Summary - The community service players are down on cast members due to strange illnesses, that need to be seen to be believed. They are short of people to perform their latest play 'Romeo and Juliet'. And who better to be the understudies? The misfits of course. Nathan and Kelly are ready for the stage. But is the stage ready for them? This is misfits. It would be a miracle if things went right.

One shot.

Rating - T. There's swearing, but not too much.

Timeline - There's no real timeline. Probably Series 2. Nathan hasn't left, and he and Kelly have only just had their 'moment together' ;) from ep 3.

Authors note; I don't know what i'm doing with this. It's a completely weird idea, but you know. Hope you somewhat like it. :)

"No fucking way"

Neon acrylic nails and hands folded across her orange jumpsuit covered chest, Kelly shakes her head furiously. Shaun has his hands on his hips, pissed off and bored.

"Well, they needed help with their little play, and you're on community service" he drawls in his usual sarcastic voice, which makes Kelly's fists clench and her stomach curl.

"I thought you told us we were only helping out with the props or some shit like tha'" she narrows her eyes, not about to back down anytime soon.

Shaun half laughs.

"Yeah, that's all they could trust little shits like you with. But they're down on people, so now you're going to help them out, aren't you?" When he says the last part, his voice drops and goes oddly cold. Kelly feels like there was something slimy crawling across her back, making her stiffen.

She glares at him, and he glares back in a cold way, though still looking bored.

"Fine" was all she could manage, her throat tightening, before quietly adding in an almost whisper "Who am I doing it with?"

"That one.." Shaun clicks his fingers, trying to remember a name, "Ugly, full of himself.."

"Sure you aren't talking 'bout yourself mate?" Kelly interjects, a smirk threatening to take over her whole face.

"Curly hair.." Shaun carries on as though he hadn't heard her.

Kelly's smirk fell.

No. fucking. way.

"Break a leg Kelly. No seriously, I hope you do"

"I'll break your legs if you don't shut the fuck up Nathan"

"Thats not what you were saying the other week.. I think the words were 'Shag me senseless you fockin' dick'"

His imitation is uncannily similar to the real Kelly. Nathan fakes confusion, using the end of a broom handle to demonstrate what he would of liked Kelly to have done, instead of turning him down.

"Such a dick"

"Seriously? You're always such a mopey fuck"

"Shut up.."

"make me"

Kelly hits him on the head. Hard.

"Jesus, what was that for?"

"For existing"

"You're no fun"

"Guys! please" The poor guy who's been trying his best to organise the sudden change of terrible casting stalked over, his little beard bobbing up and down with every step. Nathan watches it, his eyes full of unvoiced laughter.

"Please can we just get this right?" The man's voice is pleading.

Kelly glares over at Nathan. Nathan glares back.



The man sighs, a smile appearing beneath his beard, making it twitch. Nathan snorts. Kelly elbows him hard in his side.

"Thanks. Now from the top guys!"

Kelly turns back to Nathan..

"Let's just get this shit over with, yeah?"

A look of hurt crosses Nathan's face, but it's gone within a heartbeat, replaced with a smirk.

"Come on then Juliet"

Kelly would of been lying if she said she wasn't extremely pleased by his words.

"Fock' off Romeo"

"Nice outfit"

Curtis smirks and looks Kelly up and down, from head to toe. The massive cascading bubble gum pink dress was an eyesore. Kelly noted down never to criticize her jumpsuit again. Even the wedding dress that Tim made her wear wasn't this awful.

"I feel like a dick"

"You look like one" a voice comes from the side of the room, and Nathan comes sauntering in, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Kelly scowls.

"Where's your outfit?" Kelly asks, her scowl still fixed on her face.

"Haven't got one"

"So you're gonna go on stage naked then?"

"If that's what you'd prefer"

"Trust me, I wouldn't"

Nathan raises an eyebrow.

"Are you certain about that?"

"Positive mate"

Nathan takes a step closer.

"I know you've thought about it" His eyes stray to the floor, the grin still there, unmovable.

"I'll just pretend i'm not here.." Curtis interjects, his expression halfway between disgusted and amused.

"I haven't" Kelly ignores Curtis, instead replying quickly to Nathan. Too quickly. Nathan shrugs, taking yet another step nearer to her, his eyes searching hers.

"Don't lie to yourself"

He reaches out to brush a strand of hair from her face. Kelly shivers uncontrollably, and looks away, frowning, trying to look unfocused and bored, when inside, her eyes only saw him. She was dying with happiness. Butterflies were squirming in her stomach, her head was swimming...

"Fuck off. I'm not lying. I don't like you"

Yet another lie falls through unnoticed.

Or so she thinks.

The look in Nathan's eyes say otherwise.

Maybe her lies don't go as unnoticed as she likes to think.

That's it! I know at the start i said it was a oneshot, but i've got another chapter coming. Hopefully you liked this?x