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7 years later

"Arizona!" Callie calls out from the back door. "Arizona!" She tries again. The Latina grumbles under her breathe and moves back into the kitchen. Dinner is sizzling on the skillet as the woman moves around the room and sets the kitchen table. Soft padding from down the hall makes Callie look up.

"Sofia, go tell your mother its dinner time, please." The woman says to her mini clone. The 5 year old has the same black curls and dark brown eyes as her birth mother, but somehow has soaked up the blondes laugh and attitude. The girl smiles as Callie gives her a pat on the butt as she passes her. Sofia walks out to the barn and hears the only voice that use to calm her when she was a baby in the middle of the night. Rounding the corner of the barn, she looks into the aged structure and see's her other mother half swallowed by the engine of her families beat up truck. Arizona has her ear buds in and is singing along to one of Tim McGraw's best when a thudding on the side of the truck makes her snap up, banging her head on the raised hood in the process.

"Son of a…" Seeing her daughter, Arizona holds her tongue and tries to rub out the pain. The blonde pulls an ear bud out of her ear and gives a dimpled grin to her daughter.

"Hey Sof, come to help your Mom out?" Arizona asks, her heart melting a little every time she sees how much Sofia looks like the love of her life. …Her first and only love. Along with the blondes laugh, Sofia also picked up Arizona's love of ripping apart cars and other vehicles.

Quickly forgetting why she was out in the barn in the first place, Sofia smiles and says "Yeah! Can I?"

"Of course you can baby girl. Put on your work shirt or your Mami will kill me if you ruin another good outfit." Arizona replies. She watches as the mini-Callie runs over to the work bench and grabs a tiny shirt that is beyond hope of saving and pulls it over her head. When Sofia is back next to her mother's side, her eyes light up as she stares into the belly of the decrepit truck.

"Alright Sof, take this…" The blonde hands over a socket wrench and points to a bolt needing to be undone. "…and see if you can get that off for me." Arizona just leans against the front of the vehicle, watching the little girl work with all her might to try and unscrew the bolt, her little tongue sticking out for added concentration. Whenever her daughter helps her, things slow down to a glacial pace. Every minute, the bright and curious girl asks a question and Arizona is happy to answer it. It reminds her of all the lessons her father use to give, Arizona sitting in the corner of the room or on the edge of the hood and soaking up information like a sponge.

"Like that?" Sofia asks, pulling the bolt free a whole two minutes later, her hands somehow getting covered in grease.

"Just like that." Arizona says proudly. The two spend the next ten minutes working together, Arizona telling her daughter what to do and the child struggling through, wanting to help her mother.

After Sofia had been out in the barn for a good fifteen minutes, Callie is getting upset. Dinner is ready but she has no family to eat it. "What the hell…" She growls then goes to the back door again.

"Awesome!" Arizona exclaims as Sofia successfully completes another step. "Ok, now what we want to do is-" She's cut off by a very upset sounding Latina.

"ARIZONA ROBBINS!" Callie yells from the back door. "Get your ass in this house now, or you will be sleeping in that barn for the foreseeable future!" Then the taller woman steps back into the house, the screen door slamming shut behind her.

Arizona winces at the tone in her wife's voice. Turning to look at her, now very dirty, daughter, she sees a guilty look on that cute face. "You were suppose to come get me for dinner weren't you?" Arizona asks. Sofia just nods slightly. "Well, come on. We better get back before she really gets angry." The blonde plays, making the young Latina giggle just like the once drifter. Once mother and daughter are back in the house, Callie turns and see's two very dirty girls.

Rolling her eyes, the Latina points down the hallway and says "Go wash up before your dinner gets cold." The tone in her Mami's voice makes Sofia immediately run through the kitchen and towards the bathroom. Arizona just laughs and approaches her wife. Callie takes in her lover, the jeans shaped perfectly on the blondes hips and ass, her lean, firm torso stretching up to those strong, bare arms coming out from under Arizona's dirtied tank top. And her wife's favorite blue bandana tied around her head and over her golden hair. The grease and dirt on Arizona's face doesn't cover the blueness of her eyes or the dimples poking out in full effect.

As Arizona attempts to give her wife a kiss, Callie gives her a glare which makes the blonde halt half a foot away from the Latina's lips.

"What?" Arizona asks.

Pointing down the hall, Callie replies "You too, woman." The blondes jaw drops, never before been denied a kiss. A hard glare from her wife and Arizona snarls at her then turns to go wash up. A strong hand on Arizona's arm, and the blonde is spun back around and pulled in for a quick kiss on the lips.

"Knew you couldn't say no." Arizona says triumphantly, giving her lover a wink then joining her daughter in the bathroom as she is scrubbing away at her hands. When both blonde and tiny brunette are deemed clean, Arizona points her daughter back towards the kitchen as she heads the opposite way. Walking past her and Callie's bedroom, she enters the newest built part of their home and into a third bedroom.

"Hey big boy… how are you?" Arizona coos as she approaches a crib. A tiny, four month old, fair skinned baby searches for the source of the voice. Arizona leans over and blue eyes connect with blue eyes. A dimpled smile spreads across the tiny human's face as the blonde lifts her son into her arms.

"Hey bub… you have a good nap? Where you good for Mami while Mommy was trying to save that hunk of junk?" Arizona talks to the baby as she walks into the kitchen.

"Hey, no dissing the truck. It's made it this long hasn't it?" Callie says while she points to the chair Sofia has yet to sit in. "Sit, Sof." She says then situates the high chair at the end of their dinner table. The tiny version of Callie is reluctant to sit and eat her dinner, there being too much broccoli on her plate for her liking.

"Sofia Michelle Robbins-Torres, sit your butt down." Callie says sternly, making the girls stubbornness inherited from her birth mother come out double.

"No. I hate broccoli." She says, giving the Torres glare back to her mother.

"Sofia…" Arizona gives her daughter a stern glare. Just like her mother, Sofia can't take the blondes piercing blue eyes and finally concedes but not without some mumbled Spanish.

"Excuse me, little lady. Do we have a problem?" Callie asks her daughter having heard what she said perfectly.

"No." The small Latina says, crossing her arms over her chest and sitting as far back in her chair as possible. Arizona has been listening as she situates the little boy in his high chair.

"No, what?" The blonde asks.

"No, ma'am." The girl corrects herself.

"Mmmhmmm…" Callie hums as she dishes out her wife's serving and places a small dish of cheerio's infront of her son. Finally, when she sees that her family is set, Callie joins them at the table. As they eat, their daughter fills them in on her day at school. Callie and Arizona are amazed at the sheer curiosity of their daughter. Sofia is always wanting to know more, to know why. Why something works, how it works. She's gotten to the age where she starts asking the 'hard' questions. Ones like 'how does it rain' and 'where do babies come from'. Her interest in that subject quickly peaked when her mother's told her she was about to be a big sister. And, the two women not wanting to lie to her, confusion quickly happened when Sofia asked how her two mommies could make a baby when they had just said it takes a mommy and a daddy to make a baby. What a mine field.

"Mommy let me help with the truck!" Sofia exclaims after a recount of her day at school.

"Yes, I saw. You got all dirty again, didn't you?" Callie asks, smiling at the joy her daughter gets working with the blonde. Sofia nods enthusiastically, all the while she is eating around the broccoli on her plate. "Did you fix it?" Again Sofia nods. Arizona has been busy trying to get more of the baby food IN the baby as opposed to on his face or hands or the highchair.

"Babe?" Callie asks, catching the blondes' attention. "Did you fix it?"

Giving up for the time being, she places the cheerios back in front of her son and says "No. I think it might actually be dead this time."

"Where do people go when they die?" Sofia asks, making the two women look at each other.

"Eat your broccoli, Sofia." Callie says, dodging that question for a later time. Turning back to her wife "So… no secret Daniel Robbins magic left in those fingers of your's?"

"Calliope, why don't we just get a new car?" Arizona asks as she gives a look to her daughter who is still not eating her green vegetables.

"Because the truck works fine." Callie huffs as she wipes her son's mouth.

"Obviously not if it dies on you three miles out of town…" Arizona recounts the incident. Walking three miles with a 5 year old isn't fun, let alone in the hot Oklahoma sun. "I am not doing that again… I still got my bike but it's hard to strap a car seat to the back of that thing." The blonde gives her wife a look.

"We just bought a new car." Callie says, taking over baby food duty. She makes airplane noises and the little boy opens his mouth willingly, making his birth mother growl.

"How do you do that?" Arizona asks. Callie just laughs at her. "And no, we didn't buy a new car. We bought a four year old minivan… Cal, we can afford it. The farm is doing great."

"Can we get a mustang?" Sofia asks, throwing out the only name of a car she knows. The married women laugh at their daughter.

"You got good taste, baby girl." Callie says, ruffling the black tresses that match hers. Then turning back to the blonde, she adds. "We'll think about it. When we go into town tomorrow, maybe we'll swing by the auto dealer… see what they have." Which gets a dimpled smile from her wife. "Sofia, broccoli!" She adds.

"No." Sofia says, matching her mother's stubbornness glare for glare.

"Sofia, don't talk back to your mother." Arizona reprimands her.

"I don't like it." The little girls replies. This gets an aggravated sigh out of the Latina. Callie gives her wife a look that says 'take care of this' as she stands and lifts the baby boy out of his chair.

"Come on Timothy, let's get you cleaned up and changed." Callie coos as she moves through the house. Arizona watches her wife leave with their new born son. Her heart swells as she thinks about how much love she has in her life now. How amazing her family is, all because she came back. She came back.

Turning back to the mini version of Callie, Arizona says "It's yucky, I know. I didn't like broccoli either when I was your age."

"Really?" Sofia asks, eyes lighting up.

"Really. But… I wanted to be big and strong when I got older. I wanted to be able to run as fast as the wind, and lift cars off of people…" This gets a giggle out of the girl which makes the blonde's dimples pop. "And that would only happen if I ate my broccoli. You wanna grow up to be a big, strong girl right?" Brown eyes nod, making the blonde's heart melt. "You got to eat your vegetables. They are good for you, I promise." The girl pouts, but she wants to make her Mommy proud of her. She always wants to make her Mommy proud. After a few more encouraging words, Sofia takes a big bite of broccoli and chokes it down, getting a big dimpled smile from the blonde. By the time Callie gets back out into the kitchen with a changed and cleaned Timmy, Sofia is chewing on the last hunk of the green stuff, a triumphant smile on her face.

"Good girl, now go start your homework." Arizona says, giving the tiny Latina a playful slap on the butt which gets a loud squeal out of her. Callie starts to walk her son, gently bouncing and patting his back while the blonde starts to clean up the dishes. This has been the routine they have developed over the years, Callie makes dinner and sets the table, Arizona clears the table and cleans the dishes as Callie gets their boy to settle down.

"How do you do that?" Callie asks, wondering why her daughter listens to the blonde a hundred times more than herself.

"You two are too much alike, Calliope… you just can't say no to the dimples." Arizona replies, sending her wife a seductive wink. "Just like Timmy and me… he never had a chance at not being totally enamored by you." It's true, when the women had their daughter, it was only Arizona who could get her down at night, it was only Arizona who could settle her down if something was wrong. But now, with their son, its Callie that is always up. Arizona tries of course, but it's just not enough. He wants the Latina, and Arizona can't blame him. Callie goes in to the living room to oversee homework time while Arizona finishes up the dishes.

"Sof, let me check…" Callie says as Sofia finishes her two sheets of multiplication problems. Arizona takes her son in her arms for some baby time as Callie and Sofia go over her math, getting another kiss from a proud Mami after all answers were deemed correct.

"Mami, can we go to town tomorrow?" Sofia asks as she pulls out her writing assignment.

"Tomorrow is Saturday baby girl, so yes, we are going in to town tomorrow." Callie says, as her eyes are watching her wife with their fair haired son.

"Will I get to see Lyndsey?" The girl asks, not able to go a day without seeing her best friend from school.

"If Addison brings her to work, yes." Callie replies. Sometime after Arizona came back to Callie, Mark and Addison got together and have been happy ever since. Mark kicked his player habits and the two poped out a baby only a couple months after Callie gave birth to Sofia. A squeal from the tiny baby makes Callie look back up to Arizona, a dimpled smile meeting a dimpled smile. Both sets of bright blue eyes gleaming with joy and love. The loud clap of thunder breaks the calm evening.

"Thank god…" Callie moans, knowing that precious rain is on the way. It had been foretold that this summer was going to be dry, which means a bad crop. It's not like they haven't had a bad crop every now and then, but now Arizona and Callie had two children that ate… a lot. So their allowed margin of error is not as great as it once was. The family spends some quality time together as the sun dips below the horizon. Soon, Callie tells her daughter to get ready for bed, and the family goes about their usual nightly routine. Arizona is in charge of getting the tiny Latina changed; teeth brushed, and then put to bed while Callie takes charge of the tiny blonde.

"Hey…" Callie sighs as she steps into their bedroom after a particularly hard bed time for her son.

"Hey, Timmy down?" Arizona asks from standing in front of the dresser. Photos of their family throughout the years are taped on the mirror, as well as that goodbye poem Arizona left Callie so many years ago. All this time, and the lines of that verse still ring true to both women.

I took the road less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

"Yeah, out like a light." Callie says, coming up behind her wife and wrapping her strong arms around the smaller woman. "Sofia doing alright?" The Latina asks, knowing her daughter and thunderstorms aren't a good mix.

"She fine. She said she could be a brave girl for her Mommy." Arizona replies, a smile crossing her face. Callie starts to nuzzle in close to Arizona's neck, breathing in her scent and lighting both bodies on fire. It's been about…5 years since they've been able to have nights of sex like they did so long ago. Their daughter having the BEST timing ever, but they've still done alright. Adding an addition to the family has cut even more time out of their own play time but they wouldn't change it for the world. Arizona turns and captures her wife's lips, their tongues taking turns in dominance. Callie, whose center is humming for the touch of her wife's, backs them up to the bed and lays on top of the blonde.

"Calliope…" Arizona groans as the Latina's hands start to roam the blonde's body.

"Shhhh…." Callie growls, not wanting to wake their two sleeping children just down the hall. "You have to be quiet, baby." The Latina purrs as her hands slip under the blondes' shirt and pulls it over golden tresses. Arizona's eyes narrow, and in a flash, the two women are spun and the smaller woman is on top.

"Last time I checked, you were the screamer, Calliope." Arizona growls, her own hands working at the shirt and bra of her wife.

"It's been about two weeks since you've last checked…" Callie rebuttals, getting a shocked look on the woman on top of her.

"Ouch… that was cold." The dimpled woman says, getting that sexy, throaty chuckle out of the Latina. Words are forgotten as lips attach back to lips. Bodies are well on their way to being worshipped after too long of a drought, just like the fields are getting relief right now. Jeans are just getting unbuttoned and hands slipping beneath denim when a light cooing from the baby monitor makes both women freeze.

"Shhh… maybe he doesn't mean it." Arizona says, hoping her son has not picked up his sisters impeccable timing. Callie just chuckles and pulls the blondes lips back down on hers, urging strong hands to continued their descent downwards to her throbbing center.

"You know… I've been thinking about selling the farm…" Callie gasps out as Arizona moves south, hands gripping the waistband of her jeans and freeing her lower half.

"Really? Moving into town?" Arizona asks, still focused on her work on the Latina's body.

"No… somewhere else. Maybe move to Miami… I think Sofia would love Miami." Callie replies, her eyes rolling back in her head as her body hums with pleasure from the blondes hand running down her smooth legs. "Would you like it there?"

"As long as you and the kids are there, I'm happy." Arizona replies truthfully. Home isn't a location for the blonde, its where her family is. "Seattle's nice though…" She adds, moving back north to Callie's lips.

"Really? Doesn't it rain a lot?" Callie asks, taking Arizona's face in her hands, her thumbs tracing the curve of the woman's cheeks.

"Yeah… but it's so green, and beautiful. I think you would love it there." The blonde answers.

"I love you." Callie whispers, her eyes dark with love, passion, and desire for the woman above her.

"I love you, Calliope." The woman responds, placing a tender kiss on full lips below her. "Now… no more talking." Arizona says which makes Callie chuckle. Freeing the blonde of her own pants, both are well on their way to getting their releases when another cry over the baby monitor breaks them up.

"Please, please, please, please…" Arizona groans, praying Timmy will go right back to sleep. But another cry, this one more adamant, tells her it's hopeless. Growling, Arizona rolls off her nearly naked wife, Callie laughing at the blonde's antics.

"I got him." The Latina says with a smile, pulling on her robe and heading down the hall. Arizona takes this time to get her pajama's on as well. Soon, Callie is back in their bedroom, a crying Timmy in arms. Arizona watches as her wife walks their son back and forth, slowly making the boy calm down. Callie settles into the bed, leaning against the head board as she continues to slowly rock her son. Another loud clap of thunder and soon tiny feet appear at their bedroom door.

"Mommy?" A tired and scared voice calls softly. Blue eyes leave the blue eyes of her son and darts up to meet brown ones just like her wife's.

"Yeah baby?" She asks, already knowing what her daughter is going to ask. Callie just smiles and shakes her head, knowing her wife is a sucker for those brown eyes of her daughters.

"Can, can I… Can i-" Sofia tries to get out, but another, much louder, clap of thunder makes her jump and the little girl barrels full speed into their bedroom and dives on the bed. Both women laugh as their daughter swims under the sheets and pops her head out the top between them.

"Yes, baby girl, you may." Arizona answers the unspoken question, giving her daughter a loving kiss on her forehead. The little girl curls up and clings to the front of the blondes shirt as Callie lays back, positioning their son on her over her chest. Tired brown eyes meet tired blue ones, both women resigning to the fact that they will be going without for yet another night. Arizona looks at her wife, their son draped over the Latina's chest just like he has been since he was born, and their daughter between them. The blonde never dreamed that when she started on her pilgrimage across America, that she would get a family out of it. A life. A life she never knew she wanted. A life she never knew she needed. Callie feels the soft, steady breathing of son against her chest, the boy gripping the material of her robe with surprising strength. Glancing across the bed, a smile spreads across her face as she watches her wife gently stroke that dark curly hair of their daughters.

"Still no regrets?" Callie asks softly, going back to what the blonde wrote as her parting words to the Latina. Along with the verse from Robert Frost's poem, she left a few words on the back of that piece of paper still taped to their mirror. 'I don't regret a thing.' Arizona smiles as she continues to brush back Sofia's hair, then glances at her wife who is holding their son against her strong body.

Blue eyes connect with brown eyes. "No regrets." And they stay like that, their entire world in that bed with them, until the storm blows over and the morning sun peeks over the Oklahoma horizon, signaling just another day of another summer.

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