allowed to go and form your alliances during your PE lesson. For now, we will discuss which classes you want to form alliances with. Of course, eventually allys will have to fight each other too. Pre-school students are not allowed to play, and kindergardeners will only be allowed if they form alliances with at least two classes from grade school. Now, any suggestions?"

"Yes! I think we should form an alliance with K1GAm and K2FOn!" raised Dino.

He wanted to play alongside his siblings.

"K1GAm? I never heard of that class before…" commented a girl.

"It's a new class," responded Reborn.

"Then, I propose that we too form an alliance with 4VEr! They were last time's winners," added Vidal.

Reborn took a white chalk and wrote K1GAm, K2FOn 4VEr on the board.

"Do not forget that you will automatically become allies with your allies allies. Thus, it is best that you become allies with 4VEr first and quickly, so that you can propose to have an agreement such as: both parties will have an equal say in deciding future allies," reminded Reborn.

"Yes, !" responded the class

"We should think of a proposal first. Number 1: why should they become allies with us? Number 2: what can we contribute? Number 3: how will it benefit them? Number 4: who is the enemy you have in common and Number 5:what are the terms?"

Now, it is important to know that Reborn treated these games very seriously. Like war games. He was a very competitive person, and he was NOT happy that his class lost to Verde's. 3REb was known to be one of the best classes, something he was proud of. He would show 4VEr who's boss.

"Number 1: Why should they become allies with us? What are our strong points? Carlo," picked Reborn.

A boy who looked similar to Vidal stood up.

"We have excellent catchers and dodgers. Also, we have some very strong throwers. These skills will come in very useful in a game such as dodgeball. Let us not forget that many of us are agile, speed would come in handy," he said.

"Good," praised Reborn as he wrote what Carlo said down. "Number 2: what can we contribute? Bianca."

"Distractions. For example, Michele could throw a ball at one of our enemies and while our enemy is trying to get back at her, Carlo could attack them."

"Good. Number 3: how will it benefit them? Michele."

A relatively small sized girl stood up.

"While 4VEr has good tactics and some strong players, they do not have much stamina, thus tiring out easily. We could take turns taking on the front role while they rest. This way, it would look like it's a plan instead of what they did last time: stand at the back and look weak and afraid."

"Nice. Number 4: Who is our common enemy? Carmine."

"Class 5SKu and 6LOr (5 Skull and 6 Lorenzo)."

5SKu was the most musically gifted class, and they weren't afraid to show it. If you see someone in the hallways playing a musical instrument or singing, it was almost 100% that that person is from 5SKu. 6LOr was the class full of students with a sweet tooth (seems familiar~?). During Halloween, they would steal some sweets from other people. Last year, those two classes teamed up and cheated to win. It was not easy for 4VEr to win because of that. 3REb almost got a prize too, if not for those two classes. The students were discreet about cheating and their homeroom teachers did not know about it. Of course, when they found out, the student were severely punished.

"Of course. Number 5: what are the terms? Dino?"

"As you said earlier, both classes should get an equal say in deciding who they will be becoming allies with. Also, everything should be discussed and agreed on diplomatically. Everything they plan to do should be shared with all in the alliance, and we will also do the same. Nothing is to be done in discreet."

"Excellent," praised Reborn as he jotted what Dino said down.

'He speaks like a mafia boss. His vocabulary has also surpassed what most his age knows. No surprise that he is related to the Vongola…"

"Alright, we're done with this for now. I'll draft the alliance agreement sheet out. Next period is PE, so think about how you are going to present yourself now. Vidal, go get the things that Dino will need now. Bring him with you."

"Yes Sir," replied Vidal politely, walking towards Dino.

"First, let us get your books first, shall we?"

"Alright!" ageed Dino cheerfully before following Vidal out.

Meanwhile in Tsuna's homeroom…

Homeroom of K1GAm

"Alright everyone, welcome to K1GAm. My name is Gamma, and I will be your new homeroom teacher for this semester. You may call me Teacher Gamma, Mr. Gamma, Sir, or whatever suits your liking, as long as it is respectful. This is a new class, so why don't we start by taking attendance, and then have a round of introductions?"


"Good. Basilicum?"





As Gamma finished taking the attendance, he realized that he had a relatively small class. Mostly filled with boys. Also, most of them were new students. Only 3 were moved from their precious class to join the new class. Basilicum, or also known as Basil, was the class monitor at his previous class. So were Yuni and Daniela. Let us not forget that Yuni was Gamma's daughter, alright? Yes, he was a young father, being only 28. All three of them were well known in their level, being bright and obedient kids. He was curious about the new kids though. He was told that the children in this class would be "special", in a good way. Perhaps they were smarter than other kids? Oh well, he would just have to find out. Next, they went for a round of introductions. From there, Gamma could tell that the new kids were different. Designing as hobbies? For 5-year-olds? Wow… After introductions, some ice-breakers were played, not that they were very much needed. Once that was done, Gamma brought the whole class to go and collect their books, PE clothes etc. They were supposed to have lessons, but since this was a new class with mostly new students, their schedule was a little different. The Elementary's PE uniform was a simple white collared t-shirt with the colors of the rainbow on the collar. The school badge was at the left hand side of the shirt. The pants were comfortable dark blue shorts with the school named sewn on the bottom left of the front. The uniform was completely uni-sex. Arcotavego didn't have a real school uniform, but PE clothes were a must. Their books consisted thin textbooks for Math, English, Art, Music and Italian. It wasn't too complicated. Nothing that the Vongola kids couldn't handle. The work-books weren't too complicated either. After all, they were only 5-year-olds. Some of whom are practically geniuses, may I add.

In class K2FOn

"Good morning class."

"Good Morning Teacher Fon!"

"Today, we will have two new students joining our class. Please welcome Rokudo Mukuro and Hibari Kyoya," Fon said warmly.

"Welcome to our class!" the class chorused.

"Kufufufufu… how sweet…"


"…Well… Mukuro, Kyoya, here are your books and PE kit, along with your timetable. The both of you will be sitting next to each other, okay?" asked Fon.

"Kufufu… sure…"


'Oya, oya, me? Sitting next to Hi-ba-ri-chan~? Kufufufufu… this teacher must be mad. But then again, I said I wouldn't make any trouble. Kufufufufu… Mother, Father, and Grandpa won't be happy if I don't behave…" thought Mukuro, shuddering at the thought of his punishment.

'That pineapple head better not annoy me, or I'll bite him to death!' thought Hibari.

'Somehow, I'm getting a bad feeling… I hope I'm making the right choice putting them together…" thought Fon.

As Mukuro and Hibari made their way to the two empty desks next to each other, Hibari immediately sat next to the window.

'Why that skylark…' thought Mukuro, already getting pissed off.

'Hn. Too bad for him,' thought Hibari smugly, smirking.

'Grrr… I'll get back at him later…' thought Mukuro.

As Fon watched the auras of the two, he sweat-dropped.


"Everyone, good morning!" greeted Aria warmly.

"Good morning!"

"Today, we will have a new student joining out class. Please make Lambo feel at home, alright?"


"Lambo, please introduce yourself," requested Aria nicely.

"I am the great Lambo-san! Nice to meet you everyone!"

"Nice to meet you, Lambo!"


"At least he listened to me and gave a proper normal introduction instead of a bratty one…" said Lampo out loud.

"Che, not bad, you taught him how to introduce himself," commented G.

"Of course," replied Lampo smugly.

"Haha, shouldn't we go now? Giotto has a meeting in an hour, doesn't he?" reminded Asari.

"Yes, yes we should go," agreed Giotto.

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