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Alice's POV

The large door creaked on its hollow frame, the noise reverberating through the abandoned house and meeting the night with a taste of eeriness. Alice pushed her hand to the nearest wall and glided her cool fingers along the peeling wallpaper, guiding herself into a room farther away, a room not inhabited by the nippy wind.

"Hello?" her small voice called out while her mind prayed violently not to be answered. She needed shelter for the night. Otherwise, it may be her last.

She pushed her fingers into her protruding ribs and winced at the pain. How long had it been since her last meal? One week? Two? She shook her head at the thought. She needn't think about it. It only made her remember the hunger.

Pulling her pack to the floor she grabbed a thin blanket from within and spread it along the cracking tile. At least she could get some sleep tonight, she thought a little joyously and piled herself on top of the itchy fabric. She would search for food tomorrow, but tonight, tonight she needed to sleep.

Jasper's POV

The scent had come at him fast and strong, the delicious smell teasing his senses. Human. He smiled at the thought of a decent meal, a meal not shared with the newborns he trained relentlessly. Maria had just brought in fifteen more, fifteen more blood crazed fools. They were stupid, insolent, and worthless until broken. In a year they would be dead, and in that year it was his job to get the most out of them.

He shook away the thought and focused his gaze on an old abandoned house in which his feast lay just inside. He took one more whiff of the delicious air before, in the span of a second, he was standing in front of her sleeping body, his crimson eyes scanning her fragile form.

He almost drew back at the sight of her. She was so pathetic looking, so broken. Already she was short in height but how was it that her weight had dwindled to nearly nothing? How was it possible for a human to live with so many bones protruding inexorably from her body, stretching her skin and making her paler than any human he had ever seen?

Once again he shook his head. He wouldn't feel sorry for her. No, he came to kill her. His eyes roamed over her body one more time. He was doing her a favor.

Grabbing the being by the shoulder, he pulled the wanting flesh of her neck to his lips.

And that is when she woke. At first she was still, her mind slowly realizing what was happening. Someone was upon her and doing only God knows what.

"Let me go!" she shouted, her fingers making claws as she scratched at the air several feet from his face.

That is what halted him. That single motion that would be nearly meaningless to anyone else. "Are you blind?" he asked, his southern drawl leering in the night.

Slowly, she answered with one simple nod.

Gently, he let her fall back to the floor.