OK so this is a fanfiction I adopted from akatsuki cloak, the original author of this story. I have some big plans for tyhis, but I'm first editing and adding to the earlier chapoters. So please enjoy the first chapter!

Uzumaki Naruto was staring at the man that had caused untold amounts of chaos, death, and destruction throughout his life, had fought toe to toe against Senju Hirashima, the First Hokage, and summoned the Kyuubi no Yoko to attack his village nineteen years ago, forcing his father Namizake Minato to seal it inside his infant son with the Enchantment Spell: Dead Demon Imprisonment (Reaper Death Seal), killing him in the process. This man was Uchiha Madara, the original Uchiha who was thought to perish long ago.

The ground around them was littered with craters, scorch marks, shuriken, and kunai. They had been fighting for hours, and it was evident by all the wounds they had, they were both covered in bruises and other minor cuts, the left side of Naruto's cloak was burnt, and the other half was nearly gone. Seeing as there was no use for the cloak, Naruto threw it off his shoulders.

Madara had a fairly deep gash along his left side, and his orange spiral mask laid in pieces just a few feet away. Madara was furious, sure he knew the jinchuuriki was strong, but he had been fighting toe to toe with him for hours even he was getting pushed to his limit. The last person to fight him to his limit was the First Hokage, a battle etched into the history of Konohagakure.

Naruto then shot forward, intending on ending Madara's life, once and for all, but Madara had other plans. He activated his Mangekyou Sharingan, sending a massive surge of chakra to his eyes. Naruto's eyes widened, he didn't know what was going to happen, but anything that used that much chakra couldn't be good. But it was to late to move, and he found himself being slowly pulled threw a black spinning portal. Madara laid there watching for as long as he could but passed out from chakra exhaustion.

Naruto was trying to figure out what was happening, so he recalled his vast knowledge on the Sharingan and it's techniques, due to his many scuffles with Uchiha Sasuke, then he remembered something. There was a forbidden jutsu, that was unique to the Mangekyou Sharingan itself. It allowed the user to forcefully teleport the target anywhere, usually inside solid rock or something similar, but the downside, as there was with any technique, was that you had to remain conscious to keep the destination fixed. Or else the target could alter the destination with a relatively simple jutsu.

Naruto was slowly sinking into the portal to his demise, so he flashed through hand signs at such a speed even a seasoned jonin would only see blurs. He then made one last hand sign, and found out that Madara knew he would lose consciousness, as he had set a double destination. It was directly under Konoha, twelve years ago. Realizing he was already in the time, he couldn't help that, so he focused on keeping his self from appearing in solid rock. He could feel himself about to appear, then it all went black, he could only hope he had made it.

Naruto awoke with a start, he sat up and looked around, he was in an apartment, not just any apartment, but the one he stayed in when he was a kid. It was a dark simple room apartment, one room was the bedroom, where he was, and the other was the kitchen/living room. Then of course there was the bathroom as well, where Naruto had spent much time cleansing his system of his ramen diet.

He then realized he must of finished the jutsu, but if that was the case, where was his younger self? He got up and looked around the apartment, but all he found was a few empty instant ramen cups. He looked outside, and by the position of the moon it was about two in the morning.

After cleaning up the apartment a little, he went and sat down on the bed and tried to figure out where his younger self was at. He couldn't think of any reason why until he stood up and ran to the bathroom to looked in the mirror. He sighed with relief when he realized he was not in his younger self's body.

He slowly walked back to his bedroom and sat down on the messy, unmade bed. He thought some moreof why the occurance happened, which due to his vast knowledge of space time ninjutsu, the only explanation was that he had replaced his younger strength due to the difference in strength. Or blond luck, either one was true at this point.

So after thinking it over, he laid down on the old, worn out mattress and closed his eyes. He thought about other things, such as whether or not he should keep his identity a secret, or should he live through his life as Naruto, or if he should make it seem as if Naruto had disappeared and assume a new identity, or just tell people what happened. Deciding he would think it over in the morning he fell asleep, but not before vowing to protect everyone precious to him, and not let anything happen to them this time.

Naruto woke up at six the next morning, he was amazed that he wasn't tired, normally after a fight of that caliber even he would be out a week, but he just chalked it up as a side effect of the space-time jutsu Madara used on him.

"Well better get going," he thought as he went to his closet and looked at what he had in it, he jumped back in shock as he was met with a wall of orange. He was holding his chest.

"I forgot all I wore when I was little was bright orange jumpsuits." he said as he thought of a way to not have to wear them again.

He eventually decided he would go shopping, so he transformed into a boy, about 19 years old, he had brown hair, and was about six foot tall, he was wearing a pair of black sweat pants, and a black t-shirt with a red swirl on the back of it.

He then set out to go to the Higashi Weapon Shop, it was a shinobi only store, due to the dangerous equipment they sold there. They also sold ninja-grade, clothes, and other ninja need's.

Naruto arrived, surprised to see that they were already open, so he opened the door and entered the shop.

"Hello! Welcome to the Higashi Weapon Shop, now what can I do for you?" a voice asked, as a man in his late 40's with long light brown hair, wearing a pair of tan pants, along with a tan undershirt, over a black vest came from behind the counter, not giving Naruto any trouble as he had put his Leaf headband on.

"Well I was looking for some new clothes." Naruto stated. "I need something in black and orange if you have it."

"I'm sure we have what you need, just take a look around and let me know if you find anything," the man responded in a kind voice.

"Thanks old man," Naruto said, then walked to the clothing section of the store to look for a new wardrobe.

After looking around for several minutes, he had decided on a pair of black shinobi pants, with a lot of pockets on them. He had on a mesh tank top, and over that he had a blood red t-shirt on with black tribal markings on it, and over that was a black jacket with blood red marks on it swirl on the back.

"Yeah, this is my style!" Naruto exclaimed as he examined the clothes with a grin. "Maybe reliving my childhood again could be fun..."

He walked up to the shop keeper with four of the new outfits, plus the one he was wearing.

"Well, how you find everything?" the shop keeper asked.

"Yes sir I did," Naruto replied as he laid the clothes down on the counter.

As the man was ringing them up he noticed the size.

"Umm not to pry, but aren't these clothes too small for you?" he asked. "You might have to really squeeze into these to put em on!"

"Yes they are, there actually for my nephew." Naruto responded with a slight chuckle. "Thanks for your concern though old man."

After thanking the man, Naruto walked out the store carrying his new clothes. He then made a clone and had it take the rest of his clothes to his apartment while he walked to the Academy.

Naruto was on his way to his class room, which was filled with noisy students, and a yelling Iruka trying to get them to quiet down with no success. But when Naruto walked in there was complete and utter silence. Iruka turned to see what they were all staring at, and saw Naruto standing there in his new clothes. Naruto walked in the class, going to his seat with a smug smile.

"Wow, look at Naruto, trying to be as cool as Sasuke now!" Ino shouted, which caused the class to react with a laugh. "Where did you get the new clothes Naruto?"

When Naruto didn't even look up at her she got mad, walking up to the shinobi with a curious/angry expression on her face.

"Hey, look at me loser!" Ino shouted as Naruto slowly looked up with a bored glance.

"What do want Ino?" Naruto asked as Ino's face reddened with anger.

"Why are you acting so different, you're still a loser compared to Sasuke!" she screamed. When she received no answer she decided to continue.

"I mean, what's the point, Sasuke is the best while you are dead last!" she continued. "Sasuke can bury you in a fight, he get's way better grades, and your just a freak!" As soon as the words escaped her mouth, everyone in the room felt a crushing force in the room, and found it hard to breath. A few of the weaker students almost passed out, Iruka was even stunned for a second.

"First of all Ino, don't compare me to some emo loser like Sasuke," Naruto responded sharply as he lowered the chakra he had unleashed to intimidate the girl. "He might have been first before, but now I'm at one hundred percent."

"Ok now we are going to be taking the final exam, which will consist of shuriken and kunai throwing, the replacement jutsu, a taijutsu match against Mizuki, then finally the bushin jutsu." Iruka announced. "Now everyone outside for the first test while I talk to Naruto for a second."

"Can I help you Iruka-sensei?" Naruto asked as Iruka sat at the desk beside Naruto's.

"I was just wondering if everything's OK with you?" Iruka stated, suspicious on why the boy hadn't pulled a prank or done anything juvenile the entire day. Also, his style of clothing had changed as well.

"Nothing, just growing up Iruka-sensei," Naruto responded as Iruka gave him a suspicious glance, then nodded in response.

"OK, well I hope you're right Naruto," Iruka said as he guided Naruto outside. "I hope you're right..."

When they got outside Iruka started calling names in no specific order (i'll skip most of them as they are of no importance) Sakura got 12 of 15 but also missed the bonus one, Ino hit 10 of 15, but hit the bonus one, resulting in a score of 12.

After all the rest of the students went all that were left were Sasuke and Naruto. Iruka called Sasuke's name and Sasuke stepped forward. He readied his shuriken and kunai, he hit 14 of 15, and also hit the bonus one, getting a score of 16. He gave a superior smirk then walked back to where he was standing.

Then Iruka called Naruto's name as the shinobi stepped forth.

"Ha, I bet you don't get half as many as Sasuke did!" Sakura shouted, receiving shouts of agreement from the Sasuke fangirl's. Naruto smirked and threw his shuriken and kunai, hitting every target including the bonus. As he did, the shinobi turned to face the awe struck crowd, Sasuke's eyes widened as he stared at Naruto.

"A-alright, next will be the replacement jutsu." Iruka announced as he signaled Mizuki, who threw a rubber ball at each of the students one at a time, Sasuke received the highest score with a 94, Naruto only trailing by 3 points.

"Ok, now everyone have a seat next to the sparring circle." Iruka continued. "Now the rules simple. You must last at least one minute against Mizuki, and a perfect score is three." One by one the students came, and they all passed, then it was Sasuke's turn, he lasted the full three minutes, receiving a perfect score.

Then it was Naruto's turn, but this time he received no jabbing from the Sasuke fan club, as they were busy fawning over Sasuke.

"So, it's the nine tailed brat," Mizuki thought. "Heh, I'll purposely go all out so that he fails the test. No need for a demon to actually become a shinobi.:"

Mizuki grinned as he swung at Naruto, Naruto dodging the swing using his superior speed. Mizuki growled as everyone, including Iruka looked up as Naruto dodged every swing Mizuki threw. Mizuki continued to angrily swing, each swing having more force then the last. Iruka opened his mouth to respond as Mizuki threw a mighty punch, which Naruto caught as it entered his radius. He kneed Mizuki in the chest, the chunin gasping for air as he fell to his knees. Naruto then punched the teacher in the cheek, the cheek caving in where Naruto's fist sunk in. The crowd just gaped at him, as Naruto brushed his hands with a grin. Iruka slowly wrote down Naruto's perfect score, not sure if he believed what just happened. Then after everyone completed the Bushin no Jutsu, it was time to announce the Rookie of the Year.

"OK everyone, first I just wanted to tell you all that you all did great on your exams today, and all of you passed." Iruka announced as the crowd cheered in response. "Now it is time to announce the Rookie of the Year!"

"What's the point, Sasuke is gonna win!" Ino shouted as Sakura and the fangirls nodded in agreement. "So come on Iruka-sensei, just announce Sasuke..."

"JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME FINISH!" Iruka interrupted as an annoyed tick appeared on his forehead. He took a breath to calm himself, then continued.

"Now as I was saying, the Rookie of the Year is a tie!" Iruka continued. "This is a first in the history of Konoha that two students had tied for the Rookie of the Year. The two students are... Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto! So to decide the winner, we will have a sparring match between the two canadiates!"

Everyone was standing outside the sparing circle, with Sasuke and Naruto on opposite sides of it.

"OK, this is going to be an all out spar, meaning anything is allowed except trying to kill the opponent," Iruka explained. "Now, begin the battle!" Sasuke took off at Naruto first, Naruto going into a defensive stance as Sasuke tried to kick the shinobi in the chest, but Naruto swayed to avoid this. He continued to sway as Sasuke followed up his kick with several punches and kicks combined, Naruto using his speed to outclass Sasuke. Sasuke angrily jumped back as he made several hand signs to use ninjutsu.

"Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu (Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu)!" Sasuke roared as he sent the giant fireball into Naruto's radius, who looked up with a grin as it approaced at an unnatural speed/ He held out his hands as the fireball came in, catching the fireball with his bare hands. Without warning, he kicked the fireball into the sky, making hand signs to use his own ninjutsu.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu (Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu)!" Naruto shouted as he summoned over 30 clones. Sasuke growled as Iruka gasped in amazement, Sasuke sending several shuriken and kunai at the incoming clones.

"How is this possible, these are not just regular clones, they are flesh and blood clones!" Iruka shouted as the Naruto clones surrounded Sasuke. Sasuke growled as he was attacked by the clones, each clone taking a hit on the weakening Sasuke. Sasuke let out a scream as they threw the Uchiha before the true Naruto, who looked down at the fallen Uchiha with his arms folded across his chest.

"It's over Sasuke, just give up," Naruto stated as Sasuke looked up with an angry expression.

"No way, not until I beat you loser!" Sasuke roared as he leaped at the shinobi, who backhanded the Uchiha as he came into his radius.

"The winner is Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke is unable to continue," Iruka stated proudly.

"Wait, he cheated!" Sakura screamed, much to the displeasure of everyone else.

"Enough Sakura, sometimes you fangirls take it too far," Iruka responded in annoyance.

"Well, umm .. he did but I don't know how!" Sakura stammered.

"OK, well you can't prove it so leave it alone Sakura," Iruka responded as he gave Naruto a ribbon. "Now let me announce the teams. Naruto, you will be paired up with Sasuke and Sakura. Hatake Kakashi... uh-oh, shall be your sensei. Good luck..."

"Ah, Kakashi-sensei is a big teddy bear once you get over his scary act," Naruto said with a grin as he looked over at Sasuke. "Sorry Teme, hope you're not too mad at me for giving you that beating."

"I will pay you back for that... Dobe," Sasuke responded as the two new rivals stared each other down.

One by one, all of the sensei's came to pick up their genin's, besides Naruto's new sensei.

"Wow, look who we've got here," Kakashi stated as he entered the room in a late fashion. "I'm not too impressed, honestly I can tell I'll hate all of you... especially pinky over there." Sakura looked up with her mouth widened as Kakashi sighed.

"Meet me up at the roof in 10 minutes," he directed as he body flickered from the classroom.

As soon as they were gone, Naruto disappeared in a swirl of fire, then reappeared on the roof, startling Kakashi.

"I wonder how he already knows the shun shin? And at such an advanced level he can use fire to cover his movement?" Kakashi asked himself.

When Sasuke and Sakura arrived on the roof, Sakura was visibly surprised that Naruto had gotten up there, Sasuke was surprised as well, but he hid it.

"Well, I suppose we should start by introducing ourselves to each other." Kakashi stated with a very disinterested tone, never looking up from his book.

"Well maybe you should go first Kakashi-sensei." Sakura asked.

"Heh, some things never change." Naruto thought absentmindedly.

"Well ok then, my name is Hatake Kakashi, I have many likes, and only a few dislikes, I have many hobbies, but I don't feel like sharing them with you, as for my dreams are also none of your business." Kakashi responded with an eye smile.

"Great, all we learned was his name." Sakura thought irritatedly.

"Why don't you go first, pinky?" Kakashi asked.

Sakura fumed at the nickname, but didn't show it. "Well my name is Haruno Sakura, my likes are." she answered as she casted a look at Sasuke and giggled. "My dislikes are loudmouths, and Naruto."

"Man, I forgot how much of a fan girl she was," Naruto thought with an annoyed glance.

"My hobbies are.." she said as she looked at Sasuke, and giggled. "My dreams for the future are "

"OK then, your next." Kakashi stated as he pointed at Sasuke.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke, I have very few likes, and a lot of dislikes, my hobbies are training, and my dream, no, my ambition, is to get stronger and kill a certain someone." Sasuke replied darkly.

"Sasuke is so cool!" Sakura thought as she stared admirably at Sasuke.

"OK then, your turn." Kakashi said and motioned towards Naruto

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, I like ramen, nice people, and the old man Hokage. I dislike emo's, like Teme..." he said and cast a look at Sasuke. "And people who judge other without getting to know them and people who abandon there comrades. My hobbies are training, playing shogi, among other things. My dream is to protect all that is precious to me."

"Great, I have a banshee fan girl, an emo avenger, and a protective, serious ninja. I guess is could be worse." Kakashi thought with a sigh. "OK, well that's all for today, meet me at training ground seven tomorrow morning at 6, oh and don't eat breakfast, you'll just through up."

The three members of team seven got up and headed home.

"Hey Sasuke, do you want to go on a date?" Sakura started but Sasuke was already walking away. She looked disshearted for a second, but then thought she was going to get to tell Naruto no, when he asked for a date. But Naruto just walked past her without so much as a word. So she slowly started her walk home, slightly upset at being ignored by both her teammates.

When Naruto saw both his teammates were out of sight he shun shined to training ground 44, the Forest of Death. He looked around nostalgically.

"Man, I havent seen this place, since the Akatsuki destroyed it a few years ago looking for me." Naruto thought to himself. He then made a hand seal and shouted " Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" and 500 clones popped into existence. "OK I want 150 of you to work on chakra control, I want another 200 to work on the highest ranked jutsu you can, I want the other 150 to work on genjutsu." he stated, and was happy to see all his clones get straight to work.

He then made a peculiar handsign and said "chakra clone jutsu!" and 50 more clones popped into existence. "ok I want 10 of you to do pushups, 10 more to start running laps, 15 to do pull ups, and the other 15 to do .some other exercise." he stated and watched all the new clones get to work. "man, I'm glad I created these new clones a couple years ago." he thought.

Flashback two years ago

Naruto had just finished a new clone technique, it allowed anything the clones did physically do be transferred back to the creator. But in return, nothing they learned came back to the user as did with shadow clones, they also took twice the chakra then shadow clones did. But Naruto thought it was a fair trade off.

End flashback

Naruto nodded, then made a handsign and seals all over his boy glowed for a second, then faded away and there was no sign of them "resistance seal increase level 99." he was now at level 99 on his resistance seals. (To put this into perspective, level one was like walking in water, and level two was twice that.)

Naruto then proceeded to start his work out so his body would be able to adjust to the new level of resistance.

Time skip, 4 hours later.

It was now eight o-clock, and Naruto was trudging his way back to his apartment, he was beat, he had just done the equivalent to 4 days of straight exorcise in 4 hours. As soon as he got inside his apartment, he collapsed on the bed, and was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

Naruto woke up and felt nice and refreshed, like he had just slept for the past week, he loved his unreal stamina. He just thanked the fox for that. "speaking of the fox, I haven't heard from him, since the jump." he said as he got in the shower. "ill see whats wrong after breakfast."

After Naruto ate breakfast he sat down on the floor in a lotus position and concentrated.

He opened his eyes and found himself in front of a giant cage. He looked around and didn't see Kyuubi anywhere so he yelled. "hey Kyuu, whats wrong, I havent heard from you since I fought Madara?" he then saw a pair of blood red eyes open in front of him.

"that's because when Madara sent you back in time, he stole a tail of my power, it might not sound like much, but having any amount of your power forcibly ripped out of you, tires you out. Now leave so I can sleep." the Kyuubi responded, then closed his eyes, not leaving any room for argument.

As Naruto was leaving he mumbled something about 'grumpy foxs' he then opened his eyes back in his apartment, he looked at the clock and it was 7:30,

"Well, better get going, Kakashi will be there in an hour or so." he announced as he got up and grabbed his ninja bags and checked them. "hmm 400 hundred shuriken, 150 kunai, 100 explosive notes, and about 50 sealing scrolls, and sealing brush and ink. That should be enough, I didn't realize a ran my supplies down that much fighting Madara though.."

Absentmindedly. He then shun shined to training ground seven.

When he arrived at training ground seven he walked out of the woods and saw Sasuke and Sakura standing under a tree.

When Sakura saw Naruto walk up she took a deep breath.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? YOU'RE AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE!" she screamed, making Sasuke and Naruto wince.

"Well Kakashi-sensei's not here, so I don't think I'm late." Naruto replied coolly.

"bu well hump." Sakura stammered then just stopped talking.

They then all sat in silence for the next hour, only disrupted by the occasional growling of Sasuke's or Sakura's stomach growling, or Sakura asking Sasuke for a date after they got done here, which was always met either with silence, or a grunt.

Kakashi appeared in a swirl of leaves and the first thing that happened was. "YOU LATE!" from Sakura

"Yes, well I got lost on the road of life." Kakashi replied coolly.

"LIAR!" Sakura screeched making everyone else wince.

"Well, lets get on with your real genin exam " Kakashi started, and would of continues, but was stopped by Sakura saying,

"But we already became genin when we graduated the Academy." Sakura responded.

"Well no you actually didn't, that test was just to see if you might be able to become genin, this is the real test, and it has a 33% rate of failure." Kakashi said lightly.

Sakura started worrying that she might fail and not get to be with Sasuke, Sasuke was thinking "humph, whatever it is, it will be easy." and Naruto was thinking "I really wish he would hurry up and start."

"Now here is how the test will go " as he pulled out two bells "Your objective is to get these bells from me, if you get one, you pass, you don't you fail. Really its pretty simple.

"But there's only two bells?" Sakura asked questioningly

"Very observant pinky, that's because one of you will definitely fail." he responded.

Sasuke was thinking about what he said "but never in the history of Konoha has there been a three man team, its always three genin and a jounin sensei. I wonder if they changed it? Or if hes allowed to do that?" Sasuke thought.

"oh no, what if I fail and have to back to the academy, wait, theres no way Naruto will beat me!" she worried, then finished off strong.

"Oh, and you have till noon." Kakashi said as he pulled out a alarm clock, and set it down on a stump. "now if your going to have any chance of getting a bell, you must come at me with the intent to kill." he siad, getting shocked looks from Sakura and Sasuke, although Sasuke tried to hide it, and a bored look from Naruto. "Begin!" he shouted as they all disappeared.

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