'Shipping Up To Boston, Part 0: The Trevor Project

Rizzoli & Isles belongs to Tess Gerritsen, Janet Tamaro, TNT, and the host of writers, producers, cast, and crew who create the show we love to watch. We are not any of those people.

We came up with the idea for this one evening, wishing that Rizzoli & Isles would tackle this subject in their own impressively gay, eye-sex way. Since they haven't so far, we decided to roll up our plaid flannel sleeves (or in Googlemouth's case, her French-cuff sleeves) and tackle it ourselves.

The title is taken directly from The Trevor Project, which we personally feel is important. If you or someone you know is being bullied, especially for being LGBT or being perceived as such, please stand up for them. Look into itgetsbetter[DOT]com and talk to someone. You're not alone, and we love you just the way you are.

Co-written by ChapstickLez and Googlemouth. You can find us on Twitter as chapsticklez and Googlemouth.

SPECIAL NOTE: This is mostly a way to draw your attention over to ChapstickLez, my co-author for this fic, which is actually the epilogue of another series that she and I are writing together. In a few days, she will be posting all subsequent parts of this series, which we're writing together, and I want all my readers to quickly run over to her profile (fan fiction DOT net SLASH u SLASH 2625035 SLASH ChapstickLez) and click Author Alert so that you don't miss any of them.

We also want to say (in paraphrase of AdmHawthorne's excellent words at the beginning of the fic "Darkness," which she co-wrote with Googlemouth) that there's no shame in asking for help, and it's not a sign of weakness to admit you need it. It takes strength. If you don't feel you have it, there are people here who will happily, gladly offer up their strength for you to use as your own. No thought of suicide should ever be ignored. You matter. Believe it.

1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK)

1-800-784-2433 (1-800-SUICIDE)

US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

For the hearing impaired in the US:

1-800-799-4TTY (4889)

For lines by US state, please check Suicidehotlines DOT com

Save DOT org

Suicidepreventionlifeline DOT org

And for LGBT concerns especially, have a look at TheTrevorProject DOT com (in case we didn't say it quite often enough so far).

Now, on with the fic!