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(also: this is set in their seventh year, the war has been won, and everyone's back to re-do their previous year. All character deaths are still included.)

"Harry, check these out!"

Harry Potter was sitting with his two best friends in a compartment on the Hogwarts Express, absentmindedly rubbing the scar on his forehead when Ron's voice snapped him out of his daydreaming.

"What?" Harry sat up and looked over towards his friend, who was excitedly brandishing a shiny package that was half-unwrapped.

"Fireworks!" Ron stressed. Harry raised his eyebrows and he noticed Hermione peeking over at them from the top of her book.

"Who'd you nick those off of?" Harry laughed.

"Nobody, you git, I found 'em in the bottom of my trunk. Must've been a prototype from my brothers they'd snuck in." Harry noticed the way Ron was unable to say his older twin brothers' names. Any mention of the ones who had given their lives for Harry's safety caused an uncomfortably despairing silence to fall among the group.

Harry ignored the fractional moment of awkwardness.

"Nice, what do they…do?" Harry questioned.

Ron seemed to look at him like he was an idiot.

"You grew up with Muggles, yet you've no idea what a firecracker does?"

Harry promptly chucked a half-eaten Chocolate Frog at Ron, who dodged it deftly. "Of course I know what they do!" Harry defended. "But what makes these different?"

"Well, knowing Fre-" Hermione, who interrupted, caught herself, "Ron's brothers, they're probably laced with something really stupid…or dangerous. Or perhaps, and most likely, both."

Harry glanced at his second best friend, noticing the blood that was pooling into her cheeks from her near slip-up. Hoping Ron didn't notice it, Harry covered up any doubt by uttering an obnoxiously fake laugh.

Ron ignored both of them before continuing, "I always thought I heard loud noises from their room." He smiled at a memory. "I remember once they accidentally blew a hole through their ceiling and the attic, putting a hole in the roof. Mum was furious, and Dad couldn't repair it with magic. Took them weeks to patch those holes."

"Are you sure you should have those, Ron?" Hermione asked him meekly upon hearing his story.

"Relax, 'Mione, what Filch doesn't know won't hurt him," He responded with a wink, leaning across the seats to plant a sloppy kiss on her mouth. She giggled in a very un-Hermione-ish way and blushed even deeper than before. Ron simply smiled and ate the rest of the Chocolate Frog Harry had thrown at him.

"I bet you can't wait to try those out." Harry remarked.

"Yeah, want to tonight?" Ron asked him through a mouthful f chocolate.

Harry nodded, hearing Hermione humph in disagreement; he could see her face behind his now closed eyelids, her eyes rolling back and her mouth puckered in a disapproving grimace.

They sat in silence for several minutes before the time came for them to change into their robes.

Harry thought to himself how much different his final year at Hogwarts would be than all the others as they exited their compartment with their trunks in hand.

The first, and most obvious, difference was the absence of Professor Dumbledore behind the podium as everyone filed into the Great Hall for the Start of Term Feast.

Harry's heart ached as his mind replayed the old wizard's last moments, the flash of light from Professor Snape's wand and how the Headmaster was flung off the tower like an overlooked doll.

Despite the death of his role model, Professor McGonagall was a wonderful replacement who would likely bring the school to new heights. Not only was she one of the few female Headmistresses, she was the only one of both male and female descendants to continue teaching their previous position as well as hold the title of Headmaster or Mistress.

Harry felt that she would do Dumbledore justice, that she would repair the snipped heartstrings from the war. Now that Voldemort was gone, and the Death Eaters were all either dead or locked away forever in Azkaban, very little threat was left to loom over the students' heads. The returning students were anxious to start their previous year over without any worries of death, or Voldemort's minions breathing down their back, shooting curses at their feet.

Harry and Ron and Hermione gladly dug into their feast laughing and enjoying every moment they cpuld spend with each other. Harry glanced up off of his plare and looked across the Hall to the Slytherin table.

His eyes were drawn automatically to the blonde head that was ducked over a plate. Draco Malfoy lifted his head an glanced sullenly around the room, his grey eyes flitting between all the familiar faces around him. Harry felt a stab of pity for the lost boy with the hurt look on his face. He had saved Draco's life, and his father's had been lost shortly afterwards.

It wasn't like Harry had any fuzzy feelings for Malfoy, but he was practically on his own now. Harry believed he was no longer the evil being he once was, only one more misunderstood. Malfoy raised his eyes and caught Harry looking at him and sneered forcefully back. Harry snapped his head away and glared at his food.

"You alright, Mate?" Ron mumbled through his food. Harry looked up at him.

"Yeah, I uh…" Harry rubbed his eyes. "I'm fine."

Hermione gave him a concerned look and glanced over her shoulder at Malfoy, who was looking at the table.

"Thinking about Malfoy again?" She asked softly.

Dean, who was sitting beside Harry, snorted with laughter.

"Again? As in he's thought about him before?" Dean slapped Harry on the back. "Yeah, his father's dead and his Mum's insane, but that doesn't mean you got to go all gooey on us, Harry!" He slipped Harry a wink, and Harry felt his face flush.

"I-I was just wondering how he was doing." Harry defended himself in spite.

"Harry, Malfoy's had it out to do you in his entire existence. He was kicked out of the Death Eaters and now he's sad. He'll get over it." Ron replied, obviously wanting to end whatever discussion of Malfoy's feelings that was bound to come up next.

Harry grimaced and pushed his potatoes around his plate. He felt eyes on him and glanced up to see Hermione's cinnamon eyes looking at him, a concerned crease forming in the middle of her forehead.

Harry ignored her and finished his dinner.

Ron shot panicked looks all around him as Filch did his routine check of everyone's trunks in search of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, even though the store was now out of business. Ron had the illegal fireworks stashed under his cloak and in his trousers, a hiding spot he found to be the most clever. Hermione rolled her eyes at him for the second time that day, and surely not the last.

Harry laughed at first and second years as they got their Fanged Frisbees and Skiving Snackboxes confiscated, and a distraught fourth year was sobbing over the broken bottle of love potion that was seeping through the pocket of her robes.

"Just think, Ron, that was us our third year!" Seamus elbowed Ron in the ribs, apparently oblivious to the precious cargo Ron had under his clothing. Ron's face nearly turned purple with anxiety as Filch went through his things. His eyes lingered a little too long on the slight bulge on Ron's crotch.

"Oi!" Ron snapped at the old man, diverting his eyes from what was surely thought of as a rouge prick.

The caretaker, obviously flustered, pushed Ron forward and out of the way of his angry path towards a group of gallivanting fifth years.

Once out of the crowd, Harry, Ron, and Seamus broke into rib-splitting laughter at the encounter that had just happened.

"You are never living that one down, Weasley!" Seamus managed to choke out through his choking laughter.

The three boys joined Neville and Dean on the trek to Gryffindor tower and immediately shared the story of the day. Harry laughed with the rest, but a part of him felt detached, as if a hidden thought were nagging at the back of his mind, a thought that wasn't letting itself known.

He managed to shake it off by the time they reached the portrait and everyone looked at him for the password. Harry simply stammered back at them.

"You, of all people, Mister Potter should know this password." The Fat Lady chided at him. Harry shrugged. "Because it's you lot, I suppose I'll let you in." The Fat Lady grumbled with a sigh. "The password's: _"*

Harry raised his eyebrows in surprise at the word, but was silent as the painting swung forwards and allowed the boys to clamber through the opening.

The common room was bustling as usual, the atmosphere tinged with the excitement of a new school year, a feeling that would die off by the end of the week as homework piled up and happiness was replaced with stress over classes. The chairs were temporarily taken by scattered books and letters that were dumped about by careless owners as they strove to tell every detail of their fearless summer to their friends. As Harry's presence in the room was noticed, the noise level diminished by a fraction and everyone, especially the first years, shot furtive glances at him.

Harry nodded and smiled at his old friends, ignoring the gaggle of giggling girls crowding the stairway to the boy's dormitory.

"Excuse me," Harry muttered as he pushed through the girls to his room.

His friends followed behind him and looked at each other curiously as they entered the familiar circular room they had come to call home for the last seven years (give or take). Harry dumped his trunks at the foot of his bed and the rest followed suit as he flopped on his bed, closing his eyes and letting the din from downstairs sooth him as well as the chatter that was beginning to form in the room.

"Whoa!" Someone shouted and caused Harry's eyes to spring open. He sat up and looked for the cause of the exclamation.

All of his roommates were crowded around Ron's bed; Harry sauntered over to the other side of the room and glanced at what the other guys were ogling.

The fireworks.

They were wrapped in dazzlingly bright colors and pictures of explosions and sparks in the shapes of inappropriate gestures and words were flashing on the paper. One was labeled "The Boomerang", claiming to return back to the wizard who set it off in the form of a flaming yellow ball, only to be extinguished and set off again.

" 'Extremely dangerous. I wouldn't open these if I were you.' " Ron read aloud the warning that was conspicuously printed below a graphic purple interpretation of the latest and most popular sex position, one that made even Harry blush.

At those words, Ron tore the wrapping off and pointed his wand at the explosives.

"Ron-" Harry tried to stop him, but he was interrupted by a deafening CRACK that resounded and echoed through out the room, followed by the sounds of shattering glass and falling stones.

The boys ducked their heads and listened to the whistling of the fireworks.

Although to look up and see where the fireworks could've possibly shot to, everyone looked up at their new ceiling of stars, and jagged walls around them. They stared up in awe of the grotesque and lewd pictures and words that were being projected into the night sky.

Their reveries were only destroyed as the unmistakable screech of Hermione resounded from the lower floor of Gryffindor Tower at the sound ad sight of The Boomerang crashing through the wrong wall and into common room.


Ron blanched.


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