Zuri's nightmares

It was December 6, 2011, that's the date all of Zuri's nightmares started happening.

"I gotta go Zuri, but fun teaparty!"

"Ok, bye Emma!"

"Hey guys," Jessie said walking in Zuri's room.

"Hi Jessie!"

"Well, your parents gave me the day off, so I'm going to the park, and Ravi decided to tag along with Mr. Kippling."

"Ooo! Can I come?"

"Sure Emma, I'll take me day off with you, and Ravi, and . What about you Zuri?"

"No thanks Jessie, Milly the mermaid doesn't like the sun."

"Ok then, Luke is in his room, if you need anything he is watching you. Okay?"

"Okay, bye Jessie."

"Bye Zuri." Jessie, Emma, Ravi, and Mr. Kippling walked out of the building and over to the park.

"Zuri, Zuri wake up." Luke said trying to wake up his little sister.

"What Luke? I was taking a nap!" Zuri complained.

"Want to play a game?"

"What game?" She asked rubbing her eyes.

"It doesn't have a name, but it's just like simon says, doesn't that sound fun?"

"Yeah, let's play!"

"Okay, first lay down on your bed." Zuri climbed up on her pink bed and layed down.

"Now what Luke?"

"Be very queit and don't make a sound. Okay?" Zuri nodded. Luke climbed up on the bed next to her and put his hand on her stomach. He slid his hand under her shirt and dragged his hand up to her chest. She giggled because it tickled. He put his hand on her breast. She shot up.

"Luke! What are you doing?"

"Zuri, what did I say? No talking, now we have to start all over again." He started a different way this tine. He pulled her pants down, leaving her in her white underwear. But not for long. He pulled down her underwear and took off her top. He just stared at his little sister. He got on top of her and crashed his lips onto hers.

"Luke, I don't know how to kiss."

"It's okay, I'll do it. Open your mouth, and just let our tounges play with eachother, alright?" She nodded and opened her mouth. He slid in tounge in and they kissed. He broke the kiss, but just for a second. He took off his clothes, and got back on top of her. He started kissing her again and dry humped her. Slamming his sweaty body on top of hers.

"Oww Luke, don't do that!"

"Shut up Zuri!" He brought his face down to her opening and started licking her outside. He put his tounge into her and a tear escaped her eye.

"Luke, I don't want to play this anymore." He ignored his little sister's crying and kept doing what he was doing. He couldn't take it, his member started getting hard.

Suck it, suck it, suck it. He kept saying to himself. He brought his hand down to his penis and stroked it. He started pumping harder and faster, until a white substance came out of him. He was kind of excited that he cummed for the first time. He brought his penis up to Zuri's face, and her eyes bugged out.

"Zuri put this in your mouth and suck it, like your sucking something from a straw." She shook her head no, and he forced her mouth open. "Now you bite this and watch what happenes, okay?" Zuri started crying and put his dick into her mouth, she started licking it, but Luke didn't like it. "Suck it!" She obeyed and started sucking his cock. All thoughts escaped Lukes mind and he just enjoyed this feeling. He had never felt anything soooo good before. "Ye, yeah, just like th,that Zur, Zur, Zuri." He panted. As she tried to pull away, he grabbed her face and squeezed it. "Don't stop." She continued for about another 10 minutes. He flipped them and now she was on top. He made her slide down on his dick. Before he knew it, he popped her cherry and all 6 inches was inside her. He fucked her faster and faster, and screams of pain escaped her mouth. He fucked her but then heard thefront door open.

"Oh well Mr. Kippling, I'm sure you'll find love another time." Ravi said.

"It wasa plastic dinosaur Ravi."

"Jessie, don't make fun of love!" Luke quickly got dressed and ran out of Zuri's room. Zuri got dressed and lay in her bed, in lots of pain. That night, December 6, 2011, all Zuri;s nightmares began. Her nightmares of Luke coming back in, and trying new things.