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Chapter 1

Standing at the dripping kitchen sink, Callie looked out of the busted window and over the large expanse of her property. Parked out front is an old pickup truck that would probably have better luck in a landfill than on the road. To the right, a tired looking, faded red barn that has more holes than Swiss cheese. Behind that, a broken down fence keeping in the few animals she has left. On the other side of the long gravel drive is the first of many hundreds of empty acres of land, just waiting to be seeded. …I wonder if I'll be able to make it this year. The home Callie is standing in is just as beat up and aged as the rest of her land. Pipes are leaking, painted walls are fading, and the roof could use a good overhaul as well. …just not enough hours in the day. The clanging of the water heater stirs the Latina from her thoughts and kicks her into action. As with every other Saturday, she straps on her boots, throws on her cowboy hat, loads up the ragged truck and makes the 10 mile trip into town.

Pulling into the small, dusty, town, Callie takes a left and parks out front of a large paned store with the name 'Big Red's' painted across the front. The driver's side door creaks open and the tanned woman steps out into the hot Oklahoma sun. Waving to a few usual passerby's, Callie walks into the cool grocery store and approaches the woman behind the only cash register in the place.

"Hey Adds…" Callie greets her long time friend.

"How's it going Cal?" The red head replies.

"Same ole same ole…" Callie says, looking around the nearly deserted store. "Just here for the usual shopping…" Grabbing one of the few shopping carts, she moves through the aisles at a leisurely pace.

A mile outside of town, a blonde haired, blue eye woman marches to the sound of an aged IPod playlist. A backpack strapped to her body, her worn boots moving below her, the blue bandana that matches her eyes tied to her head soaked in sweat, she continues the long walk she has been on for months. Arizona has been counting the miles to the next town for the last 6 hours, eager to get some more food, water, and most importantly, some shelter from the hot sun. Never really knowing where she is going, she hopes that there might be some work she will be able to do to gain some extra pocket change.

Arizona enters the cool grocery store and shivers as the sweat at her back and brow chill instantly. She gives a polite nod to the red headed woman behind the counter and moves to the back where the chilled water bottles are. Callie has just finished her shopping and moves to the register to checkout, placing all the usual items on the counter in front of her friend.

As Addison starts to scan her friends' items, she asks "So… how's it looking this year?" She knows that Callie is in way above her head but the stubborn woman doesn't know how to quit.

"I don't know… it's the first year I'll have to do it by myself. But… I think I can handle it." Callie responds, trying to convince herself just as much as Addison.

Arizona has gone through the small store and picked out a large bottle of water, a small rack of donuts and a bag of beef jerky. …excellent road food. She approaches the register, backpack still strapped to her back, a single ear bud in her ears, and items in hand. The woman in front of her is just paying for her purchase and steps aside so the blonde may pay. Callie stands at the edge of the counter, waiting for Addison to check out the unknown blonde so they can get back to their conversation.

Ringing up the three items, the red head turns to the blonde and says "That'll be $8.79." Arizona smiles at the tall woman as she fishes inside her pockets for the little money she has left. Pulling out some rumpled up and partially damp bills, she is a $1.79 short.

"Sorry…" Arizona breathes out, slightly embarrassed as she pulls off her pack and fishes for her small bi-fold wallet. Emptying that out onto the counter, she counts out just enough coins to pay the tab. Sliding the change across the counter, Arizona takes the three items and stuffs them in her bag. "Thanks." She says, her cheeks still red. Her eyes find those of the tanned woman with jet black hair and she smiles, which gets a smile in return.

"Have a good day." Addison says to the blonde before turning back to her friend. Arizona smiles and nods then turns to leave, but stops mid stride.

Turning back to the women, she says "Excuse me…" Callie and Addison turn to look at the unknown blonde "…would either of you know of anyone looking for an extra set of hands? …Or an odd job the needs to be done?" Arizona asks. Callie just shakes her head as Addison screws up her face in thought.

"Umm…no… sorry." Addison says. Arizona nods, thanks them and turns. But Addison stops her "Wait, actually…." The red head turns to Callie "…don't you need an extra hand around the farm?" Callie just gives her friend a hard glare. "What? …You just said you didn't think you could do it by yourself…" Addison mumbles. Arizona turns a hopeful look to the Latina.

Callie looks at the blonde and racks her brain, looking for a way out. "Do you have any wheat farming experience?" She asks.

"No, ma'am." Arizona answers sadly.

Shaking her head, Callie replies "Sorry, I don't have time to train a newborn…" Arizona just nods. Turning back to her friend, she grabs her bags and says "I'll see you later tonight at Mark's, right?"

Addison nods and says "Yes, ma'am. See you there." And with that Callie walks out of the store, Arizona following her out. Placing the bags in the back of her truck, Callie fires up the loud engine and continues on with her usual Saturday errands. Arizona, little upset at the dismissal she just got ….newborn? What the hell is a newborn? …she continues down the long dusty road, hoping to find someone in the tiny town that has a small job that will put a few bills in her pocket.

Later that night, Callie is enjoying a greasy burger with Addison at their friend, Mark Sloan, bar. It's a tradition that the three of them enjoy the unhealthy treat once a week, getting together to laugh and joke about the hard lives they live. As the night draws late, Callie calls it a night and bids her friends good bye. Stepping out of the loud bar, she takes a deep breath of the fresh night air and stares up to the sky.

Arizona has just exited out of the back door of Marks bar after working about 4 hours as a dishwasher, earning her twenty bucks. She walks around the corner of the building and onto the sidewalk. Looking up, she sees the woman from the grocery store earlier and watches as the Latina looks to the heavens. The blonde had been chewing on their short conversation earlier and decides to speak up.

"I have experience, you know…" Arizona says, making Callie jump and lock eyes with the blonde. "…life experience." Arizona says, stepping closer to the still unknown woman. Callie is confused, and a little frightened, at this unknown woman's line of thought.

"I may not know anything about wheat farming, but I know how to fix up that rusty bucket of a truck you drive… I can hammer a nail… paint… I'm good with my hands… I'm a fast learner and a hard worker." Arizona continues, staring into the Latina's dark brown eyes. Callie's mind races, trying to think of a way around the blonde woman's argument. …she doesn't know how to farm…but I do have a lot of other things that need to be worked on. …Maybe…

Shaking her head, she keeps her eyes on the bright blue ones in front of her that are illuminated by the glow of the lights outside the bar. "….I uhhh…I don't have a room for you…" Callie says.

"All I need is a piece of ground." Arizona replies, hope building with each passing second the woman doesn't shoot her down. She can see doubt still waving in the brown eyes and the blonde continues "Look… Feed me, give me a couple changes of clothes… and for god sakes, let me take a shower every now and then and I'll bust my ass for you. …Sun up to sun down." Her blue eyes beg the brown ones for a chance. Finally, Callie folds.

"I can only give you 15 dollars a day." She says, looking down at the tan, sweaty blonde that still has the bandana tied over her head.

"25." Arizona counters.

"20. That's it." Callie gives her final offer. Arizona gives her a hard look, but then nods and extends her right hand. Callie takes the blondes hand and they give each other a strong shake. "Name's Arizona… Arizona Robbins…"

"Arizona? …Like the state?" Callie asks, laughing lightly as she lets go of her new employees hand.

"No. Like the battleship." Arizona responds shortly.

Callie catches the tone of voice but continues. "Well… Arizona… I'm Callie. …Callie O'M-" The Latina catches herself and corrects "…Torres. Callie Torres." Arizona doesn't miss the slip but doesn't ask. Grabbing her pack from the ground she hauls it over her shoulder and follows her new boss to the run down truck. Throwing her bag into the back, she hops into the passenger's side of the truck and the two strangers head off into the night.

The drive is quiet, neither of the woman knowing what to say. Fifteen minutes later, Callie pulls off the main road and continues down a long gravel driveway. Pulling up infront of her house, the two woman step out of the truck. Arizona grabs her bag as she looks around the property.

"Follow me." Callie says, heading away from the house and towards the barn. Arizona follows as they enter the faded structure. Coming up to an empty animal stall, Callie gestures Arizona inside. Entering, Arizona sees an old cot and an old fashioned lantern set on top of a wooden box.

"So…this is all I got." Callie says. Arizona looks around at her new digs and smiles.

"This is better than any place I've slept in the last few months. …It's great." She gives her boss a dimpled grin. Throwing her sack down on the ground, she brushes off the dirt and hay from the cot and tests the stability of it. …not too shabby. I can definitely work with this.

"Ok then… well… if you're set here, I'm going to turn in." Callie says, backing out of the space. Arizona smiles and nods. "Good night, Arizona." She says.

"Good night Mrs. Torres, and I'll see you tomorrow." Arizona says politely and Callie leaves. Arizona pulls out her thin sleeping bag and lays it on top of the dark fabric of the cot. Staring up at the ceiling, she thinks to herself how she may have actually gotten lucky and found a job that could put some real money in her very light pocket. Callie walks back to her home and unloads the groceries. Getting ready for bed, she peeks her head into the extra room in her house. …I can't. Not yet. I'm not ready to let go. Entering her own bed room, she pulls back the covers of the large bed and lays down on one side….her side. Closing her eyes, she hopes that she hasn't made a huge mistake by letting an unknown woman on to her property and into her life.

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