Souji stared at his friends for a moment, his hands curling into fists. "We haven't lost!" He glared at the mist surrounding him. "You may not know it but there are others!" The mist swirled uncertainly. "What do you mean? You cannot fool me, only you seven, and that animal, have entered this world." Souji smiles "You are right. However, we are not the only ones to have faced ourselves." He finished laying out the items. They really were just junk. A coffee mug, a receipt, a girl's compact. Souji's enemy could see no link between them. Souji closed his eyes. "Please help us. We need your strength so please help me and my friends! Please!" A pulse emanated from the items and the mists were pushed back. "What!" The voice from the mists could feel something approaching them. Shadows, but not normal ones. Something was different. Glowing cards appeared above the items. "HELP THEM!" The cards shot out and flew to his friends through the TV screens.

Kanji was on his knees, all of his strength gone. He felt someone approach him and opened his eyes, expecting to see his shadow. Then his eyes flew open. Instead of his shadow, it was someone else's. Kanji and his shadow asked the same question at the same time, he curious, his shadow hostile. "Who're you!" The shadow was an imitation of a sexy nurse. She had a devil's tail that thrashed angrily as she glared down at Kanji. "You! Aren't you supposed to be a man? Stand on your feet!" When Kanji was about to protest, she slapped him, hard. "I said get up and fight!"

Teddie's shadow swung a claw at Teddie "New friends cannot help you. They will fall to oblivion as well." Nanako's voice yelled "Teddy! You can do it!" Teddie glared at his shadow as his claws glowed bright blue. "You're right! Teddie to the rescue! Justice drill!" He spun in the air, his claws forming a drill. He clashed with his shadow and clawed a clean hole through his enemy's hand.

Yosuke countered his shadow's blast of wind with his own. A young man made of rope looked at him. "This world killed her! It took her from both of us! I can't fight them but you can! Help me get back at these bastards!" He unraveled and wrapped around the legs of the shadow, tying it down and slowing it just long enough for Yosuke to land a powerful blow on the upper half.

Souji smiled at the mist. "No matter how much you try, you will never beat us. We know that we cannot fight you on our own." The TV screens began to glow and beams of light shot towards Souji. "We fight together. Izanagi no Okami." His first persona appeared, more powerful than ever. He swung his sword and easily cut the prison in half. "And now, we will come for you and end this forever."

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