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Stay by me! 3

The boys on the top dormitory tore their attention away from the scream downstairs and gazed up at the night sky that had replaced their ceiling and light fixtures.

"Fuck, Ron, we're screwed!" Seamus yelled, looking around the room as everyone's eyes settled on Neville, who was vainly attempting to use repairo on the disheveled tower. The silvery sparks that were being emitted from his wand attempted to surround the wreckage, but they gave up in desperation and tinkled back on the wooden floor.

The sounds of many pairs of feet trampling up the stairs made Harry look at the door just as half of Gryffindor tower (or at least what was left of it) burst into their room, some gasping, some laughing, a few even yelping. Everyone was talking at once, chiding Ron and the others, while a few boys looked up at the remaining pictures and giggled.

"Ron!" Hermione stomped over to the redhead, whose face was the same hue as his hair. He cringed when his girlfriend yelled his name.

"Yes, dear?" He whispered in a small voice.

"I cannot believe what you just did! Do you know what this means?" Hermione was beyond furious at Ron. He looked as if he were about to explain himself, but she gave him no chance.

"Expulsion! Suspension! Not to mention the fact that it can't be repaired magically! That bloody fireball shot back and knocked out the common room walls and several other floors! Where will people sleep?"

"Hermione-" Harry stepped in and placed a hand on her shoulder, but she jerked away, turning on him.

"And you!" Pointing an accusing finger at Harry, who stepped back in shock. "I would think that you of all people would stop him!"

"I tried!" Harry defended, shrugging his shoulders dramatically and taking a moment to glare at Ron.

"Bollocks!" She shot back at him, earning a laugh from the surrounding people. She looked about ready to turn on them as well, but Professor McGonagall saved the amused students by parting the crowd, her lips in a tight and angry line worthy of Harry's Aunt Petunia.

"You four," She looked at Harry, Ron, Seamus and Neville, "come with me."

"Professor-" Harry caught the sleeve of McGonagall's robes and she turned around.

"Yes, Potter?"

Harry sighed. "It wasn't Seamus or Neville, please don't punish them as well."

The Professor sighed heavily. "Fine. Finnigan, Longbottom-you stay here." She turned back around and motioned for Harry and Ron to follow.

Harry tugged on Ron's robes and pulled him along, both of their faces burning as they took the walk of shame through the room and the tower-and it wasn't the type of shameful walk they wanted to be having.

The three were silent as they walked to The Headmistress's office, and Harry went through the possible consequences he could be facing soon.

"Lemondrop." She snapped at the entrance, causing the wall and statue to rotate and turn into a staircase. Harry noted to himself that she kept the same password scheme as Professor Dumbledore as they quietly ascended the staircase.

Not much change had come to the office during the switch of occupants. Portraits of the previous Headmasters of Hogwarts were still lined up against the back wall, and there was one added. Harry's heart jumped when he was the crinkled and smiling face of Albus Dumbledore looking back at him from his frame. He tried to have a stern face, but Harry saw the glint of mischief that was present in the old wizard's twinkling blue eyes. The cushioned chairs that were placed in front of the desk were the same ones that Harry had sat in many times, but it was odd to see a different figure perched behind the familiar desk.

"Boys," Professor McGonagall began, burying her face in her hands before looking up at the two students in front of her, and shaking her head with a small, but in discernible smile. "You have managed to destroy the majority of Gryffindor Tower." Harry and Ron cringed at hearing their deed spoken out loud.

"This is something I have never, in all my years of teaching, had to see. Knowing the trouble you two have been in, I'm not very surprised that it was you who eventually saw it through."

Harry chuckled in agreement and glanced at Ron, who was surely worrying about what his Mother would say.

"I won't be punishing you-" She continued, causing both of the offenders to snap their heads up in clear disbelief. "harshly." She added, causing the recently erect heads to slump back down.

"What does that mean?" Harry asked reluctantly.

"That, for the few months it will take to repair the damage manually, I have decided that the Gryffindor house shall be divided and sent to room with the remaining houses." She replied, looking at Harry from over her glasses.

"How is that a punishment?" Ron queried, afraid he already knew the answer.

"Because you and your dormitory will now be residing with the Slytherin house."

Harry and Ron grumbled to each other the entire walk back to their ruined rooms, furious over having to room with Slytherins.

"Does this mean we have to sleep in the same room as them?" Ron asked Harry angrily.

"Well, Ron, I wouldn't think that they have an empty dorm laying around." Harry replied with a smirk. Ron cursed under his breath as they reached the portrait, and Ron muttered the same password that it was earlier in the night.

After the painting swung shut behind them, Harry got a chill due to the new draft that was wafting trough the spacious holes in the walls. Harry groaned and summoned his things from upstairs, causing Ron to do the same. They turned back towards the entry, wanting to escape from the grasp of angry stares as soon as possible, when Hermione spotted them.

"Where are you two going?" She demanded before looking at their trunks in hand, her face dropping as her mind flew top the worst.

"To our new rooms." Harry told her. Hermione cocked her head in confusion.

"I guess everyone else will be getting the news soon, but McGonagall's splitting everyone to different houses while the repairs are being done." He explained.

"And guess where we're going?" Ron supplied her with a cheerfully fake voice. He answered for her. "Slytherin."

Her face contorted into a cringe.

"Please don't die there-or become corrupted." She told them. Harry laughed and gave her a hug.

"I love you both, you better still sit with me at meals." She continued with a small smile before standing on her toes and placing her hands on either side of Ron's face and giving him a passionate kiss. "Bye," she whispered to him. He smiled and kissed her back.

"See you soon, 'Mione." He replied, turning to exit the Common rooms with Harry.

As soon as Harry stepped out of the portrait, he ran headlong into a tall figure. He stumbled a tad, and promptly glanced up into the swirling eyes he'd felt hate for his whole life at Hogwarts.

"Boo," Malfoy said softly in Harry's face, causing an odd tingle to rush down his spine, one he blamed on surprise, although it didn't feel quite the same.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Ron sneered, allowing Harry to collect himself.

"You should be nicer to the one you'll be rooming with for the next three months-I could prank you in your sleep." Malfoy drawled back with a hint of honey in his voice.

"Rooming with you? As if." Ron snorted.

Malfoy ignored him and pushed past Harry, his robes brushing the bare skin of Harry's arm, causing another chill. Malfoy stopped and saw the raised hairs and a half-smile spread along his thin lips.

"I'm terribly sorry if I make you uncomfortable Potter-just try not to pull too many moves on he while we share a room." The blonde said this to the clearly, and unexplainably, flustered raven and turned on his heel to walk down the corridor.

Harry glanced at Ron, who was staring incredulously at Malfoy's back with his mouth twisted in what looked like disgust.

Without a look back, Malfoy called to them, "Follow me."

Harry and Ron had no choice but to shake their heads and follow as far back from Malfoy as they possible could.

"What was that about?" Ron whispered to Harry as they followed the twisting staircases through the dark halls.

"Dunno," Harry replied, his mind running around the comment Malfoy had made…

"Do you think you'll have to room with him? Like, by yourself? He is a prefect, has his own room." Ron wondered aloud.

"I was just thinking about that. But why me? Why not you or Seamus? Or Neville?" Ron shuddered at the thought Harry posed.

"Maybe McGonagall knows you're least likely to kill the bloody prat." Ron snarled.

"Hush up back there-I'm not deaf!" Malfoy suddenly called from ahead of them. "We're nearly there."

Ron and Harry were quiet as they noticed that they had entered the cold, gloomy dungeons. Harry was a bit intimidated to ender the snake's lair again, only this time he was actually invited.

"Long live Severus." Malfoy whispered the password to Paranoid Pete, who sighed grimly and swung forward to allow the Slytherin Prince and his 'hostages' into the cave of a common room.

The light was dull and tinged with a green color, due to the swampy light casting through the dark windows that led to the depths of the Lake. The air was colder than the Tower, and all of the walls and floors were a dull black stone, the same that the dungeons were comprised of. A regal and spiraled staircase led to what Harry believed to be the dormitories. Another twin staircase was on the opposing side of the square room, which led to the opposite gender's room. Nestled in between the two staircases was a crackling fireplace and spacious leather couches and seats, comfortably worn throughout the centuries and tattered green rugs and velvety silver pillows dotting the cushions. Harry eyed a snake-studded tapestry on the wall to his right as he climbed the staircase, following Malfoy to their new quarters.

"Weasley, you're here," Malfoy presented Ron's new room with an air of boredom, flicking his wand to the door, causing it to fly open and reveal a small room with three beds. Deafening snores were flying through the open door, and a quick glance into the lightly moonlit room revealed two of the beds being smothered by gargantuan bodies. "You'll be rooming with Crabbe and Goyle." He paused to observe the horrorstruck face that had slowly, but surely, crept onto the redhead's face before adding, "but don't worry; I told them to play nice.

Ron looked desperately at Harry, who shrugged in apology before knocked in the back of the head by Malfoy to leave his friend at the threshold of his personal Hell and continue up the stairs.

"And where am I supposed to be going?" Harry quipped after a few flights.

"Keep walking. You'll know when to stop." Malfoy smirked.

Harry did indeed realize when to stop: when there were no more stairs. He was stopped in front of a regal door that has a silver plaque with the words "Prefect" emblazoned on it with decorative snakes garnishing the edges. Harry coughed back a snort. Malfoy eyed him in an unfriendly way and said his personal password.

"Scorpio." He shot at the door, which promptly opened and revealed a spacious bedroom with a grand kind-sized bed and a desk below a window that looked upon the landscape of the Lake with it's mountainous horizon.

Harry tossed his trunk in the corner and stood in the middle of the room.

"There's one bed." He stated. Malfoy turned to look at him blankly.

"And?" He drawled.

"Well…I..I don't really think you want to share a bed with me." Harry said lamely.

"And what makes you say that?" Malfoy drawled again, a gleam in his eyes.

Harry let the innuendo fall and charmed the duvet of the luxurious bed and slipped between the sheets.

"I kick in my sleep, is all; brace yourself." Harry countered, shutting off the lights with his wand and leaving poor Malfoy in the dark.

"Don't pull anything, Potter. I don't like to be seduced." Malfoy spat as Harry felt him crawl into bed beside him. Harry laughed out loud as he heard a barrier charm being cast behind him, Malfoy's way of insuring that Harry wouldn't lay a hand on him.

"In your dreams, Malfoy." Harry murmured into his pillow, beginning to drift off to sleep after a chaotic first day-but he never thought the nights' antics would land him in bed with Draco Malfoy.

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