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Chapter 4: The lone Dragon returns

Magnolia Town

A hooded figure walked along the streets of Magnolia. The people of Magnolia took glances at him every now and then as no one had ever seen this man before in their town.

Natsu Dragneel is really happy as his friends have returned two weeks ago and knew that they had already gone for their training session on the beach. He also knew that the only people that would most likely be still in the guild were Master Makarov, Macao and Wakaba who's most likely drinking while looking at porn magazines. He wished Gildarts was there, but he knew he had left to parts unknown.

"Stupid old man, couldn't wait till I came back. I really wanted to fight him to see who's stronger." Natsu grumbled in annoyance before his good mood returned.

His joy was short lived when a group of ugly faces blocked his path. He knew the group was from Twillight Orge as they were the same guys he kicked when they first came back from Tenrou Island.

"Hey you what are you doing in our town? This isn't the place for strangers like you! So leave, before we make you scum!" The bandaged guy commanded. He had his hair in an Afro with a club on his back and Natsu remembered him as Teebo.

"Yeah!" The other four said in unison which surprised the Dragonslayer. He never thought idiots like them could be so in sync.

After the little surprise Natsu gave them an evil glare, grinning at the thought of paying them back for what they did to his guild mates. "If you wanna fight, why didn't you say so in the first place?" he exclaimed. "All of you come at me at once and I promise you it will be over before you knew it." He added with a toothy grin.

The five mages were enraged by Natsu's smug attitude that made them look weak as none of them saw the crowd gathering around them. Natsu's grin got even bigger if that was even possible as he was going to humiliate them and their guild before the whole town.

"Argh! You're going to pay for talking down to the mages of Magnolia's strongest guild!" Teebo screamed as he swings his club at Natsu's head and the other four prepared to attack after their leader, but none of the five mages were ready for what happened next. He allowed Teebo to hit him with his weapon, but it wasn't Natsu's head that broke, it was the club that's broken in two.

"Hahaha was that it?" Natsu's body began to shake with laughter as he looked at everyone's stunned faces. "That attack didn't even sting." He stated bluntly remembering the beatings he went through under Titania. "Now, it's my turn." He said as he grinned at them wildly.

"B-B-but, how? I hit you with all my strength. It's not even possible to feel nothing at all!" Teebo stuttered as he looked at the man in fear.

"Well, I have been through worse than this, and like I said earlier. It's my turn." Natsu replied simply before the screams of the poor mages from Twilight Ogre that blocked the road to his home echoed throughout the city.

After few minutes the crowd started to disperse, leaving the beaten mages and Natsu who walked away from them a moment later. He heard the murmurs coming from the people and one made him sweatdrop at the comment.

"This guy is really strong. I just watched him beat Teebo's gang in a few minutes like they were nothing. He also took a hit in the head from Teebo's club and he didn't even flinch. It's like it was made cheese and it broke against his head."

Natsu ignored all the people gossiping about him and continued hear towards Fairy Tail's new building and a few minutes later, Natsu was standing before the little Tavern preparing himself to enter.

Inside the guild

Makarov was sitting on the bar's counter drinking beer and thinking when Natsu will show up. He really wanted to see how he grew up.

"Master, what are you thinking about? You didn't even look at the new weekly Sorcerer Magazine. The models are really something this week." Macao Conbolt said looking at Makarov with a questioning look while Wakaba Mine is still ogling the new models.

"Well, I was thinking of how everyone's training is going. I really want to see how much stronger they will become." Makarov said sagely before breaking into a smile as Macao and Wakaba stopped ogling the magazine as he got back to his mug to finish his beer.

"Yeah, I am sure they will become really strong. If only there are three more months till the tournament." Wakaba said while getting a nod from the other two mages.

As they continued to talk a hooded figure came into the guild and started looking around till he saw the three old mages drinking and laughing as a grin formed at his face. "Ahemm! I am looking for Makarov Drayer. I have a letter for him from the magic council." The hooded man spoke interrupting the laughing mages.

The three mages became silent and started to sweat when they heard about the letter from the council. Makarov was somehow frightened at the thought of paying for property damage made by his kids. The moment the hooded man saw Makarov sweating like crazy he started laughing like there was no tomorrow getting a glare from the three mages.

"Sorry, sorry, it's just that your face was hilarious." The hooded man said trying to control his laughter as the group glared at him. "Don't worry about it. The letter is not about property damage I assure you." The man said as he reigned in his laughter.

Makarov relaxed a little at that piece of information, impressed that the man before him could easily read him like an open book as he opened the letter and read it.

Once he read it twice and he spoke. "So they want me back again as a member of the Ten Wizard Saints." Makarov said getting a nod from the hooded man. "Anyway, what's your name young man? I am pretty interested in you; you can read me like an open book." Makarov said getting a snicker from the man.

"Well, people call me Phoenix. I am..." Phoenix was interrupted by Macao and Wakaba's scream.

"Y-You are Phoenix." They both said in unison while getting a smile and nod from said man.

"Wakaba, Macao, you know this young man?" Makarov asked getting a nod from the two mages.

"This guy is pretty famous for his accomplishments. He has single handedly destroyed hundreds of Dark guilds all over Magnolia." Wakaba began making Makarov raise a curious eyebrow.

"Not only that. His biggest accomplishment was in the Kingdom of Seven where he defeated the King's army alone and freed the people from their king's evil clutches, and because of that Seven is in peace with Fiore." Macao added earning him Makarov's interest.

"Ah, they only forgot one thing, and that is I'm also one of the Ten Wizard Saints." Phoenix quipped as the three mages eyes widen in disbelief. Thinking about how young he is, yet he's one of the Ten Wizard Saints.

"I got to say I'm impressed young man. Care to join us for a drink?" Makarov offered getting a nod from the young man as Macao gave him a beer. Phoenix thanked Macao who nodded and started telling stories of their adventures as they laughed. One hour later Phoenix knew it was time reveal who he really is.

"So, Makarov-san, I know you have something with you that belong to me." Phoenix said gaining a surprised look from Makarov as he saw the smile under Phoenix's hood.

"I don't know what you are talking about?" Makarov replied in confusion thinking what could it be that he has that belongs to the man. He eyed him further only to see an even bigger smile under the hood.

"Oh, you know. It's white and scaly, and it's the most precious thing given to me by my foster father." Phoenix replied lazily and when Makarov heard the description, he dropped the mug on the floor surprising Wakaba and Macao. He immediately knew what he was talking about, but is it really the same loudmouth that became one of the saints he wondered until he saw the familiar toothy grin and he knew that it was him.

"I can't believe it boy!" Makarov proudly exclaimed confusing the other two. "To think that you'd become one of the saints, never thought you'd go that far in only 7 years." Makarov said with a smile on his face while patting the young man on the back.

"Yeah, well, when you train really hard every day. That's what happens." Phoenix said matter-of-factly getting a laugh from Master Makarov before he joined in.

Macao and Wakaba were really confused as to how did Makarov knew Phoenix before he disappeared 7 years ago as Wakaba decided to voice their question. "Umm… Master… care to explain to us how do you know him." he asked getting an agreement from Macao.

"Well… you also know who this guy is." Makarov pointed out. "He was part of our guild since he was a kid." He added confusing the two even more confused as Makarov sighed. "Care to tell them who you really are." He asked the Phoenix.

"Sure, it's about time for the world to see who Phoenix really is." He agreed as he took of his hood stunning the two old Mages speechless while Makarov took out the scarf from under the bar and tossed it at him.

"N-N-Natsu! That's impossible. We saw you leave two weeks ago to train." Macao explained in denial that was in agreement with Wakaba.

"Heh, that was clone Lacrima. A really rare thing to have. I was still around training till everyone from Tenrou came back." Natsu explained grinning.

"Boy, I don't understand how you did it, but how did you know about the Tenrou incident, and what will happen? Why didn't you tell us?" Makarov demanded smacking Natsu in the head.

"Yeah, well, you'll have to talk with Master Mavis about that. She knows the reasons better than I do" Natsu replied sheepishly. "Oh, and before I forget, I need a new stamp since I had to erase mine before I left to train." He added as Makarov nodded as he took the stamp and made a new one on the same place as before.

"Okay, now that Natsu have his stamp. I explain why he couldn't tell you." Mavis said appearing from the ground scaring the three old mages to death.

"Sorry about that, anyway he couldn't tell you because of a few things." Mavis apologized though the smile on her face told otherwise. "What do you think would've happened if you didn't left? Grimoire Heart would have taken Zeref, making him a weapon to destroy the world, and because you were there some people had a change of heart." Mavis took on a bashful look a light blush adorning her cheeks. "oh, you two look awfully cute together Natsu!" Mavis gushed giggling like a little girl before disappearing while Natsu blushed like a tomato.

"What is Master Mavis talking about Natsu?" Makarov asked, confusion clearly written on his face like Macao and Wakaba.

"Well… she's talking about my fiancée. She was part of Grimoire heart, but she changed a lot since then." Natsu replied while blushing like a mad man as the three mages had perverted smiles.

"Oh, our boy grew up without us even noticing." Makarov stated while crying crocodile tears like the other two. "Tell us about her. How is she in bed?" he quickly followed up wanting to know all the sordid details of his relationship.

"Shut up you old geezers!" Natsu shouted wondering how their conversation changes from his love life to their night life.

"So Natsu, who is she? Have I seen her before?" Makarov asked seriously.

"You know her. She was part of the council." Natsu replied with a smirk as he saw Makarov's expression.

"Oho! Natsu, you heart stealer. Never thought you would get such a beautiful woman for your fiancée, but let's stop talking about your love live. I'm glad that you have become really strong after seven years." Makarov said giving another pat on the back while smiling at him.

"So Master, would you like to have one of the saints in our team for the Grand Magic Tournament." Natsu asked grinning at the three old Mages who also like the idea, but then Makarov remembered something he read in this year's rule book for the tournament.

"I do, but I have an even better idea." Makarov said as he took out the rule book and pointed at something. "Look at this new rule that was added this year." Makarov said showing him the rule while Natsu's smile became even bigger.

"Two? That's even better." Matsu exclaimed. "So who will be in the team?" he asked.

"I know the right people to join you in the team." Makarov replied with an even bigger grin before they started catching up for the last seven years, drinking like there was no tomorrow. The next morning when he woke up, he found Macao and Wakaba sleeping like a log. Meanwhile Makarov was drinking coffee so he could stay awake till noon and start drinking beer again.

Next Day

"Good morning Master. How are you today? Still little drunk from yesterday?" Natsu asked with a smile while Makarov grunted.

"I thought I could beat you on the 7th mug." Makarov replied in shame. "How should I know you had such big resistance against alcohol?" he moaned in despair.

"Yeah, I was impressed too when I found I had such a big resistance against alcohol." Natsu agreed. "Anyway Master, I'll be going since I still have some work that the Magic council gave me and… Ohh shit I am late." Natsu cursed putting on his hood and prepared to leave, but he was stopped by Makarovs big hand.

Natsu looked at Makarov curiously to as why he stopped him. "Should I tell the others or will you tell them." Makarov asked.

At that thought Natsu paused and trembled at what Erza would do to him when she finds out he knew what will happen on Tenrou Island. "Y-you better explain it to them when they find out in the tournament." Natsu replied trying to weasel his way out of the situation.

"Oh no, that's not going to happen!" Makarov ground out. "You're going to explain it to them yourself. I don't want to get on Erza's bad side." Makarov ordered as he too trembled ay what the scarlet knight would do to them.

"Fine, but I really have to go. If I am late they will have head on platter this time." Natsu said before he disappeared in blur. Few minutes later, the other two mages woke up with migraine before they looked around and didn't saw Natsu.

"Master, where did Natsu go? I wanted to drink one more time with him." Macao said, a little disappointed that the Dragonslayer had disappeared again.

"Yeah me too, I was going to beat him this time." Wakaba agreed while clutching his head.

"Sorry guys, but he had to go. He has some work from the council to take care of. Also, there'll be no talking about Natsu when the others arrived. It will be a surprise for every one when they find who the famous Phoenix really is." Makarov ordered as the other two mages joined him for cup of coffee.

Elsewhere 1 week later

Natsu had just finished his last job from the council and now has free time till the end of the Magic tournament. He received a letter from Ultear a few days ago and he knew where to find them, and finally be able to get some quality time together as he was only few days away from his current location.

'Finally free from the councils boring jobs, I can't wait to see Ultear and the other two. Maybe I should prepare a few more pranks for Jellal? He may try to kill me, but it will be funny.' Natsu thought before he heard a loud scream. When he looked at the direction of the noise he saw a teenage girl looking at him with hearts in her eyes screaming like crazy. He was little confused in the beginning until he heard many more screams and when he looked behind him. He saw whole battalion of teenage girls with hearts in their eyes and realized he was screwed because they are his fan girls.

"Ohh my gosh! It's Phoenix-sama. He's so cool, I want him. He will be mine for..." One of the girls said before she was interrupted.

"No way in hell bitch! Phoenix-sama is mine! I will kill you if you ever go near him!" Another fangirl exclaimed before she was kicked in the face by the first one, and from there on a battle royal started with every fangirl fighting one another as Natsu saw his chance to escape now that the girls are distracted. He started to leave, but couldn't move his left like something was holding unto him, and when he look down he cursed.


"I got Phoenix-sama! He will be mine, Hahaha!" the girl said laughing like a mad man, but Natsu managed to slip from her grip, leaving his boot behind.

"No Phoenix-sama escaped!" shouted the girl in disappointment making everyone stop fighting and look at the girl. They all saw the shoe on the ground and like hungry hyenas, jumped into and jumped into another fight on who will get the shoe.

Natsu was already few miles away from Crocus while still wary of his surroundings. "Man, there are some savage girls down there. I hope I never meet them again." He sighed before he looked down and saw that one of his boots was gone.

Crime Sorcière's camp 3 days later

It was already night and Ultear had volunteered to be the first on watch which Jellal and Meredy immediately agreed because of the hard work they did today. First, they destroyed a new dark Guild, and second they were chased by the Rune knights because of one blue haired mage who showed too much of his powers. Ultear was also really tired, but somehow she knew something would happen this night and stayed awake.

"Ahh, it's such a cold night, and I am too tired." Ultear sighed, talking no one in particular. She didn't expected answer until two warm arms hugged her from behind as she immediately knew that it was Natsu.

"Oh really, what about know?" Natsu asked while pulling her against him. He placed her head against his chest, his hands warming her body before he removed his hands from her belly getting a growl of protest from Ultear. She immediately stopped any protest when Natsu started massaging her body as she moaned from the pleasure and in turn made him smile.

"Sleep Ul… I can see you're pretty tired like the other two. I will take the watch." Natsu said as he massaged her as he's rewarded with another moan.

"Thanks Natsu, you're the best. I love you." Ultear replied before giving Natsu a kiss after which she fell asleep.

Natsu couldn't be happier this moment. His friends were back after 7 years, he had become really strong that he could protect them, and he was in love with a strong, smart, and beautiful woman who is sleeping in his arms. He looked at sky to see the full moon shining upon them.

'Pretty soon we will see each other again guys.' Natsu muttered before he resumed watching the beautiful woman who sleeping in his arms.