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When his home appeared in front of him it almost felt like a saving anchor for his mind which was close to freak out, out of breath he opened the door and shut it hard, running past Ringo, Ume and Mikan who were just eating and stared after him baffled. Finally inside his room he slammed the door shut and sunk down onto the floor, pulling up his legs before he buried his face behind his knees, wanting nothing more than to scream till his voice was hoarse while inside every thought in his head was upside down. What should he do now? Just what should he do? Kazu had seen him, had seen his...no, he didn't even wanted to think that word. What was he thinking now of him? Would he think Ikki was...disgusting?

Shame, anger and panic coiled in his heart, and suddenly he felt so dirty and sweaty that he couldn't near it anymore and jumped up, grabbing a pair of worn baggy pants and the biggest shirt he had before he quietly slipped into the he ripped his clothes off and stepped into the shower while avoiding to look into the mirror, washing himself as fast as he could without touching anything on his new body he didn't want to feel. After putting on his pants and slipping over the big shirt he crept back into his room where he sat down in a corner, and, pulling his blanket over himself he hid himself away in the comforting darkness, his head filled with only confusion and a feeling of being lost.

Ding dong ding dong. "Oh, hi Kazu, what's up?", Mikan greeted a slightly breathless Kazu who immediately asked: "Is Ikki there?" "Yeah, that ape just came back twenty minutes ago and shot through the apartment like he had been stung by bees into his ass. You wanted to visit him? Just come in", she mentioned with her hand and walked back into the kitchen, the blonde followed her, shortly greeting Ringo and Ume before he stormed up to Ikki's room. Said dark haired had been staring into the air aimlessly, twitching when a knock sounded and he yelled: "Go away Mikan, I don't want to eat!". A short silence came before a voice answered: "I'm not Mikan, it's me, Kazu", the blonde could hear a rustling behind the door before the brown eyed male growled back: "Go away, I don't want to talk! Leave me alone!"

"Come on, Ikki! I'm sure it will make you feel better". "Have you turned into a psychologist or what?" "No. But...we need to talk! About your...", he hesitated, "Your change". "I don't want to. So fuck off!" "Ikki!". Silence."Fine, then I'll talk...how long have you been like this?" Still silence. "Judging by your acting not very long...since yesterday? Or did you notice it first this morning?" No answer. The blonde sighed and leaned on the door. "Ikki...it's okay, so don't-" Finally the other male replied, sounding totally pissed off and angry: "Don't what? Freak out? Kazu, it's not okay, I'm suddenly a fucking girl and I don't know why! And you are telling me I should calm down? Who knows what the others are talking about me right now-"

"I haven't told them your change yet." A short silence came before Ikki repeated, sounding baffled: "You haven't?" Kazu sighed: "Of course not! Why should I? I'm your best friend and I think you should get the chance to explain something like this yourself, right?" "But...what will they think when they see me like that?" "If they really respect you they will accept it, so don't worry". "...and you?" "Huh?" "What do you think about this? And I swear, if you say my breast size is nice I'll crush your balls." "Uh, well...although you are a girl now...that doesn't change that you are my best friend. It doesn't matter to me that you suddenly changed your gender. True, it is somehow...weird, but...don't worry. I will always support you no matter what happened with you, so...maybe you could come out now? Please?"

No answer came back, and for a moment Kazu feared Ikki would still continue to lock himself up, but then the door opened and his friend appeared, his dark eyes looking at him slightly suspiciously, wearing a big black shirt and green baggy pants while being bare feet. The blonde's eyes immediately looked at his chest, he couldn't help it, it was a reflex, getting a swift look of Ikki's new breasts becoming apparent round and well sized under the cloth before he was able to look away just in time before Ikki could notice it. But it didn't really help that the dark haired had crossed his arms, probably in an unconscious attempt to cover his chest, but only bringing out it's round form. "Well? Are you satisfied? What now?", Ikki grumbled and stared at him with a lifted eyebrow.

"First, it's good that you're out because you can't lock yourself up all the time. Second, I think you should go now and tell Ringo, Mikan and Ume what happened- "What? Why do I have to tell it everyone? Isn't it enough that you know it?", the brown eyed male protested immediately, obviously not happy with Kazu's advice, who rolled his eyes and sighed: "Because they are your family and it makes it easier for you. Don't you think they would find it out after some time? Especially since we don't know how long you will be a girl, if you get your menstruation how will you hide th-", noticing how Ikki's face blanched he hastily changed the topic.

"It's really better if they know it, because...uhm, you can't just walk around without anything on your chest, it's...well, kinda distracting, you know", he coughed, quickly continuing when he saw how the others face darkened: "And no bandages! I know you used them today, but that was really stupid. That was the reason why you fainted, because you wrapped them way too tight to let yourself properly breath. Am I right? That was really idiotic of you". Ikki, who had already opened his mouth to snap back shut it again, growling, he knew Kazu was right with every point. Damn logic. "Fine, I'll tell them", he grumbled, "Happy now?"

"Yes, more or less", Kazu grinned, his grin fell slightly when he remembered something else. "Oh, and you have ten minutes for telling them". "Huh, why just ten?" "Because...before I came to your house I called the others and told them to also come after I talked with you...I'm sorry for not letting you know it earlier, but you would have probably stayed in your room had I told you!". "Damn right, because that's what I'll do after beating you up, going back into my room!" "No you won't!"

The blonde dodged a hit just in time and grabbed Ikki's wrist before dragging the wildly protesting and struggling male- in a- female's- body behind him into the living room where Ringo, Ume and Mikan were watching TV, looking up surprised. "Ikki has got to tell you something important", he announced and dragged the resisting black haired in front of him, the brown eyed was visibly not feeling comfortable with four pair of eyes looking at him curiously. "Uhm, well...it's like th-", he began, but was interrupted when the three girls took a closer look at him and Ringo's eyes widened while Muikan dropped her chips bag, Ume looking baffled while Mikan called out: "Holy shit! Ikki, you have breasts? What happened?" "I don't know! I just woke up this morning and suddenly was a girl! I don't know why and how!"

Ringo opened and closed her mouth, looking like a goldfish while Ume slowly said confused: "But...isn't that impossible? I never heard of of someone simply changing gender over night...". That makes you as clever as me", Ikki growled, snorting when the younger girl hissed: "I'll always be cleverer than you! I'm not even sure if you are capable of thinking with that tiny bird brain of yours, it is a miracle you can even speak!" "Shut up you puppet freak!" "I have to say I'm kinda...confused as well", Ringo said and asked hesitantly: "Ikki, do you feel okay? No strange sensations? Headaches? Nausea? Blurry vision?" "Except that my life is turned upside down? Besides that I'm fine yeah."

"So, you seriously turned into a girl? With everything?", Mikan asked unbelieving, eying him from head to toe, getting a sour reply: "Do I look like I'm joking? Haha, how funny!" "So they are not fake?", the blonde girl asked, still visibly not believing really what she saw, before she jumped up and pulled Ikki who was caught of guard away from Kazu, straightly grabbing his breasts to feel them up, ignoring his angry and flustered yell: "What the fuck? Let me go Mikan!"

"Damn, it's not fair! He's got bigger tits than me and probably than Ringo! I wonder what size you are- " "Fucking let me go or I'll break your ribs you ape woman!" Kazu could only stare with wide eyes at the scene while feeling blood rising to his cheeks, shortly asking himself if it was seen as incestuous when an adoptive sister felt up her adoptive brother's new breasts, right in front of him, twitching when Ikki yelled: "Dammit Kazu, stop staring and do something, at least help me!" The raven haired looked positively adorable, his cheeks were slightly flushed and he was clearly flustered, bristling against Mikan's grip and her hands on his chest, shivering almost unnoticeable when they gripped harder on his breasts, his dark brown eyes burning with embarrassment and anger.

"Uhm...", distracted from his thoughts the blond male answered caught of guard, he wasn't too keen to get caught up in a fight between Mikan and Ikki, knowing very well he was no match, having experienced this already with the prize of several bruises and other injuries. But nevertheless he stood up and tried to get them away from each other, knowing Ikki would kill him later if he didn't do anything now- though this was practically useless. If you ever tried to separate two fighting and seriously pissed off cats you know what Kazu experienced.

To make the chaos complete footsteps could be heard and at the next moment Onigiri, Bucca and Agito burst in, Onigiri yelling: "Ikki, Kazu told us to come here because you needed to say something important-".All three stopped dead in their tracks to stare with wide open eyes at Ikki in Mikan's grip with her hands on his breasts, Kazu on the left side pulling on Ikki's arm who's face darkened dangerously: "Kazu?" "Y- yes?" "You are so fucking dead".

"So, in other words you don't know why you suddenly changed into...well, a girl?", Bucca asked slowly, a baffled look in his eyes while he stared at Ikki who sat next to Kazu with a scowl on his face, looking annoyed and tired, Onigiri gaping at him like he was seeing an alien, the red imprint of a fist glowing on his cheek which he had received from Ikki after starting to drool at his sight. "I never thought you'd transform one day into a hot chick!", he said and scratched his head, eying him details yearning while the shark boy snickered: "Fuck, and here I thought you couldn't become any more girly Crow head".

"Shut the fuck up Agito, you look even more girly then I could ever even in a female's body!" "Tch, says the one with the tits...", the blue haired replied smirking, closing his eye and shifting his eye patch before he let Akito switch over who hopped over to Ikki and smiled: "Don't worry Ikki, it doesn't bother me! I love you even if you are a girl now!" With that he threw himself on the dark haired and buried his head into his voluptuous chest, squealing: "Oooh, so soft!"

"Fuck, get off me you little fag!", Ikki screeched and pulled on the clingy blue haired boy while the others had to cough with reed faces, clearly flustered and embarrassed at the sight of Akito practically feeling up Ikki's new chest. Though it was only comprehendible for them to feel confused and maybe a little more than that when their team leader had changed from a male into a girl with a smoking hot body, walking around with only a shirt covering his/ her breasts.

Finally with the help from Kazu the brown eyed male got Akito off and leaned back, now really pissed off, shoving Akito away who wanted to cuddle again, everybody looking up when Ringo coughed and interrupted their squabble, having regained her composure. "Well, since everyone knows now and this problem is solved we should take care of another. Ikki, get ready we have to go shopping". "Huh? Why ?" The red haired girl rolled her eyes and sighed before she said with slightly cheeks: "Ikki, don't you get it? You need...well, you need bras!" "WHAT?"

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