A/N : Hey guys, it's me, the author of 70 days. Sorry, but 70 days are getting delayed for a while. So to make it up for you, here's my actual first fanfic, Silver Storm. It was inspired by an idea from the kink meme.

Summary : AU. Orihara Izaya has been in love with his enemy, Heiwajima Shizuo for 8 years. And on a one particular stormy night, Shizuo finally accepted Izaya's feelings. But what Izaya doesn't know is that the blond has an ulterior motive that will change his life forever.

Stage 1 : Unknown Mistake

The blond looked down. Cars were beginning to fill up the once empty streets. On the other hand, in a certain apartment complex in Shinjuku, an infamous information broker just woke up from his slumber desiring a cup of coffee to start his day.

The said blond set off one foot and let the gravity pulled him to the solid ground. The tall male felt the cold wind cut his face and brushed through his hair. And from this, he hoped that he could atone to the one that used to be his.

The raven-haired informant groaned when he saw the sink occupied with unwashed plates, glasses and mugs he had been using for the passed depressing weeks. Feeling lazy to wash even one of them, he took out the mug he hadn't used for a long while from a cabinet. He knew that what he was doing is actually unusual. He could've just washed one of the used mugs instead of having to tiptoe to reach the far end of the high cabinet. But somehow, the raven didn't seem to mind it at all. He placed the porcelain mug on the counter and glanced around to find the coffeemaker. He groaned again when he saw the said coffeemaker on top of the highest cabinet and way out of his reach. He climbed on top of the counter as he was too lazy to find a stool. But when the small male tiptoed again to reach the coffeemaker, he accidentally pushed the mug with his foot resulting the mug to fall onto the marble tiled floor.

The sounds of people gasping and yelling were getting closer as he almost reached the ground. He closed his hazel eyes and took a final breath. When his head was an inch from the cold pavement he thought, 'Yes, this is the right thing to do.'

And the strong yet breakable porcelain shattered on the floor.

Sirens from an ambulance were finally heard as the shocked by-standers could only stare and pray for the fortissimo of Ikebukuro's safety. One of the staffs rushed to the bleeding blonde's side while the others yelled for the crowd to give them some space.

The staff checked the tall male's pulse. The said staff turned to the rest of the hoping crowd and yelled, "He's still breathing!" Everyone let out a relieved sound. The staff looked at the injured male when he felt a movement. The tall blond stared at the man in front of him with half-lidded eyes. But all he could actually saw was a blurry black figure. "Hang on, kid. You're gonna be fine." Encouraged but not relieved, the bleeding male closed his eyes.

Back at Shinjuku, the raven crouched in front of the shattered pieces of the mug. His face still showed nothing. His hand reached it to collect the pieces together. But his delicate long index finger was cut. The small raven hissed in pain and retreated his hand quickly. He stared at his bleeding finger as the blood dropped, staining the pure white marble floor with a beautiful crimson droplet.

I breathed in the smoke from the cigarette between my lips.

"It stinks…"

"Huh?" I turned around to see Tom-san, my boss, looking at me confused. Crap, must've said it out loud. "No, nothing… Just talking to myself…" Tom-san raised an eyebrow but shrugged and turned away when I gave no respond. "We still have one guy left." I took out the nicotine stick and crushed it between my fingers. "Ou."

Something in the air stank.

Everything went out perfect. All the scumbags willingly paid their debts to Tom-san without me having to do/throw things at them. Ikebukuro was peaceful too. Well, ever since that flea moved to Shinjuku, 'Bukuro has always been peaceful. But for some reason it was extra peaceful. Not even those stupid color gangs were seen. But it still stank. I wasn't sure what it was, but I didn't like it. It's almost the same as the flea's-

'Wait. Isn't that…? No, it can't be… The flea's in Shinjuku. And that guy is wearing a really girly jacket with a fur-trimmed hoodie. So he can't be-' the said girly guy turned around and my eyes instantly widened. 'No… NononononoNO! Impossible…'

That short jet-black hair… Those demonic crimson orbs… When he finally noticed me his eyes widened out of shock, but he quickly hide his shock with a switchblade pointed at me and flashed his trademark smirk.

I was trembling out of pure anger. That switchblade that had cut me several times five years ago… And that smirk! I thought I would never see that smirk ever again! He's back. My arch nemesis… Orihara Izaya!


Goddamnit! And I thought that I would never EVER had to hear that fucking cursed nickname EVER AGAIN! "What the hell are you doing here, huh? IIIZAAAYAAAA-KUUNN~?"

He giggled. HE. FREAKING. GIGGLED. "Silly, Shizu-chan!" I could feel a vein popped on my forehead. "I'm here because of work, of course! I thought you were already dead from lung cancer… But I see that you're still breathing, unfortunately…" He sighed and shook his head. "How disappointing…" And that was it.

I snapped and grabbed the nearest thing that I could reach (which happened to be a vending machine). I grinned. 'Perfect. Just like old times.' Then I threw it at him with intentions to kill. But of course, like old times, he dodged it. He dodged it like the flea he is! "Leave, Izaya. Or I'll kill you right here, right now."

The flea started to play with his switchblade. "But Shizu-chan…" I mentally slapped my face to prevent myself from losing control. "We finally got to meet again after sooo long~!" I gritted my teeth. 'Patience, Shizuo.' "I don't fucking care. Now LEAVE. And don't fucking come again."

"Hmmm…" He tapped his switchblade on his chin and made a thinking pose. Then he pointed his favorite toy at me and smirked. Again. "I think I still wanna play~" I grinned. 'So he missed our usual chase, huh. I can fix that.' "Fine, flea." I warmed up then I grabbed a signpost and pulled it out of its roots. "Let's play." And the chase began.

I threw everything that I could've find/grabbed randomly at him, but he managed to dodged every single one of them like a pro in an obstacle course/race. So his parkour skills improved. Figured. The only thing that hasn't been improved yet was his height. He's still as small as he was in high school.

"Oi, flea." I called as I threw a post lamp aiming directly at his head. "Yes, Shizu-chan?" And Izaya answered as he jumped out of the way.

"I can't believe that you're still so short." That seemed to have caught him off-guard. I mean, really. His red eyes widened comically, his lips parted, his cheeks became red with anger and embarrassment, and he even dropped his precious switchblade. If I didn't hate him so much, I would've called his reaction… Cute.

He furrowed his feminine eyebrows and glared at me. "What did you just say?" 'So even the poker face Izaya could get angry when his physical is involved.' I smirked, 'Oh this is good.'

"I said that I can't believe that you're still so SHORT, even after FIVE years had passed." He hung his head downwards, but I could still see how red he was when he blushed to his ears. His small shoulders trembled, and it only made him looked even smaller.

I took it back.

His reaction was WAY TOO CUTE.

But I couldn't stay astray from my goal. 'Time to end this, once and for all.' As Izaya was still trembling (I thought he was crying), I gripped his wrist tight and pulled him to the nearest alley. I could hear soft "Ouch" and "It hurts" from behind me but I ignored it. I slammed Izaya's back to the wall and trapped him with my hands. He looked up to me and glared at me with all his might. But for some reason his glare was lacked of the unusual malice it had.

"I finally caught you." Crimson orbs widened, but then they softened. "Nee, Shizu-chan…" He placed his right hand on my right arm. "Do you still remember what I told you on our graduation day?"

How could I ever forget that day? "No." I lied. That day, those words, haunts me every single night. I replayed that scene over and over again as if my memories were broken.

He clenched my arm until his knuckle turned white. I would've screamed in pain if I weren't gifted with high pain tolerance. He looked up to me and stared right into my pupils. I could feel beads of sweat rolled from my temple to my cheek. Just like that day. Only this time, his red eyes were glimmering with tears that I didn't know he had, but I could tell that he was fighting it.

It made me feel almost guilty. ALMOST. I couldn't possibly regret just by seeing the flea cry. Not after all that he had done to me.

"That day… I said that…" He blushed, but this time I'm sure it was by embarrassment only. "I love you…" That came out almost like a whisper, nevertheless I still heard it. I remained quiet. Not that I didn't want to kill him anymore. I just wanted to hear what he was gonna say. "I meant it… And I… still do…" He flinched when I said "Still do what?" He gulped and his blush deepened. "I still do… Love… You…" I rolled my eyes. 'Yeah, right.'

"What makes you think that I'll buy it this time, flea?" He knitted his eyebrows together. The tears already retreated before they could even fall. "It's my second time confessing, and yet you still think that this is just a scam…"

His hand that was attached to my arm was now in his pocket, searching for another one of his switchblade. I'm sure of it because I knew he has thousands of those hidden somewhere as he usually packed up a few spare if someone (or rather me) were to break one of them.

"How slow can your protozoan brain be, I wonder?" One of my eyebrows twitched. And as soon as his signature smirk returned, I knew that he had found what he was looking for and I should back away. But I forgot that the flea has an insane speed.

Blood splattered as the sharp switchblade slashed through my bartender clothes and came in contact with my skin. I placed my hand over the fresh wound to make it stop bleeding. "So it looks like I'll just have to make you believe me." And with that he charged towards me in full speed. But before I could respond to anything, the flea leaped to the air and jumped over my head and even managed to laugh at the same time when he saw my expression.

He turned to face me one more time. "But for now, I'll leave you be." And with flying kiss and a wink, he took off. I gritted my teeth. 'Damn it! The flea got away again!' I punched the wall beside me leaving a huge crack and a bloodstain. My bloody knuckles trembled.

"Shit. Looks like I have to go to Shinra's…"

I picked up my glasses that I didn't even realize had dropped, and lit up a cigarette.

"Huh? You saw Izaya in Ikebukuro today?" Shinra repeated my words as he bandaged my hand. "Yeah." The underground doctor started to pack his antiseptics and band-aids and placed them carefully into his medical bag.

"Well I'm not surprised. I mean, he IS an information broker. So I'm sure he was in Ikebukuro for… Umm… Information… Breaking?" He looked up to me and flashed his goofy grin. "So you don't have to worry. 'Kay, Shizuo?" I turned my head to the open window and looked at the night sky. "I hope you're right…"

I climbed up a stair. As I climbed up the long stairs, slowly, I felt a sense of déjà vu. I reached the end and came upon a door.

A familiar white door.

As I grasped the doorknob, I realized that I was wearing a blue blazer. I studied my clothes. As it turned out, I was wearing what I used to wear five years ago, Raijin High school's uniform.

I looked around my surroundings. So I was currently in Raijin, or should I call it Raira now? Then I stared at the metal door in front of me. 'Where would this door lead me?' I asked in my head.

I got the feeling that I did know where it would lead me. I furrowed my eyebrows.

But why couldn't I remember?

I swallowed the lump in my throat and twisted the doorknob, and slowly opened the door. I covered my eyes as the blinding light penetrated my eyes.

I slowly opened my eyes when I felt a warm breeze. But the first thing that I saw was a figure. A black with a little hint of red figure. I squinted my eyes to see what the figure actually was.

A person.

The figure is a person.

I guessed it's a male 'cause of the gakuran he's wearing. The same as Kadota's. But this one was specially made. The jacket was trimmed until it's on the same level as his chest and he wore a red shirt under it. I haven't seen his face yet as he had his back turned to me. But I could tell that this person is good-looking.

My theory was confirmed when he twirled, yes, twirled to face me. My eyes widened. He wasn't just good-looking, he was amazingly beautiful!

I couldn't stop myself from blushing when he smiled at me. Man, how I wished I had my camera with me right now.

His jet-black hair flowed softly along the gentle breeze. His amazing eyes glimmered with crimson hue. His perfectly round cheeks blushed prettily. His pink soft lips curled upwards into a dazzling, dizzying smile. My breath hitched when those supernatural eyes looked into my hazel ones.

And I could only stare in awe at the picture perfect in front of me.


Wait, he knew me? How could a beauty like him know a 'brute' like me? Wait… That pet name that he just called me… I've… Heard it before… Do I know this person? I think I do…

But I couldn't remember…

Come on, Shizuo! I mentally hit my head as I screamed; "REMEMBER!" in my brain.


I paused my thoughts and looked into those crimson orbs to show that I was listening.

"I love you, Shizu-chan…"

My eyes widened comically. Did he just say that he loves me? Did I hear it right? Maybe I Should ask him to repeat what he just said…

I opened my mouth to say, "What did you just say?" but instead it came out as, "Are you fucking kidding me? What kind of sick joke was that?" I covered my mouth instantly. What the hell was that?

I looked at the small male in front of me. His beautiful expression fell from his perfect face. Instead, his face looked… Hurt… Really hurt…

I opened my mouth again "Don't you dare pull this scam again. Remember, I HATE YOU, I LOATHE YOU. Get that through your pretty little head."

WHAT? NO! I looked at my counterpart flabbergasted. I shook my head frantically, 'That wasn't what I wanted to say!' I mouthed to him. But clearly he didn't get my message as he glared at me and smirked. My mouth gaped and I could only stood there, motionless.

No… Not that cruel smirk again… Again? Have I seen it before? I shook my head. I don't want to think about it anymore… Because I… I only want to see that beautiful smile again…

"Then, Shizu-chan…"

No… Please don't say my name in that cold voice… I want to hear that gentle, loving voice uttering those sinful yet beautiful sentences again…

"I'll hate you too…"

No, stop! Please, that wasn't me! What I really wanted to say was…

"Izaya, I-!"

"I LOVE YOOUU!" I sat up abruptly and screamed. I panted and huffed then I sighed and face palmed. "Again… Stupid flea…" I looked around the unfamiliar surroundings. 'Right, I stayed over at Shinra's last night 'cause I got really tired to go home.'

I paused and my eyes widened when I saw Shinra stood beside the bedside. His glasses was crook to the side, his hands paused in mid air and in his left hand looked like a broken… Needle? 'Wait… Did Shinra heard my scream?'

"I'm sorry, Shizuo… But I'm already in love with Celty. Gomen, ne?" I gritted my teeth. I grabbed the nightstand beside me and threw it at him. "That hurts!" He cried as he rubbed his swollen head. "I was just joking…" He pouted.

I sighed in irritation. "What's with the needle?" Shinra quickly hid his left hand behind his back and laughed nervously when I said that. "This isn't what you think it is! I wasn't trying to get your blood sample or anything!" He nervously laughed again while ruffling the back of his hair. A vein popped on my forehead. I stood up and lifted the bed. "UUUUWAAAAH! Sh-Shizuo, calm down!"

"So you dreamt about our graduation day?" I grunted a "Yeah." As my bespectacled friend re-bandages my hand. "Was Izaya involved in it?" I blushed and spluttered. "H-huh? Wh-what makes you say that?" "Well, you mentioned 'stupid flea'. So…" My cheeks became beat red and turned to look away. "Y-yeah…" Shinra's usual goofy smile fell. "What was it about?"

'Should I tell him? Maybe I should…' I stuttered. "In my dreams, Izaya said that he l-loves me…" There was an awkward silence in the air. "Have you… Dreamt about it more than once?" My face couldn't get anymore redder than this. "Y-yeah… How did you know?" The brunette in front of me just shrugged. "Just an intuition. So how long have you been dreaming about the past?"

"Well, I'm not sure about that. But I've been dreaming about it ever since-" I didn't get to finish my sentence as Shinra interrupted me, "Ever since our graduation day?" I shook my head. "No, ever since you met Celty." Shinra's eyes widened behind his round glasses. He hung his head low until his brown bangs covered his eyes. "I see." What the hell does that mean? "Is… Something wrong?" Shinra fixed his glasses with his index finger, "No… Nothing…"

Something was wrong… But I just shrugged, as I didn't want to make him say things he didn't want to.

I took a drag of the smoke into my lungs and released it through my nose. "It still stinks…"

At that time I was clueless… I was clueless of the unknown mistake that I had made… Five years ago…

Stage 1: Unknown Mistake -END-

-Next Stage: Love Me-

"Please… I beg you…"

I accidentally let out a sob. Tears started to pour out of my eyes. I wonder why, even when I called out to him… I could never reach him? Another sob. No more… I don't want to watch him from afar anymore… So please-

I finally looked up to him with tears dripping eyes.

"Love me…"

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