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It was few hours after Crime Sorcière has left and Natsu had almost recover from the pain of unlocking the second origin and now he was walking throught the forest or rather lost in finding the hut where everyone was.

"Damn it, I forgot the way back and I can't find the others. If Gray finds out he won't stop laughing at me. " Said annoyed and pissed Natsu.

He was going throught the forest for few more hours the sun was going to raise any moment , but something caught his interest. It was a blinding light but it was warm and welcoming and when he went near it he was sucked in the light. Few minuets later he woke up near someone really beautiful, it was the same girl that saved them from the roar of Acnologia until he rememberd who she is she said somthing to Natsu.

"Natsu Dragneel I have a special mission for you." Said the girl calmly with power radiating form her voice.

"I am sorry but who were you again and where are we ?' asked Natsu with suprised expression on his face .

"Don't you remember me little one my Name is Mavis Vermilion and for next question it's a secret.' Said Mavis with cute voice that made Natsu blus a little .

When Natsu looked around he saw the whole place it was shining it was like a big garden with hundred types of flowers around the whole place and a big tree in center, under the tree there was a table for two and two chairs, on the table there were 2 cups of tea, 2 pieces of cake and a vase with white rose in it. It was really beatifull place Natsu thought, but the thing that caught Natsu's attention the most was that everthing in this garden was shining and giving same wramth as the light earlier.

"Let's have a sit, I have something im portant to talk with yo." Said Mavis with warm smile that could even melt a frozen hearth.

"Sure." said Natsu in a cheerfull voice just like a child.

When they sat on the little table Natsu emidately tried the tea and ate from the cake, it made the whole pain from unlocking the second origin go away and there was only one word that came in Natsu's head in this moment "Delicious". When she heard this her smile become even bigger and she said "Thank you for the compliment young one. '

After they ate Natsu became curious what was the mission she was talking about and he asked curious " Umm Master Mavis what is the mission you were talking about ?'

"Please, just call me Mavis . but before i tell you the mission I want to ask you a question?' asked Mavis.

" Yes of course.' Said the young Dragon Slayer in a cheerfull voice.

"Tell me, how did Zeref knowed you and what he told you to kill him ? ' She said this time in a serious tone that could give anyone goosebumps.

With this question Natsu's cheerfull face dissapeared and was changed with a serious one " Like you I don't know what he meant. And I don't remember ever meeting him in my life so I don't know from where he knows me, but there is something that concernce me even more. Even with unlocking this second container i don't know if we can beat Zeref he had 7 years , Damn it I wish I had this 7 years too so I could train!"

"What if I tell you that I could give you this 7 years to train." said Mavis with little smile on her face.

"Did you said what I think you said.' Asked Natsu with almost jumping from the chair

"Yes I have enough power left to send you in the past, but that will be my last spell I make from there you are alone .'

"Wait, won't the future change if I am not on Tenrou Island ?"said Natsu worried about his friends that will go on Tenrou island.

"I have thought about this already here take this, it's a Clone Lacrima the last one in Earthland. It can make copy of any person for 2 days the clone would be at the level of power you were back than but it's one use only but there will be side efect from not going on Tenrou island you will lose some of your powers that you obtained there"said Mavis looking for the dragon slayer's reaction but she was suprised to see his face, he was grining.

" So with not going on Tenrou island I will lose the chance to obtain the lightning-fire dragon mode but, I will still remember the most important thing i learned there from Gildarts. " said Natsu still smiling like an idiot.

" I see, you are not looking for more power you only want power to protect the precious people for you." Said the little girl with her returning to her face.

"Of course for what else could I use power for.' Natsu said still grining like a fool.

At this comment Mavis laughed a little but Natsu didn't heard her. She tought to herself that he is acting like a child but maybe this is one of the things that makes him so strong. And with that she teleportet him back in the forest the with the sun starting to rise then she asked him "Are you ready ?'

'Yes' was the only thing he said .

With his answer she started chanting on some old language that Natsu somehow could understand few words from it, he only understood 3 words from this language and they were: Dragon, fire and time. But before the spell could send him in the past he said to her "Thank you for everething First and I wish we could meet someday again.' and with that his whole body was engulfed in brith light and he was gone.

'I wish you good luck young dragon slayer in your new adventure.' and with that her body started disappearing with the sun rising at the same time.

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